Saturday, 2014-10-04

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filippzhi, everybody o/08:33
filippzcan someone take a look at this
filippzit's Sailfish 1.0.8 on N9 but somehow X and Y seem to be reverted in size08:34
filippznotifications are in the right place, and QLM Screen object reports correct X and Y sizes08:35
filippztouchscreen and some apps (fingerterm for example) are OK08:36
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piggzthp: ping (I wonder how long this could go on for ;)09:58
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rbnis there any documentation about which ssl store is used by which part of the system?10:39
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rbnthe browser seems to use it's own one, there is /etc/pki , and i've found out that to use cacert signed certificates with xmpp i have to put the cacert certificates to ~nemo/.config/telepathy/certs10:40
rbnany other surprises? ;)10:41
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iuno@rbn: it's normal for gecko apps to use their own ssl store, i think11:20
iunosame for firefox on desktop e.g.11:20
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rbniuno: yes, i'm aware of that.. but as i said, telepathy seems to not consistently use the system ssl store12:39
rbniuno: which is kind of strange12:40
rbnalso, thats not a sailfish specific problem i think.. the state of ssl is really bad in linux in general.. everyone uses a slightly different implementation and stores the certificates somewhere else ;)12:42
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rbnwhich is caused by ssl being overengineered12:47
rbngod, i'd like to use ssh stuff for everything :D12:48
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iunorbn: I don't know about telepathy… you must be speaking of openssl, not ssl in general. don't think the protocol itself is that bad12:57
iunotry using openbsd with libressl and reSSL :p12:58
rbniuno: i think they wanted to cover many things by specializing when designing ssl, which makes it complicated13:03
rbnthats why nobody uses s/mime for mail encryption.. it's more complicated than gpg ;)13:04
rbnwell.. i've only started jabbering about this as it took me 2 days to connect to my xmpp server which has a cacert signed certificate ;)13:06
ArtVandalaeFedora is aiming to fix this issue:
Stskeepsit'd be easier to fix if we didn't have to fix openssl and nss and such all the time.. :P13:12
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ArtVandalaeone day :)13:15
NokiusHi vom GMT −313:16
rbnthe strangest thing is: i had xmpp working, without having installed the certificates to the telepathy specific dir13:16
rbnand then it suddenly stopped working13:16
rbnand i couldn't get it to work again.. even after a reinstall13:17
Nokiuslbt: can you may share your slides from xda:devcon with me will take a few information from them for the Monday Berlin meetup :) tanks a lot will be around on Monday again13:18
Nokiuslbt: enjoy your weekend ^^13:19
rbnand i didn't use "ignore ssl errors" when it worked the first time.. just installed the certificates to tsl/certs13:21
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ArtVandalaerbn, first thing's first: are you certain that the port you were connecting to was TLS/SSL, and not something like STARTTLS (which from what I understand can be puretext)?13:24
rbnand what certificates are used by starttls?13:25
rbnit is starttls ;)13:25
ArtVandalaewait, the port you're connecting to *is* starttls? is that what you're saying?13:26
rbnits 522213:26
rbnand the xmpp server has the old ssl stuff disabled13:26
ArtVandalaeokay -- that's probably why it worked originally. You were connecting to a port with STARTTLS, and you were using plaintext13:26
rbnbut.. starttls does certificate validation?13:27
rbnisn't starttls just a method to switch a connection to tls?13:28
rbnso, if a cacert signed certificate is used, and i have no cacert installed, it should not work13:29
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rbnthen, i have installed the cacert root certificate to /etc/pki/tls/certs13:30
rbnwith symlinks13:30
rbn(the hash-symlinks)13:31
ArtVandalaesure, but as you noted, it depends on what library/program your XMPP is using to verify certificates. Are you sure the program/lib looks in /etc/pki?13:31
ArtVandalaeI'll try find a simple verification, give me 2 minutes13:32
rbnwell, i've assumed telepathy does that, because it worked the first time.. but i didn't have exact notes about in what order i've done stuff then.13:32
