Sunday, 2014-10-19

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OrokuSaki Access Denied01:53
OrokuSakiAnyone know what to do when running into hybris wanting a binary called updater?01:53
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energycsdxok i recovered my phone07:31
energycsdxdon`t know what it was07:31
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energycsdxrusty88: how it goes?07:53
rusty88hey energycsdx, morning07:53
rusty88trying to understand ofono07:54
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rusty88btw energycsdx when building packages like qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin is it a bad idea to use O2 and disable debugging symbols ?08:02
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energycsdxrusty88: i never changed that options, but i think it`s ok to change08:17
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locusfthe git version of qt5-qpa-hwcomposer no longer works on n700008:27
locusfit used to though08:27
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Guhlspiiroin, ?11:44
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Guhlpiggz when you read the log - see this12:26
Guhlthats a log with sensord loaded with loglevel=test when doing an outgoing call12:27
Guhlin line 58 you can see that the proximityadaptor is requested to go to standby12:29
Guhlthat does not make to much sense in my opinion12:29
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Guhlbut i would like to talk to spiiroin about how this is supposed to work12:31
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Guhland also about how the connection to the leds is supposed to be implemented12:31
Guhlpiggz the code for the proximityadaptor is and i think that should work12:32
Guhlfor us the proximity adapter is /dev/input/event212:33
OrokuSakiMorning.. anyone know what is up with ?? Access denied..  Are they doing work?12:37
OrokuSakiShould I login with an account?12:37
OrokuSakiAnd what is up with hybris wanting updater? I was going to zypper that, but I cant... Should update the porting guide, etc. =)12:38
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rusty88_is it posible to create a pattern to preinstall software like jolla-mediaplayer and jolla-fileman at ROM creation ?13:03
piggzrusty88_: you can list them in your kickstart file13:04
piggzrusty88_: and there is a pattern jolla-store-apps i think13:04
rusty88_piggz: in the %package  "section"? i should just list the packages name that i want to install ?13:06
piggzrusty88_: yep ... i'll paste my file13:07
piggzrusty88_: .. i keep a copy of it because it gets deleted13:07
Guhlhi piggz13:08
piggzhi Guhl13:08
Guhli switched a bit from the ril issue to leds and proximity13:09
piggzGuhl: did you fix it? :)13:10
Guhlin principle i think that the prox-sensor should be supported by hybrisproximityadaptor13:10
Guhlbut if you see my
Guhlyou will see that the prox-sensor is suspended when you do a call13:11
rusty88_thanks piggz :)13:11
Guhli would like to talk to spiiroin before diving into that,13:15
Guhlsame thing for the leds13:15
Guhlif you want to have a look at
Guhlthere is a lot of hammerhead specific code in it13:17
Guhlof course i could do the same for the vision and ace because it seems to be similar13:18
Guhlbut i am not sure if this is the way it is meant to be done13:18
Guhlwhat do you have in /sys/class/leds/ on the ace?13:19
Guhlcan you paste the output of13:19
Guhlfind /sys/class/leds/13:19
locusfhmm seems that mce doesn't know how to turn the display off on n700013:30
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spiiroinGuhl: pong13:49
* spiiroin is catching up ...13:49
Guhlhi spiiroin your the mce guy right?13:50
spiiroinGuhl: yes13:50
GuhlOK i have been looking at
spiiroinGuhl: only led stuff is actually used from there13:51
Guhland i wonder how i am supposed to implement the led stuff for the vision13:51
spiiroinGuhl: control via sysfs?13:51
Guhlyes i have my files in sys/class/leds13:52
spiiroincan you show full path to some brightness file?13:52
rusty88spiiroin: after you've helped Guhl i also need some guidance with mce... with the i9300 the display is not turned off when idle13:53
