Saturday, 2014-10-11

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sourenHello everyone! Nexus5 porters, look  at this commit and repo:00:39
sourendoubletap2wake working on this kernel00:39
sourenmay be someone can port this to other devices00:40
|Tom|hi souren01:10
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UmeaboyI'm noe using the try git to see what I'm doing wrong, but fails here: git push -u origin master05:00
UmeaboyEverything before that works.05:00
UmeaboyI'm trying to upload the dir again to my git.05:00
UmeaboyHave I missed something that this guide isn't telling me?05:01
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UmeaboyThat guide doesn't tell you to clone the repo.05:08
UmeaboyNo wonder it didn't work.05:08
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Umeaboysledges: Yaaaaaaaay! I managed to upload just the files that needs to be added, but I can't make a pull request.06:48
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sledgesUmeaboy: try more:)09:10
sledgesand you'll succeed09:10
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* Umeaboy bangs his head against the wall.09:46
* stephg wonders if it's too early to offer Umeaboy a beer09:49
* Umeaboy is a non-alocoholic so that would be a big NO-NO.09:50
Stskeepsdevice porting is a good path to become an alcoholic..09:51
* Umeaboy thinks about stopping the port this instant.09:52
UmeaboyStskeeps: ^^09:52
Umeaboy2-in-1 win. :)09:53
tbrthere are nice non-alcoholic beer options09:54
UmeaboyYes, it09:55
Umeaboy's called water.09:55
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piggzlooks like id better charge my n950 :)09:56
UmeaboyMy mom says, my momma says that alligators are stupid because of their enlarged medula oblamgata.10:00
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vgradesouren: nice find. did you try it?11:12
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piggzlocusf: ta, dowloading .... where is the n9[50] image? :011:37
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sourenvgrade: no. I have no N5. But i am 99% sure, its working.12:38
vgradesouren: ok12:39
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locusfpiggz: see #sailfishos13:51
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piggzStskeeps: ping14:23
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piggzwhat prevents the developer-tools option opening? (just displaying a busy indicator)14:43
sledgespiggz: devicelock iirc14:51
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piggzsledges: any idea why invoker would think that an app was running, and refuse to run it (due to being single instance) ?  when i chage the invoker cmd to remove the -s it works14:54
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sledgespiggz: means the apps is hidden, but still among ps15:10
sledgesi'm 99% sure15:10
locusfcustom binary download: 51 times15:17
locusfsays n7000 download mode :)15:17
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locusfgoing for nemo+mer merged HADK edition for n7000 right now16:01
locusffingers cross(compil)ed :)16:01
locusfjust have to remove n9(50) packages one by one and rerunning mic2 :p16:03
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piggzin a kickstart file, how can i make it ignore a file conflict between 2 packages, and make it install package y after z ?16:33
locusfnot possible16:34
piggzi'll leave out gst-plugins-bad-extra and give instructions ho to install it16:35
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locusfcan someone paste the echo continue stanza?16:58
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locusfwon't post_switchroot17:43
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locusfwhat could cause /sbin/preinit missing?18:01
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piggz-pgz2 version for ace is ready to upload :)18:06
locusfno busybox, pfft18:08
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locusfalterego: ping, does your busybox-static work from your repo for armv7hl?18:15
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alinsitu: shall we release that image?19:04
alinsledges: vgrade ^19:04
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vakkovwut wut wuuuuutt20:31
vakkovsomebody got the 3.5.3 kernel for n9 working??20:32
vakkovoh that's morporg20:32
vakkovwuuuut :d angry of myself that i didn't buy an n9 when i got a good offer for one20:32
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locusfyeah it works alright20:50
gogetahi locusf20:50
locusfhi gogeta20:50
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gogetasoon i need to install nemo on n920:58
gogetai've built filippz ks mic image20:58
gogetalocusf, i see you published that image too21:01
gogetaany changes from kickstart ?21:01
locusfgogeta: no changes21:02
gogetai need to reboot at the end of first run21:03
locusfoh yeah first run doesn't complete, I pathced that21:04
locusfgogeta: nemo won't work on n921:05
gogetavideo ram issues21:05
locusfI dunno21:05
gogetais very elegan on my cyano21:05
locusfwhaat, nemo?21:06
gogetaif grog come true21:06
locusfgrog's posts are the main goal21:06
gogetathis is topic for nemomobile/-porters21:07
gogetai think contribution is the key21:07
gogetai know business and jobs are fighting21:08
gogetabut i see here more magic then outside21:08
gogetai saw an ubuntu phone this noon21:08
gogetasailfish with all his "lack of features"21:09
gogetais a off the shelf product21:09
gogetaubuntu sometimes is more polished21:09
gogetabut you must buy a meizu or a nexus to run it21:10
gogetaport vs port21:10
gogetabetter sailfish work alot better21:10
gogetaand the base is nemo21:10
locusfI'm working on pure nemo hadk21:11
gogetaubunto got money and marketing21:11
gogetabetter on nemo-porters21:11
locusfyep lots of money21:11
gogetanot quiet21:11
gogetabut more then 100 runaways kids21:12
gogetai need to patch first run21:13
gogetapopped out again21:13
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gogetagood night locusf21:25
locusf dconf write "/apps/jolla-startupwizard/reached_tutorial" true21:26
locusfgogeta: try that :)21:26
locusfif you can get a console21:26
locusfgogeta: but yeah, good night :)21:27
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