Friday, 2014-10-10

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ParkerRvgrade, You ever get anywhere with falcon?03:59
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energycsdxGuhl in my case it consuming much more then android07:22
Umeaboyenergycsdx: Do you know what creates the manifest-file before you run breakfast command?07:23
UmeaboyIs it when you sync the repo?07:24
energycsdxi`m using AOSP, there is no breakfast, but to have manifest you should run repo init -u <manifest_git_repo>07:26
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Umeaboyenergycsdx: Yes, and the manifest comes from where in that git repo?07:40
UmeaboyI think I have to edit that and make pull request.07:40
energycsdxhere is manifest07:42
UmeaboyAha. So it IS the default.xml like I guessed.07:42
energycsdxafaik you can set it by -m option of repo init07:43
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Umeaboyenergycsdx: Is that the same as the one located in .repo/ ?07:45
Umeaboy'cause I have an error to solve.07:45
UmeaboyIt seems to see duplicate devices, but if you look here at the same error in CM 10 you should have a dir called local_manifests in $ANDROID_ROOT:
energycsdxin local_manifest you can override default manifest07:49
energycsdxthere is example how to use local_manifest07:51
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junnuviwow, I made quickly image for i9300 last night. mobile data is working and I can answer phone calls08:36
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lbtjunnuvi: nice08:45
lbtany issues ?08:45
lbti9300 was on my list to validate08:46
junnuviit does not allow to call, gui does not show signal strenght so it probably thinks there is no service available08:47
junnuviwifi does not work08:47
junnuvibluetooth either08:47
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lbtah :) I actually meant doing the build08:47
junnuviah ok, nope. just some defconfig things08:48
lbtbut it's worth verifying the wiki functional status table08:48
sledgesjunnuvi: wow! when did rusty88 fix calls?08:49
sledgesincoming ones that is08:50
junnuviI don't know if it's working on rusty88's image or not08:50
sledgesyou can easily check, link to img is in wiki08:50
junnuvithen I need to re-install :)08:52
sledgesor just ping him on that xda thread08:53
junnuviAh yes08:53
sledgesprolly incoming calls worked, it's the outgoing he's been struggling08:53
sledgesofono & co.08:53
sledgesfor sure08:54
sledgesjunnuvi: did you cooy csd binaries around08:55
junnuviYes, I added this top of that image09:01
junnuviit was shock when I tried my sim card on phone (to test mobile data) and phone started to ring. I thought voice calls will not work as it didn't allow to call :P09:03
junnuvineed to purchase pre-paid sim to make more testing09:05
junnuvibtw, PIN code query did work as well09:05
sledgesor call free number;)09:05
sledgesalso, we're not even at stage where other end picks it up09:06
junnuviwell, need to have another sim as there might be work related calls sometimes :P09:06
sledgesjust dialing number already fails with network err09:06
junnuviyes I know09:06
junnuvibut need to have my number reachable thats why I need another sim09:07
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junnuvihmm, wifi is working ok on i9305?09:15
alinsitu: vgrade did you have any choice?09:15
alinchance to try09:15
situalin: Not yet, will try on weekend.09:15
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alinsledges: what the hell in your markeing department you have only the making waves division?09:18
sledgesalin: keep calm and port sailfishos :)09:26
Stskeepsmaking waves division... yeah, i think that one fits09:27
sledgeslol, im still not awake;P09:28
alinsledges: there is nothing left to port09:28
sledgesok, time to close this channel:))09:29
sledgesjunnuvi: yes, but not original porter's. it worked for others, but rusty had an offending router apparently09:30
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junnuvisledges: not working for me either. Just tried also by sharing connection from jolla.. didn't work09:44
junnuvineed to investigate that later09:45
Umeaboysledges: I sent lbt a mail, but he hasn't replied. Can you merge my pull request now?09:48
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sledgesUmeaboy: linky?10:02
Umeaboysledges: Hold on........10:02
* sledges grabs chair10:02
Umeaboysledges: ^^10:04
locusf+8113 wtf for patterns????10:04
Umeaboylocusf: Que?10:05
locusfthat pr just looks odd10:06
locusfalso 198 files changed10:06
locusfcommit message is terrible and in swedish10:07
UmeaboyI tried to push to the github, but it's not easy for a newbie.10:07
w00treview please?
