Friday, 2014-10-17

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* Stskeepz yawns02:48
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locusfStskeeps: do you have the environment variable handy for huawei p6 which fixed the fonts?09:28
Stskeeps se09:29
Stskeeps[12:47:01]<Stskeeps> QML_USE_GLYPHCACHE_WORKAROUND=109:29
locusfStskeeps: thanks :)09:29
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locusfdamn sgx540 gpu11:36
locusfit can't do fbdev11:36
locusfeven though it worked in the summer with hwcomposer11:36
locusfERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Inappropriate ioctl for device)11:37
locusfit was about initializing powervr first12:04
locusfnow its a different error though12:04
locusfEGL Error : Could not create the egl surface: error = 0x300912:04
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locusfhmm beidl and vakkov should know about this, they gave the same gpu12:11
locusfin galaxy nexus that is12:12
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sledgeslocusf: n9?12:19
locusfsledges: p311012:20
sledgesah, n9 is 53012:20
sledgesrusty88: long time no c/c++ :))12:21
rusty88hi sledges, yup been away for a while taking care of some personal stuff12:23
locusfthe underlying error is EGL_BAD_MATCH, anyone heard about that?12:23
rusty88i'll be back to work in a few days :P12:23
sledgeswb, we missed you:)12:24
rusty88ty :D is good to be back12:26
rusty88sledges:  any news about access to the store using android devices ?12:26
sledgesrusty88: no change yet (also same about the boy who swallowed some coins)12:27
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rusty88ohh pitty..  well i guess i should continue working on ofono :P12:34
sledgesrusty88: in the meantime piggz and Guhl have skilled up on ofono too, to help around12:37
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rusty88sledges: ok thanks good to know12:39
locusfArguments are inconsistent; for example, an otherwise valid12:42
locusfcontext requires buffers (e.g. depth or stencil) not allocated by12:42
locusfan otherwise valid surface12:42
locusfI guess something goes wrong with the buffer format12:43
locusfit expects stencil format12:43
locusfand this is also nemomobile fyi12:43
locusfnot sfos12:43
sledgeslocusf: have you built a nemo target then?12:44
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locusfsledges: yes12:44
locusfah for sdk12:44
sledgesfor dhd12:44
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locusfnope its still sfos12:44
sledgesand droid-hal-init stats?12:44
sledgesin nemo, being built against sfos target?12:44
sledgesprobably not many hard dependencies there12:45
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locusfwhen are you gonna do hwcomposer qpa plugin 5.2 release?12:56
sledgeslocusf: im out of time, i hope someone can test it first before tagging:
w00tit should already build on 5.2 (and 5.3) now12:59
locusfsledges: okay12:59
sledgesyes, latest commits12:59
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locusfnow hwcomposer is loaded but I just don't remember how I made it work15:01
locusfand ran out of time to debug, will try again tomorrow15:02
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Guhlpiggz I have a new status regarding gsm16:53
Guhlafter something in the ofono rilmodem (will describe that later)16:54
Guhlthe modem connects to the network16:55
Guhlbut then something crashes big time - either just ofonod or maybe even the radion firmware16:56
Guhli don't know that yet.16:56
locusfgood progress still :)16:56
Guhli do have the oldest possible radio firmware on that g216:56
Guhlso i will try with a new one again16:57
Guhllocusf, yes - thanks16:57
Guhllot of effort in debugging to find that16:57
Guhlthe initial bug that prevented the phone from connecting is in17:01
Guhlline 271 = RADIO_TECH_HSPA;17:02
Guhlhardcoded - our radio does not support technology HSPA = 11 and therefor fails17:03
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Guhlpiggz, read the log from the last 40 minutes17:09
piggzGuhl: np17:10
sledgeslocusf: which gcc is in your sb2 sf target for nemo?17:11
Whippler_Guhl, hows that desire z port going, id like to have a flashable zip :p17:11
Guhlwell i will probably upload a new one tonight17:12
locusfsledges: I don't know, but I regenerated a new mer core target but didn't build hybris-hal with it17:12
Whippler_ghul cool. too bad i cant access my desire z for the weekend :/... Where do you upload em?17:13
Guhlthe thread is there:
locusfsledges: it sould be the same gcc what comes with target17:14
Whippler_Guhl, thanks keep up the good work!17:15
Guhlpiggz, that is the strace from the moment i try to connect to the network until the crash17:20
Guhlpiggz, do you want me to upload my onfono rpms somewhere or will you build yourself?17:21
Guhlif you care testing17:21
piggzGuhl: i havnt read yet ... multi tasking, making family roast supper also ;)17:22
piggzGuhl: rpms sound good!17:22
piggzGuhl: any joy with the prox sensor?17:22
Guhldon't think so - but i only worked on ril the last days17:23
Guhlpiggz, the rpms are at
Guhlyou only need the ofono and the ofono-configs-mer17:26
piggzGuhl: s the patch just to change the network type?17:31
piggzlpotter: ping17:41
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Guhlpiggz, yes i set it to 1 = GPRS for now17:50
piggzGuhl: and removes the need for ofono-hack ?17:51
Guhlonly makes the data call work17:51
Guhlwell till the crash17:51
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Guhlwhile debugging this i created a android rild with a lot of debugging output in it17:52
piggzGuhl: awesome work, you definitely know more about the phone side than me!17:53
Guhli noticed there is already some backporting code in it to make the our old htc libril work with the newer android versions17:54
Guhlactually it's in libril17:54
Guhlpiggz, i know a lot about the radio side - when i got the phone and used the sim-unlock code on it17:55
