Saturday, 2014-10-18

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vakkovis qt 5.2 patch out?00:34
vakkovi saw nemomobile running on 5.2? locusf?00:34
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locusfvakkov: yeah nemo is running 5.2 now07:21
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iunohi there o/ are there any ports of sailfish or nemo using freedreno instead of hybris?07:39
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piggzphdeswer: cool ... i was just cloding/building usb-moded last night .... i noticed that the .spec file says version is 0.7, but the debian dir uses 0.8.x08:20
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phdeswerpiggz: that is because the rpm spec is updated by the _service file in obs08:51
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stephgmorning guys09:12
Stskeepsmorn stephg09:15
Stskeepsanother day, another airport..09:15
stephggot the impression you were on the move when the 'z' suffix came out ;)09:15
Stskeepsmeans i don't pay attention09:16
Guhlmorning piggz09:21
kimmoliplom. is there something broken with QSocketNotifier or dont't i know how to use it... with file. poll/select works fine09:26
Stskeeps - want09:27
stephghas anyone seen any of those dell 4k displays yet in person?09:30
Guhlkimmoli, i don't even know what it is (which applies to almost all the things that start with Q)09:30
GuhlStskeeps, yes this would make a difference to my current setup that is 1 notebook with 1 1440x900 display09:30
kimmoliGuhl: maybe i'm asking too difficult questions on this channel...09:31
kimmolii'll go #away09:31
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Guhlnah im am just ignorant :-)09:31
Guhlbut Stskeeps as i almost spent a quarter of my live on airports that setup would not be that practical09:32
Stskeepsi'm either working from home or ****'ing far away..09:35
Stskeepsand to think i used to be afraid of flying..09:35
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GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): ril_func_chk_call_state_until_none():called09:44
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): ril_func_chk_call_state_until_none():clcc already keeping polling (1)09:44
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): write_attr_file():failed to open attribute file: /sys/camera_led_status/led_ril_status(errno=13)09:44
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): write_attr_file():failed to open attribute file: /sys/module/gpio_event/parameters/phone_call_status(errno=2)09:44
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Guhlthe led_ril_status exists but belongs to system:system and is 64409:44
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Guhlthe gpio_event directory does not even exist09:45
Guhland another 2:09:48
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): write_attr_file():failed to open attribute file: /sys/class/htc_accessory/phonein/flag(errno=2)09:48
GuhlD/HTC_RIL ( 3859): write_attr_file():failed to open attribute file: /sys/module/msm_flashlight/parameters/phone_status(errno=2)09:48
Guhlis the place to change the owner of a file like /sys/camera_led_status/led_ril_status the ?09:59
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Guhlwho knows something about leds in here?10:04
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kimmolidepends on led...10:38
kimmoliGuhl: nevermind10:39
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Guhlkimmoli, still here?11:06
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Guhlmy question was referring to how SF connects to the systems leds11:13
Guhlthe phones i mean11:15
kimmoliyes, i noticed that after reading few your earlier comments... (was thinking leds as components :) )11:17
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Guhland do you know something about it?11:28
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kimmoliGuhl: no, not about the topic you are talking11:34
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piggzGuhl: lo12:16
piggzphdeswer: usb-moded working now12:16
Guhlhey piggz12:22
phdeswerpiggz: great ;)12:26
piggzphdeswer: so, with this new version netwrk.ini?12:35
phdeswerpiggz: what's your question exactly?12:35
piggzphdeswer: sorry ... not thinking....with the new version of usb-moded, network.ini is no longer needed?12:40
phdeswerNormally no if the interface is usb0. But it can't hurt.12:41
phdeswerYou will still need the weird hw specific enable lines. I am thinking of adding those somewhere in the main ini file, but not sure yet12:42
piggzphdeswer: yes...i thought i could all them to my dhd config12:47
