Saturday, 2014-10-25

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UmeaboyWhere should the missing be put in the github?04:21
UmeaboyThere's is no sdk-directory as far as I know.04:21
UmeaboyShould it be put in the chroot archive for the Mer SDK?04:22
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alinlbt: hi11:33
alinlbt: so for the new release shall i email to get access?11:33
alinbut in this case will be possible to make the image public?11:33
alinsledges: ^11:34
Guhl99alin do you have an idea how the permission setting for the directories in the rom works?11:42
alinGuhl99: what do you mean?11:53
alinGuhl99: you want to execute some chown in the rom?11:53
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Guhl99i do have the problem that according to the rpm.spec that builds i.e. ofono a certain directory should belong to radio:radio11:54
Guhl99but in the final rom and after i did a wipe and clean install the directory belongs to root:root11:54
Guhl99and therefor ofono can not store changed radio settings11:55
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vakkovsledges: are youthere14:30
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piggzsledges: ping15:55
vakkovrepo problem: nothing provides gstreamer0.10-droideglsink needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-maguro-0.0.6-201409280110.noarch,15:56
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vakkovi added repo --name=maguro --baseurl=
vakkovbur still nothing16:11
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locusfhas anyone given a thought on using samsung-ril from replicant?17:21
piggzis there a qt5.2 based hwcomposer plugin?17:40
locusfpiggz: it already is17:41
piggzlocusf: oh...where is its location? ... i built an image and mic appeared to install the 5.1 version, which meant lipstick fails to start17:42
locusfpiggz: I dunno, I have always built it myself17:42
piggzlocusf: oh, yeah, i forgot that important step!17:43
locusfvgrade: pingh17:47
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piggzlocusf: how do i build it against sf 1.1 qt5.2?17:48
locusfpiggz: you don't17:48
locusfno targets yet for that17:48
vakkovhow do i update to sf 1.1 :D17:48
piggzlocusf: ah17:48
locusfI have built it against mer qt 5.2 in devel repos17:48
locusfshould be the same thing as sf
locusfyou could build it against the target that lbt had17:49
locusfin obs17:49
locusfpiggz: do you already want to build against newest sfos or try to build against new Nemo?17:50
piggzlocusf: i was just seeing if I could run up sf 1.1 .. it boots but fails on the qpa plugin ... if i can build it against nemo i will try that, but i need to learn a bit more about building against different targets17:52
locusf <- here is a minimal mer qt 5.2 ks17:53
locusfsudo mic cr fs -A armv7hl -o mer-latest-armv7hl mer-latest.ks17:53
locusfsudo chown -R $USER mer-latest-armv7hl17:54
locusfcd mer-latest-armv7hl17:54
locusfcd mer-latest17:54
locusfsb2-init -d -L --sysroot=/ -C --sysroot=/ -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build -n -N -t / mer-latest-armv7hl /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc17:54
locusfand thats basically it17:54
piggzcool, cheers17:54
locusfthen in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin dir:17:55
locusfmb2 -t mer-latest-armv7hl build17:55
locusfit will produce a 5.1 versioned rpm but it should still work on sfos 1.117:55
locusfand qt 5.217:55
locusfit seems that latest update9 target comes when the sdk is released, which should be next week17:57
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piggzlocusf: lots of failed build deps18:39
locusfpiggz: sure18:39
locusfpiggz: pastebin?18:39
locusfpiggz: apparently you need to add the rpms for your device with hybris packages18:41
locusfssu ar stuff18:41
locusfsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install \18:42
locusfssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE18:42
locusfjust replace -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl with mer-latest-armv7hl18:42
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locusfno not ssu ar18:43
locusfit doesn't work18:43
locusfwait a moment18:43
locusfadd this to mer-latest-armv7hl/mer-latest/etc/zypp/repos.d/droid-local-device.repo18:45
locusfmodify paths accordingly of course18:45
locusfnames too if you wanna :)18:46
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locusfpiggz: is it working?19:00
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piggzlocusf: hope so, ive build the rpms, just makeing the image19:05
Guhl99hey piggz19:05
locusfpiggz: ok great19:05
piggzlo Guhl9919:06
Guhl99whats the news (did not read the log yet)19:06
piggzGuhl99: im just pratting around, attempting to build a based image19:07
piggzGuhl99: i also fixed the boot and did a PR19:08
Guhl99how did you fix the boot?19:08
Guhl99i am struggling with bootloops again19:08
Guhl99even if i boot the hybris-recovery19:08
piggzGuhl99: I had a typo in my init-script ... I also had usleep missing so replaced with sleep19:09
Guhl99did you test ofono yet?19:13
Guhl99piggz, regarding the
Guhl99why is now the hybris-boot init-script copied to /init-debug19:15
Guhl99i thought the idea is to get rid of init-debug19:16
Guhl99i see your last commit explains my boot-loop19:17
Guhl99(i updated my branch from upstream = your branch)19:18
piggzGuhl99: :)19:19
piggzGuhl99: i guess on pull 63, init-debug is still ok to have, but doesnt need to be duplicated19:20
Guhl99i think i will comment that out completely - i don't want to have it and if i need it i can copy it in recovery-boot19:22
piggzGuhl99: yes ... with my last push, debug works properly19:23
Guhl99we'll see about that in a sec :-)19:23
Guhl99yes it does - good19:25
Guhl99so now i need someone to tell me how to fix the owner-problem of /var/lib/ofono19:26
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Guhl99sledges, are you in?19:36
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Guhl99does really nobody know how the owner and permissions are set by mic in the final tar/zip20:30
Guhl99as far as i see this this is a general problem as even piggz /var/iib/ofono belongs to root:root20:30
Guhl99and piggz still has the standard ofono installed20:30
energycsdxGuhl99: if everything correct, mic unpacks rpms to specified directory, permisions to file stored inside of rpm archive20:37
Guhl99hmm at least the rpm/ofono.spec says20:39
Guhl99%dir %attr(775,radio,radio) /var/lib/ofono20:39
Guhl99and as far as i remember (i will check again) the permissions are correct if i directly install the ofono rpm on the phone20:41
Guhl99so that seems to be a mic problem ???20:41
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energycsdxGuhl99: radio:radio added when dhd rpm installed20:48
energycsdxmaybe mic installs ofono before dhd, and defaults unknow users to root20:49
Guhl99when i install the rpm locally on the phone the owner is correct20:49
Guhl99energycsdx, aha that seems reasonable20:49
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Guhl99is there a way to influence the order?20:49
energycsdxmake ofono depended on dhd20:51
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Guhl99energycsdx, in the sense of adding dhd as a Requires in the ofono.spec ?20:53
energycsdxGuhl99: yes20:56
Guhl99energycsdx, ok i give it a try20:56
energycsdxwhere is ofono.spec?20:56
energycsdxadd "Requeres: droid-hal"20:59
Guhl99k i'll do that and build a ne image21:00
Guhl99i wonder how this works for everybody else21:01
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Guhl99energycsdx, great no i have this in the tar21:32
Guhl99drwxrwxr-x 1001/1001         0 2014-10-25 23:02 ./var/lib/ofono/21:32
Guhl99thanks a lot!21:33
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