Wednesday, 2014-10-15

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marxistvegansledges: did the update 9 come out yet for nexus4?14:22
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stephgmarxistvegan: no14:28
stephgit'll be a few days behind u9 for the jolla14:29
marxistveganstephg: ahh ok cool14:29
marxistvegani am getting ahead of myself14:29
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locusfone can probably build it at the same day though14:48
locusfthe repos should be open since day it comes but official image takes as long as it takes14:49
locusfStskeepz: I was wondering if there are any propietary Jolla packages to hwcomposer graphics or are they all open source for Android adaptations?14:53
Stskeepzopen source nowadays14:53
locusfmust be something I have missed in n7000 nemo image then14:55
locusfnow I see, its for 5.1.0 Qt only14:56
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locusfwhat about when I use eglfs, is it hardware based rendering?15:01
Stskeepzshould really be no need, you have a hwcomposer-less setup?15:02
morphisStskeepz, sledges: you ever saw problems with libhybris when a loaded library used dlopen/dlsysm?15:11
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Stskeepzno, should work?15:11
morphisseeing problems here on a device when loading the sensor module15:12
Stskeepzrecall, libEGL dlopens libEGL_foo.so15:12
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tigelihi :)16:45
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locusfhey tigeli16:59
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locusfhmm my telnet dies during systemd init17:17
plfiorinilocusf, welcome to the club17:18
locusfplfiorini: heheh :)17:18
locusfhaving commented out all usb references init.rc this is quite odd17:19
* plfiorini is kind of lost and hungry17:20
locusfOct 15 20:19:14 localhost DSME[659]: usbtracker: mode_request: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name com.meego.usb_moded was not provided by any .17:20
locusfOct 15 20:19:14 localhost DSME[659]: IPHB: mce state -> running17:20
locusflast messages17:20
energycsdxlocusf: conman can reset usb interface17:21
locusfenergycsdx: oh, how to prevent that?17:21
energycsdxneed to check if you have proper package installed with conman config17:22
locusfwhat package?17:22
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energycsdxsomething like connman jolla configs17:23
energycsdxalso you can run script in background which resets ip every 5 minutes17:23
energycsdxi had this problem before17:24
locusfhmm I have only connman-configs-mer17:28
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locusfokay copied over from my Jolla :)17:31
locusfenergycsdx: thanks, it worked :)17:33
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piggzGuhl_: aesome!!17:46
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Guhlhi piggz17:50
piggzGuhl: trying that hack...17:50
Guhlcool, just did install a new rom that has the hack in place17:51
Guhldid a phone call already17:51
Guhli can not enable mobile internet yet17:53
Guhlbut i do have a 3g connection17:53
energycsdxlocusf: install connman-configs-sailfish17:53
locusfenergycsdx: yeah if I used Jolla image :)17:54
locusfI'm using pure nemo image now, no such packages available17:54
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energycsdxthen you should have NetworkInterfaceBlacklist = p2p,usb,rndis,rmnet17:55
Guhlbut its a funny thing, been debugging ofono for 2 days to basically find that the modem just i not online17:56
Guhland then when searching for a way on how to force it only i find beidls hack17:57
Guhlsuch a beidl :-)17:57
piggzGuhl: the script just loops for me..17:57
Guhlif you want to test it manually you first have to:17:58
Guhlsystemctl stop ofono17:58
Guhlthen start the script17:58
Guhland in a second terminal eun17:58
Guhlofonod -n -d17:59
Guhlin the final build the script is started as a service and when the ofono service starts (Power) then it forces the modem online via dbus call18:00
piggzGuhl: rebooting to see...18:02
piggzGuhl: there is also a config option somewhere i saw to disable lte18:02
