Monday, 2014-10-20

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Stskeepsmorn stephg04:24
Stskeepsthere's nothing like post-jetlag-long-sleep.. 12-14 hours completely out04:25
stephgyou're home then :)04:25
stephgI find it's always easier going west too; if the timezones are right (and the flight lengths) you can treat it as one *really* long day04:25
stephgand then sleep forever as yousay04:26
Stskeepsone of the trips had 13 hours worth of "please keep your seatbelt on'04:26
Stskeepsthe flight was 13 hours.04:26
Stskeepswell, if it just had been that04:26
Stskeepsthere was a bit in the start, sure, first 3-4 hours04:26
Stskeepsbut rest of time? come on04:26
stephgpilots clearly just forgot ;)04:27
Stskeepsi'm pretty sure of that04:27
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sthalikhi! how involving to port to android, samsung device?09:14
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sthalikcomes with "working" old libEGL, hackable/backportable kernel09:14
sthalikfwiw, the device's i826009:15
stephgsthalik: is there a working CM 10 or 11 for it?09:15
sthalikstephg, no09:15
sthaliki replaced some stuff from aosp, but, never tried CM09:16
sthaliksomeone apparently started CM porting effort but they're XDA kids09:16
sthalikno repo, no source, just noise09:17
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sthalikfwiw, i'm running debian armhf eabi on it with symlinks all over09:18
sthalikbut that doesn't talk to the hardware at all09:18
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lbtsthalik: aosp should work but I never fully finished the aosp port I was working on.09:38
lbtit's on my todo list but not come back around just yet09:39
sthaliklbt, huh?09:39
sthalikwhat does have sailfish to do with aosp?09:39
sthalikor mer09:39
lbt[20/10/2014 10:16] <sthalik> i replaced some stuff from aosp, but, never tried CM09:39
sthalikthought merely keep rild and friends09:39
sthaliklbt, i ran aosp and it died in sf startup, eglwhatnot09:39
sthalikerror was likely earlier09:40
lbtoh, I assumed you had a *working* aosp09:40
lbtyou're stuffed then :D09:40
sthalikit's not like it has $(which dalvikvm) right?09:40
sthalikoh, the compat layer.09:40
lbtwell - it depends what level of sw engineer and internal details you have09:40
sthaliklbt, and time09:40
sthalikwhat needs to work for sailfish to boot to ui?[D09:41
lbtanything is possible with enough time/info - but realistically time is best spent on a device which has a modern CM/AOSP working port09:41
lbtI would not personally spend too much time on a device which doesn't meet those criteria09:41
sthalikfsvo "too much", yes09:42
lbtstep 1 of the HADK is "make AOSP/CM work"09:42
sthalikjesus, i'm dumb but where are the git repos?09:42
lbtfor our mods to the HA layer09:43
lbtHADK uses a manifest in the /android project which points to other repos09:43
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lbt(repo manifest if you know that tool)09:43
sthalikoh no, android repo tool09:44
sthalikthere's so much interlock in their stuff09:44
lbtwe don't do that09:44
sthalikit's pointless they have multiple repos in the first place, them NIH-ers09:44
lbtwe use it to build the HA layer09:45
lbtthen move to rpm above that09:45
lbtsthalik: it's actually worth running through the HADK for the Nexus4 and seeing what happens09:46
lbtthen you'll have a mental handle on the process and interconnections09:46
sthaliklbt, able to run with android /init for the initial effort?09:47
lbtyou can do anything you like :) - HADK goes straight to an initrd debug init which is useful for debugging when porting09:48
lbtif you can boot a kernel then you can get to that09:49
sthalikat least debian non-chroot works here09:49
lbtthen you can telnet in over usb and debug on device09:49
lbtso yeah - you can play09:49
lbtto make hybris you'll need a clone of their bionic and their blobs and config09:50
sthaliknote: tmux and irssi running on the device ;)09:50
lbtover USB network I guess09:51
sthalikthere's RPM metadata, been 15 years... could you please point in the right direction?09:52
lbtsorry - went afk for a minute09:52
lbtI meant to ask if you had irssi running over wifi or over usb09:53
lbtnot important09:53
sthalikwith proper symlinking, non-hardware-related debian stuff works, including sshd09:54