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w00tyou just ticked over to afternoon here, but I'll allow it because of UGT ;)10:09
stephguniversal goat time?10:09
plfioriniI feel as if I woke up 5 minutes ago so it must be morning10:10
sledgesUmeaboy: you added a copy of the whole dhd into its own patterns/ dir ....10:11
sledgessee for yourself
Umeaboysledges: My bad.10:11
UmeaboyJust wanted to add it.10:11
stephgw00t: I learn something every day :)10:11
sledgesw00t: has the build been tested on 5.2 5.1?10:13
Umeaboysledges: Could you also add ?10:15
UmeaboyIt's causing the awk-issue during breakfast-command.10:15
w00tsledges: no (go ahead if you like, but I don't see why it makes any difference - it's just taking something that is used for previous versions and making it no longer apply..)10:15
UmeaboySince it's missing.10:15
sledgesUmeaboy: is there a bug about this, so we could reproduce it? i heard it only from you iirc10:16
sledgesw00t: ok reviewed and LTGMd10:18
UmeaboyIt creates a lot of warnings in the beginning and my belif is that every error big or small should be solved.10:18
UmeaboyYou know...... one drop creates a lake in the end.10:19
sledgesUmeaboy: well, it works for the rest of us10:22
Umeaboysledges: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. So, the reason for not having Call-service in the i9305 is NOT due to a bug?10:23
UmeaboyI hope you get my point.10:23
UmeaboyJust because it works for YOU doesn't mean that it works for me.10:24
sledgesUmeaboy: that bug is not related to build system10:24
UmeaboyBut the build system build the image that you flash right?10:24
UmeaboyWhy is it so hard to get this fix done?10:25
sledgesit build an image without errors10:25
UmeaboyThere's no bigger effort.10:25
sledgesi want to fix this error, i want you to help me to do that10:26
sledges13:16 < sledges> Umeaboy: is there a bug about this, so we could reproduce it?10:26
UmeaboyI believe it IS.10:26
sledgesthe exact steps and paste10:26
w00tsledges: can you handle merge/releasing since I'm not really familiar with that component?10:28
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sledgesw00t: ok, i'll merge now, but will check all loose ends before tagging10:29
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UmeaboyThat's how far I've gotten.10:34
UmeaboyAbout the flags.10:35
UmeaboySome rows that aren't even existing that you're supposed to change.10:36
UmeaboyAny way..... I have to go.10:36
sledgesUmeaboy: ok i'll take a look in a bit10:42
sledgestrash time now:))10:42
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w00tsledges: too? :)11:36
sledgesw00t: haven't got rights to merge11:44
sledgeslpotter: ^11:44
w00tthanks (I can)11:44
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dir1212hi! any ideas why boot.img with bootmode=debug refuses to boot on bacon?11:49
sledgesdir1212: how about flashing hybris-recovery.img ?11:51
sledgesthat's equiv, and a good cross-check11:51
dir1212sledges: actually flashed both - still have no usb access to device11:52
sledgesdir1212: then you need to debug deeper. totally nothing in dmesg?11:53
dir1212sledges: it reboots in cycles and basically usb info on host shows fastboot periodically. Seems I missed something in the process of building11:55
dir1212sledges: recovery does not contain dtb inside -> so device refuses to boot it -> only boot.img11:56
sledgesvgrade: ^ ?11:57
sledgesSazpaimon_: ^11:57
sledgesdir1212: those guys managed to get to recovery fine11:58
sledgesrecovery and boot .img are totally identical except for one flag11:58
sledgesas they are built from same mechanism11:58
dir1212sledges: true, i've checked mk files for them. even tried to write my own init script with basic usb magic12:00
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sledgesdir1212: does your kernel cmdline have selinux=0 ?12:08
sledgesalthough that should not affect recovery stage12:08
dir1212sledges: no12:08
sledgesdir1212: also run mer kernel checker against your .config12:08
dir1212sledges: config checker shows only warnings - no error messages12:09
sledgescan you blindly check if mount succeeds ? (echoing something into /target)12:10
dir1212sledges: will do. thnx for suggestion12:10
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sledgesdir1212: wonder what you missed, sad we have to do it reversed order12:15
dir1212sledges: maybe some device specific point. basically i just modified kernel config and built everything as per HADK with default repos12:17