rbnmaybe i should write a little script to add and remove certificates from all known places ;)13:33
ArtVandalaethat would be useful13:40
rbnok.. i'll add that to my stack of work :)13:42
rbni know of /etc/pki, .mozilla and .config/telepathy now13:42
rbnwell, i'm going to buy some groceries now, thanks for the talk :)13:44
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energycsdxHi, who have Qualcomm PRIMA wireless chip in your device?15:25
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marxistveganhey this might be linux specific, not sure but when I connect my nexus 4 with sailfishOS to my laptop via USB even if I select mass storage my system never sees the device15:38
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lbtmarxistvegan: try a different cable and/or a different usb hub/port15:39
marxistveganlbt: ok i will do that15:39
lbtI've had that with the N4 - thought my N4 usb port was dead !!15:40
marxistveganlbt: it should be pretty immediate right?15:41
marxistvegani know the port is not dead cause I used it to sideload the install15:41
lbtlsusb should show the device15:43
marxistveganlbt: lsusb shows Google inc as a connected device15:44
marxistveganbut it does not seem to get mounted15:44
marxistveganor even availabe in parted15:44
lbtno, it doesn't seem to behave as mass storage15:46
marxistveganlbt: though when I disconnect I see a message on the N4 saying qtn_usb_mount failed15:47
marxistveganlbt: chalk that up as a bug then?15:47
lbtyep - please log it15:48
marxistveganlbt: ok15:48
marxistveganlbt: to the mer project bugzilla right?15:49
marxistveganlbt: got it just waiting on my account creation16:00
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lardman|homeNice job whoever wrote the hardware adaptation document, it has thus far both made sense (which is nice, rather than just copying and pasting blindly) as well as working perfectly (though perhaps I should have waited until my image had built.....;))18:41
Guhlany pulsaudio-pro in?18:59
piggzGuhl: you need jusa_19:05
Guhli started working on pulse and it does not look that bad19:06
Guhlthast kmsg
Guhli am writing my notes at
Guhllooks even better after seting frequencies to 4410019:26
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piggzGuhl: take a break and play a game :)19:34
piggzGuhl: point 3 in your notes ... i also made that change, but I also have a patch to PA that means its not needed19:36
tohtorisGuhl: thanks for the first pre-alpha. I tried installing it yesterday and basic ui was runnig quite nicely.19:44
Guhlhi tohtoris thanks for the feedback still a lot of issues19:45
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tohtorisGuhl: yeah, a lot of clitches here and there, but a way better experience thant the first ubuntu rom I tried out some months back :)19:50
Guhlpiggz, what i really don't get is that while the output from pulse looks quite OK - the pulseaudio process hang completely19:57
Guhlcan't even kill it with -919:57
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Guhlpiggz, nice work !20:12
piggzGuhl: ta ... sound effects are commented out util I get PA working/tested20:14
Guhlwould not hear them anyway :-)20:15
piggzGuhl: and it crashes if it cant connect to the server20:16
Guhlpiggz, did you tell me that you installed harbour-warehouse on your rom for the ACE?20:21
piggzGuhl: not in the rom itself ... afterwards20:22
Guhlaha would you know what the repo for it would be?20:22
piggzGuhl: sorry, not harbour20:23
Guhlgot sorry for asking20:23
piggzjust install it from the phone browser20:24
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Guhljust for documentation: -the following sensors work on the Vision: brightness, magnetometer, accelerometer, rotation, compass, gps20:40
Guhlnot sure about proximity20:41
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Umeaboylbt: Are you here? :)20:47
piggzGuhl: acceleromeer def working for me as the game uses it by default :)20:47
UmeaboyWhy haven't my i9305 been added yet?20:50
UmeaboyThe dir that's missing in the patterns dir.20:50
UmeaboyGotta go.20:59
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energycsdxGuhl: how did you test magnetometer?21:01
Guhlenergycsdx, using an app called Messwerk21:03
Guhlpiggz, on the wiki what are the sensors ALS and PS?21:04
piggzGuhl: PS: proximity maybe?21:05
piggzGuhl: als = ambient light i think21:06
Guhlso als is the light sensor21:08