Guhli.e. /sys/class/leds/amber/brightness13:53
spiiroinrusty88: ok, I know some possible sore points that we've had with other hw13:53
spiiroinGuhl: "amber"?13:54
Guhl /sys/class/leds/amber/max_brightness13:54
Guhl /sys/class/leds/amber/blink13:54
Guhlyes the led can only do amber = orange13:54
Guhland green13:54
Guhland in addition i do have a jogball-backlight13:55
spiiroinGuhl: so only one led, and that one is orange?13:55
spiiroinone led "channel" I mean13:55
Guhlno that led is orange or gree13:56
piggzyes, mine too is orange and green13:56
rusty88spiiroin: ok :) i'll wait then13:56
Guhland in addition /sys/class/leds/button-backlight and /sys/class/leds/jogball-backlight13:56
spiiroinGuhl: those would be candidates for keyborad backlight adaptation I guess (bits an pieces still missing there at upper levels too)13:57
spiiroinbut one led, two sysfs brightness controls - for orange and green?13:58
Guhlspiiroin, yes13:58
spiiroin... needs some thinking again13:59
Guhlspiiroin, i could use something like the jogball-backlight (the vision has a small touchpad on the front that is called jogball)14:00
spiiroinGuhl: can you do "ls -1 /sys/class/leds/*/*brightness" and put it here/pastebin depending on how long list there is14:00
Guhland this jogball has a white light that can be turned on an off14:01
spiiroinGuhl: It would somehow need to either have a policy of its own or be bound to some already existing one14:02
spiiroin... lets do the notification led 1st14:02
spiiroinGuhl: can the amber and green be on at the same time?14:04
Guhlspiiroin, let me check14:06
Guhlno - well if you set first amber to 10 and then green to 10 it stays amber14:07
Guhlwhen you set then amber to 0 it is green14:07
spiiroinok, kind of limits stuff14:08
spiiroinI need to grab some food now, thinking cap on though ...14:08
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spiiroinGuhl: the plugin stuff kind of expects to see rgb controls. this amber+green does not really fit nicely in there. probably needs custom pattern configs anyway, but I would like to fake rgb at some level (so that 3rd party patterns would do something at least semi sane)14:32
rusty88spiiroin: when you say rgb is something like this ?
spiiroinso 1) make amber/green backend for plugin -> leds work 2) tune default patterns -> can tell patterns from each other14:34
spiiroinrusty88: kind of, hopefully accessable from more "fixed" paths too14:35
spiiroinandroid lights hal uses rgb controls for leds; originally that was used by the mce plugin too, but there were various issues -> goes directly to sysfs, but still was written to expect r + g + b control channels14:37
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rusty88spiiroin:  they are in /sys/class/leds/led_{r,g,b}14:41
Guhlwe could use jogball backlight,  green,  and button-backlight as r,g,b14:41
Guhlat least thats 3 lights that can be light a the same time14:41
spiiroinGuhl: but why would we?14:42
Guhlso that existing patterns would work14:42
spiiroinbut would they make any sense?14:43
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spiiroinbacklight is used elsewhere anyway -> that is off the list14:43
Guhlwhich backlight14:44
spiiroindisplay backlight = how bright the display is14:44
Guhlì have 3, jogball, soft-keys and hardware keyboard14:44
Guhlyes and of course lcd-backlight14:44
spiiroinok, got confused for a while14:45
spiiroinbut I'm assuming we want notification led = notifications, backlights = something else14:45
spiiroinI need to take a closer look, but probably it just needs: frontend to map rgb -> amber or green + 2 channel backend for actual sysfs control14:46
spiirointhen existing patterns should work, but wold benefit from config that designed knowing that they are either amber or green14:47
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spiiroinrusty88: that "/sys/class/leds/led_{r,g,b}" is different hw from what Guhl is tinkering with?14:48
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spiiroinGuhl: btw, do the amber/green have something that looks like blinking controls in sysfs?14:51