Guhldid you install the systemd script too18:02
Guhlwell it switches to "Prefer 3G" anyway based on the modem type18:03
Guhli am looking forward to see if you can enable netwert18:04
Guhlmy problem is that the only regular sim i still have has to roam as it's not austrian18:04
Guhlso i am not totally sure if the problem is the roaming or connection in general18:05
Guhlbut i did not have any time to see logs, etc, ...18:05
piggzmy gui still stays on 'Network: Registering...'18:05
Guhltook a while for me too on the first go. but if it does not work you should enable -d on ofonod in the service file (or in the options)18:07
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Guhlpiggz, we really might have to disable 4g18:22
Guhlwhen trying to connect i do get a qmi_send_activate_pdp():unsupport radio technology - 11 in the radio logcat18:23
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* piggz back18:39
Guhlpiggz, forget what i said about disabling 4g i think that is not the problem18:39
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piggzGuhl: i enable -d in ofono.service but still nothing..18:41
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Guhlwell but you should have debug output in journald18:42
Guhlyou did make the /sbin/ executable right18:42
Guhli would suggest that you try it manually in to terminals18:43
Guhlfirst stop the ofono service18:43
Guhlthen run the script in on terminal18:43
Guhland run18:43
Guhlofonod -n -d in a second18:44
piggzthis is my journal output btw
piggza fe radio_not_available18:45
Guhlyou should see the script output the following lines18:46
Guhlstring "Powered"18:46
Guhlvariant boolean true18:46
Guhlmethod return sender=:1.93 -> dest=:1.96 reply_serial=218:46
Guhlpiggz, well that output is exactly the output that you have when the script does not do it's jo18:48
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piggzGuhl: its connected when running manually!19:03
piggzGuhl: i made a call and t worked...tho..the gui messed up and i couldnt hang up19:05
Guhlyeah thats the same for me19:05
Guhlbut who cares for gui :-P19:06
Guhlcan you connect to mobile network?19:07
piggzGuhl: yes ... not sure about data19:08
Guhlwell i meant data19:08
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piggzofonod[2482]: setting up data call19:11
piggzofonod[2482]: GPRS context: Reply failure: GENERIC_FAILURE19:11
GuhlOK thats the same i have19:11
Guhldo you know how to logcat the radio buffer19:12
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piggzGuhl: remind me..19:16
GuhlOK - this are the steps19:16
Guhlrm /dev/log19:16
Guhlmkdir /dev/log19:16
Guhlln -s /dev/log_radio /dev/log/radio19:17
Guhllogcat -b radio19:17
Guhl-that will give you the messages from rild and htc_ril19:18
Guhlsorry the last command is:19:18
Guhl /system/bin/logcat -b radio19:18
piggzGuhl: this looks relevant19:22
piggzD/HTC_RIL ( 1376): ril_func_config_and_activate_pdp():called19:22
piggzD/HTC_RIL ( 1376): ril_func_config_and_activate_pdp():0,general.t-mobile.uk19:22
piggzE/HTC_RIL ( 1376): qmi_send_activate_pdp():unsupport radio technology - 1119:22
piggzD/HTC_RIL ( 1376): qmi_send_recv_procedure():qmi->cmd_send_str == NULL19:22
piggzD/HTC_RIL ( 1376): (t=1413400917)% +HTCUCSQ: 3\r\n19:22
Guhlyes thats exactly what i got19:22
Guhli am a little bit tired today so i am not extremely motivated to debug ofono again19:23
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Guhlbut i'll make myself an espresso, maybe that changes things19:24
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energycsdxlooks like something prevents to suspend my phone, how to check what?19:42
piggzanyone experience the gui flashing off when making a call before???19:54
energycsdxno, maybe some problems with proximity sensor19:58
piggzah, maybe ... it was flashing on when i pressed the power button19:59
piggzGuhl: ofono-hack.service is not being started on boot...20:03
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Guhlpiggz, did you run systemctl daemon-reload after you installed that script ?20:19
