Sunday, 2014-10-05

vakkovbeidl: i think that we have some kind of a OpenGL problem that prevents shaders from being compiled00:02
vakkovbeidl: tested with piggz's galaxy-attack game -
vakkovit should be something with our drivers.. it's not hybris since it's wunning on piggz's htc00:03
Umeaboyvakkov: Do you know if there are plans to add MIPS-support in Sailfish in the near future since x86 is supported?00:04
vakkovUmeaboy: i doubt it; but i'm not a jolla employee :) ask @ #sailfishos00:05
UmeaboyAnd I also noticed that the sdk/files/ is missing and should be added to the repo.00:06
UmeaboyThe entire tree that is.00:06
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vakkovStskeeps: sledges: ping about the galaxy nexus problem -   please check my 3 latest messages here ;)00:30
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vakkovaaaand there seem to be a lot of shader problems with the galaxy nexus01:28
Umeaboyvakkov: What timezone does thp have?01:36
vakkovprobably gmt+101:36
UmeaboySeems like he's in Netherlands.01:36
vakkovi'm in london :)01:37
UmeaboySince he uses to connect.01:37
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energycsdxwho is familiar with connman?07:54
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Stskeepsi don't think anybody is. you just get paid enough to be able to pay your psychriatrist bills from having had to deal with it.08:02
energycsdxok, will deal with it08:12
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ArtVandalaehaha :)08:38
ArtVandalaeI've been wondering about conmman for a long while: Is there a reason that it's used for NM (other than legacy reasons)? Is it likely to be replaced by NM any time in the near future?08:40
ArtVandalae(apologies if this has already been discussed. I've searched the Internet for an answer, but I haven't found anything of value)08:41
tbrNM sucks even worse08:54
ArtVandalaeNM isn't a great piece of software, but it is more widely used, and appears to be more actively developed.08:58
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lpotterNM might be more stable, but it's API is not as good as connman's, IMHO09:04
lpotterenergycsdx: I am familiar with connman09:05
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ArtVandalaelpotter, when you say "the API is not as good", does that include the DBUS API, or just the programming language API?09:08
lpotterdbus. not that connman API is perfect either09:09
* lpotter thinks connman should have been written in c++, but I am biased09:10
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piggzvakkov: how'd you get on?09:26
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energycsdxlpotter: i see my wifi network in list but after i connect to it i have:09:44
energycsdxError /net/connman/service/wifi_000af58989ff_5749464931365f37_managed_psk: Input/output error09:44
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srfvdvhi, how is the status for the nexus 5 port, useable on a daily basis?10:15
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srfvdvanyone using a nexus 5 here?10:44
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* energycsdx fighting with wpa_supplicant16:26
lardman|homeanyone free to give a hand setting up the hardware adaptation kit?16:30
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lardman|homemy HABUILD/Ubuntu chroot is under /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/skds/ubuntu as per section 4.4.1 of the pdf16:31
lardman|homebut later in the document, in section 7.1 $ANDROID_ROOT is used, which presumably should point into that chroot where the Android stuff was built, but instead points to  /srv/mer/android/droid16:32
lardman|homewhich makes me think that perhaps /parentroot shouldn't have been created, etc.16:32
lardman|homeI created a simlink so I could continue following the pdf, but I get the following error:16:33
lardman|homeMerSDK simon@simon-Latitude-E6520:/srv/mer/android/droid$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build16:33
lardman|homeerror: failed to create directory %{_sourcedir}: /srv/mer/android/droid/rpm: Read-only file system16:33
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* lardman|home notes a typo above -> my HABUILD/Ubuntu chroot is under /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu as per section 4.4.1 of the pdf16:36
energycsdxafaik $ANDROID_ROOT is dir with android sources16:37
lardman|homeit should be fully populated apparently, after the Ubuntu chroot build, at least that seems to be what the doc says: This step requires:16:39
lardman|home• A populated $ANDROID_ROOT from Building the Android HAL16:39
lardman|homeand it is, however it wasn't in the right place so I simlinked, so I wonder if I've made a mistake somewhere earlier that has also generated this ro fs error16:39
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energycsdxwhat do yo symlinked to /srv/mer/android/droid ?16:43
lardman|homeI simlinked /parentroot/srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu/srv/mer/android/droid to it16:47
lardman|homethe git pull of git:// is carried out inside the Ubuntu chroot as per section 5.116:49
lardman|homeand section 4.4 places the Ubuntu chroot under /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu16:49
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energycsdxyou mean repo init?16:50
zetazlardman|home: it is a known issue if your mer root is not under $HOME :  "HADK followers pls point home e.g. MER_ROOT=$HOME/mer instead! Then perform mkdir without sudo. It will cause less issue along the way, until proper fix")16:51
