Monday, 2014-10-06

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jusa_Guhl: hi.. about the pulseaudio config, could you paste what you have in the config file right now? that hanging probably happens because you have both ALSA device & droid device running at the same time (latter uses ALSA as well)07:32
Guhljusa_, you are right, i did have also and droid running at the same time07:33
Guhlyesterday i removed alsa now it does not hang but exit with a segmentation fault07:34
jusa_Guhl: ok.. did you compile the droid-modules yourself?07:34
Guhlyes, i built all the middleware packages07:35
Guhljusa_, this is my arm_qualcomm_msm_7230_vision.pa07:36
jusa_Guhl: can you get the backtrace of the segfault?07:37
Guhlcopied from another qc device (forgot which) and adapted a bit (rate=44100)07:37
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Guhlhmm how would you create the backtrace07:43
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Guhlbtw the pa-file i pasted was the old one (but the new one only has 48000 replaced by 4410007:45
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jusa_Guhl: gdb --args pulseaudio -vvvvv -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_qualcomm_msm_7230_vision.pa07:47
jusa_then after segmentation fault "bt" for the backtrace07:47
Guhlok thought so but do not have gdb installed yet - on my way07:48
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Guhljusa_, here is the complete output including the bt07:52
jusa_Guhl: interesting..08:02
jusa_Guhl: just for testing, from file /system/etc/audio_policy.conf , could you comment out the whole inputs {} -block, and retry running pulseaudio?08:04
jusa_what would also be of interest is verbose logcat output while pulseaudio starts up (when the segfault happens)08:06
Guhlhow do i get these?08:07
jusa_Guhl: I'm not sure about the verbosity level, if it is forced to be less than verbose somewhere, but running /system/bin/logcat *:V  should print something08:09
Guhljusa_, this is the output after i commented the inputs (not segfaulting)08:11
jusa_Guhl: ok.. try playing some wav file with paplay ?08:13
jusa_ogg file should work as well08:13
GuhlConnection failure: Timeout08:16
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Guhlalso pactl info just gives a timeout08:18
jusa_run as nemo?08:18
Guhlyes both pulseaudio and paplay08:18
jusa_haven't seen that ever :)08:19
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Guhlbtw /system/bin/logcat says "Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main'"08:20
Guhlshould i link it to /dev/log_main ?08:20
jusa_yeah, I've just done mv /dev/log /dev/log_foo ; mkdir /dev/log ; ln -s /dev/log_main /dev/log/main08:21
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jusa_Guhl: there is something strange about your env or something, runtime dir and state dir are bogus08:25
Guhljusa_, that is from logcat
jusa_Guhl: Guhl what does "set | grep -e XDG_RUNTIME_DIR -e HOME" output ?08:27
Guhljusa_, which paste are you refering to (because i ran pulseaudio as root first)08:28
jusa_btw pulse should always be run as nemo user08:28
Guhli know08:28
jusa_ok :)08:28
Guhlfor nemo this is:08:29
jusa_can you do ls -ld /run/user/100000/pulse08:30
Guhldrwx------ 2 nemo nemo 100 Oct  6 11:23 /run/user/100000/pulse08:32
jusa_hmh.. just to be safe can you reboot, run pulseaudio with verbose  logging again and try playing audio08:33
Guhland thats whats in it08:33
Guhlsrwxrwxrwx 1 nemo nemo   0 Oct  6 11:23 dbus-socket08:33
Guhlsrwxrwxrwx 1 nemo nemo   0 Oct  6 11:23 native08:33
Guhl-rw------- 1 nemo nemo   5 Oct  6 11:23 pid08:33
jusa_ok.. that timeout is just strange.. there is a bug in older pulseaudio version where with certain conditions running pulse clients or pulseaudio itself with root and bad environment variables could cause some state files being overwritten with wrong user id08:36
Guhlok i'll reboot08:37
jusa_also rm -rf $HOME/.config/pulse08:38
Guhlweird now the phone is bootlooping08:40
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jusa_hmh :/08:42
Guhldon't think that this is pulse related08:42
jusa_Guhl: yep.. I'll have to go for a while, back in ~2-3h08:45
Guhljusa_, i will have to go too but i will be gone for 6h08:46
jusa_Guhl: ok, I could write some notes to you in email, and maybe continue tomorrow/later in irc08:47
Guhlemail would be fine -> see PM08:47
