Sunday, 2014-10-26

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UmeaboyI'm not sure as to what I should change THIS line to:04:21
UmeaboyIt says in the HADK: Feel free to replace sailfishos:/devel:/hw: with path to any suitable HA repo within Mer04:22
UmeaboySo that's why I'm asking.04:22
UmeaboyChange /devel to /latest?04:23
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Guhl99hi i would have a build question11:29
Guhl99i want to build sensorfw and cloned it from github11:30
Guhl99when i try to buidl it using11:30
Guhl99mb2 -s rpm/sensorfw.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build11:30
Guhl99i get the message11:31
Guhl99No provider of 'pkgconfig(contextprovider-1.0)' found.11:31
Guhl99how would i install that?11:31
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Guhl99i think the package providing it is contextkit-devel11:32
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Guhl99but i have no idea how to install that for the sb2 target11:32
energycsdxsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper in contextkit-devel11:34
Guhl99ok so at least i am not totally stupid :-) I already tried that and it ends in11:35
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Guhl99'contextkit-devel' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.11:35
Guhl99No provider of 'contextkit-devel' found.11:35
rusty88morning guys11:37
rusty88hey Guhl99 I already have the libril with debuggin on11:39
Guhl99but energycsdx maybe thats got other problems too cause when i install contextkit-devel locally it installs a whole lot of QT4 stuff11:39
Guhl99and also when i comment the BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(contextprovider-1.0) in the spec and try to build it11:40
Guhl99it says things like export QT_SELECT=411:40
energycsdxi think you should build rpm/sensorfw-qt5-hybris.spec11:40
Guhl99so maybe this is not really the right spec11:41
Guhl99energycsdx, yes that looks a lot better11:42
rusty88heyy spiiroin i've flashed the latest update of sailfish os and the led is still not breathing, when you have time ping me :)11:42
Guhl99rusty88, do you already have logcat form the action that does not work on your phone?11:42
Guhl99what was that btw ?11:42
energycsdxbtw what is led breathing?11:43
Guhl99energycsdx, it's a "breathing" type of blinking11:43
Guhl99fading in and out11:43
rusty88energycsdx: i guess is the smooth transition of the led, instead of just blinking11:44
rusty88exactly how Guhl99 describe it :P11:44
Guhl99very cpu intensive if not supported by hardware11:44
rusty88Guhl99: i led the log cat running and tried to make a call but nothing apprear on the logcat11:45
energycsdxGuhl99: hopefully it is supported by my kernel11:45
energycsdxGuhl99: if you have quallcomm hw you can try to merge it11:46
Guhl99energycsdx, i can merge what ?11:47
energycsdxsmooth led fadeout11:47
Guhl99i did not even test spiiroins led stuff that he did for the vision11:48
Guhl99rusty88, the logcat -b radio is normally very full even if nothing happens11:48
Guhl99so if there is nothing in your logcat at all there might be a different problem11:49
rusty88Guhl99: ahh yes logcat has lots of stuff11:49
Guhl99rusty88, do you run ofonod from the command line or as a service11:50
Guhl99energycsdx, the hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 packages where built successfully11:51
Guhl99now i can start messing around with hybrisproximityadaptor11:52
Guhl99energycsdx, is there any other good way on how to test a evdev device?11:53
Guhl99rusty88, i'll do a logcat and ofonod output from my phone on an incomming call so you have a reference11:54
energycsdxusually sensor should be enabled somehow, hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 handles this, so you should install it, restart sensord, and test proximity sensor11:57
Guhl99rusty88, this is how to start ofonod on the cli and it's output on an incomming call12:03
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rusty88sorry Guhl99 i has afk., back now12:05
rusty88Guhl99: ofonod is running as a service12:05
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Guhl99stop it and run it from the cli12:05
rusty88ok, should I add the debugging to ofonod too?12:06
Guhl99this is my logcat -b radio
rusty88ahh ok I got the same message from when i started debugging ofono12:09
Guhl99as shown in my first pastebin you should start ofonod with the -d parameter for debug output12:09
rusty88Guhl99:  when i try ot make a phonecall ofono says this: ofonod[3484]: drivers/rilmodem/rilutil.c:ril_util_parse_reg() Size of response array is too small: 312:09
rusty88and from the source code the array should be 4 for voice12:10
Guhl99so your problem is incoming and outgoing calls?12:11
rusty88no, just with outgoing calls and outgoing sms12:11
rusty88incoming calls and sms are working fine12:11
energycsdxGuhl99 do you have sensors working?12:12
Guhl99energycsdx, all but proximity and light12:12
energycsdxi.e. accelerometr gyroscope magnetometr12:14
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Guhl99acceleration, magneto, compass12:14
Guhl99are working and i am not sure if i have a gyroscope12:14
Guhl99rotation works12:14
Guhl99rusty88, did you already run that in gdb?12:16
Guhl99you will have to look at the parcel that is actually sent12:17
Guhl99that ofono code has a lot of assumptions implemented that are only valid for a certain RIL version12:18
rusty88Guhl99: I haven't12:18
rusty88hmm ok i try to running it12:18
Guhl99well for me it was easier to run it on gdbserver on the phone12:19
Guhl99and remote debug it from the pc but thats only because i like the graphical interface of ddd more12:19
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Guhl99but you can do it directly on the cli itself also12:20
rusty88Guhl99: ok12:20
Guhl99if you want to debug it on the phone with gdb you also need to install the package containing the debug-symbols and the source12:21
Guhl99i forgot the naming convention of that again but energycsdx will know12:22
rusty88Guhl99: ofono-debuginfo and ofono-debugsource ?12:23
