Sunday, 2014-10-12

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stephgmorning guys!08:32
Stskeepsmorn stephg08:33
stephghoping to (finally) have some time tonight tinkering with my original gtab now that I've found the right kernel sources for it08:35
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stephg ← I'm guessing I have a problem with my local device manifest09:19
stephginfact the project path for my cloned repo is probably wrong09:20
* stephg goes to RTFM again09:20
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gogetahi filippz10:03
filippzhi gogeta10:04
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piggzcan someone give tips on getting the mobile network working?10:16
gogetafilippz, flashed n910:18
gogetaproblem with first start but avoided in common manner10:18
gogetabut status of cellular ?10:18
filippzgogeta: I'm currently playing with nemo as I'm waiting for the move to Qt5.2 to hit Sailfish - until then I think there is not much point in trying to fix current N9 images10:21
gogetai don't think so10:22
filippzdo you think of status of cellular in lockscreen?10:24
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hurrianfilippz: cellular is busted on SFOS N9 1.0.810:40
hurrianhaven't started digging around ofono to check if it really isn't running, but it's telling me I've got no SIM installed10:40
filippzhurrian: I'm currently having issues booting nemo image - and it's possible it has something to do with CMT driver - I'll try to isolate that first10:41
hurrianfilippz: actually it's just slow to boot10:42
alteregolocusf: it should, but I think we have it available in a different repo somewhere ...10:42
hurrianthe first boot takes a /long/ time, and it'll fail10:42
hurrianthe welcome UI comes up the second time 'round though, and from there it's smooth sailing (sorta)10:42
alteregolocusf: All SfE adaptations require it, so it should be in the busybox package used in those repos. Which I think is in mer-tools, lbt should be able to clarify, it's been a fair few months since I touched that ;)10:42
filippzhurrian: not with nemo image - it shuts itself off - I'm looking at /var/log/journal and trying to see what's happening10:43
hurrianwoops, confused nemo with SFOS :P10:43
alteregolocusf: unless it gets built for/with hybris-boot target, when making initramfs and adaptation images ..10:44
alteregoErm, adaptation packages ..10:44
filippzhurrian: no problem - if it has someting to do with CMT then I'll have to look deeper into it...10:45
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locusfalterego: I was doing a pure nemo adaptation with merged nemo+mer repositories from obs, are there packages from Jolla which should be needed for this?10:56
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alteregolocusf: no, there shouldn't be if it's pure nemo/mer10:56
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alteregoThough again you might want to talk to Stskeeps or lbt about the state of mer packages at the moment.10:57
alteregolocusf: what's your target device?10:57
locusfalterego: n700010:58
alteregoNot heard of it, presume that's an android device? :)10:59
alteregoAs far as I'm aware, it may be a bit of work because there will be some things missing like systemd scripts, and possibly configuration. But it should be doable.11:00
locusfI did try yesterday but couldn't get past switch_root11:03
locusfprobably because of busybox I guess11:05
alteregoUsing hadk initramfs presumably?11:05
alteregoDid you have recovery console? Have you made a successfully booting Sailfish OS image for that device?11:05
locusfyes and yes11:05
alteregoWell, that's a good start :)11:06
stephgcan anyone see anything obviously wrong with this:
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alteregostephg: getting errors?11:07
stephgalterego: can't find my kernel:
alteregoDid you do a repo sync?11:08
alteregoCan you see the kernel in the android source tree?11:08
stephgI do have a kernel/samsung/p1 tree yeah11:08
stephgand when I repo sync it does seem to pull from my github url11:09
alteregoInteresting, maybe the kernel target has a different name? :/11:09
alteregoCould try building the kernel manually, as in, how cyanogenmod would and see if it builds okay. Then see what it's called in it's outdir11:10
stephgam now trying a make -j4 out/target/product/p1/boot.img as they suggested in their README11:11
alteregoAlways good to do a manual kernel build anyway.11:11
alteregoYeah, that should output the kernel image somewhere around there too :)11:11
stephgyawn make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/product/p1/boot.img'.  Stop.11:12
stephgnow trying with $VENDOR in the path too11:12
alteregoYou might have to look in the device makefile under device/blah/p111:12
stephgaha! source repository to kernel/samsung/aries11:12
stephgit shares the kernel with a slew of other devices so I've probably messed the project name up11:13
alteregoAh, :)11:13
stephgstupid question; I'm presuming I need to do a repo sync after editing my local $DEVICE.xml right?11:14
stephgdo I need to clean anythign up (perhaps beyond roomservice.xml) after that?11:14
alteregoAnd only stupid questions are the ones not asked ;)11:15
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stephghm weird11:19
stephgfirst make hybris-hal failed with a circular dep by the looks of it11:19
stephgbut the second one is now running11:19
stephgso \o/ (sort-of)11:19
stephgok so a vold compilation error which is probably cos my boot fs device isn't right11:27
stephgslight problem is that my device fstab and mount via adb I don't have a block device as the device11:28
stephglooks like a label11:28
stephg(helpfully called 'boot')11:28
stephgah I think it's cos it's an mtd thing11:40
stephganyone any bright ideas what to do with an mtd /boot?