Guhlspiiroin, yes14:52
spiiroinms_on, ms_off or something else?14:52
Guhlsec need to reboot phone14:52
Guhlbut its either blink or blinking with values 0 and 114:53
rusty88spiiroin: yes, mine is an i9300 (galaxy s3) dunno what is Guhl's device... just reading along to see if i can do something for the i9300 to get the leds hooked up14:54
spiiroinrusty88: that looks like "just add another set of sysfs paths" kind of mod14:55
Guhlspiiroin, it's blink14:55
Guhland only amber and green support it14:56
spiiroinGuhl: e.g. "/sys/class/leds/amber/blink" ?14:56
Guhlyes set it to 1 -> blinks14:56
spiiroinno timing control? just boolean?14:57
rusty88spiiroin: i guess, but that's what i got when listing /sys/class/leds/, I didn't symlink anything14:57
spiiroinrusty88: is there ms_on, ms_off or ms_on_off or something like that there too?14:58
spiiroin... same level as brightness/max_brightness14:59
Guhlwell spiiroin the blink takes 0,1,2,3 but i do not see a difference in blinking14:59
spiiroinGuhl: ok, just another difference to what I expected to see ;-)14:59
rusty88spiiroin: nope, only blink, brightness delay_off, delay_on max_brightness and some other folders15:02
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spiiroinrusty88: delay_on, delay_off -> probably same as others again -> should still be easy (knock knock)15:03
Guhlanother funny thing i have is /sys/class/leds/green/off_timer15:06
Guhlcat /sys/class/leds/green/off_timer gives15:07
GuhlTime remains 0:015:07
Guhldon't know what input it takes15:07
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piggzGuhl: it takes MIN SEC ie 1 515:11
Guhlit takes inputs as a string of 2 numbers. like "2 1" but that does not change what i get on cat15:11
Umeaboypiggz: You have the i9305 right?15:11
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piggzGuhl: but it does work ... echo 1 to brightness, then "0 5" to off timer and led turns off after 5 secsons15:12
piggzUmeaboy: no, htc ace15:12
Guhlyour right piggz15:14
rusty88spiiroin: easy how? like sym link :?15:14
spiiroinrusty88: easy as in: sysfs files with similar functionality, just paths are different15:15
Guhlbut basically spiiroin that has to implemented specially in the hybris.c for our htc devices15:15
Guhllike i.e it has been done for the hammerhead15:16
Umeaboyphdeswer: Are you awake?15:17
spiiroinso far it looks like rusty88 device = another rgb led, Guhl device = totally different kind of beast15:17
Guhlyes thats right15:17
spiiroini.e. I expect/hope the rusty88 would be easier than hammer head, the other one needs new set of special handling - bit like hammerhead, but more work15:18
piggzspiiroin: my device is same as guhl15:18
Guhlhow does mce know in the end to use led_control_hammerhead_probe instead of led_control_vanilla_probe15:19
spiiroinas long as the differences are great enough not to cause false positive matches, it just needs to *also* probe "guhl"15:20
spiiroinbtw... I could use better terms than "guhl" and "rusty" for these things ;-)15:20
spiiroinwhat would the analogues to "hammerhead" be?15:20
rusty88thank god i9300 is good at something15:21
rusty88spiiroin: my device is a i9300 aka galaxy s3 international15:21
piggzspiiroin: vision and ace for our devices (guhl == vision piggz== ace)15:22
spiiroinI'll use i9300 & vision as working names at least15:22
spiiroinneed to go again... I'll try to get something done later today/tomorrow15:23
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UmeaboyCan anyone of you please clone my repo and add the i9305 directory to droid-hal-device/patterns/15:28
beidlhello hello fine folks15:30
rusty88ok spiiroin thanks :)15:30
rusty88hi beidl15:30
beidlrusty88: o/15:30
beidlglad to be back in the channel, army is so tiring15:31
rusty88welcome back :)15:31
beidlrusty88: thanks :)15:32
Guhlspiiroin, mine is a htc vision and piggs a htc ace15:32
Guhlhey beidl15:33
beidlGuhl: habe die ehre!15:33
beidlGuhl: I see from the backlog you made use of my nasty hack :D15:34
piggzbeidl: me too15:34
rusty88Guhl: can you help me with ofono ?15:34
Guhli really thought you are a beidl lately when i'v found your hack after 3 nights of debugging :-)15:34