jusa_thanks! cu08:48
Guhlthank you! cu08:48
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energycsdxspiiroin: looks like PS sensor drains about 120 mA and i think that is alot09:49
spiiroinenergycsdx: 120mA? are you sure?09:50
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energycsdxspiiroin: 120mA at 1.6V, checked in datasheet, it have programmable current sink for external IR diode, looked into kernel source it programmed to 120mA09:52
kjokinieenergycsdx: well, yes.. for veery short time for every 50ms or so09:53
kjokiniethe average consumption is around 0,1mA :)09:53
kjokiniebut that's on jolla, if you talk about some other device, it may be different depending on the register settings09:55
energycsdx7.3 us on, 7.3. us off09:55
kjokinieenergycsdx: which device are we talking about here?09:56
energycsdxXperia L, sensor TSL277209:57
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kjokinieenergycsdx: hmm.. there could be some register to do wait cycles between measurement cycles.. the datasheet looks familiar somehow, need to refresh my memory10:06
* kjokinie goes digging old patches10:06
kjokinieenergycsdx: you need to enable wait period to reduce power consumption10:21
kjokinieenergycsdx: WEN bit in EN register10:24
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kjokinieenergycsdx: there's something like this in Jolla kernel:10:27
kjokiniesh[TSL277X_WAIT_TIME] = 237;10:27
kjokiniesh[TSL277X_ENABLE] |= TSL277X_EN_WAIT;10:27
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kjokinieenergycsdx: I think it's the same sensor on Jolla, look for reference here:
kjokinieenergycsdx: there was some changes also to als_enable, which do some toggling of that wait enable bit10:31
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energycsdxkjokinie: sh[TSL277X_WAIT_TIME] = 0;10:47
kjokinieenergycsdx: and the WEN bit is not enable in the enable register.. so yes it will eat current like a pig10:47
energycsdxkjokinie: ok i`ll try to patch10:52
energycsdxbut still see no point to always keep it running.10:52
kjokinieenergycsdx: it is used for tracking if device is in pocket or facing down, and then disabling touchscreen (double-tap-wakeup) when it's not needed (device in pocket or facing down).10:56
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kjokinieenergycsdx: maybe something like this
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energycsdxkojkinie: not all devices have support of double tap in touchscreen firmware, also devices can different layout, like slided qwerty keyboard this makes mce depending on hw, i.e. each device should have own version of mce or try to support every possible hw in mce and do like this11:07
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kjokinieenergycsdx: so far the strategy has been on "support every hw" in mce. If there were a "plugin" setup for doing things differently in all devices, that code would need writing anyway, so best to have it available for everyone.11:27
kjokinieenergycsdx: unfortunately I've been told that the HW double tap is not so trivial currently to separate to an option.. spiiroin knows the details11:30
* lardman restarts HADK installation and notes that work's download speed is much faster than that at home :)11:37
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lardmanI'm glad to report that installing under $HOME has indeed worked, now I just need to do some kernel config inconsistency fixing13:10
alinlardman: which device?13:11
lardmanalin: tilapia13:12
lardmanAsus Nexus 7 GSM13:12
alinlardman: beidl_ was not this the one you did13:12
alinmayeb he did grouper...13:12
lardmanI think alterego was listed in the HW matrix13:12
lardmanI was going to follow the instructions anyway though to see how all the tools work13:14
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ruthenianboyHi guys. I'm willing to try port to lge w7n (LG L90 D405n).13:19
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lardmanalin: I'll follow the grouper instructions and see how I get on:
lardman(this evening)13:22
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ruthenianboyIt is possible to use CM11.0 instead of CM10.3?13:44
* lardman wonders what he installed on his Nexus 713:45
lardmanis 10.3.x the stable and 11 the devel version?13:45
ruthenianboyDont't know. I am new to porting13:45