phdeswerProbably you should. There is not much you can do if the manufacturer decides to make some weird config change...12:48
phdeswerAlthough from the kernel source I could not immediately track down where that /on entry comes from12:49
UmeaboyHi! Can any of you please clone my repo and make a pull request to the patterns dir in droid-hal-device?12:53
UmeaboyIt's really important that it gets added.12:54
phdeswerUmeaboy: you know you can make the pull request yourself right?12:54
Umeaboyphdeswer: Believe me, I've tried.12:55
UmeaboyMany times.12:55
UmeaboyI prefer using programs instead of terminal when it comes to pushing and pulling and merging.12:55
UmeaboyI use Linux.12:55
UmeaboySo there aren't many choices left.12:56
Umeaboygit-cola works, but it's hard to understand how it works.12:56
phdeswerUmeaboy: pull requests go through some web ui12:56
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UmeaboyI have uploaded a dir to my master branch and I want to pull it to mer-hybris/droid-halv-device/patterns/12:57
UmeaboyThere's the dir.12:57
UmeaboyI see the green button to the left, but shouldn't I go to mer-hybris/droid-hal-device and click the green button?12:58
UmeaboyI have forked the repo.12:58
phdeswerNope from your repo it should almost automatically be ok12:58
UmeaboyThe droid-hal-device repo.12:58
UmeaboySo, now what?12:59
phdeswerWell would have been easier if it was actually a fork13:00
UmeaboyHere's the fork:
phdeswerok Does that have your commits?13:00
phdeswerDoesn't seem to be so.13:01
UmeaboySo, what do I do?13:02
phdeswerAdd your commits there to begin with. And then the green button should almost automatically make the pull request for you13:03
phdeswerTo make things easier for future changes it might be good to put your changes in a branch13:03
UmeaboyI did. The Samsung-branch.13:03
UmeaboySorry. Samsung-repo.13:04
UmeaboyNow I created the branch Samsung.13:05
phdeswerNope not there.13:07
phdeswerYou are pushing to the wrong repo13:07
phdeswerYou need to push that branch to your fork13:08
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Umeaboyphdeswer: See? I told you.......It's hard for a gui-person.13:17
phdeswerUmeaboy: Have you tried git gui?13:18
phdeswerBecause this seems to be more of an issue with the UI hiding from you what it is doing.13:18
phdeswerWith a result you have no clue what is happening.13:19
phdeswerIf you have not managed later on, I'll try to help, but I have other things to do now13:21
UmeaboyOK. Thanks.13:21
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locusfnote: to fix touch screen rotation, use variable QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="/dev/input/event0:rotate=270" like this15:55
locusfon p3110 this works15:55
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Core2idiotI'm having issues with pulseaudio on the Nexus 5 Port17:01
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Core2idiotWhen I attempt to start pulseaudio using systemd, systemd tells me that pulseaudio doesn't exist17:02
Core2idiotWhile I have reinstalled pulseaudio using zypper17:02
energycsdxCore2idiot: don`t forget start it as user nemo17:03
energycsdxsystemctl --user17:03
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Core2idiotI just tried just plain launching pulse audio, and I got: E: [pulseaudio] module-alsa-card.c: Failed to find a working profile.17:03
Core2idiotE: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-alsa-card" (argument: "device_id="0" name="platform-sound.29" card_name="alsa_card.platform-sound.29" namereg_fail=false tsched=yes fixed_latency_range=no ignore_dB=no deferred_volume=yes use_ucm=yes card_properties="module-udev-detect.discovered=1""): initialization failed.17:03
Core2idiotas user nemo17:04
piggzGuhl: useful for you?
Guhldefinitely, been following your work17:07
Guhland waited for you to publish this17:08
piggzGuhl: I also did a pull request for hybris-boot which includes the vision mount points17:08
Guhlfor now i am fine with init-debug setting up usb0 but I will incorporate that17:09
Guhlpiggz, yes they are good to be pulled17:09
locusfpiggz: you could probably contribute to usb-moded directly instead of files in your device tree?17:09
locusfpiggz: also you got a terminal line in your commit:
Guhlpiggz, did you have a chance to test the ofono packages ?17:10
Guhli assume that they will do the same as on my phone but one never knows17:10
piggzlocusf: oops :) .. i meant to take that out17:12
energycsdxCore2idiot: are you sure that you run with proper config?17:13
energycsdxrun it systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service17:14