Guhlupdated the wiki page21:14
thppiggz: pong? ;)21:16
piggzthp: yay21:17
piggzthp: i tweeted you the details iirc21:18
thppiggz: probably this:
piggzthp: no, i dont think so ... i set the env variables for phys width/height and the logs indicate it worked21:21
piggzthere is a default dpi of 100 in the qt source21:22
piggzand an env variable to override it
piggzbut that has horrible results (and is for the logical dpi)21:23
piggzi think, because lipstick uses the eglfs backend, it gets the correct sizes ... but (unless im wrong) apps use the wayland qpa backend, so they dont get the data available in eglfs21:24
thpyou mean in the emulator or on the device?21:26
w00tcontext? what's the problem?21:26
vakkovpiggz: what's that game21:27
piggzthp: on my hybris device21:28
piggzw00t: the dpi as reported by qt is 100 .... the actual dpi is 21721:28
piggzwhich makes sizing stuff in qml quite hard ... font point sizes are all off21:29
piggzvakkov: the fun is in trusting me and downloading it ;)21:29
w00tpiggz: only for wayland applications?21:29
thppiggz: can you check your systemd log - after restarting lipstick - for the block starting with "EGLFS: Screen Info" (
thpit should tell you what fbdev thinks your physical screen size is21:30
vakkovthp: please check apkenv when you have time; i plan to add support for asphalt 5 btw21:31
thpvakkov: do you have a pull request as well already? :)21:31
piggzthp: this info is correct:21:32
piggzOct 05 00:31:04 Jolla lipstick[24533]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:251 - EGLFS: Screen Info21:32
piggzOct 05 00:31:04 Jolla lipstick[24533]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:252 -  - Physical size: QSizeF(57, 93)21:32
piggzOct 05 00:31:04 Jolla lipstick[24533]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:253 -  - Screen size: QSize(480, 800)21:32
piggzOct 05 00:31:04 Jolla lipstick[24533]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:254 -  - Screen depth: 3221:32
vakkovthp: no, try the patch i sent you; i have used the harmattan.c file and i have disabled a lot of things ... i will have to make a sailfish file and fix a lot of things before  i make a PR21:33
thpok, so the qpa plugin /should/ return the right values to qt.. it might be somewhere inside qt and/or in wayland then21:33
w00twell, is it working for the compositor? :)21:33
piggzhowever, apps still report 100 dpi (which those sizes are not)21:33
thpvakkov: PR would be easier to patch for me, as i get a nice mail notification and a text box where i can write funny things21:33
w00tthat is the easy way to divide where the problem is: if it affects the compositor, it's probably not wayland related21:34
vakkovthp: the problem is that it gives unimplemented pthreads on the phone but is ok in the sdk21:34
* lardman|home spoke too soon21:34
vakkovthp: can surfaceflinger be run through apkenv?21:34
thpvakkov: there is some experimental code, but it requires patching, so "not really"21:35
lardman|homeshould /parentroot come be be, or is that an alias for something to exist elsewhere in the system (following the hardware adaptation sdk)?21:35
piggzthp: w00t: yes, this function
piggzreturns a default value of 100 if one is not set in the wayland qpa21:36
w00tpiggz: so mPhysicalSize is empty?21:36
piggzw00t: i dont know for sure ... just guessing it is21:36
thpvakkov: best do the pull request and add as a comment to it the exact pthread error message you get21:37
vakkovthp: where can i see that code21:37
thpvakkov: the reason why i like pull requests is that it acts as a nice permanent reminder whereas irc just scrolls by21:37
w00tpiggz: if it is a wayland problem, then #qt-lighthouse is a good place to ask around21:37
vakkovi get all the pthreads there are in apkenv21:37
w00tqtwayland problem*21:37
vakkovthp: i gave you a log from both the phone and the sdk21:38
piggzfinal piece of the puzzle is
vakkovthp: okay i will send a PR in the next days21:38
vakkovthp: is the experimental code uploaded somewhere?21:38
w00tpiggz: right. QScreen is essentially a public wrapper around QPlatformScreen (which in the case of wayland is QWaylandScreen)21:39
vakkovpiggz: and ofc your game is not starting on the galaxy nexus; beidl21:40
w00tpiggz: I would expect that it is set, since output_geometry exists, but.. maybe something interesting goes on21:40
lardman|homefwiw, section 4.4.1 of the 2014-07-21 version of the hardware adaptation development kit has an explicit parentroot, which doesn't seem to tie in with the later stages21:40