lardmanCM I mean, I assume you have CM11 on the device for some reason?13:46
ruthenianboyI want to port Sailfish to my device but only port of CM which exists is version 11.013:46
lardmanah ok13:47
EztranAFAIK there are ports using a CM11 base, so it is possible. Don't know about comparative difficulty.13:47
ruthenianboyi'll go trough documentation and see on my own. Maybe it will fail13:49
alinruthenianboy: yes13:50
alinruthenianboy: we dud like thay for n513:50
alinruthenianboy: practically you can follow the guide but when you branch hybris be sure you branch it from 11.0 branch13:51
alinthere is also a script that may help you to build13:51
ruthenianboyn5 build used CM11 also?13:54
lardmanthanks alin, that will be useful13:55
ruthenianboythanks too alin :)14:00
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marxistvegansledges: if you are around or get this...I am really enjoying the sailfishOS on the nexus 4 it is my daily driver now ;)14:11
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Nokiusoh bad day so fare …. Now getting some slides for the Berlin meetup tonight14:15
Nokiuslbt: are you around?14:16
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lbtNokius: hey15:13
NokiusHi working on the presentation for this afternoon about HADK hope I will get all points have some pictures from your xda sildes15:14
lbtdid you want my slides?15:16
Nokiusthat would be nice15:18
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piggzlo *16:51
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piggzGuhl: any progress?18:17
Guhla bit - i had a conversation with jusa_ today and i reached a state where pulse was running (only output no input) but I ran into some other problems then18:19
Guhlatm the phone is bootlooping and i don't know why18:19
Guhlwhen i install the rom again it boots fine but on first reboot it starts bootlooping18:19
ruthenianboyIf there is no way to show boot messages, then you can dump memory, mount dump in PC and look for system log18:21
Guhli'll install the recovery-boot again so that it stops in bootloader18:25
piggzGuhl: oh did you get sound out of pulse?18:27
piggzGuhl: when mine boot loops, i boot into android recovery, and adb shell to look at the init.log18:27
Guhlno piggz i did not, was that the goal ? ;-)18:27
Guhlbut i think it's close18:28
Guhland i learned a lot in the session with jusa_ as i.e. that you can read the android logcat output from sf18:29
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ruthenianboyGuhl: can you share some tricks that can help porting and debuging in early stages of porting? I started porting to LG L9018:37
Guhli can try - anything specific?18:38
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Guhlhave you been involved in developing/maintaining CM10 for that device?18:39
rbnif anyone is interested, i've written a python script to install and remove certificates to the various storages (systemwide, mozilla and telepathy, for now) used by sailfish: i'd appreciate bugreports, etc. ;)18:42
rbnmail preferred ;)18:42
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zetazflyser, are you there ?18:48
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piggzGuhl: oh do you rea the logcat? (journalctl?)18:59
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Guhlpiggz, maybe you read the log about 8 hours back19:08
Guhlnot that i don't want to tell you but it might be easier19:09
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Guhlpiggz, this is my /target/init.log19:16
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Guhlweird in line 8/9 it does not find usleep19:17
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Guhland then probably tries to setup usb to fast and the devices are not there yet, ...19:18
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piggzI: [pulseaudio] module.c: Unloading "module-droid-keepalive" (index: #0).19:37
piggzI: [pulseaudio] keepalive.c: Start keepalive heartbeat with interval 55 seconds.19:37
piggzE: [pulseaudio] dbus-shared.c: Assertion 'pa_atomic_load(&(c)->_ref) > 0' failed at pulsecore/dbus-shared.c:78, function pa_dbus_connection_get(). Aborting.19:37
Guhlpiggz, i fixed my bootloop by adding a sleep 5 after the usb_setup in init-debug19:39
Guhlbut still weird19:39
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jusa_piggz: that when pa starts and stops immediately?19:57