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lbtfedora guides on .spec building are good - basically if you come from debian (like me) just accept it for a horrid mess of % signs and deal with it09:54
sthalikdebian's worse ;) thanks! looking into09:55
lbtI try not to have those wars :)09:55
* stephg reminds everyone that all software sucks, and that hardware blows, until you power it down ;)10:02
sthalikhardware at least has proof of correctness, sometimes :)10:07
lbtstephg: I was *really* wishing electrons came with a printf() this weekend10:10
stephgsthalik: only sometimes ;)10:11
stephglbt: we all have those days from time to time huh10:11
sthalikhah. turns out, clock gating on i8260 stock kernel turned on, caused load spinning10:11
sthalikthe irony. it was supposed to save battery10:11
lbtstephg: yep - it was a capacitative touch thing - turns out I needed a tiny delay to drain the capacitor before re-sampling it10:12
lbtworked fine on the desk - not so much in the cupboard10:12
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alinjoin #multirom13:25
jvbor what?13:31
alinjvb: mistake... I was defeated by spelling13:33
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Umeaboysledges: Have you merged my pull request NOW then? :)15:59
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rusty88spiiroin o/, any news about the work on the LEDS for the i9300 ?17:05
spiiroinrusty88: I did cook up something, can't test myself though17:10
rusty88wow wonderful :) i shall test it later then17:10
rusty88since i'll be going home in a while17:11
rusty88i'll let you know, thanks17:11
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energycsdxspiiroin: do i need mce-plugin-libhybris to have led working?17:15
spiiroinenergycsdx: depends, but basically for non-legacy maemo/meego hw -> yes17:16
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lbtsledges: for when piggz is around - can we check he didn't just comment out the %define .. which would still be evaluated by rpmbuild's super-awesome parser :)18:34
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sledgeslbt: ahaaah ;)18:50
sledgespass him via github comments, he seems to be keen replying via his BB:) he'll recheck it soon18:50
* sledges afk for a bit18:50
lbtI hope our email client doesn't munge quite so badly18:51
rusty88spiiroin: you there?19:03
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rusty88btw is it normal that having like 4 apps opened, and I open one more, the other are closed?19:17
energycsdxyou can have 3x3 apps on home screen19:18
rusty88my thoughts exactly.. anything come to mind that could result in this behaviour?19:19
energycsdxare you sure that apps closed? afaik grid displays recent apps, maybe it is running19:20
energycsdxor maybe oom killer19:20
rusty88well the they are in the grid and when I open one more, then they start to disappear19:22
rusty88or someone kills them or they crashed19:22
rusty88weird now i have 6 apps open and the one that is closed/crashed is the one i just open19:25
energycsdxi was able to run more that 9 apps19:27
energycsdxonce i run 10th apps oldest one in grid disappered but i think it running in background19:28
rusty88and lipstick is running at 7% to 26% of CPU19:28
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lbtpiggz: when you're doing multiple commits like that, please squash them and force push to your branch19:41
lbtit'll automatically rebase/redo the PR19:42
piggzlbt: which commits would you like squashed, all of em?19:55
lbtpiggz: the idea is to squash them into 1 commit per functional change19:55
lbtor split19:56
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lbteach commit message should say why the commit is there and ideally reference a bug (hahaha)19:56
lbtas time passes we'll automate validation of some of these rules19:56
piggzlbt: yes, i would normally do that with branches, its going to be a bit ore difficult to do that now19:57
lbtyou can force push to your home project19:57
lbt(the joy of git rebase -i)19:58
piggz1) im not _that_ good with git ... i can squash the last 2 together which might make sense19:58
lbtsounds like a learning opportunity to me :)19:58
lbtdo you use emacs?19:58
lbtok no problem - just a suggestion if you did :)19:59
piggzthe last 2 are related so could be squahse?
