Friday, 2014-10-24

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Nokiussledges: Hi are you around?08:57
Nokiuscool what is the best way to get via cli the SFOS Version on Ported Device (motd is emty & issue shows only Mer …. )09:01
Nokiusworking on the wiki for the Devices and have to add this field :-/09:02
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alinsledges: hi09:08
alinsledges: so I hear noises saying that an update is available09:09
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junnuviStskeeps: just to remind: to forget geoclue :)09:14
junnuviopening it :P09:15
junnuvior is there even any hope to get it open some point?09:16
Stskeepsthere's hope09:17
junnuvigood. Is that prohibited to include current closed geoclue to image btw?09:18
Stskeepswhere'd you get it from?09:18
Stskeepsbecause adding a hw adaptation manually is a bit problematic - also, apis may differ per device09:18
junnuvipkcon --only-download...09:19
junnuvi^ on jolla device09:19
junnuviseems to work ok as it is on grouper09:20
Stskeepsadded this properly to my todo list..09:22
sledgesNokius: /etc/hw-release09:32
sledgesalin: oh yes09:32
Nokiussledges: Thanks ;)09:32
Nokiussledges: is not the wanted information mh wait09:35
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alinsledges: ok what is the version number?10:11
alinI will try to build a new image10:11
alinok that if lbt already imported it in the buildservice10:12
lbtI'm in the process of doing that - some glitches10:14
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Nokiusis the location where SFOS img will be stored also in future or is there a new / other location intended10:33
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tbrNokius: that's a popular community image space. It's been around since the meego times. (back then under various names like or bug$
tbrif someone wants to host their sfa images there, then rules are simple:10:44
tbrimage must build from KS, all content must be fully redistributable, no binary-only-unclear-licensed-files allowed. preferably ks file uploaded alongside image.10:45
tbrpackage sources SHOULD be only mer OBS10:46
tbrfor access, contact me.10:46
NokiusI'm only a small light guess if we discuss this is way batter cc lbt10:48
Nokiusat least a topic for the meeting :) but its a part of the wiki10:52
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alinlbt: ok... ping me when the process can be tested11:22
alinlbt: sledges do you know the version numbers?11:23
alinI can in principle try to have a full build without obs11:23
alinjsut to see what is broken11:23
lbtis that what you mean?11:23
alinlbt: almost... interesting I do not see the .21 in there11:24
alin1.1.0.38 is the current?11:24
lbtopt-in release11:26
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alinlbt: opt-in release... that is a good one... you really have a very very very bored marketing department11:27
Stskeepsthis was all r&d11:29
alinlbt: this bit export RELEASE=${RELEASE:-}11:29
alinStskeeps: and is there any update that you do not have to acccept in order to install?11:30
lbtyes, this one :)11:32
lbtsee - it truly is opt-in11:33
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alinlbt: blimey I see... so if I want to do an image I have to email?11:37
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lbtPSA sailfishos: is now available on Mer OBS as a target. I won't make it the sailfishos:latest as it's an opt-in release15:14
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piggzsledges: has a package been removed from sf?16:36
piggzrepo problem: nothing provides qtscenegraph-adaptation needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-ace-0.0.6-201410222030.noarch,16:37
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Guhlpiggz, ?18:30
piggzGuhl: hi18:31
Guhlhi can you explain your usb fix a bit to me?18:31
piggzGuhl: remove all debugging in init .... install usb-moded to handle usb plugging, and install the usb-moded profiles to handle usb-networking in debug mode18:35
piggzpart of the profile sets f_rndis/on to 118:35
piggzinstead of in the init-script18:36
piggzbecause the usb_setup isnt called in a non-debug boot18:37
Guhlatm i a have a weird kind of setup/problem18:37
Guhli did copy your etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes/developer_mode-android-ace.ini18:39
Guhlbut the rest of my init is still debug18:39
Guhlso when i continue in the first init18:40
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Guhlit starts the second and switches to
Guhlbut then obviously moded kicks in and suddenly it switches to .15 which is the ip setup in developer mode18:40
piggzGuhl: where is your init-debug from?18:41