piggzGuhl: odd ... mine is usleep19:57
piggzjusa_: yes19:57
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jusa_piggz: yep.. it's frustrating, since there is async dbus operation, which calls callback after the module is unloaded19:58
jusa_maybe complicated to fix given it isn't that crucial in normal operation19:59
jusa_Guhl: did you try PA yet? :)20:00
piggzjusa_: just aborts hem im trying to start it20:00
Guhlyes i am working on it but no progress20:00
jusa_piggz: can you pastebin full log?20:01
Guhlbut now i do !20:03
Guhlpactl info20:03
GuhlServer String: /run/user/100000/pulse/native20:03
GuhlLibrary Protocol Version: 2920:03
GuhlServer Protocol Version: 2920:03
GuhlIs Local: yes20:03
GuhlClient Index: 520:03
GuhlTile Size: 6549620:03
GuhlUser Name: nemo20:03
GuhlHost Name: Jolla20:03
GuhlServer Name: pulseaudio20:03
GuhlServer Version: 5.0-rebootstrapped20:03
GuhlDefault Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz20:03
GuhlDefault Channel Map: front-left,front-right20:03
GuhlDefault Sink: sink.null20:03
GuhlDefault Source: source.fake.sco20:03
Guhl(sorry for pasting)20:03
jusa_piggz: two problems: 1) output stream open fails, 2) you don't have policy configuration (/etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf)20:04
jusa_piggz: latter causes policy-enforcement-module to fail starting, which causes PA daemon to quit immediately20:04
piggzjusa_: what does an xpolicy.conf look like?20:05
piggzGuhl: sound?20:05
Guhlwait a bit - need to copy wav file to phone20:05
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Guhlhow would i tell paplay where to output the sound?20:07
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jusa_Guhl: if config is ok it should be ok to just say "paplay foo"20:08
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Guhljusa_, well it does something but no sound20:08
piggzGuhl: ditto ... tho when i use volume keys, it claims to be muted20:09
jusa_Guhl: did you remove the mute routing thingies from pa config ?20:09
Guhlfrom the pa file?20:09
jusa_ /etc/pulse/foobar.pa20:10
Guhland my volume keys do claim that it's muted20:10
Guhlvolume goes up and down20:10
Guhlpulse says20:11
GuhlD: [pulseaudio] mainvolume.c: set current step to 1320:11
GuhlI: [pulseaudio] module-stream-restore-nemo.c: Updating route ihf volume/mute/device for stream sink-input-by-media-role:x-maemo.20:11
GuhlD: [pulseaudio] module-stream-restore-nemo.c: Save stream ihf route sink-input-by-media-role:phone volume=0:  56%20:11
GuhlD: [pulseaudio] module-stream-restore-nemo.c: Save stream ihf route sink-input-by-media-role:x-maemo volume=0:  47%20:11
GuhlI: [pulseaudio] module-stream-restore-nemo.c: Synced.20:11
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jusa_Guhl: if you didn't do the config change yet, do that & restart pulse20:11
Guhlwhat do you mean by "mute routing thingies"20:12
jusa_load-module module-droid-card rate=44100 mute_routing_before=24576 mute_routing_after=409620:13
jusa_load-module module-droid-card rate=4410020:13
Guhlk doing that already20:13
piggzjusa_: ive removed them ... restarted pulse, now volume keys display a volume in the gui ... aplay file.pcm is still silent20:13
Guhland it's 4800020:13
piggzbut plplay flle.pcm works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20:14
jusa_could you paste full pulseaudio logs again20:14
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
Guhlhmm maybe this is not so good:20:17
GuhlE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Sink sink.primary does not exist.20:17
jusa_well.. nope :D20:18
jusa_afaik droid-sink opened the stream correctly in some log.. I think it was with 44100 samplerate..20:18
Guhlyes but if i set it to 44100 pulse hangs and i can not connect20:19
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Guhlwell not this time20:20
Guhlthere is a piano playing on my phone - nice20:20
piggzjusa_: Guhl: sound is totally working for me ... i enabled the sfx in my game and theyre working fine :)20:21
jusa_piggz: you got sound working as well?20:21
piggzmusic player isnt playing .mp3 tho20:21
piggzjusa_: yes!20:22
Guhlcool - jusa_ there is too much magic involved in this20:22
jusa_music player not playing correctly is likely some OHM / policy bits missing20:22
jusa_Guhl: not really, but I need to write this down20:22
piggzgui feedback sounds also working20:22
