Tuesday, 2014-10-21

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lbtOK .. wiki has ParserFunctions for Nokius :)13:53
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piggzlbt: what do you mean about the chane-id lines?19:37
piggzlbt: oh, i c, in the log19:38
piggzits from the squash of the commits19:38
lbtyeah - we don't use them anymore either19:38
piggzlbt: is it a problem?19:40
lbtif you're trying to do a proper, clean, PR then yes19:41
piggzlbt: so ... remove the chnge-id lines from all commits ... of just the one with multiple from the squasg?19:41
lbtall change Id lines :)19:42
piggzlbt: doesnt git just add them automatically tho?19:42
lbtgerrit used to use them19:42
piggzwell, I didnt add them :)19:42
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lbtI wonder if you have a git config to add them for some reason19:43
piggzlbt: it comes from .git/hooks/commit-msg ... so, part of your repo ;)19:50
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lbtpretty sure that's a local thing19:53
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piggzlbt: doesnt exist in my calligra repo...20:03
lbtwell, hooks cannot be cloned20:03
lbt(think about it - cloning a shell script that you run unknowingly on a commit?)20:04
piggzyeah .. i just cant think where its come from20:05
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lbtit's *possible* that ~/.git<something> adds it20:07
piggzlbt: i bet it its the repo tool, maybe ?20:09
lbtmmm, could be - they do gerrit in android20:10
piggzproabably from following the hadk20:10
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lbtwell; hmm .. maybe20:20
lbtwe may need to check on that - I use a clean clone for hacking20:21
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piggzlbt: better? https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/67/commits20:26
piggzi'll delete the commit hooks ... there is also a pre-auto-gc hook which checks if im on ac power!20:27
lbtcan you see any issues in it?20:27
piggzit looks harmless .. just aborts auto packing if not on ac power20:28
lbtjust reading the commit msgs on that page it stands out that one has [ace] ... :)20:28
lbthaha I meant the PR20:28
lbtI think the 1st 4 should have [ace]20:29
piggzi can add [ace] to the first 4, and20:29
lbtthe last one - don't comment, delete20:29
lbtalso delete the init-debug file if it's not used anymore20:30
piggzok, i wasnt sure20:30
lbtand delete the comment that says it's installing it20:30
piggzwell, i was after some guidnace ... is it def not used?20:30
lbtwell, did you test it ?20:30
lbtand do you get init-debug after deleting it ?  :)20:30
* lbt is happy - piggz is going to be a tough reviewer after this :)20:31
piggzno .... i was just checking if dhd/init-debug is def not wanted ... it certainly gets in my way ;)20:31
lbtso, delete it, delete all references to it and explain why in the commit msg... then test it to be sure it's OK for you.. time-consuming the first time but you get used to it20:32
lbtpiggz: also .. in case you weren't sure ... the stuff you're doing is good so ty20:33
Guhlhey piggz still tinkering the boot process?20:34
piggzGuhl: well ... its pretty sorted, just lbt is being a pita :D20:34
Guhlthats why i fork from your repo20:35
Guhlso you can deal with upstream :-)20:35
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lbthey... upstream is nice!20:37
piggzGuhl: do u have a .git/hooks/commit-msg ?20:37
Guhlsoftlink to ../../../../repo/hooks/commit-msg20:39
piggzlbt: see, hadk ;)20:40
Guhlthats Gerrit stuff20:40
Guhlcomes from repo20:40
lbtyeah - thanks for finding it; we'll need to advise people on how to clean up gerrit-droppings now20:40
Guhlpiggz, did you ever manage to make nemos password stick?20:42
piggzGuhl: no20:42
piggzlbt: ^ ?20:42
lbtin what sense ?20:43
piggznemo password is changed avery boot ... can it be made to stick?20:44
lbtthere's likely a oneshot that does it20:45
lbtI don't know off the top of my head20:45
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piggzlbt: ok, building an image with it all, so will be tomorrow evening before its tested ... if ok, i'll commit the final change to delete init-debug20:50
lbtthat's essentially the correct approach - especially when doing something that touches all device builds20:52
lbtyou could/should normally ask another device maintainer to try it too - just to be on the safe side20:52
lbtthis one's reasonably obviously good though20:52
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piggzlbt: when is sf 9 out?20:54
*** lbt is now known as lbt_censored20:55
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lbtso that'll be good..20:55
piggzhmm :/20:56
lbtsoon we hope20:56
lbtwe'll announce as soon as we know - as usual20:57
Guhlpiggz, did you get a chance to test the led stuff?20:57
piggzGuhl: no ... tonight was mountain biking night ;)20:57
Guhlwhat a splendid idea20:59
Guhli hacked around too much stuff in the android libril - think it's time to reset it from git21:07
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stephggood evening21:20
Guhlgood night21:32
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Guhlwe are getting closer and closer21:45
Guhlbut this whole ril stuff from ofono should be rewritten from scratch, the more coder i see the more i don't like it21:46
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piggzGuhl: gnight, dont work too hard!22:01
Guhlpiggz, your right i am going to sleep too22:01
piggzmy .zip is built for testing tomoz ... after ive ran a code club for 7-11 yr olds!22:01
Guhltomorrow i don't have to work so i can tinker more :-)22:02
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Guhlhave fun with your kids22:03
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