Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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Nokiusgood to be back :)14:08
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morphissledges: btw. you have the sensors already working on the N5?14:35
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marxistvegansledges: anyway I can further support the development on n4 ?14:41
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sledgesmorphis: nope15:23
sledgesmarxistvegan: sure, i'll help you15:23
marxistvegansledges: more about if there is a dev version to test out or donations or bug reporting15:24
sledgesmarxistvegan: sorry, I read "maintain" when I read "support" :P15:25
marxistvegansledges: no worries :)15:25
morphissledges: you know what is missing or not working to be able to use it?15:25
marxistvegansledges: is there going to be release soon, I just not clear on where the development is15:25
sledgesmorphis: our sensorfw/android sensord (closed blob) segfault/crash, looks worse than boot race of mako. maybe situ or alin could enlighten more15:26
sledgesmarxistvegan: sailfish update9 from jolla is not yet out first15:27
marxistvegansledges: ahh i get it :)15:27
morphissledges: ok15:27
sledgesmarxistvegan: bug reports always welcome:
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marxistvegansledges: I am not sure how to register on there15:31
sledgesmarxistvegan: via here:
sledgesit will be the same login for the whole mer/nemo infra15:32
Umeaboysledges: As I ran /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc I got this: Error: Illegal character (/) in target name15:32
UmeaboyI didn't make any changes to any lines.15:32
UmeaboyIf you don't believe me, I'll show you.15:32
marxistvegansledges: odd new account did not appear as a link until after i clicked the link you sent...thanks15:33
UmeaboyHow can I solve it?15:39
sledgesUmeaboy: you should never run that command on the first place for the things we do15:40
Umeaboysledges: OK, I just followed the HADK.15:41
sledgeshadk doesn't tell to run that command at any point15:41
sledges;) I know what you are talking about Umeaboy, just want you to understand the slight misconcept your are led by atm15:42
sledgesunix commands are split into multiple lines with a terminating back-slash \15:42
UmeaboyError: no target given15:44
UmeaboyFixed it.15:44
sledgesnow i lost as to what you do, because you do not pastebin full command lines15:44
sledgesonly outcomes, so we are unable to help like this15:44
UmeaboyStill says the same on the last command.15:45
sledgeswhich command?15:45
Umeaboygrep :$(id -g): /etc/group >> etc/group ends fine, but when you're about to sb2-init -d -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/" \ and then -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build \ and then /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc it fails with Error: Illegal character (/) in target name15:48
sledgesyou missed one line15:49
sledgessecond to last15:49
UmeaboyRight. Sorry......... I wasn't written in my summary.15:50
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sledgeshappens to the best of us:)15:55
UmeaboyGotta go.16:00
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junnuviERROR: CONFIG_SYSVIPC is invalid16:01
junnuviValue is: y16:01
junnuviAllowed values : y16:01
junnuviunlogical I think :)16:02
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sledgesjunnuvi: what's in .config?16:11
junnuvii'm running it against defconfig, does it matter?16:12
sledgesjunnuvi: yes, it has to be run against an exploded .config16:13
junnuviah ok16:13
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GranPCSazpaimon_: you there?17:40
GranPCever figured out how to fix the "libminui_intermediates/export_includes', needed by [...]" issues?17:41
GranPCyour chatlog is one of the few things i can find on google search17:41
sledgesGranPC: yes17:43
GranPCwhat was it?17:43
sledgesCM has advanced and we have failed to freeze it's projects17:43
sledgesso we stayed on CM as rolling release17:43
sledgesit was just a matter of time before things break17:43
GranPCmakes sense17:43
GranPCso how could I work around it in the meantime?17:44
sledgesI prepared this:17:44
sledgesit has been tested, looks ok17:44
sledgesif it works for you too, I'll merge it back in17:45
GranPCi'll give it a shot, thanks!17:45
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GranPCyep, seems to get further now17:49
GranPCworks for me™17:49
sledgesgreat testing GranPC17:51
GranPCglad to be of some help, haha17:51
sledgesevery little helps17:52
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energycsdxSo, update 9 released, anybody tried to update?17:59
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Nokiusenergycsdx: yes18:13
Nokiusa bit confused the indicator has moved18:14
Nokiusbut makes sence18:17
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piggzso, can i build my sf image using 1.1?18:49
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Guhlhey piggz19:00
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piggzlo Guhl19:10
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Guhli am making progress - some of the ril stuff is fixed19:11
piggzGuhl: awesome!19:11
Guhli actualle do have a network connection19:11
Guhlbut i am missing the dns-information yet19:11
Guhland sf does not recognize that the connection has been established19:12
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Sazpaimon_GranPC, i fixed it by removing bootable/recovery and replacing it with bootable/recovery-cm19:32
piggzlbt: happy?