jusa_only magic was that strange input stream problem20:22
piggzjusa_: Guhl: you want me to paste my .pa file?20:23
Guhlpiggz, yes show me yours i show you mine :-)20:23
piggzjusa_: so .. music player ??20:24
*** Nokius has quit IRC20:24
jusa_piggz: ps aufx |grep ohm   if that prints nothing ohm binaries are missing20:25
Guhlpiggz, this is my pa file not yours :-P20:25
piggzroot      1380  0.0  0.7  11244  4776 ?        SLs  21:21   0:00 /usr/sbin/ohmd --no-daemon20:25
piggznemo      1638  0.0  0.2   5516  1436 ?        Ss   21:21   0:00 /usr/bin/ohm-session-agent20:25
piggznemo      4753  1.0  0.0   2248   628 pts/0    S+   23:25   0:00 grep ohm20:25
piggzGuhl: nope, it is ;)20:26
Guhlno it's arm_qualcomm_msm_7230_vision.pa20:26
Guhlpiggz, do you have input enabled in the audio_policy20:27
piggzGuhl: no20:27
jusa_piggz: have you got policy-settings-common package installed ?20:27
piggzjusa_: yes20:28
jusa_btw. did music player play other thna mp3 ? :P20:28
jusa_ogg / wav20:28
piggzjusa_: yes ... it plays .ogg20:32
piggzGuhl: you're so jealous :P20:32
piggzjusa_: and .pcm20:32
piggzso, must be a codec thingy20:33
Guhlwhen playing wav pulse says20:34
*** eleroux has quit IRC20:34
Guhlformat.rate = "48000"20:34
Guhlsink-input.c: Trying to change sample rate20:35
Guhland then resampler resamples from 48000 to 4410020:35
jusa_piggz: aahhh ok. then I don't know what's needed for mp3 decoding20:36
Guhlwhen playing mp3 it's just20:36
GuhlD: [pulseaudio] sink-input-ext.c: force stream 'player'/'pulsesink probe' to sink 'sink.primary'20:36
GuhlI: [pulseaudio] sink-input.c: Sink does not support any requested format:20:36
GuhlI: [pulseaudio] sink-input.c:  -- mpeg-iec61937, format.rate = "48000"20:36
jusa_Guhl: is that wav file 48kHz? :)20:36
jusa_then it makes sense that pulse resamples that to 44.1kHz since the sink takes 44.1kHz, no?20:36
jusa_pulse automatically resamples whatever data to what sink needs20:37
Guhlbut it seems it can't do the for mp3 somehow20:37
jusa_mp3's are usually encoded 44.1kHz20:37
jusa_unless you encoded that yourself and know for certain it's 48kHz20:38
Guhlthis is the wav20:38
GuhlAUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 1536.0 kbit/100.00% (ratio: 192000->192000)20:38
GuhlOpening audio decoder: [pcm] Uncompressed PCM audio decoder20:38
Guhlthis the mp320:38
GuhlAUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 320.0 kbit/20.83% (ratio: 40000->192000)20:38
GuhlOpening audio decoder: [mpg123] MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 layers I, II, III20:39
GuhlSelected audio codec: [mpg123] afm: mpg123 (MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 layers I, II, III)20:39
Guhlthis is from mplayer20:39
jusa_maybe mplayer resamples the source itself20:39
jusa_if the playback rate is correct then something resamples it20:39
Guhli am quite sure that the mp3 is 48000 on the mp320:39
jusa_yeah, does it sound same as the wav?20:40
jusa_or slightly lower tone?20:40
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
Guhlwell guys i have a flight at 5:50 tomorrow morning so i think i'll have to quit it for now20:42
Guhljusa_, piggz thanks a lot!20:43
jusa_Guhl: np, good that we got somewhere :)20:44
piggzGuhl: well, it should work for you soon if your hw is the same as mine20:45
Guhlon the flight i'll try to understand the xpolicy.conf file :-)20:45
Guhlpiggz, yes i think audio is the same20:46
Guhlwhere our devices really differ is the camera20:46
Guhlbut i do so not care about the camera20:46
*** dr_datacenter has joined #sailfishos-porters20:47
Guhlguys - good night looking forward to read the log tomorrow20:48
*** dr_datacenter is now known as dr_jolla20:48
jusa_well I'm on my way to bed.. :) installed bunch of VST to "new" laptop and cooked for tomorrow, I guess I'm done for today20:49
piggzjusa_: ive found the mp3 codec i think...20:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:49
piggzjusa_: Guhl: all the codecs are in warehouse...20:54
*** Guhl has quit IRC20:59
dr_jollapiggz: hi20:59
piggzdr_jolla: lo21:00
dr_jollawhere i can find fix for old adreno?21:00
piggzdr_jolla: what do you mean? fix for what?21:01
dr_jollaare you the author of htc ace?21:01
dr_jolla( port obv.)21:01
dr_jollai got a phone with the same issues of yours21:02
dr_jollai've read about patches to run whole thing21:02
piggzkernel fixes?21:03
piggzlook in my github21:03