stephgthere are 10 /dev/mtd/mtd* devices on the device 5 [0-5] and 5 [0-5]ro11:53
stephgoh intresting, /dev/mtd/mtd1 looks to be the kernel11:55
stephgand mtd011:56
stephg2-5 are data11:57
stephgcan I cheat and just specify one of those as my /boot device for the fstab fix?11:57
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piggzwhat is the difference between init-script in hybris-boot and init-debug in droid-hal-devce?12:21
lbtdhd one is redundant and should be deleted12:36
* lbt is afk though :)12:36
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energycsdxstephg: cat /proc/mtd13:37
stephgfwiw I'm just hardcoding a HYBRIS_BOOT variable in the makefile now and trying to build that13:38
stephgbut it's still dying compiling vold13:38
stephg I basically have no idea what I'm doing13:47
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energycsdxstephg: sorry was afk14:12
energycsdxi don`t think that you boot mtd partition supposed to be mounted to /boot14:12
energycsdxstepng: it looks confusing a bit, HYBRIS_BOOT_PART variable is partition where hybris-boot.img should be flashed, this variable is used only in but i don`t think that updater-script can be used for your device14:22
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locusfalterego: I can get to mer initramfs but it won't start /sbin/preinit after echo 'continue'15:14
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alteregolocusf: :/15:31
locusfactually /sbin/preinit doesn't exist at all15:31
alteregoMaybe that's why ;)15:31
alteregoYou can just get it to run init15:32
alteregoSee what that does.15:32
locusfit just prints + exec15:32
locusfand freezes15:32
alteregoYeah, if preinit isn't in your rootfs, it's not got anything to execute.15:32
alteregoIf you don't do continue, and instead use the init injection thingy. You can get it to execute /sbin/init instead.15:33
alteregoThe syntax for doing it should be in the help dumped when telnet'd in.15:33
locusfits a symlink to lib/systemd/systemd15:37
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alteregoAh, probably uses basename for some behavioural thing I guess.15:39
alteregoThat's changed since last time I poked, so not sure what's going on there.15:39
locusfhmm ok15:41
locusfexecuting /target/lib/systemd/systemd didn't work either15:42
locusfwhich package includes /sbin/preinit?15:42
locusfI probably need to regenerate my image15:42
locusfthats my .ks15:43
locusfbash-3.2# rpm -qf /sbin/preinit15:55
locusfwell hadk does depend on Jolla specific stuff :/15:55
beidlhello elite15:56
beidlhow is everyone doing today?15:59
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locusf <- this is the culprit16:07
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locusfokay patched my init script now to use /sbin/init immediately16:23
locusfsaw some changes in lighting of the display16:23
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vakkovok guys18:47
vakkovnow that you got the 3.5 kernel running on the n918:47
vakkovyou should ditch the wsegl implementation and use hybris for the gpu instead18:48
vakkovand a plus of that new kernel is that you can also have a hwcomposer (there is no official hwcomposer from Imagination technologies for the omap 3630 gpu, however the guys @ cyanogenmod have ported the maguro one to rev 125  so you should try it -
vakkovp.s. nitdroid DOES nto use that hwcomposer18:49
vakkovbut you should try it :P  with hybris *18:50
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piggzhow do i want init-script to function? ... i mean .... do i want the rndis device enabled in a non-debug boot?  if I dont, then i cant connect over usb in a non-debug boot20:41
piggzbut, usb_setup doesnt seem to be called in a non-debug boot??20:41
Guhlhi piggz20:46
piggzlo Guhl20:47
Guhlany new status? :-)20:47
piggzGuhl: i made a new image available on xda20:47
Guhli have been off grid the last two days20:48
piggzwondering what to work on next ... mobile connection or camera, not sure which will be easier!20:48
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Guhlpiggz, i started working on ril20:49
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Guhldebugging ofonod20:49
Guhlbut i am at the very beginning20:49
Guhlofonod can communicate with the rild on android and receives valid messages20:50
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Guhli.e. when the SIM has a sim_lock it receives passwd_state = OFONO_SIM_PASSWORD_SIM_PIN20:51
Guhlwhile if there is none it receives passwd_state = OFONO_SIM_PASSWORD_INVALID20:52
Guhlwhich does not make sense btw20:52
Guhlbecause in both cases it gets passwd_type = OFONO_SIM_PASSWORD_NONE20:52
Guhli will definitely work on radio20:53
Guhli know quite a bit about how ril works where i know shit about camera20:53
Guhland camera is not my interest anyway :-)20:54
Guhlwe might also try to work on sound routing20:54
Guhlas i.e. connecting a headphone on the DZ does not change anything in sound output20:55
piggzyes, ..we need the input to work too20:55
Guhlwe could need jusa_s help for that20:57
Guhli have been traveling a lot last week and on the weekend i took a break at my mountain hut (no electricity, not net) but i still managed to learn some things21:01
Guhlwhich might be obvious to most people here21:02
Guhlbut for me (who has been mainly working on android and gentoo systems the last years) it is not so obvious21:03
Guhli.e. how to install debug packages and debug-sources21:03
Guhland something that i would also like to learn is how to do something like this on the sailfish21:09
Guhlbut i think that should not be that complicated21:11
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Guhland some times someone needs to show me how to i actually do something that sledges made sound so easy:21:39
Guhl"find it on Mer OBS, branch it, set revision of your choosing, build against sailfish_latest, add your repo, it will have debuginfo and debugsrc as addition"21:39
Guhlto build something like ofono from sources21:39
Guhlbut not today - i am on my way to bed - night21:40
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