thpvakkov: which experimental code?21:41
vakkovthp: for surfaceflinger? "thp> vakkov: there is some experimental code, but it requires patching, so "not really""21:42
piggzvakkov: a bunch of GL errors that I dont see on my ancient ace :/21:43
thpvakkov: yep,
piggzw00t: how can you tell if output_geomtry is called?21:45
w00tpiggz: qDebug(), or gdb :)21:46
w00t(or what do you mean..)21:46
piggzw00t: you said ... since output_geometry exists.... so I assumed you knew it was called somehow, wheras I wasnt sure if it was or not21:48
w00tI haven't verified it, no21:48
w00tI would just find it strange that it exists but isn't used21:48
vakkovthp: you still there?22:07
vakkovthp: again, i used the harmattan.c file for sailfish .. all this stuff will be handled correctly once it actually runs22:10
vakkovthp: since not everything seems to work on the galaxy nexus, you might try it on your jolla22:11
vakkovpiggz: is this game open sourced22:26
piggzvakkov: can be if ppl want it ;) some older code is on my site and on the maemo build service ... the newer code isnt but i dont mind either way22:28
vakkovpiggz: can you somehow send it to me? i think that both the nexus build and te game need a little fix22:29
vakkovi want to experiment :D22:30
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piggzvakkov: whats your email address?22:37
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:38
vakkovpiggz: pm :)22:38
piggzvakkov: sent22:45
piggzim off to zzzZZZ now, later22:46
vakkovpiggz: thank you! good night :)22:46
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Umeaboysledges: You awake and around?23:02
UmeaboyWhich row should I comment out in the repo manifest to get rid of the breakfast issue with duplicate path?23:02
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UmeaboyHi uudruid74!23:21
UmeaboyBegin with checking
UmeaboyThen add yourself as a porter of your device to the porters-page mentioned at the top.23:22
[Pb]Wow nice - Thanks for the link23:22
uudruid74that will be a long time before I try that.23:22
uudruid74I've already taken on too much23:23
Umeaboyuudruid74: No problem. There's no rush. Do as much as you can do and make notes to any issues you might encounter.23:23
uudruid74lol - that's what I'm trying to do with another project, plus this router issue, then I have my OWN projects to deal with23:24
uudruid74but if someone else had already done the port, I might have loaded it to try it out23:24
Umeaboyuudruid74: I think you look at it from the wrong way, but you're welcome to contribute with any kind of work as long as it gets the product better. :)23:26
UmeaboyI'm trying to complete the port to my phone and I won't give up. :)23:27
uudruid74no, I'm looking at it from where I should spend my hours to gain the most benefit, eventually ending up with my own projects which are much more important to me than a STACK of phone23:30
energycsdxDoes Sailfish OS supports WPS?23:34
Umeaboyuudruid74: No harm meant for asking, but it's not because you're lazy?23:34
UmeaboyJust asking.23:35
uudruid74I don't even sleep some days23:35
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UmeaboyOK. I don't know you so I wouldn't know and I don't assume that people stay up all night. ;)23:35
uudruid74if you had any idea how much stuff I have planned.  I am taking a half-break today though sitting in IRC, but there are reasons for that too23:35
UmeaboyOK. ;)23:36
UmeaboyNo problemo.23:36
Umeaboyenergycsdx: I wouldn't know as I'm just in the learning state of this project.23:36
uudruid74todays embedded system is the WRT, might do the beaglebone some other day, and reloading the phone (and breaking something I use) is at the low end of my priorities23:37
UmeaboyI'm using SuperWRT in my router. ;)23:38
uudruid74dd-wrt here.  Maybe I should have tried something else23:38
energycsdxi`m developing firmware for routers at my regular job23:39
uudruid74I'm having a hell of a time getting nocatsplash working.  Maybe its because I'm using a non-standard configuration23:39
uudruid74I have NAT turned off on the router23:40
uudruid74I just don't know how the software is supposed to function so I can't tell how to fix it23:42
uudruid74and I really don't want to read the source, but I have that planned for later23:42
uudruid74and I'm horribly off-topic23:42
uudruid74UHmm ... I use my phone to test it?23:43
*** uudruid74 has left #sailfishos-porters23:50

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