rusty88btw beidl if you're referring to the ofono hack i'm using it too :P15:35
beidlhaha nice :D15:35
Guhlnow i am stuck at another issue with ofono or probably ril when setting up the data connection15:36
beidlI'll have to investigate the actual issue in ofono, will do that as soon as I have time to hack on the new maguro kernel15:36
beidlGuhl: what's the issue?15:36
Guhli am not sure - have a look at
Guhlthat is the logcat from the radio buffer using a libril that i slightly modified15:38
beidlGuhl: which device?15:38
Guhlthat is a htc vision15:38
Guhlaka desire z or t-mobile g215:38
beidlGuhl: yeah I know that one, wanted that one to be my device after I gave my G1 to my cousin :)15:39
beidlGuhl: well it appears that the ril actually set up a usable connection, looking at the ADDR, MASK, GATEWAY parts of the log15:39
beidlmaybe it's just a routing issue15:39
Guhlit looks good until line 13815:39
Guhlafter that something crashes big time15:40
Guhli am not sure if the radio-firmware itself crashes or only ofono15:41
beidlGuhl: well, at least not the ril daemon, as the log would print a different PID15:41
Guhli do have an strace of ofono somewhere when the crash happens15:41
Guhlyes thats right15:41
Guhlso probably it's just ofono15:41
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beidlGuhl: get me a link to your kernel config, it could be an issue with the modem interface driver15:43
Guhli had to fix some hardcoding in ofono to get to this point as it forces the technology in the SETUP_DATA_CALL to 11 = HSPA15:43
beidlGuhl: I noticed some information about LTE in the debug log, interesting as that device doesn't have LTE15:44
Guhlyes but thats only a part of the signal strength response15:46
Guhlactually the phone supports HSPA15:46
beidlGuhl: yeah I know, but why does HTC ship that in a device without LTE? makes output more verbose than it needs to be :) anything interesting in dmesg?15:47
beidlGuhl: maybe play around with CONFIG_NETFILTER* configs, I don't believe those are mandatory for mer15:48
Guhlbut the function qmi_send_activate_pdp in the proprietary libhtc_ril checks for technology = 0 UNKNOWN or 1 = GPRS15:48
Guhlbeidl, that string is from RILC that is the open source Android part of it15:48
Guhlthat comes from 4.315:48
beidloh I see15:48
Guhlso we would expect some LTE indo in that15:48
Guhli decompiled the libhtc_ril to see what tecnologies it understands15:49
Guhland first i modifies the open source libril to replace the technology that ofono sent by 115:50
Guhlbut now i actually decided to patch ofono15:50
Guhl(as i would not know how to actually deploy a modified libril.so15:51
beidlGuhl: "mka libril" or something like that, the modified would be in /usr/libexec/droid*/system/lib15:52
Guhldoes that get deployed to /system/lib(15:53
Guhlcause thats the one that is really used15:53
beidlGuhl: nope, but you could prepend the path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH15:54
GuhlOK good to know - but i think it is stupid anyway in ofono to hardcode the technology to HSPA15:55
beidlGuhl: true that15:55
beidlGuhl: all I can say is that since I've modified the kernel config to also include not-mandatory changes the signal strength dropped significantly, and maybe yours does even time out before routing is set up correctly15:56
Guhlbtw who is good with senorfw in here?15:56
beidlGuhl: not really, but I'm bored. whats the issue? :)15:57
Guhlhmm beidl my signal is quite good actually15:57
Guhli would like to know how to test the proximity sensor15:57
beidlGuhl: there's an app in the warehouse for testing all sensors on the phone15:58
Guhlas i think the code at
spiiroinrusty88: forgot the display off problems; if it is just that backlight stays on, it could be that kernel does not power off backlight unless backlight brightness == zero at suspend; latest mce versions should drive the brightness to zero before suspending; older ones might work with fade-to-black disabled, i.e. try if "mcetool --set-brightness-fade-blank=0" helps16:00
Guhlbut i am not sure if it really works16:01
