Tuesday, 2014-10-07

Umeaboylbt: Have you made any progress yet?00:17
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sledgeshey porters!09:33
Stskeepsmoo sledges09:34
locusfhey sledges09:34
stephgwelcome back sledges09:34
sledgeshow's tricks?;)09:35
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* sledges tries to get back to reality and find some info on how xda:devcon went ^_^09:45
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lbtsledges: https://blog.jollamobile.com/?p=343009:49
lbtalso .. wb09:49
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Stskeepsalso hello public channel09:49
lbtoh yeah09:49
* Stskeeps gives lbt more coffee09:49
lbtone of the problems with really working in the open :)09:50
ernestiat least you didnt copy paste all user names and passwords to a public chan :D09:51
ernestiwell those were for some g accounts but still09:52
sledgesin short, everything went very very well;) \o/ awesome stuff lbt Nokius vgrade & Stephen09:59
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sledgeshehe, speaking the devil:)10:01
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Nokiushi sledges good to see you again :)10:05
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sledgesgood to see you too Nokius10:07
sledgeshey sdjayna!10:07
sledgesall the bespoke devils are joining:))10:08
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sdjaynasledges: ah yes, thought i better start hanging around ;)10:13
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energycsdxhow GPS supposed to work? i don`t see any package that links Qt location to libhybris10:41
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sledgesenergycsdx: would qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning do?10:47
w00tenergycsdx: geoclue10:48
sledgesstill closed source :(10:48
* sledges pings Stskeeps 10:48
* Stskeeps grunts10:48
energycsdxi guess it is geoclue-provider-hybris10:50
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* energycsdx wonder how GPS works on HTC Desire Z10:58
sledgesjust sideload that rpm10:58
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alinsledges: back from holiday?12:33
alinyou were faster than the update12:33
locusflol even here people are waiting for the update :D12:33
alinlocusf: of course...12:34
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ruthenia1boyGuys. I am reading HADK reference as I want to port sailfish to my device. They noted that hybris-recovery.img can be used for debugging. Which features it provides for debugging?12:58
vrutkovsruthenia1boy: telnet, logging before and after root switch13:00
jusa_^ adds some explanation of the droid modules etc13:02
ruthenia1boySo for example, it can help in case of device is bootlooping?13:04
vrutkovswell, it won't help if /init is not started obviously (due to kernel crash or bootloader failure etc.), but it will give you some info at least13:08
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lbtruthenia1boy: also you can check out the lsusb for iSerial and iDesc for the device - that can help if there are issues on usb network or things14:59
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ruthenia1boyWill try when images will be built properly15:02
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piggzlo *19:31
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zetazhi all. Is there a simple way to clean the android/droid directory and revert changes, without having to re-download everything ?20:19
zetazprobably using repo ?20:19
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piggzjusa_: so...how can i make it work without commenting out the input stuff in /system ?20:32
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Guhlpiggz, good question yes indeed20:34
piggzGuhl: did you get it to work?20:34
Guhlno i did not do anything today but fly around and attend meetings20:35
piggzGuhl: me neither, but Iwent mountain biking :)20:36
Guhlby far better idea !20:36
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Guhland i am not sure if i can work on anything now as I got a shitty internet connection20:37
Guhland can't even share the wifi20:37
Guhland i ain't got gdb on the phone so debugging will be hard20:39
energycsdxzetaz: you can review your changes using repo diff and next revert it20:42
Guhlenergycsdx regarding your question how GPS works on HTC Desire Z20:43
zetazenergycsdx: thanks!20:43
Guhlit only works using test_gps20:44
Guhlnot on the UI20:44
piggzStskeeps: what is needed to get the data/voice connections working?20:44
Guhlril ?20:44
energycsdxpiggz: you need to have rild working, ofono ril backend, simkit for entering PIN code, pulseaudio for voice20:48
piggzenergycsdx: those three processes are running...20:49
energycsdxpiggz: do you have promt for PIN code after phone boots?20:50
piggzno ... but there is no pin on my sim20:50
energycsdxdo you have USSD working?20:50
piggzdunno :)20:51
piggzi have no ussd process ... what is ussd?20:51
gogetaenergycsdx, works20:52
energycsdxUSSD is special requests in cellcular networks, like *111#20:52
gogetapretty fine20:52
gogetai got class 0 every call20:52
gogetaand I ask every given sms or call20:53
piggzenergycsdx: according the the gui, the phone is stuck on 'Registering....' to the network20:54