sledgesand hybris-11.012:17
dir1212sledges: yes12:18
dir1212sledges: about busybox (used inside initramfs) - should I use one from android tree or cross compile generic one?12:22
Sazpaimon_recovery boot just kind of worked for me12:32
Sazpaimon_well that's not entirely true, I had to make some changes to the build process to even get the img to build12:35
Sazpaimon_here are vgrade and my notes:
Sazpaimon_they're from july so I'm not sure how much has changed or still applies12:36
sledgesdir1212: busybox comes from android12:38
dir1212Sazpaimon_: 90% same changes here12:40
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Sazpaimon_ here's my manifest.xml12:49
Sazpaimon_it's mostly hybris-11.0 with the addition of bacon-specific repos at the end12:50
vgrade_dir1212: I needed to add the dt to the images with a patch to hybris boot, you also need selinux=0 to get to second stage12:52
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Sazpaimon_hi vgrade_ :)12:52
dir1212vgrade_: thnx. i've figured it out now from your notes12:52
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vgrade_dir1212: ok12:53
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: Hi12:53
Sazpaimon_dir1212, you're aware of the gpu issues with bacon though right?12:53
dir1212Sazpaimon_: no, what issues are you referring to?12:57
sledgesssh, don't put him off too early ;P12:57
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: any news on that? I wanted to take a newer CM13:01
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: I also found a test app for testing ION allocations but not had time to test13:02
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Sazpaimon_vgrade_, I haven't gotten the opportunity13:03
vgrade_Also plan to stop any UI process running (lipstick + startup wizard etc(13:03
vgrade_then try minimer13:03
Sazpaimon_work has gotten me all focused on elasticsearch i haven't had any time for anything else13:03
Sazpaimon_but if you manage something please let me know :)13:04
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: I know what you mean13:04
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: will do13:04
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beidlhello fellas!13:38
vgrade_\o beidl13:39
beidlvgrade_: hey! o/13:40
beidlsledges: hello :D13:40
beidlit has been some time13:40
beidlhow is everyone doing today?13:41
sledgesdoing something useful:)13:41
beidlsledges: nice, me too hopefully. :P13:43
beidllots of nice stuff in maguro land. some people (like the new CM maintainer) from XDA made it possible to use the new GPU drivers due to patching the omap kernel side of things13:43
beidlthis results in hwcomposer 1.1 being available now :)13:44
beidlI'll take a look into that and see if I can port it over to the CM 10.1 codebase13:44
sledgesor vice verca ;)13:45
beidlsledges: that's probably the better approach :D but iirc he is currently waiting for ducati/camera to getting fixed until he merges everything into CM 1113:45
beidlthe thing that I'm interested in the most about this: maybe we can finally drop the stupid systemd/udev hack, so hopefully userspace doesn't expect uevents to be thrown around all over the place for buffer flipping13:56
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alinlbt: hi15:46
alinlbt: did you make fortran available in any repo?15:46
Nokius1sledges: What are the plans with the find515:50
sledgesNokius1: hope that flyser et al. find something (pardon the pun)15:52
Nokius1sledges: okay so we may have a change to get it working soon?15:54
sledgesnot more chances than at any other time in the past15:55
Nokius1sledges: okay15:56
sledgesas i haven't noticed an activity towards adreno research15:56
alinbloody arm cpus... they do not have too many perf events in them15:58
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Nokius1sledges: hm okay15:59
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flyserto be honest I kinda gave up on getting the adreno to work16:55
flyserthe only thing left to try is to see if a cm11 based build works any better16:55
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sledgesunderstandable, yet no-one has tried a path of really in-depth fb analysis16:57
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Umeaboysledges: Have you looked now? :)17:14
sledgesi haven't, busy17:23
sledgesi'll have to test it on my build server too17:23