piggzGuhl: i have now ... but it still wasnt listed in systemctl output20:21
piggzstopping ofono, starting ofono-hack and ofono works fine20:21
piggzGuhl: ah, i need to systemctl enable ofono-hack ?20:26
Guhli did not (at least i can't remember20:26
Guhlshould this not be done somehow based on the ""20:27
piggzGuhl: well...20:27
Guhlbut i am not so good with systemd yet20:27
piggz[root@Jolla nemo]# systemctl enable ofono-hack20:28
piggzln -s '/lib/systemd/system/ofono-hack.service' '/etc/systemd/system/'20:28
Guhland actually i did not use the service before i did integrate it in the rom20:28
piggzGuhl: and after a reboot it is working!20:28
phdeswerpiggz: I noticed you had some usb issues. Let me know if you need help20:28
piggzphdeswer: yes20:28
piggzphdeswer: lets tackle that now20:28
phdeswerok :)20:29
piggzif i remove init-debug (which i think is the intended mode) and boot using init-script ... then ... usb_setup is not called....20:29
piggzwhich, means the code to enable rndis is not called20:30
piggzwhich means i can no longer ssh over usb20:30
Guhlpiggz, i put my nose back into the debugger ping me if you need something20:30
phdeswerHmm, do you mean you boot normally? I am not too familiar with those scripts20:31
piggzphdeswer: yes20:31
phdeswerI think i saw some commit from you somewhere with a weird usb activation thing.20:32
phdeswerDo you have access to your device in another way than usb?20:32
phdeswerThen we can start debugging and I can eventually fix whatever might be wrong20:32
piggzphdeswer: yes, and then i retracted it becuase of this issue20:33
phdeswerYou have what hardware?20:33
piggzphdeswer: yes, im sshing over wifi now20:33
piggzhct ace20:33
phdeswerI think I saw some weird android path in your patch20:34
piggzyes /sys/class/android/f_rndis/on20:35
piggzneeds a 1 to enable it20:35
phdeswerOk that is something usb-moded might not know about... Wtf has htc been doing?20:35
piggzim just not sure what the intention of the init-script is in this case...its maybe meant to be left disabled in non-debug ... but then i need a way to enable it in the gui20:36
phdeswerI guess if you boot normally it is usb-moded trying to handle it.20:36
piggzah, ok20:36
piggz(off topic .. i really wish it would remember my developer password after a reboot)20:37
phdeswerAnd since htc has done some crazy mods it might not work.20:37
phdeswerCan you try to edit /etc/usb-moded/dyn-config/developer_mode-android.ini?20:38
phdeswerAdd those two lines: android_extra_sysfs_path = /sys/class/android_usb/android0/f_rndis/on20:38
phdeswer android_extra_sysfs_value = 120:38
piggzyep, gottit20:38
phdeswerThen do killall -HUP usb_moded20:38
phdeswerAnd try again if you can connect over usb20:39
piggzphdeswer: im not sure i have usb_moded installed ... what is its package?20:47
phdeswerthat would be one part of the problem I guess :)20:47
phdeswerBtw One M8 Ace is the model you have? Want to check out their kernel.20:47
piggzphdeswer: not an m8!!20:48
piggzmuch older20:48
phdeswerYou will also need usb-moded-developer-mode-android20:48
phdeswerok, can you point me to the kernel source? Want to check out what is going on with the android gadget20:49
phdeswerFinding the packages?20:53
piggzphdeswer: yes, installed and rebooted....usb-moded running20:55
phdeswerGood :) At least that means that there might be cable connection information20:56
piggzphdeswer: f_rndis/on is still 020:56
phdeswerdid you add those two lines?20:57
phdeswerpiggz: And we can get more info if you stop usb-moded.service first and then start it with usb_moded -D -T21:00
phdeswerYou can check then what it does21:00
piggzphdeswer: ok ... i added the lines and restarted but nothing...21:01
phdeswerWell try to run usb_moded in debug mode. It will tell more21:01
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phdeswerFirst thing to check is if it sees the connection events21:04
piggzphdeswer: maybe its working....21:04
piggzrebooting to make sure...21:04
phdeswerpiggz: that would be even better if it works :)21:04
piggzphdeswer: 1) i got the path wrong21:04
piggz2) there are 2 'Developer Mode' options in the gui...does that affect it?21:05