piggzlocusf: its maybe temporary until phdeswer figures out another way to handle custom android device sysfs files17:14
Core2idiotI'm pretty sure, I'm just running the build that's on xda.17:14
locusfpiggz: okay, good to know :)17:14
Core2idiot[root@Eddy-Phone pulse]#  systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service17:15
Core2idiotFailed to get D-Bus connection: Failed to verify owner of bus.17:15
phdeswerlocusf: indeed. The problem is that ace has some weird custom system  :( Nothing that usb-moded cannot handle but it needs to be informed of the "madness"17:15
locusfphdeswer: lol, thats odd17:15
piggzlocusf: updated pr17:16
energycsdxyou should run it from user nemo17:16
Core2idiot[nemo@Eddy-Phone ~]$ systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service17:16
Core2idiotJob for pulseaudio.service failed. See 'systemctl status pulseaudio.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details.17:16
Core2idiot[nemo@Eddy-Phone ~]$ systemctl status pulseaudio.service17:17
Core2idiot   Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)17:17
Core2idiot   Active: inactive (dead)17:17
phdeswerlocusf: can't help it they invented some extra sysfs entry that is not in default android...17:17
Guhlnow that more people are here i would like to repeat my question17:17
Guhldoes anybody know how SF connects/handles the led(s)17:18
energycsdxCore2idiot ok let i check it on device17:19
Guhli have all the files in /sys/class/leds to turn them on/off/flash but have no idea how to connect them to SF17:19
phdeswerGuhl: I think that is dsme...17:20
phdesweror mce17:20
phdesweryep mce : led stuff is in there17:21
Guhlthanks you. i need some distraction from the RIL stuff17:22
piggzphdeswer: are you any good with sensors? e also need a working prox sensor on the ace/vision17:25
phdeswerpiggz: sorry. Don't really know much about them17:25
Guhlpiggz, yeah that would be good the htc libril seems to signal to turn of the screen while a call is active because of the prox sensor17:28
piggzGuhl: yeah, seenms that way17:29
Guhlpiggz, if you read the log or today i posted some files that htc libril tries to access17:29
Guhlwhen a call is active17:30
Guhlone has just the owner wrong (that could be fixed in init) the others don't exits17:30
Guhlone of them seems to be prox sensor related17:30
Guhlobviously i am supposed to implement the led stuff using mce-plugin-libhybris17:31
Guhli am going out tonight, but that is something for tomorrow17:32
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Guhlthere we are
Guhlpiggz, that is also your connection to the prox sensor17:34
Guhlout for tonight - c ya17:35
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Umeaboyphdeswer: Still haven't been able to understand the git-gui. ;)18:23
UmeaboyI'm kinda stupid and ignorant.18:23
phdeswerUmeaboy: well git is not really that straightforward sometimes.18:25
phdeswerLet's take it one thing at the time.18:25
phdeswerLet's clone your actual fork18:25
UmeaboyYes. I did that.18:26
UmeaboyI've cd'ed into it.18:27
Umeaboy[kristoffer@localhost droid-hal-device (Samsung)]$18:27
phdeswerUmeaboy: so there is more than just that one directory right?18:29
UmeaboyMore than one?18:29
phdeswerwell yes, as I said you have your fork. And then you seem to have made your own repo somewhere.18:29
UmeaboyI switched to the Samsung-branch.18:29
phdeswerOk, so you are not in your fork at all18:30
UmeaboyNope, but I can switch to master.18:30
phdeswerTo get your fork you should have done something like this : git clone
UmeaboyI did that.18:30
phdeswerok fine. So you might be in the right spot.18:31
phdeswerso what do you see in your samsung branch?18:31
phdeswerCan you see all the stuff from here: ?18:31
UmeaboyThe master branch seems to be missing the patterns dir.18:32
phdeswerUmeaboy: ok. That is weird. Since we do not know what you started from let's clone it cleanly.18:35
phdeswerThen make a branch, add your changes. Push them and do the pull request.18:35
UmeaboyOne thing at a time please.18:35
UmeaboyI'll re-clone it.18:35
phdeswerUmeaboy: just went over what we will do. Then I'll help you do everything one thing at a time.18:36
UmeaboyOK. Thanks.18:37
UmeaboyI've cloned it again.18:37
UmeaboyThen cd to complete.....18:37
Umeaboycd droid I mean18:37
Umeaboy[kristoffer@localhost droid-hal-device (hybris-10.1)]$18:38
phdeswerOk good. Let's do it the gui way for you18:38
UmeaboyI updated my paste-link:
phdeswerjust type git gui18:39
phdeswerThen you should get some kind of a gui thingy18:39
UmeaboyIt's blank.18:39
UmeaboyQueued changes......18:39
UmeaboyUnqueued changes....18:39
UmeaboyCheckin message......18:40
phdeswerThat's ok.18:40