sledgesit should not be blocking you in any way, because you already have it fixed locally in yours, and it doesn't affect modem working on i9305 or not17:24
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piggzlo *17:55
piggzwho is doing the n7000 port ... i just got one!17:56
piggzah locusf .. i will have to try your port17:58
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Umeaboysledges: But it's still good that you don't have to add it everytime you want to build for that model.18:01
lbtPSA: Mer webhooks will be updated tomorrow - expect some downtime :)18:08
locusfpiggz: its not uploaded publicly :)18:10
piggzlocusf: im sure we can come to an arrangement ;)18:10
locusfpiggz: sure :)18:10
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piggzlocusf: im just getting cm on it atm...18:15
piggzit needs some work when the parts come ... new sim holder and new glass lens!18:15
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piggzcan someone help with rpm building?18:35
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Guhlpiggz, ?19:13
Guhlcopy rpm/device-samsung-maguro-configs/var/lib/platform-updates/flash-bootimg.sh19:13
Guhlto rpm/htc-ace/var/lib/platform-updates/flash-bootimg.sh19:14
Guhlto rpm/device-htc-ace-configs/var/lib/platform-updates/flash-bootimg.sh19:14
Guhlfrom there it will be move to intstallroot/var/lib/platform-updates/19:15
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Guhlboarding time - see you back home !19:25
*** Guhl has quit IRC19:25
situalin: I have installed the image, looks good so far.19:28
*** lardman|home has quit IRC19:32
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alinsitu: great19:35
alinsitu: the store shall work without magic19:36
alinsitu: can you try to install something?19:36
situalin: let me check19:37
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alinsitu: by the way if you restored from a backup you will need to resetup the jolla accoutn19:39
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC19:40
situalin: I was not able to install Tweetian from store.19:42
*** lardman|home has joined #sailfishos-porters19:46
alinsitu: what is the failure19:48
alinsitu: i instaleld meecast19:48
situalin: I just 'Downloading' in status for few minutes then get a notification for failing to install.19:49
situI just see *19:50
alinsitu: installs19:50
alininstalling installing19:50
alinare you sure is not your internet?19:51
situalin: I am connected to internet and signed into Jolla store.19:51
alinanything worrying in journal?19:53
situalin: Nope.19:55
situalin: I have never used my account from Jolla device if that matters.19:56
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sledgessitu: login through  and check your devices20:17
situsledges: I have a device activated.20:18
sledgesit's in there with imei?20:19
situsledges: Yeah.20:20
sledgestry another app then.. hmmm20:21
situsledges: Same result with MeeCast.20:24
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
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sledgeshi |Tom|20:57
|Tom|hi sledges, I'm poking on my new toy (falcon aka Moto G). from reading the logs, I know that you've plenty of knowledge about how things work. do you you mind to answer me some questions?21:00
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
sledges|Tom|: someone's already been dabbing at falcon:)21:10
sledgesah, vgrade ! :)21:10
sledgessure, go ahead!21:10
|Tom|no prob - that was only mentioned in the logs but no real "substance" (at least not openly)21:11
|Tom|so my current state is: i have a working image and i can boot into the device and access it via ssh21:11
|Tom|now I'm struggeling with bringing up the hardware. main prob for me is (besides having jump-started android/cm and sailfisos) to trace the init process21:13
|Tom|unfortunately there is additional firmware sideloded by the android init process. is there a possibility to let it print which file it currently processes? there are rougly 7 init*.rc files...21:14
|Tom|eg, after the firmware partition is mounted, init writes a value into a sys file leading the the kernel to load the dsp firmware, triggering some audio startup21:16
sledges|Tom|: have you brought the UI up?21:18
|Tom|not yet.. that's the part I'm working on.. some parts of hw init are missing or in the wrong order. hence my question if it's possible to print out which file is currently processed by init (not systemd - that's verbose enough)21:20
|Tom|eg, I get something like this:21:22
|Tom|<6>[    8.527458,0] init: command 'chmod' r=021:22