piggzor i could just revert them?20:00
lbtlooks like 1/2/3 could squash - ofono looks ok - last 2 should result in a null commit - but you also removed the init-debug from .inc which is correct but should have its own commit20:02
piggzlbt: oh, forgot about the init-debug :)20:03
lbtthat's what review is for20:04
energycsdxlbt: i use emacs20:09
lbtenergycsdx: I was going to suggest 'magit' as an awesome git support tool in emacs.20:09
lbtthe ability to re-arrange commits from the log and stage at the 'diff' level within a file is just amazing20:10
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piggzlbt: does that look betteR?20:10
lbtno ?20:12
lbtdid you push ?20:14
rusty88spiiroin: the code for the led is not working (tested using mcetool -l)20:15
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piggzlbt: it is down to 4 commits, not 6
piggzstill work to do20:17
lbtok - squash the last 2 and redo the commit message to be about init-debug20:18
lbtdid you lose something in the usb mode part - about rndis ?20:19
piggzlbt: should i just delete the init-debug lines instead of commenting?20:19
lbtfor now, yes20:20
lbtbut then delete those 2 commits completely (git reset)20:20
piggzlbt: rndis is ok ... changed from rndis0 to usb020:20
lbtmmk - I thought I saw a patch to do that a couple of hrs ago - it seems to be missing now20:21
rusty88spiiroin: nvm what i said.. turn off and turn on the phone uses the led :)20:32
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rusty88hey sledges do you have your i9305 ?21:03
sledgesnot around no21:04
rusty88ok thanks anyway.. still no luck with solving the wifi issue21:05
sledgesrusty88: but "it's not us, it's you" issue? :)21:05
rusty88sledges: yes i know is my issue, just wanted to know something with you i9305 dhd module21:06
sledgesstrange, the router you have probably21:06
sledgeswish i could test jolla phone on it too21:06
sledgesto pinpoint whether it's connman/wpa_supplicant problem21:06
sledgesas you know there are issues there21:07
rusty88but is not just with my router.. is with any router.. either open or encrypted21:07
sledgesbut guys on forum said they connect to wifi witih i930021:07
rusty88only one21:07
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rusty88i have tested it with 3 routers and with a friend's phone phone21:08
energycsdxbtw what routers are you use at home?21:09
rusty88and nothing... I always get the CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT in wpa_cli21:09
rusty88energycsdx:  is a tp-link21:10
sledgesrusty88: other report wlan problems too?21:10
rusty88model is TL-WR1043ND21:10
rusty88sledges: yes at least two that I remember21:10
sledgeshmm ok21:11
sledgesand you surely tried point-to-point adhoc AP?21:11
rusty88yes, with another phone21:11
rusty88and without encryption21:11
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Guhlhi piggz, did you already test what spiiroin posted in the afternoon?21:26
Guhlspiiroin, thanks !21:26
UmeaboyHi guys!21:26
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UmeaboyFinally one step closer to a rom for the i9305. ;)21:26
UmeaboyThanks, sledges for merging my pull request.21:27
Guhlpiggz, i have been working yesterday on the ril-stuff for the data-connection21:27
UmeaboyNow we just need to add the missing propteries file for the sdk and everything will be fine.21:27
Guhli am closer but not there yet21:27
UmeaboyDon't know where to put it thou.21:28
UmeaboyIn /android/droid/ ?21:28
piggzGuhl: no, what has spiiroin posted where?21:28
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rusty88piggz: oops wrong link :P is this one
Guhlnot totally sure how i will solve that in the end. Our proprietary htc ril speaks RIL V4 and ofono-ril actually only implements V621:29
Guhlyes thats what spiiron did for our leds21:30
Guhli can either try to translate everything (necessary) in the open source libril from V4 to V6 and vice versa21:31
Guhlthat might get messy21:32
Guhlor i could implement a V4 ril layer for ofono21:32
Guhl- that would be the clean approach but might take longer21:32
Guhlpiggz, what would you prefer ?21:33
piggzGuhl: option 221:33
Guhland i got limited time this week as i am traveling a lot and will be stuck in marathon meetings21:33
GuhlOK thats also what i prefer21:33
piggzGuhl: I have no speedy need for phone support ... its also more likely to be accepted21:34
Guhlwell phone works already calls and text messages21:34
Guhldata connection is still missing21:35
Guhlbesides that i'll try to find some time to work on the prox sensor21:36
piggzGuhl: yeah, i tried the test-sensors app but it wouldnt display data from the prox21:36
Guhlthat would be important to get rid of the annoying screen blanking when doing a call21:36
Guhland the other thing is sound in21:37
Guhlbut i am really not good with that pulse audio stuff21:37
Guhli could provide decompiled audio libraries if that helps but i think without the help of someone like jusa_ we (at least i) will be lost here21:39
Guhlbut i will not be able to do or test anything before tomorrow morning because I forgot the hdd that holds all my SF dev stuff at home21:42
rusty88Guhl: are you busy or can you help me debug ofono?21:44
piggzlbt: check the pull now21:44
Guhlrusty88, not tonight sorry. I am dead tired and on my way to bed21:45
rusty88Guhl: no worries ;)21:46
Guhlcool tomorrow i will come home late (if lufthansa brings me home at all) but wednesday should be good21:47
lbtpiggz: looking much better - good stuff21:47
lbtif you're going to remove init-debug then delete the lines fully and don't forget to delete the script too21:48
rusty88Guhl: ok thanks21:48
lbtalso make sure SOURCE12 is not being installed or mentioned in %files21:48
lbtare usb-moded-configs present already ?21:49
lbtpiggz: and ... what are all the Change-Id:  lines  ??21:50
Guhlpiggz, i'll wait until you did all the commits pulls for the ace before i do the same for the vision :-)21:51
Guhlnight guys21:51
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