beidlGuhl: you should play around with your event devices and see if *some* device reacts if you put your finger on the proximity sensor16:01
rusty88spiiroin: that command failed with unrecognized option16:03
beidlGuhl: try /system/bin/getevent16:03
spiiroinrusty88: we really need to get that update9 out... I'm losing sight what has changes since what16:04
spiiroinrusty88: i.e. it might be already fixed16:04
beidlGuhl: thats what I used to debug headset jack issues until I noticed that the GPIO is not registered in the kernel and just using a custom kernel driver for android16:04
rusty88spiiroin: ok then i'll wait for the update then ;-)16:04
spiiroinGuhl: "mcetool -c ringing:normal -B1 -c active:normal -B" -> mce thinks there is active call -> proximity blanking policy is active -> display should blank when sensor is covered and unblank when not16:05
*** Guhl has quit IRC16:06
locusf <- review please16:06
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters16:07
Guhlran out of juice on the nb16:07
rusty88spiiroin: just tested the fake call to test if the sensor worked, and when I force the command to terminate the display was turned off automatically... i guess that it only stays on when the power button is pressed16:08
Guhlbtw. that is another weird thing16:08
Guhlwhen i do a phone call the display is turned of16:09
Guhland i can not turn it on again, it turns off again immediately16:09
Guhli pasted a log here
Guhlbeidl, this is the strace of ofono of the sequence when i try to start the data connectio16:14
*** iTune has quit IRC16:14
Guhli'll try to get a backtrace from that16:18
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Guhlthis is the backtrace
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters16:25
Guhllooks like the parcel it gets from ril is either incomplete or the format is not right16:25
Guhldid i ever mention that i hate parcels16:25
Guhlbut that should be sortable - i will dump the parcel content in the libril as it gets sent16:26
Guhland check what g_ril_unsol_parse_data_call_list expects16:27
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GuhlOK i definitely have a mismatch between the structure that ofono wants to read and what ril sends17:01
rusty88anyone here that could help me debug why wireless can't connect to a network?17:02
Guhlcan you scan for networks?17:02
rusty88but fails wether the network is encrypted or open17:02
spiiroinGuhl: that is all more or less normal. call ends = returns to state it was before call; using power key to blank screen -> disables auto policy (stays off); using power key to unblank -> enable auto policy (blanks again if ps covered), etc17:02
Guhlaha i had the problem that the firmware path for the wifi driver was wrong but i could not even scan17:03
Guhlso spiiroin you tell me if i do the call and the screen immediately blanks17:04
Guhlthis basically means that it thinks the prox-sensor is covered17:04
spiiroinyes, or at least mce thinks that proximity sensor is covered17:05
rusty88i get the following error in wpa_cli CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT bssid=<MAC> status_code=117:05
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Guhlthank spiiroin i will try to focus on testing and getting the prox-sensor working17:06
Guhlrusty88, sorry don't know about that17:07
spiiroinGuhl: you might check whether sensorfw is returning correct state; at least way back in time the initial reading was wrong17:07
Guhlthat brings me back to the question on how to test the sensorfw17:08
Guhlis there a cli tool for that?17:08
spiiroinGuhl: there are some xxx-tests packages with cli apps for testing17:08
Guhlwho wrote ofono?17:10
Guhlin the code where it crashed it says in the comment17:11
Guhl * ril.h documents the reply to a RIL_REQUEST_DATA_CALL_LIST17:11
Guhl * as being an array of  RIL_Data_Call_Response_v6 structs,17:11
Guhl * however in reality, the response also includes a version17:11
Guhl * to start.17:11
Guhl */17:11
Guhlthen it gets a reply that the version is 417:11
Guhlbut just reads the parcel as if there would not be any different versions17:11
Guhl-> boom !17:12