dr_jollaalso qt side21:03
piggzi am going afk now ... if you email me i can respond later21:03
dr_jollamine runs 3.4 kernel21:04
dr_jollabtw tnx a  loy21:06
*** dr_jolla has quit IRC21:12
*** piggz has quit IRC21:22
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
piggzjusa_: yep, after reboot, mp3 working with packages from wareouse21:25
*** alin has quit IRC21:26
jusa_piggz: cool21:33
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:36
*** piggz has quit IRC21:37
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:37
zetazhi !21:38
zetazI now have booted in the real rootfs with the telnet running on port 2323 on Photon Q.21:38
zetazbut.... I have troubles with /bin and /sbin being not correctly populated.21:39
zetazthere are functions missing there21:39
zetazlooks like a problem when creating the image21:39
zetazanyone here knows where I should look like ? in the mic command and the recipes ? in some rpm packaging ?21:40
*** zon has quit IRC21:46
*** Eztran has quit IRC21:46
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters21:46
*** zZz0n is now known as zon21:47
|Tom|hi zetaz21:48
zetaz|Tom|: hi21:48
|Tom|regarding sbin..21:48
|Tom|in your $ANDROID_ROOT, is your out/target/product/$DEVICE/root/sbin directory populated?21:49
zetaz|Tom|: only : adbd  ueventd  watchdogd21:50
zetazit looks like the dir I was looking for21:51
|Tom|ueventd and watchdogd are symlinks to "../init" in my case21:51
|Tom|besides, I have bbx and healthd there21:52
zetazyes, me too21:52
|Tom|hold on.. that's "just" the android stuff... on the device, the dir is more pupulated21:54
zetazyes, if I extract the root fs archive ("sfa-xt897-ea-" here, I get a bit more in bin and sbin (same as on the target)21:55
*** RealJohnGalt has quit IRC21:56
zetazmy problem is not that /bin and /sbin are not populated at all, but only that some parts are missing (like ifconfig, ps or netstat)21:57
zetaz|Tom|: for now I tricked it by copying the one from busybox that is availlable in the init ramdisk to the root fs, but it only solved some errors, and now if I run the full init, it throws errors for some other commands not found21:58
|Tom|ps and netstat should be in /bin21:58
zetaz|Tom| : yes, several commands are missings, some in /bin, some in /sbin21:59
|Tom|as far as I understand the build system, mic populates the root directory by fetching some rpms for multiple repos. maybe some rpms did not download successfully on your end=22:00
|Tom|can you check on your device: rpm -q -a | grep ps22:03
zetaz|Tom|: sh: rpm: command not found...22:06
*** piggz has quit IRC22:06
|Tom|oh.. do you remember how many packages were processed when you ran mic?22:08
|Tom|in your MerSDK, please check your enabled repos: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr22:11
|Tom|on my end I have hotfixes, jolla and mer-tools (global) and local-$DEVICE-hal (user) enabled. other repos like apps, apps-mw, home and sdk are disabled22:14
zetaz|Tom|: looks like I get the same result as you. Maybe the exception would be apps-mw which is listed but without a link22:16
|Tom|should be fine, the link is missing on my end, too22:16
zetazI think I saved the mic output, taking a look at it22:18
zetazmaybe I'd better run it again to check22:19
|Tom|my sfa-$DEVICE-ea-$DEVICE-armv7hl.packages file contains more almost 570 packages22:22
zetazmic is running. It shows me : Info: 147 packages to be installed, 147 packages gotten from cache, 0 packages to be downloaded22:22
zetazso a lot less than you22:22
zetazand the package file tells 146 lines.22:23
zetazso I have something missing close to this step22:24
|Tom|so something is missing....22:24
zetaz|Tom|: from the hadk, the step before running mic is to generate patterns. I probably messed something up there22:25
|Tom|chapter 8.3 ..22:25
zetaz|Tom|: yep. Have you done something specific here, or simply running the file was enough ?22:26
|Tom|just the script22:26
zetazok, same here...22:26
zetaz|Tom|: which device do you have ?22:27
|Tom|--> motorola g22:28
zetazok, new one ? it is not in the list ?22:28
|Tom|nope.. just poking on my new toy ;-)22:29
zetazanyway, it can't be because one of the previous porter made a patch for it that I am missing on my device...22:29
*** rbn has quit IRC22:31
|Tom|oh wait.. just an idea.. i followed the hadk but after applying some google-fu I manually updated one of the mer sdk packages... let me see if I can find it..22:31