phdeswerLet's make a new branch18:40
phdeswerThere should be a branch menu item18:40
UmeaboyBranch ->Create18:42
UmeaboyI'll put Sailfish in that field.18:42
UmeaboyRevision expression........what do I type there?18:43
phdeswerJust leave that blank18:44
phdeswerJust name and create18:44
energycsdxlooks like i bricked my device18:45
Umeaboyphdeswer: Should we take it in PM instead to releave people of clutter.18:47
stephgenergycsdx: oops how18:47
phdeswerUmeaboy: no idea what you mean there. Just add your changes now18:48
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energycsdxstephg: i flashed hybris-boot.img via fastboot, next booted updated new droid-hal-device rpm, next rebooted and now it`s not recognized.18:48
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Umeaboyphdeswer: Sorry to stupid to know HOW to add the changes.18:51
UmeaboyCan you guide me through that as well?18:51
phdeswerUmeaboy: well what did you do earlier? You can maybe just copy the files you changed in the right spot now.18:52
UmeaboySo now I choose Checkin and Queue for checkin?18:54
phdeswerWell first select your unstaged changes, write the commit message and press commit18:56
UmeaboyIt fails on ssh passfraze.18:59
phdeswerAnd then push, check if it is the right branch and press push (again but in the new dialog)18:59
phdeswerIt's your repo. You should know the passphrase18:59
UmeaboyHuh? I wrote the same password as I always use. Is it because of the ssh-key?19:00
phdeswerWell if you managed to clone it, should be the same passphrase19:01
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phdeswerSo not your ssh login or so..19:04
phdeswerUmeaboy: what's the error?19:09
UmeaboyI'mgonna make a new key and add it.19:11
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UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmm. The key is denied.19:13
Umeaboy[kristoffer@localhost ~]$ ssh umeaboy@github.com19:13
UmeaboyWarning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.19:13
UmeaboyPermission denied (publickey).19:13
UmeaboyI didn't add any passphrase.19:13
UmeaboyI didn't use ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""19:15
UmeaboyI just did ssh-keygen.19:15
UmeaboyNow it's working.19:20
UmeaboyI have ssh-access as well.19:20
phdeswerOk good. So you managed to push?19:20
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmm. To login on github doesn't work thou.19:21
phdeswerWell I can't really help there. You should know your login credentials...19:22
phdeswerUmeaboy: if you don't get that to work, you can try to edit the .git/config file and put the ssh url where is now the https url.19:26
phdeswerIf your ssh stuff works that should do it. But I have no idea if you actually uploaded a key to github19:27
UmeaboyI did.19:28
UmeaboyOn the website.19:29
UmeaboyI got a confirmation message on my mail about it as well.19:29
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phdeswerok. Then changing that stuff might fix it19:30
rusty88hey guys anyone knows how pulseaudio detects that a headphone was plug ? is not working for the i9300, but if i set manually works ok19:39
*** Core2idiot has joined #sailfishos-porters19:43
energycsdxrusty88: iirc ohm sets proper pulseaudio profile19:43
rusty88energycsdx: how do i know if its the proper pulseaudio profile?19:46
energycsdxrusty88 don`t know19:46
energycsdxrusty88 it need to be configured to proper input device, i just configured it and it works19:47
rusty88energycsdx: the profile works if manually set, i was wondering if was posible to be done automatically once the headphone were plug19:49
energycsdxheadphone plugs event is input event, that is passed via one of /dev/input/*, what i done i just configured ohm to listen proper input device19:52
energycsdxrun evdev_trace -t and plug in plug out headphone19:53
rusty88wheres the evdev_trace command?19:56
energycsdxmce-tools rpm19:57
rusty88thanks :) zypper what-provides did not helped :P19:57
rusty88energycsdx: ok i've got the event20:00
energycsdxrun evdev_trace without any params, it will show input device description20:01
energycsdxand configure ohm to match this description20:01
phdeswerUmeaboy: are things working out?20:02
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*** w00tc0d3 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
rusty88energycsdx: oh right thanks :)20:03
Umeaboyphdeswer: Not really.20:05
phdeswerSo can you try from the command line? Give me the output of the the following commands : git status and git push20:06
phdeswerwell git push origin branchname (it was sailfish or so right?)20:06
Umeaboy# On branch Sailfish20:08
Umeaboynothing to check in, working directory clean20:08
