Thursday, 2014-10-09

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Umeaboylbt: Are you awake to merge my pull request?03:04
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situalin__: Go ahead.05:28
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energycsdxwill sailfishos meetup in poland?08:47
Stskeepsyou in pl?08:50
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energycsdxStskeeps: no in Lviv, just received Poland visa10:00
Stskeepswell if you're in warsaw, let me know, i'll buy you a visa10:00
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Stskeepssorry, been spending too much time in embassies lately ;)10:13
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zuhStskeeps: I thought that was just local practise ;)10:18
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alinsitu: vgrade sledges I have a image on 21 based10:55
alinanyones wants to give it a try10:55
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situalin: 21 ?10:56
alinsitu: yes you remember
alinif one is curious finds there is a
situalin: ohh ok.10:57
alinsitu: bash update and kind of all10:57
alinyou can get it by altering your repos probably10:57
situalin: hmmm ok.10:58
alinsitu: then you do the update... anyhow I will update on my onedrive if anyone wants to test it...10:58
alinon mine showed no ptoblems10:58
situvgrade: shall we go ahead for a release ?11:00
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vgradesitu: ok, with me11:05
situvgrade: Would it be possible for you to create images ?11:05
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vgradesitu: I thought alin had an image11:06
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vgradealin: has access to the server for upload11:07
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situalin: Ok, I will test out the images.11:07
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alinsitu: vgrade sledges
alinthe one with 2112:33
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situalin: thanks, will check it.12:55
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lardman|workWhat is the best approach to adding kernel config flags for a "new" device (not sure tilapia is actually new, but it doesn't build out of the box anyway)?13:43
lardman|workI have the list of missing/misset flags, and know where the defconfig is13:43
lardman|workhowever normally one would run make menuconfig (I assume) to ensure that any extra flags are set13:44
lardman|workah, I see where the kernel source is hiding now13:46
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sledgeslardman|work: make bootimage ensures all extra flags get in14:03
sledgesalso only few flags are mandatory, most optional and can stay like that if checker doesn't fail fatally14:03
lardman|worksledges: does one need to patch the defconfig though?14:08
lardman|workif doing make bootimage14:09
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sledgeslardman|work: patch only defconfig14:10
sledgesnothing else14:10
sledgesor you'll lose changes14:10
sledgeslardman|work: for complete picture, read this commit desc:
sledges(hadk doc will be updated)14:10
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lardman|workcool, thanks14:12
lardman|worksledges: it appears that tilapia uses the grouper cm stuff, is there any difference hw-wise that is important (e.g. in terms of accessing cell radio, etc.)?14:13
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vakkovsledges: welcome back to the land of living, my friend14:18
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sledgesvakkov: more like the land of virtual beings:) tried not to have internet connection last week, that was new:))14:26
sledgeslardman|work: all should be brought up by the kernel, if hw is present. the rest is business as usual14:27
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lardman|workok cool14:28
lardman|workWhen I try to make bootimage from $(ANDROID_ROOT) I get the following errors and it just hangs, is this expected (should I have done make distclean or similar?):14:31
lardman|workawk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)14:31
lardman|workfind: `device/*/generic': No such file or directory14:31
sledgeslardman|work: source ...envsetup, breakfast $device14:35
lardman|workah, doh14:35
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lardman|worksledges: am I making life hard for myself for no reason by setting $DEVICE=tilapia (and then having to create the various missing files, entries, etc.), when I should just use the existing grouper device?15:55
* lardman|work is getting and error from /usr/bin/repomd-pattern-builder.py15:56
sledgeslardman|work: nope, you're doing everything right15:57
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sledgessee in rpm/ *tilapia*configs folder is symlinked to grouper15:58
sledgesso not much of difference15:59
sledgesyet you have to play by hadk rules of DEVICE naming15:59
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sledgeswhat is exact error with repomd ?15:59