|Tom|<6>[    8.527623,0] init: processing action 0x790e8 (boot)21:22
|Tom|<6>[    8.527905,0] init: command 'chown' r=021:22
|Tom|"action 0x790e8" seems to match a start of processing one of the *.rc files..21:23
sledgesdroid-hal-init (which is android's init) just runs the same order it would run in anroid21:23
sledgesinit.rc has import lines21:24
sledgesand also will run some device specific ones21:24
sledgesimportant is to have all partitions already mounted21:24
sledgesbefore dhi starts21:24
|Tom|I'm pretty sure I have that already in place. what I'm working on is to collect the omitted parts. there are some additional qualcomm and moto-g related files.21:27
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sledges|Tom|: im sure they are, but i reckon everything is executed in order as long as init is concerned21:35
sledges|Tom|: the missing bits you should be looking are inside cm's root dir (like /sbin/ - that resides in initramfs, and is not in sf image by default, like one porter found /sbin/csd tool for modem fw initialisation, he had to copy it manually to sf)21:37
|Tom|sledges: ok. does systemd wait until all the file systems are mounted until it starts droid init? or can these parts run in parallel?21:37
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters21:43
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:48
sledges|Tom|: there is a problem with that ;)21:49
sledgessystemd doesn't really wait nicely21:49
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:50
|Tom|oke.. so I should be aware of race conditions21:50
sledgesyou can play about with that by copying init-debug from initrd onto target, then you'll get extra usbnet shell just before systemd kicksin, to do mounts manually21:50
sledgesjust in attempt to eliminate the fact that there are any race conditions at all21:50
|Tom|you mean telnet on port 2323?21:50
|Tom|oh.. I got it.. the one from initrd is blocking, so I'll have time to fix things and continue when ready21:51
sledgesyou'll get a blocking 232321:52
|Tom|btw: it was an intersting experience until I found out that both usb0 and rndis0 interfaces are created on the falcon, but I could not connect as long as usb0 was up. ;)21:54
sledgeswelcome to the madhouse:))21:55
sledgesgood find!21:55
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
|Tom|I think zetaz faces the same on his phono q21:55
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:55
sledgeschannel logs is the source of wisdom ;)21:56
|Tom|besides, things were more or less stright forward... fixing the kernel config, pulling in the vendor repos and creating the spec file.. ;)21:59
|Tom|yeah - is there a dedicated search engine for the log or the black belt in google-fu obligatory?22:00
*** lardman|home has quit IRC22:00
sledges|Tom|: wget -r; grep :)22:04
|Tom|oh.. I see. sometimes the obvious is in your blind spot. good hint. thanks :)22:06
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:11
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC22:12
|Tom|sledges: if I remember correctly, starting /sbin/preinint was discouraged, right?22:15
sledgeswell, but latest tests show it's legit22:17
sledgesto elim vars, yes, get it out of the way22:18
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:21
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:22
|Tom|I guess android's cordump tool is not available for me? --> Core dump to |/system/bin/coredump droid-hal-init 1019 1788863 pipe failed22:26
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:26
sledges|Tom|: user strace22:33
*** arcean has quit IRC22:36
|Tom|ok, will do.22:39
|Tom|comparing logs between CM and sfos startup it looks like only classes  "init" and "fs" (or do you call them runlevel?)  are executed. some of the hw pringup occurs when init executes "post-fs", "post-fs-data" and "boot"22:43
|Tom|-pringup +bringup22:43
|Tom|what would you consider as better practice: poke on the init scripts or to create the needed services etc in systemd?22:45
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters22:46
sledgesfirst just execute them manually if possible22:50
sledgesusing /system/bin/start22:50
sledgesonce gathered needed ones, shovel them around systemd services22:50
sledgestime for bed22:51
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:54
|Tom|sledges: gn8 & thanks for your help!22:54
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:50

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