Thursday, 2014-10-23

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junnuviI started to build grouper image from scratch. Again in dead end with this:09:57
junnuviError <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-configuration-sfe09:57
junnuviand don't rememeber how solved it last time :/09:58
sledgesjunnuvi: what does a line in your .ks under %packages say (the one starts with @)?10:00
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junnuviand if I change it back to @Jolla Configuration grouper error is :10:09
junnuviWarning: repo problem: nothing provides pattern:jolla-configuration-sfe needed by pattern:jolla-configuration-grouper-0.0.6-201410230535.noarch,10:10
locusfyou have probably forgotten to run process_patterns.sh10:10
junnuviand didnt give any other errors than "regular one" :)10:15
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junnuvirpm/patterns/$DEVICE/jolla-configuration-sfe.yaml is also in place as it should10:30
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Guhlpiggz: my changes to ofono are now here: on branch master my commits of today10:37
Guhlthat is totally uncleaned still has some test-code in it and some hard-codes stuff for gateway and dnses10:39
Guhli will of course clean that and find a way how to get the gw and dns from ril10:39
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Guhlreading this from the google source commits10:45
Guhl+ * ((char **)response)[3] a space-separated list of numeric IPv4 or IPv6 DNS addresses.10:45
Guhl+ *                        Ignored on Android platforms before 3.0 and instead two DNS IP addresses10:45
Guhl+ *                        are retrieved from system properties "net.$IN.dns1" and "net.$IN.dns2".10:45
Guhl+ * ((char **)response)[4] the numeric IPv4 or IPv6 address of the default gateway.10:45
Guhl+ *                        Ignored on Android platforms before 3.0 and instead an IP address10:45
Guhl+ *                        is retrieved from system property "net.$".10:46
Guhli might not be able to actually get the dns and gw from ril on a device where support ended with 2.310:46
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locusfhow do I adjust the brightness for mce? It seems it is automatic now15:34
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Umeaboysledges: Good news. I've managed to come to page 24 in the HADK.16:04
UmeaboyChapter 8, part 4.16:04
UmeaboyShould I type from the line that states sudo mic create fs..............16:05
UmeaboyThere's some info/lines above that that I'm not sure if I should type or not.16:05
Umeaboy# always aim for the latest:16:06
UmeaboyAnd so fourth.16:06
UmeaboyAny fix to this issue?
locusfUmeaboy: theres a comma after RELEASE16:21
locusfin tokenmap16:22
locusfalso that RELEASE is not for general public16:22
locusfso you'd better off use
locusfor rather .2116:23
UmeaboySo I change RELEASE to LOCAL?16:23
locusfand RELEASE=
UmeaboySo --tokenmap=ARCH:armv7hl RELEASE,:$RELEASE,EXTRA_NAME:$EXTRA_NAME \ would be with RELEASE,:$RELEASE,RELEASE:$RELEASE in the end??16:27
Umeaboylocusf: ^^16:27
locusfit should be: --tokenmap=ARCH:armv7hl,RELEASE:$RELEASE,EXTRA_NAME:$EXTRA_NAME16:27
Umeaboylocusf: ^^16:31
locusfUmeaboy: you need the rest of the arguments too16:32
locusfwhich were in the faulty command16:32
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmm. I must be missing something..........16:34
sledges18:42 < sledges> unix commands are split into multiple lines with a terminating back-slash \16:37
sledgesit is missing here ->  --tokenmap=ARCH:armv7hl,RELEASE:$RELEASE,EXTRA_NAME:$EXTRA_NAME \ <---16:37
UmeaboyYeah. Thanks for telling me. ;)16:37
sledgeswhy we're here for16:38
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UmeaboyError <creator>: Can't find the file: /home/umeaboy/mer/android/droid/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-i9305-@ARCH@.ks16:39
UmeaboyHow long til the third revision of the HADK to become released?16:40
sledgesi should pull my finger and jfdi16:40
sledgesbut im busy16:40
UmeaboyI'm leaving for a while......... Gotta eat dinner.16:41
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sledgesanyway, hope you read logs so i don't forget the answer16:42
sledgesyou should create .ks file in section 8.216:42
sledgesthis man flu disables my brain properly &)16:42
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sledges*cough* no *cough*16:43
stephghas sledges been eating bush meat again16:43
sledgesthat racoon was from the fields16:43
spiiroinlocusf: manual brightness "mcetool --set-als-mode=disabled", after that "mcetool --set-display-brightness=<1...100>"16:44
locusfspiiroin: thanks16:44
stephgbetter that than a badger16:44
stephgooh I just went meta with both update and tuberculosis in one go16:44
sledgesguess what song is in my head now:
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piggzlo *17:35
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piggzsledges: lbt: so, is the other init-debug being merged?17:42
piggzsledges: i'd also like the ability to skip the kernel checker17:42
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lbtpiggz: I didn't see an MR for that17:57
