Monday, 2014-10-13

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OrokuSakiIs it okay to use 4.4.4 CM11? Or do we have to use 4.4.208:20
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OrokuSakiDo we build the middleware after Chapter 8 or before?09:54
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dr_gogeta86sledges, wellcome back14:24
sledgesdr_gogeta86: thanks, already back for one week;)14:25
dr_gogeta86i'm in the basement all day14:25
sledgesdrinking wine?14:25
dr_gogeta86nagios agent upgrade on 280 hosts14:25
dr_gogeta86no just14:28
dr_gogeta86may I14:28
dr_gogeta86yes you can14:28
dr_gogeta86loop for all hosts14:28
sledgessounds very british14:29
dr_gogeta86sounds like this14:30
dr_gogeta86the only thing14:31
dr_gogeta86i've built n9 image with filippz ks14:31
dr_gogeta86too much problems14:31
dr_gogeta86i can't install any14:31
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piggzlo porters17:33
piggzGuhl: whats new ith your port?17:34
piggzsledges: i need to advice on hybris-boot/init-script..17:36
sledgesyour PR?17:39
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piggzsledges: yes, my withdrawn pr...17:46
piggzim wondering how it should function....17:46
piggzif I add the code to usb_setup to enable the rndis device, then, in a normal non-debug boot it is not called, correct?17:47
piggzbut then, after boot, there is no usb net available17:47
piggzso, im just wondering how it shoould function17:48
piggzif its in usb_setup...after a normal boot, to enable rndis/usbnet, i have to ssh in over the wifi as nemo....devel-su and then enable the device17:49
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lbtwho was asking about webhooks ?19:15
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Guhli've not been asking about webhooks but SK_works been telling me something about webhooks regarding building ofono from sources19:21
Guhlto be true, i still don't understand it :-)19:22
Guhlpiggz, nothing really new in my port but i managed to build ofono from sources and i can remote debug it via gdbserver19:23
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piggzGuhl: good effort!19:23
Guhlnow i am trying to figure why some responses from the SIM don't work19:23
Guhlsome do work as i.e. when you set a password on the sim the pin entry comes up19:24
Guhlbut on the otherhand the SIM type should be reported as OFONO_SIM_PASSWORD_SIM_PIN (i think) but it stays as OFONO_SIM_PASSWORD_INVALID19:26
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Guhlas far as my debugging is i think that the problem is not in ofonod but rather in mer-hybris/android_hardware_ril19:27
Guhlwhich does the communication with the rild android demon19:29
* stephg is SO wet right now19:31
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stephgsledges: if you have 5 mins later can I bend your ear about my inability to successfully build hybris-hal?19:38
Guhlpiggz, did you build android_hardware_ril as a middleware package?19:38
piggzGuhl: no19:38
Guhlwell i think it is close to impossible that it would work then19:39
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Guhlthe code in it is full of #ifdef QCOM_HARDWARE19:39
Guhland i do not know for which board the preinstalled would have been built19:40
Guhlbut maybe not for a qcom19:40
Guhlbut lets see - i'll build and try19:40
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Guhlahh it has been built as part of mer-hybris itself19:43
Guhlas android_hardware_ril19:44
Guhlquestion to the build pro's is there an easy way to tell the mb2 build to use some other CFLAGS19:48
Guhlas i.e. -O019:48
piggzGuhl: can you check if qcom_hardware is set?19:49
Guhlit's set in our (at least my) android/droid/device/htc/msm7x30-common/BoardConfigCommon.mk19:50
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energycsdxGuhl: afaik android_hardware_ril is built during android build20:03
Guhlit's build during the build of libhybris20:04
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energycsdxit is part of Android HAL and built in chapter 5 of HADK20:09
stephgenergycsdx: I meant to say thanks for your input yest20:11
stephgI'm still having difficulty just building so I'm almost certainly doing something wrong20:11
Guhlwell in my opinion i build it during 13.820:12
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GuhlWrote: /home/guhl/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/RPMS/libhybris-libhardware-0.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm20:12
piggzGuhl: what does your init-script look like?20:14
Guhlenergycsdx, or maybe not :-)20:14
energycsdxGuhl: is packet to that rpm20:15
Guhlpiggz, still the same as on my github20:16
piggzGuhl: link?20:16
energycsdxwhich enables code linked to glibc load libraries located under /system/lib/hw20:16
energycsdxstephg: on which step are you currently?20:17
stephgenergycsdx still stuck on making hybris-hal20:18
stephgmay be a cm-11 thing; after dinner going to build mako from scratch and make sure my env actually works20:18
Guhlenergycsdx, thanks i got that now i was mislead by the idea that android_hardware_ril is in devel/mer-hybris/android_hardware_ril20:20
Guhlbut thats a leftover from a manual clone that i did20:21
energycsdxstephg: your device using MTD for system and boot partiotion, hybris-boot updater script is not suitable for updating mtd devices20:23
stephgyes; as you said yesterday; I should still be able to build something though right?20:24
stephgeven if it's not going to be bootable (yet|ever)20:24
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energycsdxyou can hardcode or remove that variable, after this you should flash manualy20:26
Guhlahh the connection between ofono and the android ril is part of ofono20:27
energycsdxflash hybris-boot.img using fastboot and unpack tar.gz to proper location20:28
Guhli thought that would be part of libhybris20:28
energycsdxno, libhybris is for loading bionic .so from glibc apps, ofono talking to ril using protocol via socket20:31
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sledgespiggz hope you read backlogs. sorry been on and off (same for stephg , hope you sorted)23:00
sledgespiggz: if it's a chicken and egg situation with your USBs, pls file a bug with detailing and ask phdeswer for help23:01
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