phdeswerok... So did you add your changes earlier?20:09
phdeswergit log will tell you20:09
Umeaboy[kristoffer@localhost droid-hal-device (Sailfish)]$ git log20:12
Umeaboycommit cb3537e6ce75e953d037639a02822b8f53ca343420:12
UmeaboyAuthor: Kristoffer Grundstrom <>20:12
UmeaboyDate:   Sat Oct 18 21:04:35 2014 +020020:12
Umeaboy    Added the i9305 directory which is needed during compilation20:12
Umeaboy    Signed-off-by: Kristoffer Grundstrom <>20:12
phdeswerwhat does git push origin Sailfish do?20:12
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piggzphdeswer: do you know about the dhd .inc file for building the rpms?20:17
phdeswerpiggz: not sure but sledges knows ;)20:21
piggzsledges: from what i read, if i:20:22
piggz%define enable_kernel_update 020:22
piggzin my .spec, it should disable the flashing parts ... but it doesnt20:22
piggzerror: File not found: /home/piggz/mer/android/droid/installroot/var/lib/platform-updates/flash-bootimg.sh20:22
piggzwhat gives? :)20:23
sledgespiggz: try chucking %define enable_kernel_update 0 out altogether20:26
sledgesas i sense it's a bit of a #ifdef attitude20:26
piggzsledges: just the same :/20:27
piggzive just been commenting out the stuff in the .inc file until now ... but it gets in the way when I want to commit stuff and push20:28
sledgespiggz: try reverting this pls:
sledgesand retry -with- %define enable_kernel_update 020:32
sledgesin .spec20:32
UmeaboyGotta go.20:32
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC20:32
piggzsledges: fixed it for ya :)20:38
sledgespiggz: yay! howz comez? ;)20:39
piggzjust dbl, checking ....20:39
piggzsledges: yep, fixed20:40
piggzsledges: i read
piggzand changed the test to:20:40
piggz%if "%{?enable_kernel_update:%{enable_kernel_update}}%{!?enable_kernel_update:0}" == "1"20:40
piggzwhich works if undefined, defined as 0 or defined as 120:41
sledgesholy macarony20:41
sledgeslbt: ^20:41
piggzsledges: lbt: tested it with all 3 possibilities and works for me atlast :)20:44
piggzsledges: according to that guide, the one that is in the current .spec should also work, but is not ideal20:45
piggztho, it is a very complex way of expressing if(...) :D20:46
sledgesi gather:)20:46
sledgesthe one that is in current .inc should also work, but apparently it doesn't %)20:47
sledgesor am i missing something here?20:47
piggzsledges: not my area of expertise ... should i send a PR to comment on?20:59
sledgeswith the rest of your stuffs;)21:00
sledgesthat i've seen some already, good work!21:00
piggzsledges: its added to
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters21:13
piggzYour request for a Tizen RD-PQ (M0) developer unit has been approved.21:17
sledgeswhat is that?;)21:18
sledgesah a phoney!21:20
piggzbut i dont think it has a radio21:21
piggzbut hey....its one for the collection beside the n950 ;)21:21
sledgestrue artefact!21:22
sledgescould make a nice satnav or whatnot21:22
rusty88been testing mcetools, if i use mcetools -d it dims the screen and fter a few secs it turns it off, but if i use the power button it doesn't turn it off21:30
rusty88been testing mcetools, if i use mcetools -d it dims the screen and fter a few secs it turns it off, but if i use the power button it doesn't turn it off21:31
rusty88oops sorry :P21:31
sledgesspiiroin: ^ ?21:31
sledgesrusty88: dmesg on keypress?21:37
sledgesthere should be a kmap file in dhd somewhere21:38
sledgesif that still makes sense of what im talking21:38
rusty88i think i've seen a kmap file... trying to remember21:40
sledgesjust grep rpm/21:42
sledgesrusty88: is that dmesg on keypress? hmm21:42
rusty88sledges: yes i think so21:43
sledgesdmesg -w21:43
sledgesfor follow21:43
rusty88sledges: cleaned dmesg and this is what i got after keypress
sledgesok, so PWR keypress is trapped fine21:44
sledgeswe need spiiroin insight for next:)21:44
Guhlis anybody familiar with mce-plugin-libhybris ?21:44
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sledgesspiiroin: ^21:46
rusty88sledges: ok, btw the kmap file is droid.kmap21:47
sledgesrusty88: yea, ignore that since PWR is registered21:48
sledgesif spiiroin sleeps, debugy times in order:)21:48
Guhli can not really believe what i see in the hybris.c code regarding all the hammerhead functions21:50
Guhlthat code will probably work on the vision but i cant believe that it should be implemented on a per device basis21:51
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rusty88is there an app in warehouse for screenshooting ?22:28
*** sdjayna has quit IRC22:28
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rusty88nightn ;)23:01
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