piggzsledges: ^19:51
spiiroinrusty88: about the leds. was it so that shutdown/startup led is working, but email etc notification are not?19:54
spiiroinGuhl: did you have a chance to test the amber/green led patch?19:55
rusty88hey spiiroin, at first yes, but right now they are working (without blinking though) in email and other notifications19:55
rusty88spiiroin: aahhh and on a incoming call is not working19:56
Guhlspiiroin, i thank you very much for your effort but i am buried deep in debugging and fixing the ofono ril19:56
spiiroinrusty88: so you get static color instead of blinking?19:56
Guhlso i did not have any time yet19:57
rusty88spiiroin: yes, static color19:57
Guhlmy hopes are on piggz19:57
spiiroinGuhl: np, whenever you have time19:58
spiiroinrusty88: was there a separete "blink" control file too? in addition to "delay_on" / "delay_off" files? Or did I misread and it was supposed to be "blink_delay_on/off"?20:02
rusty88spiiroin: yes there's a separate blink control file, i could show you all the files if needed :)20:03
spiiroinrusty88: that might be useful ;-)20:03
* spiiroin looks20:05
energycsdxrusty88, spiiroin need to look in kernel sources20:07
rusty88energycsdx: what do you mean?20:08
energycsdxneed to check in kernel sources what that control files do20:08
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spiiroinrusty88: can you try to get the led blinking manually? something like this perhaps?20:09
spiiroincd /sys/class/leds/led_r; echo >brightness 255; echo >delay_off 500; echo >delay_on 500;echo >blink 120:09
energycsdxled driver in my device have additional control file "flashmode" and can be programmed to blink in  21 different ways20:09
rusty88spiiroin: yes i've already tried something similar to that and it was blinking, although brightness was set to 30 since max brightness is 4020:10
spiiroinrusty88: ok, then I'm just missing the enable blinking part20:11
sledgespiggz: remove last commit from your PR as there is second one for that pls20:13
spiiroinenergycsdx: atm it more or less is hunting for something that works as widely as possible. custom stuff for more cabable led hw could be used (like n900), but it requires different approach20:14
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spiiroinrusty88: btw, have you yet tried enabling the sw-breathing?20:15
rusty88spiiroin: that is what mcetool reports as Led breathing right?20:16
spiiroinrusty88: yes, e.g. "mcetool --set-sw-breathing=enabled --set-sw-breathing-limit=0 -y PatternCommunication" -> should be breathing magenta20:17
rusty88spiiroin: the color is magenta but is static color20:18
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spiiroinrusty88: hmm... can you check what mce version you have?20:18
rusty88spiiroin: mce v1.31.8.120:18
vakkovsledges: how should we proceed with updating20:19
energycsdxspiiroin: why sysfs led code are inside mce libhybris plugin?20:19
spiiroinenergycsdx: at hindsight: it should not be there20:20
spiiroinenergycsdx: way back in time the plugin provided api for doing stuff it had always done via libhybris. then the architecture changed (als&ps too owned by sensord etc) -> all that is left is led control20:21
spiirointhere is still actual fallback to using android hal via libhybris, but ...20:22
spiiroin"it" being mce20:23
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piggzsledges: ok20:31
piggzsledges: it is gone20:33
GranPCSazpaimon_: thx for the response, sledges's fix worked great20:36
GranPCthanks for getting back to me though!!20:36
GranPCnot often do I find an IRC chatlog about someone with the same issue as me, who later helps me solve it :)20:36
Guhldecoding parcels is probable the worst thing i did for a long time20:48
piggzi did a new [ace] release
spiiroinrusty88: I added some code to deal with "blink" file. might even work unless there is some specific order in which the sysfs files need to be written20:52
rusty88spiiroin: ok thanks, i'll test it right away20:53