piggzphdeswer: 3) how can I enable those setting in my build?21:05
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piggzphdeswer: working...21:06
phdeswerpiggz: for the 2) check if there are two different developer mode ini files in /etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes. One must be extra21:07
piggzphdeswer: ok, not 100% working....plugging in gives me a usb net device ... but the phone isnt responding to ping21:08
phdeswerOk let´s see what is happening on the phone. Is there a usb0 or rndis0 interface? And is the ip set?21:08
phdeswer(And connman might mess with it...)21:09
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piggz2) developer_mode-android.ini  developer_mode.ini21:09
phdeswerpiggz: remove the 2nd one21:09
piggzphdeswer: usb0 has no address21:09
phdeswerif usb0 has no address probably connman has been resetting it.21:10
piggz rpm -qf /etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes/developer_mode.ini21:10
phdesweryep that package. You only need the developer-mode-android one21:10
phdeswerinstall connman-configs-sailfish21:12
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piggzphdeswer: it is already21:13
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters21:13
piggzNetworkInterfaceBlacklist = p2p,usb,rndis,rmnet21:13
phdeswerOk. Then I am at a loss why usb0 has no ip21:13
phdeswerCan you run usb_moded -D -T from the command line?21:14
phdeswerAfter having stopped the systemd service.21:14
phdeswerIt should say what it does21:14
piggzphdeswer: looks like it expects rndis0, not usb021:15
piggzusb_moded: 1413407702.663571 D: writing to file /sys/class/android_usb/android0/functions, value rndis21:15
piggzusb_moded: 1413407702.664547 D: interface = rndis021:15
piggzrndis0: unknown interface: No such device21:15
piggzusb_moded: 1413407702.733166 D: interface = rndis021:15
piggzSIOCSIFADDR: No such device21:15
piggzrndis0: unknown interface: No such device21:15
piggzusb_moded: 1413407702.762671 D: interface = rndis021:15
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos-porters21:16
phdeswerIt should fall back fine normally to usb021:16
piggzdoenst seem to, no mention of it21:17
phdeswerWhat's the version?21:17
phdeswerusb_moded -v21:17
phdeswerI wonder if for some reason it is still using some 4-5 months old version21:18
piggzphdeswer: 0.821:19
phdeswerYep... what I feared. A version from June... I fixed that in july...21:19
phdeswerAnyway there is a work-around21:20
phdesweradd /etc/usb-moded/network.ini21:20
phdeswerContents [network]21:20
phdeswerWithout Contents of course... And restart21:20
phdeswerpiggz: and once that works I am going to try to think of a good way to get that sort of weird extra paths sorted out.21:24
Guhlahh fuck i was messing around with debugging ofonod now for 1 hour without realizing that by installing a newly built rom i do not have the same version on the phone (without debug symbols and compiles with O2) as on my host (compiled with O0)21:25
Guhlno wonder it does not break21:25
Guhlwhat a waste of time21:25
piggzphdeswer: does not work..21:29
piggzphdeswer: nothing in debug output about reading network.ini21:30
phdeswercan you check if that stuff ended up in /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini21:32
energycsdxGuhl: why don`t you run gdb directly on phone?21:32
piggzphdeswer: yes it did21:32
phdeswerSo it does not try to set usb0?21:33
Guhlcause for some reasons i do like graphical interfaces to debuggers21:33
piggzphdeswer: nope21:33
phdeswerpiggz: damn, in my docs it is interface = usb0 (no idea if that might affect it)21:34
Guhlmight not be as geeky as can be but it gives me a lot more overview than the cli21:34
piggzphdeswer: and, i gotta go now ... feel free to email me ... i ran it with debug outut and was still rndis021:34
phdeswerpiggz: ok. Well just try the config stuff again when you have time.21:34
phdeswerWe're almost there ;)21:34
phdeswerOtherwise ping sledges to get his newer build21:35
Guhlanyway to late tonight - tomorrow is another day - gnight21:36
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