vakkovsoo has anybody17:58
vakkovupdated their hadk devices17:58
lbtpiggz: cache flush since then17:58
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nh1402Since Android Lollipop will likely use a 3.10 kernel at least for the Nexus 6 and 9, would there be a noticeable change if we used that kernel for porting to Sailfish?18:11
Stskeepsshouldn't be an issue18:12
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lpotterfamous last words18:54
energycsdxsledges: any chance to be merged?18:59
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gogetahi guys19:04
gogetalpotter, sledges ..19:04
gogetai can't still optin19:04
junnuvisledges: seems like I needed to build droid-hal-device things again to get all needed patterns to *-patterns*.rpm ..19:07
sledgesenergycsdx: commented19:40
sledgesgogeta: sorry, window closed :D (kidding)19:40
sledgesjunnuvi: thought so19:40
gogetai've cracked a bit jphone digitizer while sailing to sicily this night19:40
gogetaif i buy 2 new may i pay those like on snapdeal19:41
Guhlsledges, i do have a build question19:42
Guhlnow that i build my ofono locally, how do i tell the kickstart file to use my local build?19:43
sledgesgogeta: one spare just in case you will be sailing again?:)19:48
gogetamy girlfriend got an old iphone 3gs19:49
sledgesGuhl: move RPMs to the  droid-local-repo19:49
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gogetatime to upgrade19:49
gogetashe want anther iphone19:49
sledgesgogeta: smooth move there ;)19:50
gogetai don't especially my wallet19:50
sledgesGuhl: and ensure the version is higher than upstream (add .1+my1 or what you like)19:50
Guhlsledges, k - thanks19:51
Guhlgogeta are you porting SF to the §gs now?19:51
gogetai don't19:52
junnuvisledges: is it already possible to build image?19:54
GuhlAfter working on this ril stuff for more than a week it's kind of disappointing that it now just works :-)19:55
sledgesjunnuvi: have you tried?19:59
sledgesi haven't19:59
junnuviyes, but no success19:59
sledgesGuhl: congrats or..? :)19:59
sledgesjunnuvi: opt-in means opt-in then:)19:59
junnuvirequires qtscenegraph-adaptation and I was not able to build that20:00
sledgesjunnuvi: hm20:00
sledgesthere is one built already20:00
sledgesor at least repo under mer-hybris ready20:00
junnuviyes, noticed that one20:00
junnuviProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: v820:00
junnuvimake: *** [sub-customcontext-install_subtargets] Error 320:00
Guhlsledges, in principle it works so thanks. I still have some hard coded default constants in the code that i do not know how to remove20:01
Guhland now while building with mb2 one of the unit tests fails20:02
Guhlbut that should be easy to fix20:03
sledgesjunnuvi: walk this way:
sledges( thanks to locusf and faenil from the nemo team for this one )20:04
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rusty88hey guys20:09
rusty88in order to build an image with the new shouldn't we have to update the scratch box to have the headers of qt 5.2 ?20:10
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junnuviI think so..20:11
junnuvierror: 'Format_RGBA8888_Premultiplied' is not a member of 'QImage'20:12
junnuviand google says.. "Format_RGBA8888 and Format_RGBA8888_Premultiplied were added in Qt 5.2."20:12
rusty88exactly... and checking in is not available yet :(20:12
junnuviwtf, my nexus7 does not boot anymore20:16
sledgesmaybe alterego_ could help ^^20:17
sledges(actually on both issue haha)20:17
junnuvifeels like hw failure :(20:20
rusty88btw sledges i've created a package for the cdb (the modem start-up program) in order to have it in the sf image.. do you think is a bad choice ?20:22
sledgesrusty88: any other solutions?...20:27
rusty88the other choice was to have it in the device_droid_hal just like the ofono-hack script, but the binary must be set uid and that permission is not kept20:28
energycsdxrusty88 you can create target by yourself20:32
junnuviuuh, it's alive20:35
rusty88energycsdx: hmm thanks, i'll check it out... i did try to update my current target but not qt5.220:35
Guhlrusty88, did you build the CM on your phone yourself or did you use an existing?20:38
rusty88Guhl: i use an existent20:38
Guhlwould you be able to build it on your own?20:39
Guhlwe don't need to build the whole stuff20:39
rusty88Guhl: yup I guess so20:39
Guhlit would just be good to20:39
Guhlbuild the hardware/ril stuff20:39
Guhlcause we should rebuild it with all debugging turned on20:40
rusty88ohh I see20:40
Guhlin principle you should do this up to "Prepare the device-specific code"20:43
Guhland after the "breakfast i9300"20:44
Guhlyou would just do20:44
sledgesrusty88: you can set permissions in .spec packaging %files section (google for attr)20:44
sledgesrusty88: hosting/distributing binary blobs is a sensitive question in general.. is there its source somewhere?20:44
*** hue_ is now known as hue20:45
Guhlmmm hardware/ril/libril20:45
rusty88Guhl: Ok although i will not be able to do it today20:45
*** hue is now known as bluehue20:46
Guhlbut first you'll edit the files hardware/ril/libril/ril.cpp20:46