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lardman|workError: Pattern dir './rpm/patterns/tilapia' doesn't exist.16:04
sledgeslardman|work: oh sorry forgot that once16:04
lardman|workso I can sort that by symlinking, that's fine16:05
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sledgesyes;) was about to suggest;)16:06
sledgeswas *just checking* beforehand16:06
lardman|workcool, that's all completed successfully16:06
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lardman|worksection 7.2 could do with a pointer to where the etc/hw-release file lives16:10
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sledgesgreat idea, adding16:27
lardman|workI'm just following section 8.4 Building the Image with MIC, have set the release to the latest: RELEASE=, and now get this error: Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
sledgesyou did not read the paragraph starting with "If you only want to rebuild" in 8.2 attentively enough ;)16:29
lardman|workah I see16:30
lardman|workso presumably I don't currently want to rebuild...?16:30
lardman|workand I've added a repo that doens't exist16:30
sledgesyou need to rebuild all ;P16:30
lardman|workhow do I remove that repo?16:31
sledgesedit .ks file manually16:31
lardman|workso presumably I need to add another pattern for the tilapia?16:34
lardman|workas I see a failure now related to that16:34
lardman|workError <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration tilapia16:36
* lardman|work has a look at the ks to see if he added something by accident16:36
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sledgesyou missed the 8.316:38
lardman|workI didn't modify anything, but I did process them16:38
sledgesyou are not allowed to symlink patterns16:39
sledgessoz about that ;)16:39
lardman|workah ok, np16:39
sledgesrm that patterns/tilapia symlink16:39
sledgesand just run helpers/add_new_device.sh16:39
lardman|workoh ok16:39
lardman|workpresumably I do need to cp from grouper to tilapia though?16:40
lardman|workbefore adding the new device?16:40
sledgesit will add for you16:42
lardman|workoh right16:42
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lardman|workthat's confusing16:43
lardman|workas I assumed it needed to be based on something or other16:43
lardman|workWeird, same error: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration tilapia16:45
lardman|workbut the file is certainly there under rpm/pattern/tilapia/16:45
* lardman|work looks to see what else he missed!16:46
lardman|worknot sure, I've done rpm/helpers/ but same error16:48
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* lardman|work heads for home16:53
lardman|worksledges: thanks for your help :)16:54
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sledgestoo fast for me:) you had to re-run 8.316:56
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lardman|homeIn section 8.4 Building the Image with MIC, what is the EXTRA_NAME=-my1 var for?18:04
Stskeepsfor example for indicating it's EA2 release, etc18:04
lardman|homeStskeeps: ok, thanks18:04
lardman|homeMight be worth mentioning something along those lines in the docs18:04
lardman|homeI also note that in the same section the filenames contain "mako", e.g. --outdir=sfa-mako-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME \18:05
lardman|homewhich sounds like a device name to me18:05
lardman|homenot that it makes any odds, but just if someone's tidying up the docs18:05
sledgeslardman|home: did you see my reply after you left?18:05
sledgesmako bits alredy fixed and pending release;) thanks18:06
lardman|homesledges: no, but I can check the logs, hang on a tick18:06
sledgesalso it's not sfa, it's sfe;P18:06
lardman|homeI see, rerun 8.318:08
* lardman|home looks18:08
sledgesnear mako18:08
lardman|homeI see, the rpm/helpers/ part18:09
lardman|homeI did that, and just did again, but still the same error18:09
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lardman|homesledges: another thought on the docs, it says to always aim for the latest release, it might be worth adding an URL to find what that is18:13
lardman|homee.g. to the changelogs keyword on the blog, which is what I used18:13
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sledgeslardman|home: if you are a sailfishos fan, you're very much aware of what latest release is ;) enough if you google a jolla blog18:16
sledgesof community18:16
sledgeslardman|home: your .ks should containt adaptation0 repo and it should be valid+reachable18:17
sledges*local repo18:17
piggzsledges: im sure if the sep update doesnt come soon, ponies will be sent to slaughter ;)18:17
sledgespiggz: how a bout a goat?18:17
sledgesStskeeps could elaborate:)18:17
lardman|homesledges: "if you are a sailfishos fan, you're very much aware of what latest release is ;) enough if you google a jolla blog" :) fair enough18:19
lardman|homeI have an adaptation0 and it's certainly reachable18:19
sledgesand within target?18:20
sledgesuse sb2 to check18:20
