Thursday, 2014-10-16

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energycsdxwho knows about power management?06:51
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surbikshi , whats moslo kernel ? whats do moslo?07:13
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energycsdxsurbiks: it`s related to N908:13
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kjokinieenergycsdx: o/08:41
energycsdxkjoikinie: can you help me with power management?08:44
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kjokinieenergycsdx: you mistyped my nick :P  I might be able to help. what's the question?12:41
energycsdxkjokinie: looks like my device don`t go to suspend, everytime it have active wakelock12:43
kjokinieenergycsdx: it's because N9 has more superior power management12:43
kjokinieenergycsdx: it does not need suspend12:43
kjokinieenergycsdx: and it should not have wake lock support at all in kernel12:44
energycsdxno, i`m talking about xperia l12:44
energycsdxit have qualcomm soc12:44
kjokinieenergycsdx: ok, basically the procedure there is. 1. find out which wake lock is blocking. 2) check who puts it on 3) fix the code12:46
energycsdxkjokinie: it`s kernel wakelock related to battery management it is not clear why its locked12:47
kjokinieenergycsdx: you using USB network?12:48
energycsdxyes but USB cable not plugged12:48
energycsdxkjokinie: pm8921_soc_lock is locked12:50
kjokiniewell, usual reasons for battery management locks are: anything plugged to USB port, or maybe something using DC charger (wireless charger coil maybe?).. or the battery is somehow close to empty and some frequent monitoring is being done12:51
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kjokinieenergycsdx: you got kernel sources? I would just go see the code now12:51
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energycsdxalso sometimes i see in dmesg that thermald preventing to sleep12:52
kjokinieenergycsdx: it's only locked there
kjokinieenergycsdx: and it's released in the same function13:01
kjokinieenergycsdx: either it's calculating that soc _really_ frequently, or the function gets blocked for long times in some of the calls in between13:02
energycsdxthat function called periodically13:02
kjokinieenergycsdx: you can "cat /proc/wakelocks" copy the print to one page of meld  or kdiff, and then cat again after few minutes and then copy the outcome to the other meld / kdiff sceen to compare the diff13:04
kjokiniethen do some math to calculate how much of the time that wake lock is really on.13:05
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lbtPSA Nemomobile bugzilla is updated to latest version - let me know of any issues13:19
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piggzphdeswer: any update?16:46
piggzsledges: is newer usb-moded in the new sailfish (whenever it comes)?16:46
sledgespiggz: newer than which version?16:48
piggzsledges: 0.816:49
piggzapparently the 0.8 version doesnt find usb0 if it doesnt find rndis016:49
sledgespiggz: it will be 0.80.316:51
piggzif i run 'test_sensors 3' (for the proximity assuming 3 is the sensor number) i get:16:53
piggzCould not activate sensor: Bad file descriptor16:53
piggzwhere do i start debugging?16:54
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sledgespiggz: does it work without number?17:03
piggzsledges: it lists all the sensors and exits17:04
sledgesin that case it had always been my last run of test_sensors, assuming they work;D17:05
sledgespiggz: does it say Bad file descriptor for all numbers?17:06
sledgesstrace is your friend and ultimately, poking test_* code inside libhybris17:10
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piggzsledges: no ... 4 seems to probe the light sensor17:14
piggzmaybe not17:15
sledgespiggz: i suggest you focus on 1 sensor, accelerometer, as that's most useful for us all. Determine its devnode, probe it in cm via getevent17:20
piggzsledges: accelerometer works fine ... its used in my game :)17:21
sledgesvery well17:21
sledgeswhat game?;)17:21
piggzsledges: feel free to test ... there has been issues on jolla devices with it not opening/closing correctly .. tho ...worksforme17:22
sledgespiggz: pretty cool:))17:24
sledgespiggz: expect other sensors to be on similar event nodes17:24
sledgesit's so different for every device, i first suggest you strace test_sensors #number17:25
sledgesfirst ensuring they work in cm17:26
piggzopen("/dev/cm3602", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EBUSY (Device or resource busy)17:26
piggzwritev(3, [{"\6", 1}, {"Sensors\0", 8}, {"Couldn't open /dev/cm3602 (Devic"..., 52}], 3) = 6117:26
sledgesthis means probably sensorfw already took over17:26
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sledgesor android space service17:26
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piggzsledges: so, if i stop sensord, test_sensors works ... but nothing is printed17:30
sledgesshine some light onto it:)17:30
sledgesi truly have no idea about each separate sensor's protocol17:31
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piggzlpotter: ping18:31
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phdeswerpiggz: have you tried with putting the space in the network.ini?18:33
phdeswerSorry was out training so could not answer sooner18:33
piggzphdeswer: which space?18:33
piggzphdeswer: well, im off to the pub soon ;)18:34
phdeswerinterface = usb0 and not interface=usb018:34
piggzphdeswer: what you training for?18:35
phdeswerAction air competition on sunday18:36
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phdeswerpiggz: this file data = [network] interface=usb019:01
phdeswerCan you put it on two lines?19:01
phdeswerinterface = usb019:02
phdeswerAlso take care of the spaces.19:02
phdeswerOh crap you have...19:02
piggzphdeswer: i was gonna say!19:02
phdeswerMissed the bottom bit :)19:02
phdeswerpiggz: ok seems like there is some bug, but I need to check what. And anyway might be it is fine on the current version...19:04
phdeswerWill try to make some package available for you tomorrow19:04
piggzphdeswer: thx ...  thats me for tonight, out to play pool :)19:04
piggzphdeswer: so ... is that skydiving?19:04
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stephggood evening portipeeps19:25
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energycsdxanybody knows what is /system/bin/battery_monitor ?20:03
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alinstephg: evenig20:08
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stephghey alin long time no see21:21
stephgbut also21:21
stephgit is21:21
stephgI am now covered in superglue helping mrs steph make a dr zoidberg costume21:22
stephgand therefore scratchy and tired21:22
stephgsuperglue + 10 pairs of pink washing-up gloves = sweaty head and claws21:23
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stephgsledges when was the last time you saw a video tape ;)21:29
* sledges has had a hard childhood21:30
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stephganyway is bedtiem, catch you in the morning for then it'll be Friday, and that means videos :)21:32
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sledgesand tapes:)21:33
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alinstephg: forgot to start konvi...21:50
alinthought updates21:50
alinsledges: hi21:50
alinwhat about upadte?21:50
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