piggzim going to build a newer usb-moded to try and get usb net working again.17:55
Guhlthe sim-lock data on the phone got corrupted and the phone was not connecting to any network in the world anymore17:55
Guhla lot of debugging and dissassebling later17:56
Guhlscotty2 and I managed to develop gfree17:56
Guhlto remove the write protection of the emmc and all simlock and security locks17:56
piggzoff for supper ...17:58
Guhlbtw if anybody needs something disassembled or decompiled i do own a licences of ida and the 32-bit arm decompiler17:59
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Umeaboylbt: Any progress?18:02
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stephg /me headdesk headdesk headdesk19:05
stephg /him unheaddesk19:08
stephgapologies all19:09
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UmeaboyHi sledges and stephg!19:25
stephgnomeata: no problem :) hey Umeaboy19:27
stephgapologies Umeaboy for the crossed-lines greeting, I'm juggling channels and trying (and failing!) to order pizza :)19:31
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Umeaboyhehehe. Nemas problemas.19:35
energycsdxGuhl: how did you get it?19:41
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Guhlas i obviously lost connection i'll repeat what i said:19:47
Guhlpiggz, btw now that i reminded myself that i can decompile the binary i checked the qmi_send_activate_pdp funktion19:48
Guhlit checks for technology <=119:48
Guhlthis basically means that it only can handle RADIO_TECH_UNKNOWN = 0 or RADIO_TECH_GPRS = 119:48
Guhlsledges, how should i fix something like that?19:48
Guhlpatch ofono to replace the hardcoded RADIO_TECH_HSPA by one of the 2 options19:48
Guhlor modify the android that is open source to substitute every value for radio tech > 1 that ofonod sends to ril by 119:48
Guhlenergycsdx, how did i get what?19:49
energycsdxGuhl: IDA20:07
Guhli bought it20:07
energycsdxGuhl: i know it problematic a bit20:08
energycsdxfor example i can`t buy advanced edition for personal use20:08
Guhlyes i only own a user, starter, named license20:11
Guhlbut thats good enough for me as i only do arm and x8620:11
Guhland i did not renew the user support this year anymore as the price for the support is kind of harsh20:13
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Guhlbeing able to decompile the proprietary libs helps a lot when porting something and also helped a lot when we where backporting things for android 4.x to libs that belong to 2.320:18
Guhli fear that we will need this again when we try to enable sound input on the old htc phones20:20
sledgesGuhl: maybe w00t could give some insight on possible RADIO_TECH_* solution?20:24
Guhlaha is w00t the radio guy?20:27
UmeaboyCan someone please clone my repo and make a pull request?20:40
Guhlwhere is your repo20:43
w00twhat's the problem? (but I have no real clue offhand)20:48
Guhlwell i assume you did not follow what i said the last hours, right?20:49
Guhlthen let me repeat the most important points20:51
sledges22:47 < Guhl> as i obviously lost connection i'll repeat what i said:20:51
sledgesit was clear in ~10 lines from that point on20:51
Guhlin addition i would add that ofono/drivers/rilmodem/gprs-context.c sets the = RADIO_TECH_HSPA; (hardcoded)20:52
Guhlahh yes i said that too20:53
UmeaboyCan someone please clone my repo and make a pull request to mer-hybris/droid-hal-device ?21:03
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w00tok, I don't really know anything about ril aside from how it's put together roughly..21:07
Guhlit's more like a general best practice question21:08
sledgesmodifying ofono means diverging, modifying libril looks not elegant either, and diverging21:08
sledgesconfig option?..21:08
Guhlin principle it's shit that the tech is hardcoded in ofono21:09
Guhland thats already stated by the coder in the line above21:09
Guhl /* TODO: implement radio technology selection. */21:09 = RADIO_TECH_HSPA;21:09
Guhlso it should be fixed there, probably as a config option21:11
sledgesah ok yup21:12
sledgesmeans ofono has never been running on 2G-only phones21:12
sledgesyou're the pioneer Guhl ;)21:12
Guhlprobably :-)21:14
Guhland HSPA is actually 3G+21:14
sledgesor the phones, where ril has strict checks21:14
sledgesas im sure USB GPRS dongles have had ofono's attention in the past21:14
Guhlthats more the problem because the DZ actually even supports HSPA21:15
Guhlit's just the old htc ril library that does this check21:16
Guhli think for the DZ and ACE i'll fix it in the android libril21:17
Guhlby just replacing whatever tech ofono sends by 121:17
Guhlbut when i got time i'll file a bug at jolla with a proposed patch that makes this a config option21:18
Guhlbut sledge i can't copy a file to /system/lib during the regular SF zip install right?21:20
Guhlsledges, (sorry)21:21
sledgesGuhl: correct (my original name used to be sledge:P)21:29
sledges*nick lol21:29
sledgesGuhl: i wonder if you place the lib under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib21:29
sledgesdoes it get picked up?21:30
Guhlgood question21:31
sledgesworth a shot i reckon21:32
sledgesalso, you'll file a bug at ofono devs (they aren't jolla only;)21:32
Guhlsledges, no if i have one in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib and one in /system/lib it picks the one in /system/lib21:36
sledgesmaybe to play with LD_LIBRARY_PATH somehow?21:37
sledgesbut anyhows, hackish:)21:37
Guhlso i'll patch ofono21:37
Guhlbut first i need to figure why something crahes after the data_call_setup21:38
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Guhlwell enough is enough, time for some sleep - gnight !22:24
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phdeswerpiggz: special for you :
phdeswerBtw you can fix your issue by putting usb0 in /etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes/developer_mode-android.ini22:40
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