Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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junnuviDoes anyone has idea why? => https://pastee.org/y653q14:37
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energycsdxjunnuvi: is polkit running?16:03
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spiiroinjunnuvi: what device is that? not n9 by any chance?16:18
locusfI got nemo mobile running on n7000, but with eglfs graphics ISO hwcomposer16:27
locusfthe graphics freeze after in about a minute of use16:28
locusfso I guess thats due to hwcomposer not being available and eglfs being buggy?16:28
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junnuvistupid samsung16:39
junnuvidowngrading from android 4.3 brokes modem16:40
locusfseems that the freezing was due to booster-qt5 acting up16:43
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junnuvienergycsdx: it was not running, stupid me16:51
junnuviwhere that should be started on init?16:51
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energycsdxjunnuvi: check with systemctl17:43
junnuvididn't find there. I think /lib/dbus-1/dbus-daemon-launch-helper should start it when needed17:51
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junnuvibut it's not working for some reason17:53
junnuvisame problem with packagekit..17:54
junnuviFailed to contact PackageKit: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PackageKit: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Failed to execute program /lib/dbus-1/dbus-daemon-launch-helper: Success17:54
junnuviSuccess fail :D17:54
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plfioriniwhat does /target supposed to contain?18:22
* plfiorini is new to this stuff so he might have dumb questions to ask18:23
energycsdxplfiorini it should contain sailfish root filesystem18:27
plfioriniok got that, for some reason i had to swap primary and secondary rom with multirom18:38
plfiorinisince i'm starting from a text based image, how do i know it booted?18:41
energycsdxplfiorini: what device are you using?18:50
plfiorinienergycsdx, nexus 518:50
energycsdxplfiorini: you can login via telnet to it18:52
plfiorinienergycsdx, booting with bootmode=debug then i type continue and it reboots18:54
energycsdxcat /target/init-stderrout18:55
energycsdxor /target/init-debug-stderrout18:56
plfioriniinit-debug-stderrout just has + exec18:57
Guhlor /target/init.log19:00
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plfiorinino /target/init.log19:06
plfiorinioh no wait19:07
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plfiorinilooks like it starts /sbin/init and then hangs19:17
plfioriniwithout messages19:17
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Guhlmight paste your init.log to pastbin19:18
* plfiorini reboots in debug mode19:18
energycsdxdo you have /target/init-debug ?19:20
plfiorinienergycsdx, yes19:21
plfioriniGuhl, http://pastebin.com/tAvRkaTW19:21
Guhlplfiorini, i did have the same problem19:22
plfiorini /boot/systemd_stdouterr is empty btw19:22
plfioriniwell /target/boot/systemd_stdouterr19:22
Guhlyou see th line 38/3919:22
Guhli am refering to your paste19:23
Guhlin the init-debug there is a usleep 500000 command19:24
plfioriniyes, doesn't find usleep kind of weird19:24
Guhlbut usleep is not there19:24
Guhlthen the usb0 interface is not there when ifconfig tries to bring it up19:25
Guhli changed the init-debug to replace usleep by a similat sleep19:25
plfioriniyeah added sleep here too but the usb0 interface not found is wierd19:26
plfiorinithe device is of course being connect otherwise i wouldn't be able to boot in debug mode19:27
Guhlyes but you continue it brings the interfaces down and restarts them19:28
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Guhlgive it a try and in function run_debug_session()19:28
Guhladd a19:28
Guhlsleep 219:29
Guhlafter the usb_setup "Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=$DONE_SWITCH)"19:29
Guhlhave a look at the usb_setup() function19:30
Guhlthere it brings the interface down19:30
Guhlwrite $ANDROID_USB/enable        019:30
Guhland after the write $ANDROID_USB/enable        119:31
plfioriniadded a sleep 5 after that19:31
Guhlit should usleep 500000 which it does not19:31
* lbt thinks usleep may be broken19:32
plfiorinilbt, ls -al even crash19:32
Guhlas said for me it worked best to add the sleep in run_debug_session after usb_setup19:33
lbtit sounds sensible19:33
plfioriniGuhl, i have both sleeps now, let's see if that does anything19:34
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Guhlplfiorini, what device are you building for?19:41
plfioriniGuhl, nexus 519:42
Guhlwhen you are in the first init do you have a usb0 device?19:43
Guhlbefore you continue19:44
plfioriniGuhl, no /dev/usb019:44
energycsdxnetwork interface usb019:45
Guhlnetwork interfaces are not in /dev19:45
plfioriniip a doesn't show usb019:46
plfiorinithere's rndis0 with ip assigned and a bunch of other interfaces with no ip19:47
plfiorinisleep didn't help19:48
plfiorinii have a dmesg taken after sleep 519:48
Guhldo you have a /sys/class/android_usb/android019:48
Guhlcan you do19:49
Guhlecho 1 > /sys/class/android_usb/android0/enable19:49
Guhlwhat does19:50
Guhlcat /sys/class/android_usb/android0/state19:50
Guhlgive you19:50
plfiorinisays CONFIGURED19:51
Guhldo you have a usb0 now?19:51
Guhlcat /sys/class/android_usb/android0/functions19:52
Guhlifconfig usb0 up19:53
Guhldoes not work?19:53
plfioriniifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device19:54
plfiorinikeeps ignoring it19:54
* plfiorini tries another port19:54
Guhlk i go back to debugging ofono19:55
plfiorinii mean another usb port19:55
Guhlwe (on the htc devices) had to add a19:57
Guhlwrite $ANDROID_RNDIS/on 119:57
Guhlto the init-script19:57
Guhlsee https://github.com/guhl/hybris-boot/commit/c2054b8b0942819d01ab87b8d2e6fa5d7603e22519:57
Guhlbut i don't think thats your problem as you got a rndis interface19:58
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* plfiorini is searching in the chatlogs20:04
plfiorinii see several usb0 occurrencies20:05
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piggzGuhl: how goes it?20:53
Guhlgood still debugging ofono/rilmodem20:53
Guhlat least i got a proper toolset for that now20:56
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Guhlpiggz, we got gsm22:44
Guhlwhile i figured it out myself the same thing already has been "solved" or worked around by beidl22:46
Guhlwe have to force the modem online22:47
|Tom|Guhl: *congratz* :-)22:47
Guhlbeidl does this using a dbus call22:48
Guhlthe relevant commit is https://github.com/beidl/droid-hal-device/commit/34ab62c4312039b3fd3648bb348a830ff808e39a22:48
Guhlfor now i'll add the hack to my build but i thing i have an idea how to fix that22:48
Guhl|Tom|, thanks22:49
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