zetazmic finished to run, there are some non fatal error for post install scripts, for some missing commands... but it looks more as a consequence than the cause.22:32
|Tom| look at Guhl99's message at 07:3922:33
zetaz|Tom|: thanks for the pointer. I will do it right now22:38
zetaznot sure I will be able to finish this today, but at least you help me a lot to narrow it down to where I am missing things22:38
|Tom|no prob.. in the irc log a couple days later, it seems that the sdk package was already updated. so maybe you need to only update the sdk22:39
zetazby the way, I compared the patterns in rpm/patterns/xt897/ with the one from mako, and they are about the same (minus the name change in package)22:40
zetazbut the jolla-configuration-sfe.yaml file contains things that are clearly ignored by mic (like zypper, vim or busybox-static). The mistake is somewhere around this.22:40
zetazlet's see if the update resolve it22:40
|Tom|on the other hand, in chapter 7.1.1 you need to execute only the second command (i skipped the first one)22:41
|Tom|did you compile the middleware? (chapter 13.8)22:42
zetazdamn it, still 147 packages in the rootfs...22:45
zetaz|Tom|: yes, I did compiled it normally, but I think I have to go through it again tomorrow to check if I didn't forget a step or missed an error message22:47
|Tom|good luck :-)22:48
|Tom|btw, which CPU is used in your device?22:48
zetazfor the 7.1.1 part, I only have this one in the RPMS/ directory : ssu-kickstarts-droid-1-1.armv7hl.rpm22:48
zetazProcessor       : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)22:49
|Tom|so you miss this one: droid-hal-configs-1-1.armv7hl.rpm22:49
|Tom|ok, this should be created in 7.1.222:50
zetaz|Tom|: At this point, I think I would be better cleaning all the rootfs and packages and rebuilding everything correctly, now that I know better than last month what I should expect at each step.22:52
|Tom|your CPU is MSM8960 (accordig to CM wiki)...22:52
zetaz|Tom|: yes22:52
zetazis the moto G on the same one ?22:52
|Tom|no, it bases on the msm8226, but I the architecture is roughly similar I guess22:54
zetazjust found it on the wiki. This is the next generation (2013 Quad A7 vs 2012 Quad A9)22:55
|Tom|zetaz: A7 vs A9.. hmm... probably bigger diff than thought22:56
|Tom|zetaz: was your telnet on port 2323 accessible out of the box?22:56
zetazboth have adreno (305 vs 225), but may show the same difficulties to have display working (I am not there yet, but flyser was)22:57
zetaz|Tom|: nope, I had to play a little with usb0/rndis0 order to get it to work22:57
zetazand I had to ifconfig usb0 down in the second stage to have telnet working (can't explain why it worked in init ramfs with both...)22:58
|Tom|zetaz: in my case both usb0 and rndis0 are available..22:58
|Tom|zetaz: same here.. but it didn't work in ramfs for me. I got the IP but could not connect as long as usb0 was up22:59
zetazat what step are you ? struggling with telnet too ? In that case I can give you what I did ?22:59
zetazok, so give me a minute to give you my notes, looks like the same22:59
|Tom|no, I have (limited) signs of life on the dev. telnet 2323 and ssh working.22:59
|Tom|currently I'm trying to understand the init process. (both, android/cyanogenmod and sailfishos)23:01
|Tom|I need the knowledge for display init. the device nodes are there but in suspended state.23:03
zetaz|Tom|: that is beyond my knowledge for now... but I hope I will get at that point someday !23:04
zetazgot to go23:04
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:05
|Tom|zetaz: good night and good luck :)23:05
zetaz|Tom|: thanks a lot for your helps23:05
zetazhopefully I'll be able to create the rootfs correctly now, and then fight with the display...23:05
|Tom|not sure, I could help - we still don't know why you miss lots of packages23:05
*** |Tom||2 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
zetazIf I find why I will be able to had it to the HADK, so that other don't do the same mistake.23:07
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters23:08
*** |Tom| has quit IRC23:10
*** |Tom||2 is now known as |Tom|23:13
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:45
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters23:53

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