rusty88sledges: yes, that's why i chose to build the package... about the source i don't think so I wasn't able to find it... is one of those proprietary binaries20:46
Guhland change #define RILC_LOG 0 -> #define RILC_LOG 120:46
Guhland in hardware/ril/libril/ril_event.cpp20:47
Guhlyou change #define DEBUG 0 -> #define DEBUG 120:47
Guhlyeah rusty88 just try to prepare that when you got time20:48
Guhli am just trying to get you going20:48
Guhlthe new has to be copied to /system/lib/20:49
rusty88yeah sure i think tomorrow i'll do it :) besides need to hurry because i'm using sf as daily  :P20:49
Guhldo to this you need to remount system rw first20:49
Guhlmount -o remount,rw /system20:49
Guhlafter that you have to kill the rild process20:50
Guhlthen you have to fix the log-path for logcat:20:50
Guhlrm /dev/log20:50
Guhlln -s /dev/log_radio /dev/log/radio20:50
Guhlthen you can see all the android ril messages using:20:51
Guhl /system/bin/logcat -b radio20:51
Guhlnow you have all that in the channel log here and can try to get this going20:51
rusty88yup thanks :)20:52
Guhlthis should give us a clue what your ril problem is20:52
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sledgesrusty88: it doesn't matter where you redist a binary blob, be it dhd or separate package :/20:53
sledgesi guess we'd leave it to your own risk20:53
Guhlsledges, if i what to install let's say somthing like the openrepos app in my zip i would also just add the rpm to my local repo and add the package name in the ks-file?20:57
sledgesGuhl: or just add openrepos repo to .ks20:57
sledgesand add package name to %packages section20:57
sledgesthis way you'll also benefit of always having latest version20:58
Guhlok (tried that once but did not find the openrepos repo link)20:58
rusty88sledges: i know is not a good idea to redistribute a binary without the source code, but what's the alternative? without it the user will have to do some manual steps20:59
sledgesrusty88: chicken and egg problem :/ could tbr comment more?21:00
Guhlsledges, you would not know the openrepos repo link would you?21:02
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:03
sledgesGuhl: nope21:04
sledgessurely anyone else would ;P21:04
sledgesor try #sailfishos21:04
rusty88energycsdx: the packages or mer latest are still qt 5.021:08
energycsdxrusty88: you should use proper ks file, and ofc replace mer -> jolla everywhere21:09
tbrrusty88: so what is this binary? where does it come from? what is it's license/terms/redistributability?21:10
Guhlsledges, it's
energycsdxrusty88: other way that i used is to update target from previous release21:10
rusty88tbr: the binary i got it from the CM10.2 dunno about the license or redistributability21:11
energycsdxsb2 -t ... -R -m sdk-install ssu release
tbrrusty88: then it's a clear no. why does the binary need to be in the image if it's in the underlying CM build?21:12
rusty88tbr: somehow it get erase.. is under /sbin/cbd21:12
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:12
rusty88tbr: when i flash the SF image that binary is no longer there21:13
tbrI'd suggest to fix the 'somehow it gets erased bit' then.21:13
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rusty88tbr: ok,thnks21:15
tbrit might just show up in a different path. things get shuffled around for sailfish21:16
rusty88energycsdx: thanks, that command helped :)21:17
energycsdxrusty88: next you should do zypper ref and zypper up21:18
rusty88tbr: hmm i did a search and notthing show up21:18
rusty88energycsdx: yes is already upgrading to qt5.2  and a bunch of other packages :)21:19
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:23
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:31
sledgesrusty88: this is info on how to avoid binary redist:
sledges(it = /sbin/cbd)21:32
sledgesa nightmare.. sadly :(21:32
rusty88sledges:  hmm a really painful task21:34
sledgesbloody sammy :(21:34
gogetaf* sammy21:34
sledgesand we're facing the same each time someone decides to put binaries into initrd21:34
sledges*important binaries21:34
sledges ?21:35
sledgesgoogling "/sbin/cbd"21:36
sledges(with quotes)21:36
gogetasledges, did you know where knock for 1.1.x21:37
gogetai've sent 4 times email for optin21:37
gogetabut nothing21:37
sledgesrusty88: so make a script which downloads this file inside a device and
sledgesgogeta: use your email, not any other21:37
gogetadid it21:38
gogetanot works21:38
sledgesand check for updates21:38
sledgesmake sure jolla store is signed in21:38
sledgeswith that ccoutn21:38
gogetaof course21:38
sledges(good i didn't make typos in last word)21:38
gogetai've already opted in last time21:38
sledgesPM me your email21:38
rusty88sledges: nice finding..21:38
sledgesgogeta: when was the first time you sent email?21:39
sledgesgive it 20mins21:39
sledgesgogeta: reported. sure you sent to the optin email how is called?21:39
sledgesjust to cover all bases21:40
gogetai've copy pasted email address21:40
sledgeswe'll see soon21:40
gogetai did it with a pc21:40
rusty88has anyone been able to compile qtscenegraph-adaptation ?22:00
rusty88nvm :P22:08
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lemketronHow does one get an account on ?23:51

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