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Guhlthats the same thing as in the file where that hardcoded tech HSPA is set. The comment also says that maybe this should be configurable, ...17:13
Guhlso basically whoever wrote that knows about the problems that will happen but does not try to avoid them17:13
Guhlone would at least expect a version check and a safe exit with a message like "RIL Version x not supported"17:14
* Guhl apologizes for dumping his frustration to the channel 17:16
Guhli go cooking know!17:16
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rusty88Guhl: how did you know it was the wrong firmware  ?17:27
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*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:38
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piggzStskeeps: ping18:21
Guhlrusty88, i loaded the wifi kernel-module manually and watched /proc/kmsg while doing so18:30
Guhland it wanted to load the firmware from a directory on /system that was not accessible18:30
Guhlbut i don't thing thats your problem18:31
Guhli wonder how we did this in android the RIL_Data_Call_Response_v4 structure only contains type, apn and address, while the v6 that ofono expects contains also the dnses, and gateways18:40
Guhlwell let's see i'll change ofono and see if the network connection is usable18:41
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UmeaboyWould Sailfish OS work in a Lava TV?19:45
UmeaboyThat is ARM-based.19:46
phdeswerHi Umeaboy19:48
phdeswerWell that does not mean much. There are many flavours of ARM19:49
phdeswerYou wanted to ask me something btw earlier? (sorry was afk)19:49
Umeaboyphdeswer: I'll continue with your instructions now if you have the time.19:54
phdeswerUmeaboy: I can make some time to help you19:54
UmeaboyLast time before I left you said that I should run "git push origin Sailfish"19:57
UmeaboyI did that. ssh passphrase doesn't work.19:57
UmeaboyI tried both with my standard one and even tried blank19:58
phdeswerUmeaboy: Well ssh passphrase is something else than an ssh key..19:59
phdeswerI mean login19:59
Umeaboyremote: Invalid username or password.20:00
Umeaboyfatal: Authentication failed for ''20:00
phdeswerUmeaboy: you might have to make a new key and put it in github.20:01
Umeaboyphdeswer: Still no change.20:07
phdeswerYou created the key and are using its passphrase?20:07
UmeaboyI even deleted the .ssh in my ~/20:07
phdeswerI hope you deleted .ssh first20:08
phdeswerCan you paste your .git/config somewhere?20:08
Umeaboyphdeswer: Yes I did.20:10
phdeswerOk, you're using https, so it should ask for your github username and password20:12
phdeswerOtherwise change the url = https:// to url = an try again20:13
UmeaboyTHAT worked.20:15
UmeaboyNow what?20:15
phdeswerWell now from the webinterface you should be able to do the pull request now20:16
phdeswerPress the green button20:17
phdeswerYou probably need to press edit, and then select your Sailfish branch. And then after some ok's you should be good.20:18
Umeaboyphdeswer: Yaaaaaay!20:19
phdeswerFinally it worked :) Well now you should be able to do it next time yourself ;)20:20
UmeaboyAll we need now is to add the sdk direcory with the missing file which is seen in the compilation.20:21
Umeaboyphdeswer: Can you merge my pull request?20:21
phdeswerUmeaboy: I have no rights in the repo so I can't. But I am sure somebody will soon take a look at ir20:22
UmeaboySo in the future all I have to do is to put the file in the cloned directory and then do git push origin Sailfish?20:24
Guhlwell ofono does not crash anymore but it also does not start the data connection20:24
Umeaboyphdeswer: Is THIS what we're looking for?
UmeaboyTo fix awk: fatal: cannot open file `sdk/files/' for reading (No such file or directory)20:27
phdeswerUmeaboy: best is the create a new branch and then push that one.20:27
phdeswerUmeaboy: no idea about your new question.20:28
UmeaboyIt's seen during the compilation.20:28
phdeswerIt could be, but somebody else knows that stuff better than me20:30
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phdeswerI'll check that later. Bedtime for me21:08
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