piggzdroid-hal-device?  if so, the intention is to remove that file, so ive patched it out18:41
Guhlyes it's a slightly modified version of the one in droid-hal-device18:42
Guhlso i basically just remove (or rename /init-debug18:43
Guhllets see18:45
Guhlthen there is no telnet anymore right18:47
Guhljust ssh18:47
Guhldoes the password for nemo still not stick?18:48
piggzGuhl: yes, that it true, its more a pita ... but i wanted to see how it was for real users18:51
piggzGuhl: you can also create a file init_enter_debug to enter debug again18:51
Guhlwell as long as ssh works i am fine18:52
Guhli have the weird problem that some of the settings do not seem to save/stick18:52
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Guhland especially when i set the "allow roaming" it seams to stick in the ui18:57
Guhlbut when ofono tries to read it from some settings storage it can't read it18:59
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Guhlso i can't connect to data again18:59
Guhlthat never happened before so i am kind of confused here19:00
Guhlbtw. to you want to try my ofono rpms?19:00
piggzGuhl: yep!19:54
Guhlk i'll upload them19:55
Guhlpiggz, the ofono* stuff19:57
Guhlthat is really weird19:58
Guhlthe path for the storage where ofono is looking should be19:58
Guhlpiggz, do you have a folder in /var/lib/ofono/ ?19:59
Guhlthere it is looking for files like voicecall20:00
piggzGuhl: lemme see20:00
piggzGuhl: i have an empty folder20:03
Guhla folder in ofono or just the empty ofono folder?20:04
piggzan empty ofono folder20:04
Guhlit tries to create the directory but fails20:12
Guhlmaybe i got an access problem here?20:12
piggzGuhl: chmod it access :)20:12
Guhlwell but why did that work until yesterday20:13
Guhl(when i created and flashed a new zip)20:13
Guhli'll have a look at the jolla20:14
Guhlthat ofono directory should belong to radio:radio20:16
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Guhlnow it's not empty anymore :-)20:20
Guhland now the connection works20:23
Guhlsledges, or some other build pro please20:24
Guhlis it somehow connected that my new build does include my own ofono build20:25
Guhland that the owner of the /var/lib/ofono directory is wrong?20:25
Guhlpiggz, how to you tell the build process not to copy the init-debug file20:26
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Guhlpiggz come back - i need you here!20:40
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
Guhlwelcome back21:05
piggzGuhl: in remove reverences to Source1221:05
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters21:06
Guhli need to get myself a different sim - atm i am doing all my testing using an italian sim - thats gonna cost me a fortune21:07
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Guhlpiggz, thats an interesting concept ?!21:12
piggzGuhl: what is?21:12
Guhlremoving the references to Source1221:13
piggzGuhl: like this
Guhlpiggz, when you look on your phone again - who is the owner of /var/lib/ofono21:14
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Guhlaha, is it necessary to remove the file then ?21:15
piggzGuhl: not really nscessary, it just wont be installed in the rpm21:16
Guhli also messed up pusleaudio again21:16
Guhlbut that should be easy to solve21:16
piggzGuhl: root:root21:19
Guhlaha it has to belong to radio:radio21:19
Guhlwhere did we loose that?21:20
piggzGuhl: the folder is part of ofono-1.14+git35-1.11.1.armv7hl so maybe a package error?21:21
Guhldid you already install the 1.14+guhl package?21:22
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piggzGuhl: not tonight21:24
Guhlhmm so what sets the owner of this folder?21:25
piggzGuhl: rpm -V shows the user and group of the folder are wrong and dont match the rpm21:26
piggzrpm -V ofono-1.14+git35-1.11.1.armv7hl21:27
piggz.....UG..    /var/lib/ofono21:27
Guhlalso in my rpm/ofono.spec i do have in the %files section21:28
Guhl%dir %attr(775,radio,radio) /var/lib/ofono21:28
Guhlcreating the filesystem is done by mic right21:29
piggzyes i think21:29
piggzyou could look in the .bz2 to see the permissions there21:30
piggzbefore install to the phone21:30
piggzrule out some service changing it21:30
Guhland as far as i understand this mic is running this in some kind of qemu chroot21:30
Guhlmaybe it is missing a user radio when it does the installation21:31
Guhljust guessing21:31 the mic uutput ... i think it spews some errors about missing users but im not sure21:33
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Guhlpulse is back - had a line split in the pa file - thanks to using nano21:34
piggzaway now, later...21:35
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Guhlhah! the alarm clock works21:39
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