lardman|homesb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ls /home/simon/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/tilapia18:21
lardman|homethat works18:21
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ssu lr18:21
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lardman|homecurious that the repo versions aren't the same18:23
lardman|homeas the .21 I selected earlier that is18:24
lardman|homethat is probably my fault earlier in the process?18:24
sledgesthey are all the same18:25
lardman|homesays .19 in the pastebin18:25
sledgesthen change to .1918:27
sledgeseverywhere else18:27
lardman|homeor should I go back to wherever I set it to .19 originally and update to .21?18:28
sledgestoo much hassle for now18:28
sledgesactually, you just found a bug18:29
sledgesyet i don't know how alin managed to bake a .21 img anymore18:29
* lardman|home likes to be helpful, even if unexpectedly18:29
lardman|homenah, that's me I think - I set the version to .21 before the last mic command18:30
sledgeslbt: i guess this target's pointing to .19 still once downloaded:
sledgeslardman|home: just set to .19 and we'll take it from there18:30
sledgesto elim factors18:31
lardman|homei've done that, but is probably my fault following the instructions in 8.4 ;) "always aim for the latest"18:32
sledgessince alin managed to build .21, i think you problem will be elsewhere18:33
lardman|homehmm, same error, with .19 throughout18:33
sledgesre-running createrepo wouldn't hurt18:34
lardman|homeok, will do that18:34
lardman|homeno change, did createrepo $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE then reran the mic create fs command18:36
sledgespastebin your .ks18:37
lardman|homeok hang on a tick18:37
sledgesalso, ls -l patterns/tilapia18:37
sledges(inside rpm/)18:37
lardman|homeI was tickless for a while there ;)18:38
sledgestick tock18:38
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sledgeschecking for /home/simon/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/tilapia/*-patterns*.rpm...18:39
sledgeswhat is grouper doing there:)18:40
sledgesi reckon you need a cleanup18:40
sledgesls -l /home/simon/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/tilapia/18:40
sledgesre-run RPM generation with mb218:40
sledgeswe forgot that18:40
* sledges facepalms18:41
sledgesand repeating those steps will clean old RPMs18:41
* sledges afks a bit18:41
* lardman|home checks for the section18:42
lardman|homePACKAGING DROID HAL I take it?18:42
lardman|homeSection 718:42
* lardman|home begins18:43
lardman|homehmm, random, another CONFIG_ error18:44
lardman|homecan they slip through?18:45
*** alin has quit IRC18:48
lardman|homefalse, alert, appears it assumes you don't have any CONFIG_ set if it can't open the file for some reason:18:51
lardman|home+ hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config './out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config'18:51
lardman|homeCan't open ./out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config: No such file or directory at hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config line 58.18:51
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sledgesnot critical18:58
sledgeserrors on running first mb2 are to be ignored18:59
* sledges afk for 2hrs18:59
sledgeshace fun!19:00
lardman|homethanks, you too19:01
lardman|homecool, building now19:02
lardman|homesledges: cool, I'm now onto the "nothing provides" errors which I'll work though, many thanks for your help :)19:08
lardman|homeI've spotted a typo, I think19:28
lardman|homeIn 13.8.3 Packages19:29
lardman|homemb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build19:29
lardman|homeshould replace the .. with .19:29
lardman|homethough I get an error, so can't be too sure:19:31
lardman|homeerror: File /home/simon/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory19:31
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* lardman|home sees this explanation
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lardman|homeignore my typo comment, I missed one of the "cd libhybris"es, thinking it was like the repeated hadk commands19:49
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lardman|homeis it intentional that in section 13.8.3 Packages, one removes any packages in the repo directory (and repo presumably) before building the next package and adding it?20:15
junnuvirm -f $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE/$PKG/20:16
junnuvido you mean that one?20:16
junnuviif $PKG is correctly set it will only remove earlier files under $PKG folder...20:18
junnuvibut if not, that command will cause problems..20:18
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Guhlamazing how little energy SF consumes if the device is just sleeping20:42
Guhli let the vision turned on (but wifi disabled) in my suitcase since yesterday 10pm20:44
Guhlnow it still shows 100% battery20:44
Guhleither fascinating or broken :-)20:45
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