lardman|homeah ok, so I'm not going mad, good :)16:52
zetazI personnaly used a 'mount --bind" to mount it inside the home directory, but I still have to do it in the hadk chroot using the /parentroot/ don't know why16:52
zetazat least it works, even if not perfect...16:53
lardman|homeokay thanks, as long as I know the /parentroot stuff is right I'll crack on with sorting it out for my setup16:54
zetazhere is the command I use for my setup "sudo mount --bind /parentroot/media/Dev/Sailfish/mer mer" for reference17:02
zetaztyped when in the home directory17:02
lardman|homeSo that's for the Mer chroot SDK or the Ubuntu one?17:04
zetazmer, in ubuntu chroot, I have this ugly one : "sudo mount --bind /parentroot/parentroot/media/Dev/Sailfish/mer mer"17:04
zetazby the way if someone finds better, please let me know17:05
lardman|homecertainly I don't yet need Mer from within the Ubuntu chroot, but rather the other way around, which is causing the odd ro filesystem error17:06
lardman|homehmm, I should probably do some more looking at the pdf to work out exactly what's needed where and when17:07
lardman|homenot sure last thing on a Sunday is the best time tho!17:07
zetazI needed it, because the android root is under mer root in my setup, so it needs to be accessed from the ubuntu chroot, but isn't there by default...17:07
lardman|homeis the Ubuntu chroot used for anything other than building the flashable initrd and kernel image?17:10
energycsdxpart of files under $ANDROID_ROOT/out/target/product is packed to rpm17:13
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* lardman|home wonders about simply copying or simlinking to the correct location rather than using mount points17:15
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* energycsdx copies from Feroda to VirtualBox with MerSDK17:17
lardman|homeah, I now see the reason for mount bind rather than simlinks17:19
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lardman|homeso I've tried for the following: cd /srv/mer && sudo mkdir android && sudo mount --bind /parentroot/srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu/srv/mer/android /srv/mer/android17:35
lardman|homewhich appears to have produced the mount - i.e. I can get to the files under /srv/mer/android17:36
lardman|homebut generates the same error about ro filesystems17:36
* lardman|home wonders if that matters however, perhaps the issue is the later error complaining about a lack of rpm/droid-hal-tilapia.spec17:38
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Guhllardman|home, when you first start mer sdk and in it the ubuntu chroot what is your $ANDROID_ROOT ?18:02
Guhlusing the hadk it should be $HOME/mer/android/droid/18:03
lardman|homeGuhl: it's /srv/mer/android/droid18:04
Guhli wasted a lot of time trying to get the hadk/sdk/ubu-chroot running it without MER_ROOT being $HOME/mer18:04
lardman|homeI made the mistake of installing under /srv18:05
Guhlyeah that does not work18:05
lardman|homehmm, ok, I'll srub the lot and start from scratch on the morrow then18:05
Guhlthe only simple way to correct that is to create user that has /srv as it's home18:06
Guhland use that user for developing18:06
lardman|homeI think starting from scratch would be better as I can then avoid any modifications I've made along the way trying to get things working18:06
lardman|homeand one should still use a mount bind to allow access to the Ubuntu parts from Mer?18:07
lardman|homeor does that just work if you install under home18:07
Guhlthat works18:07
lardman|homeok cool18:07
lardman|homeI don't know who compiles the sdk pdf, but it might be worth saying at the beginning to not install under /srv18:07
* lardman|home wonders if his is the most up-to-date version available18:08
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zetazlardman|home: rev3 HADK is on its way. Should be pusblished soon if I understood correctly. So far, Rev2 is the most up to date version, as you can see from this IRC channel topic (which contains the official link to its latest version)18:29
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lardman|homezetaz: Thanks, I should also add that I do have the version linked from the topic18:38
Guhljusa_, ?18:42
lardman|homeThanks everyone for your help, have a nice evening19:14
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vakkovpiggz: what's new in that version of galaxy-attack19:23
piggzvakkov: some improved graphics and logos19:23
piggzvakkov: did you get it to work?19:24
vakkovpiggz: mm no; but i haven't tried. there is obviously a problem in the drivers of the galaxy nexus and i was too tired last night to start tracing it. but at least i read about it and i will try later19:25
vakkovpiggz: there is an android version, right?19:28
piggzvakkov: yes ... just uploaded the new version to play19:29
piggzi need to update the screenshots...19:29
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vakkovpiggz: and set up a repo plz ;D19:47
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Umeaboysledges: Can you give me the rights to do apply commits in the mer-hybris repo?22:56
UmeaboyI have some fixes to upload.22:56
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Umeaboylbt: Can YOU give me admin rights to be able to commit my fixes?22:58
UmeaboyThere are some dirs and files missing that I'd like to add.22:58
vgradeUmeaboy: can you do a PR23:00
Umeaboyvgrade: With a dir even23:01
vakkovrights for the repo23:21
Umeaboyvakkov: Just not used to they way devs communicate. :)23:23
UmeaboyI'm glad I can amuse someone. :)23:24
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