Wednesday, 2014-10-08

Umeaboysledges: Now I've commited and made a pull request.00:04
UmeaboyCan you please accept it=00:04
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stephgUmeaboy: is way past my bed time but which kernel are you using for the p1000; I struggled to find sources :/01:06
Umeaboystephg: The one that comes with the build.01:07
stephghow do you mean?01:07
UmeaboyI use the chainfire root-kernel I think.01:07
stephggot a github link?01:08
* stephg rolls Stskeeps over to stop the snoring01:08
Stskeepsstephg: wish i could sleep.. kid woke up around 2am which seemed like it was my time to wake up too :P01:09
UmeaboyWhy do you ask?01:10
stephgUmeaboy: I ask as I have one, with a clean cm11 build on it;01:11
stephghowever the bundled kernel is 3.0.101 and I couldn't find anything, anywhere that resembles that for this device01:12
stephghence my asking01:12
stephgUmeaboy: those links are 2.6.mumble or 3.0.8 flat-out01:16
stephgit's not obvious where the .101 came from; I guess we need to ask them01:17
stephganyway, bed-time. Fleeting visit and all that; niiiiiiight!01:23
UmeaboySleep tight.01:26
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energycsdxGuhl you can install -debuginfo -debugsource packages06:08
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Nokiusalin: mahlzeit :P09:01
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alinNokius: so you come from north09:03
Nokiusalin: If Berlin is North for you, than yes09:04
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carepackHi all in the place. how was the berlin meetup?12:23
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SK_workdid someone remember who is hacking on the android vm for hadk devices ?12:52
SK_workI'm quite interested for other reasons :)12:52
Stskeepsandroid vm?12:56
SK_workStskeeps: there is someone working on an aliendalvik-like thing for non-Jolla devices12:57
sledgesSK_work: was discussed here:
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beidlhello hello guys13:23
carepackwhat's about the engine from google to get apk working on chromebooks?13:25
SK_workcarepack: ha13:27
SK_workbut you will need to pull chrome in13:27
carepackmay it's possible to extract the engine? maybe open source? sorry didn't know much about it. Read it in some it news13:28
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energycsdxcarepack: sources is partially open but afaik you cant build everything13:52
locusfwill attempt a nemo hadk build once the new nemo+mer merge has happened in armv7hl13:54
energycsdxSK_work can run apk inside chrome13:57
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ruthenianboyGuy. I have dummy question because I am out of ideas how to fix my issue with sb2-init installation step. What distribution are you using for build machine?14:27
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alinsledges: hi19:30
alinsledges: vgrade situ shall we do an image with the current fixes?19:30
piggzlo *19:41
piggzjusa_: ping19:41
sledgesalin: piece of cake isn't it19:42
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alin_where are the backups saved?20:34
sledges.vault ?20:45
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alin_sledges: cool I will look now I solved20:56
alin_sledges: build an image based on .2120:56
alin_sledges: shall we somehow publish it... or the famuous update will happen?20:57
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sledgesalin_: good one ;P21:17
alin_sledges: which one?21:18
sledgesyour last sentence;)21:19
alin_sledges: i see21:20
sledgesin a nutshell, follow this principle:
alin_sledges: anyhow I still think you have too much marketing in jolla and not enough engineers21:20
sledgesgnite portsers!21:22
stephgnight sledgestickles!21:22
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lardman|homeevening all, this is no doubt a school-boy question but once one does e.g. repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.0, does one have the whole git repo available to do something like git checkout -b 10.1 (as 11.0 is generating errors and I'd like to get something up and running)?21:24
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