gogetapiggz, this is my kernel20:56
gogetasame adreno20:56
energycsdxpiggz: try to check logs: journalctl -f20:57
piggzenergycsdx: i see this20:59
piggzOct 07 21:59:30 Jolla lipstick[1771]: Radio set to unsupported mode20:59
piggzand im unable to selct the option 'select network manually' to see if it finds any netowrk21:00
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energycsdxanything from ofonod?21:02
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piggzenergycsdx: doesnt look too good http://pastebin.com/n9qLhT3g21:04
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piggzGuhl: whats the naming convention for the pulse device .pa file?21:23
Guhldon't think that there is one21:27
Guhli named mine similar to the hammerhead one21:28
Guhlmore or less <arch>_<platform>_<device>.pa21:29
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Guhlso i called it arm_qualcomm_msm_7230_vision.pa21:30
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ruthenianboyI am running sb2-init command from pdf and getting following error: cat: -: No such file or directory . Whats wrong?21:34
piggzGuhl: well, its better than piggz.pa ;)21:36
Guhlon the othe hand ...21:37
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Guhlthe logcat for the radio buffer looks quite ok22:04
Guhlso i would thing that rild is doing it's job22:04
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sledgesruthenianboy: ensure you are in MerSDK prompt, and better pastebin the whole output22:11
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Guhlhmm the communication between ofonod and rild seems to have some problem22:33
Guhlwhile the logcat of radio looks ok22:33
Guhli.e. when ofonod is querying the password state:22:34
Guhlofonod[3170]: drivers/rilmodem/sim.c:ril_query_passwd_state() passwd_state 1622:34
Guhlofonod[3170]: Querying PIN authentication state failed22:34
Guhlthe output in logcat is:22:35
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 1454): ril_func_get_sim_status():called22:35
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 1454): (t=1412721018)>> AT+CPIN?\r22:35
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 1454): RX::> +CPIN: READY\r\n0\r22:35
Guhlwhich means that the SIM does not need a PIN22:35
Guhlbut obviously ofonod does not understand/get the answer22:36
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sledgesGuhl: then set the pin on sim to check if ofono treats that as critical22:44
Guhlnot so easy ain't got another phone where this (regular sized) sim would fit with me22:45
Guhlit's too late anyway but i think as a next step i will recompile the android ril side with lots of debugging enabled22:46
sledgesruthenianboy: you didn't do cd $SFFE_SB2_TARGET22:47
sledgesGuhl: soft-flash cm's boot.img to temporarily boot back to cm22:47
Guhlsledges, do you know where the source of ofono is? is it this https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/ofono ?22:48
Guhlsledges, good idea22:48
sledgesGuhl: yes22:48
Guhlsledges, is there a howto somewhere if i would like to build that from source with debugging info so that i can run it in gdb22:50
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UmeaboyI'm having problems commiting to my own fork.22:51
sledgesGuhl: find it on Mer OBS, branch it, set revision of your choosing, add your repo, it will have debuginfo and debugsrc as addition22:52
Guhlsledges, thanks - will try that tomorrow22:52
sledgesGuhl: find it on Mer OBS, branch it, set revision of your choosing, build against sailfish_latest, add your repo, it will have debuginfo and debugsrc as addition22:52
Guhltoo late today22:53
* sledges goes to bed too22:53
Umeaboygit config --global user.name Kristoffer Grundstrom and then git config --global user.email kristoffer.grundstrom1983@gmail.com and then git clone https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device.git which worked fine.22:53
UmeaboyThen I did cd droid-hal-device/22:53
Umeaboycd patterns/22:53
UmeaboyThen I added my directory to push in that patterns directory.22:54
UmeaboyThen I did git commit -m Added the missing pattern directory for i930522:54
UmeaboyThen I got http://pastie.org/private/hd0jyq9ixjo5zhr7my0hug22:55
Umeaboyas a result.22:55
UmeaboyI kept reading the guide on how to push.22:55
sledgesgit commit -m "Add the missing pattern directory for i9305"22:55
sledgesit should be:22:56
sledgesgit commit -m "[i9305][patterns] Add missing directory"22:57
sledgesfor proper wording22:57
GuhlUmeaboy, might also want to have a look on my note on git when it comes to adding a remote and pushing to it23:00
Guhland i in general just do:23:00
Guhlgit add -A23:00
Guhlgit commit23:00
Guhl-> and then enter the comment23:00
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UmeaboyGuhl: Hmmmmmmmmm.23:01
Guhland then I push using:23:01
Guhlgit push {remote} {localbranch}:{remotebranch}23:01
UmeaboyDoesn't work.23:01
UmeaboyCan you join via Teamviewer to see exactly what I do?23:02
Guhlno because i will sleep now as I only slept 4 hours last night23:02
Guhland i have to get up in 5 again23:02
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UmeaboyAnybody else that can check=23:03
Umeaboysledges: Can you login via Teamviewer=23:05
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