rusty88spiiroin: btw does the led breathing has to do with the mce version that i have??20:54
spiiroinrusty88: probably - there is some logic to never breathe with n5 shared between mce & the plugin -> might be out of sync atm20:56
rusty88spiiroin: hmm ok, also the update 9 will be available to us porters in the meantime??20:56
rusty88already check to see if the file was available but 40420:57
spiiroinrusty88: I do not know, but I hope so. there are some (tested on) n5 fixes that might be useful on other HWs too20:58
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rusty88spiiroin: still no blinking, but is still working21:01
*** misprint has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
spiiroinnow it should be doing equivalent of: cd /sys/class/leds/led_r; echo >delay_on 500; echo >delay_off 500; echo >brightness 40; echo >blink 121:06
spiiroinmight be that the ordering needs to be changed21:07
rusty88ok, led me find the command that i tested21:09
rusty88spiiroin:  hmm wait, you set the brightness21:10
rusty88setting the brightness disables the blinking i think21:10
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rusty88spiiroin: noup nvm that..21:11
rusty88that order of commands works21:11
spiiroinrusty88: you might need to zero values first, just to make sure doing it twice gets stuff done in right order too21:12
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spiiroin.. /s/gets/does not get/21:13
spiiroinin jolla phone the blinking attrs take effect after writing brightness21:14
rusty88spiiroin: zero out all the files and did "cd /sys/class/leds/led_r; echo 500 > delay_on; echo 500 > delay_off; echo 40 > brightness; echo 1 > blink" and it started blinking21:15
spiiroinso I might have goofed up somewhere. need to check again.21:15
spiiroinrusty88: or.. you did restart mce after installing the plugin? (should happen at rpm update too, but ...)21:16
rusty88spiiroin: just to be sure i restarted the device XD21:16
spiiroinok... so staring code it is.21:17
rusty88but is there a way to force the blinking ?21:17
spiiroinrusty88: normally it depends on pattern; batery full & "notification" patterns blink21:19
rusty88hmm ok then let me test with another notification becuase the sms turn the display21:20
spiiroinmcetool -y PatternCommunication21:21
spiirointhat should normally blink21:21
spiiroinmcetool -y PatternCommunicationSMS -> same as receiving sms21:22
rusty88spiiroin: ok, on notification is neither blinking or on (static color)21:22
spiiroinrusty88: and you have display off?21:23
rusty88spiiroin: yes21:23
spiiroinI wonder if the breathing is causing something odd. Did you leave it enabled?21:24
rusty88spiiroin: yes breathing is enable21:24
spiiroindisable it via: mcetool --set-sw-breathing=disabled21:25
spiiroinjust to see if anything changes21:25
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rusty88spiiroin: nothing, still the not blinking21:26
rusty88spiiroin: just a thought around line 1149 shouldn't there be the path of the blink file?21:32
rusty88ok compiling now :)21:33
rusty88spiiroin: is blinking \o/ yay21:35
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spiiroinnice, glad it was something stupid I did instead of complicated to do ;-)21:36
rusty88ok but something weird is happening, when the pattern is PatternCommunicationSMS it first blinks with blue and then with yellow :P21:36
Guhlpiggz, it says "connected"21:37
piggzGuhl: is it? :)21:38
Guhli i did implement the V4 ril stuff21:39
Guhlbut in the current structure there is no return from the ril for the gateway and the dns servers21:39
Guhlso i had to hard-code them as gw = ip - 1 and dns=""21:40
Guhlieeehhh Goggle - i know :-)21:40
Guhlprobably i need to send another or different ril request to get this information21:41
piggzGuhl: is it on a github? any joy with prox?21:41
Guhlpiggz, it just was hacked together on my machine21:42
Guhli did not even fork ofono yet21:42
piggzGuhl: would love to see the diff, might be something I could get into21:42
Guhlbut i will try to clean up the code (there is still a lot of "Guhl-debug:" messages in it)21:42
Guhlpiggz, i'll fork ofono and just push as is21:43
spiiroinrusty88: did you add the "blink"s to all r & g & b channels?21:43
piggzGuhl: cool, off to zzzZZZ now gnight21:43
Guhli still can stash it and push it again after cleanup21:43
Guhlwell then i will push tomorrow21:43
Guhlit's late for me too21:43
rusty88spiiroin: yes, i did the blink for the 3 channels21:44
Guhlpiggz, night - i am kind of relieved that this finally works (somehow) that ril-shit was already hunting me in my dreams21:44
*** srdk has quit IRC21:45
rusty88yours and mine Guhl :P21:45
Guhlrusty88, yours next. i'll help you as soon as possible21:45
spiiroinrusty88: so it is it "blue-yellow-blue-yellow-..." or something else21:45
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:45
rusty88Guhl:  sure man no worries :) i'm happy you could fix yours :)21:46
Guhli am quite sure yours will not be as complicated21:46
Guhlwhat is your device?21:47
rusty88spiiroin: yes first it blinks with blue and the appears the yellow afterwards21:47
rusty88Guhl: hmm hope so, is the galaxy s3 international (i9300)21:48
Guhlrusty88, when ever you got time please upload the vendor specific ril library21:48
Guhlit should be in your vendor tree of android and is called something like21:49
spiiroinblue + red would be yellow; the manual test used red... but you cleared that out?21:49
Guhlpleas upload it somewhere so i can download and decompile it21:50
rusty88spiiroin: yes i've cleared them all21:53
rusty88i've cleared the PatternCommunicationSMS and it disabled the blue blink21:54
spiiroinI wonder if just writing "1" to blink makes it blink ..21:54
rusty88now is only blinking in yellow21:54
rusty88spiiroin: no writting 1 to blink does not make it blink21:55
rusty88Guhl: can't find a file with that name21:56
Guhlthere needs to be something in android/droid/vendor/samsung/<device>/proprietary/21:57
rusty88Guhl: but i think is this one /system/lib/libreference-ril.so21:57
Guhlthat ends with ril.so21:57
spiiroinrusty88: I pushed my changes to git; I guess your should be about the same. can you check if there are differences?21:57
Guhlrusty88, that is the google reference ril implementation if you are really using that it would be a surprise that anything works21:58
Guhlwhere is your vender repo on github?21:58
rusty88spiiroin: they are the same22:01
rusty88Guhl:  if i'm not mistaken
Guhlrusty88, OK i'ts proprietary/lib/ (i'll get it from there)22:06
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters22:07
rusty88Guhl: yup thats the one (sha checksum matches)22:08
Guhli did set GSM/data to working on the wiki adaption page - i think i've earned that :-)22:10
Guhli do have a question: I experience it quite often that the phone is stuck in a boot loop after i tested debugged a lot.22:11
GuhlThe reason for this is always that the journal of the ext4 fs in /data is invalid and the fs needs checking22:12
Guhldoes anybody else experience something like that?22:12
Guhlmobile data connection survived a reboot - thats enough for today - good night22:18
rusty88spiiroin: i'm using your code now and still blinks with the two colors, now i've tested with a real notification and the blue stop blinking but the other is constantly blinking even after the screen is turn on22:18
rusty88i did experience some boot loops at some point Guhl22:18
rusty88ehehe congrats :D22:18
rusty88good night Guhl ;)22:18
spiiroinrusty88: that is odd. might try with other patterns that use more than just blue.22:20
spiiroinI think I need to catch some sleep now, but at least there was a bit of progress22:21
rusty88yeah me too22:21
rusty88many thanks for everything spiiroin :)22:21
spiiroinrusty88: np, and thanks for the testing22:22
rusty88my pleasure :D22:22
rusty88well i've discovered when i open more than 4 aplication they are starting to crashed (with segfaults)22:24
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