Guhl99but as you will have to change it anyway you might want to fork the ofono package already12:23
Guhl99and build it your own12:23
Guhl99and then remote debugging is handier12:24
rusty88ok thanks12:25
Guhl99rusty88, and when building yourself you have to do some changes so that it is built without optimization12:26
Guhl99(it's not funny to debug things if half of the stuff has been optimized out)12:26
Guhl99and to prevent that the debug-symbols will get striped12:27
Guhl99i will try to document what it did and send you the link12:27
rusty88ok i would appreciate it, i already had a copy of the source code from github but haven't compiled it yet12:28
Guhl99give me 10 minutes12:30
rusty88sure not problem ;), i'm not going to do it today.. i'm finishing my masters dissertation :P12:31
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rusty88btw is anyone experiencing apps crashing with segfault after opening more than 4 apps ?12:49
Stskeepsdevice, gpu, sailfish version12:50
rusty88i9300, Mali-400 , (ditto with the previous version)12:51
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Stskeepsamount of ram?12:51
rusty88Stskeeps: this is what valgrind said
rusty88Stskeeps: 1GB12:52
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Guhl99rusty88, this is my notes
Stskeepslooks oom ish?12:56
Guhl99rusty88, the gdbserver is attached to
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rusty88Stskeeps: what do you mean?12:57
Guhl99i need to run now (kids want to go to the park) - back later12:57
rusty88thanks Guhl99 ;) i'll check it out later12:57
rusty88bye ;)12:57
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piggzmorning guys13:15
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energycsdxpiggz: 15:39 now13:39
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piggzenergycsdx: 13:40 here :)13:41
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piggzlocusf: ping14:20
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sledgesI'm in14:35
marxistvegansledges: that you are :)14:35
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sledgeshaha brilliant :)14:57
piggzi got your RT first on my watch14:57
sledgesgood idea to IMEI publicly? ;)14:58
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piggzsledges: meh :)15:01
sledgespiggz: which watch?
piggzsledges: pebble15:09
sledgesnight watch?15:09
sledgessailfish on? ;)15:10
piggzsledges: no :)15:18
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vakkovokay, for two days i am trying to build a image and nobody helps :X15:18
Stskeepsits weekend15:19
rusty88hey vakkov what's your issues?15:19
rusty88do you have the scratchbox updated?15:19
piggzvakkov: ha, I did it ;)15:20
rusty88vakkov:  first you need to upgrade your target (scratchbox) so that the qt5.2 packages are there, then tell the scratchbox the version is the with this command "sb2 -t ... -R -m sdk-install ssu release"15:23
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piggzrusty88: i hope its not that easy! i created a new target for mer-latest15:25
rusty88piggz: i updated my target15:27
rusty88just as energycsdx suggested :P15:27
piggzi did what locusf sugested ;)15:27
rusty88energycsdx: sugested both if i'm not mistaken.. but the update of the target seemed far less painful15:28
piggzyes, likely :)15:29
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rusty88ahaha piggz I've also tweeted mine :P
piggzrusty88: coolio16:22
locusfpiggz: pong16:22
piggzlocusf: i was gonna say i was having trouble, but i got it to work
ParkerRrusty88, How much is running?16:23
locusfpiggz: cool :)16:24
rusty88ParkerR: what do you mean? if its running smoothly ?16:24
ParkerRrusty88, I just mean some prots I've seen have rought edges. Was just curious as to how ti was running16:25
rusty88ParkerR: still not ready for daily use, wifi is working (detects networks but can connect), running more than 4 apps others start to segfault16:26
rusty88other than that is a working progress :)16:26
vakkovmy problem is qtscenegraph; rusty88 piggz16:32
vakkovnothing provides it, i m trying to build it from gihub but it has problems with deps16:33
piggzvakkov: yeah, i had that, you have to rebuild your local rpms16:33
piggzyou dont need it  think16:34
rusty88i was able to build it16:34
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vakkovi did rebuild the rpms and i regenerated patterns before starting mic16:44
rusty88so qtscenegraph is compiled and in the droid-local-repo and when you run mic still complains that nothing provides it, is that it?16:53
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vakkovno, it doesnt get compiled17:08
locusfcan you show the errors with dependencies?17:09
vakkovat first it had problems with qt5-qtdeclarative17:10
vakkovand some other qt5 packages17:10
vakkovi forced installed them17:10
vakkovand it started compiling17:10
vakkovbut - /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot find -lQt5Quick17:10
vakkov/opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot find -lQt5Qml17:10
vakkovalthough i do have and and libQt5Quick.so5.117:11
vakkovthe same is for qt5qml17:11
locusfin target?17:12
vakkovyep, they are in the target17:13
vakkovi think i'll just set up a new target and follow the hadk ,,17:13
locusfthis would require a manual run of gcc -vvv17:14
locusfto be sure on what goes wrong17:14
locusfor try this:
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locusfare the repos open for
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Stskeepsshouldn't be especially blocked17:58
Stskeepswaste of effort to guard them off17:59
locusfokay :)18:01
locusfI was thinking rather on n9 when asked, but shouldn't be more of an effort than just replacing version numbers in .ks18:01
Stskeepsjust don't publish it as a official version, IMHO18:05
Stskeepsit's opt-in for a reason18:06
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piggzlocusf: yeah, im running .3918:10
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Guhl99piggz, any news besides the .39 stuff?19:25
Guhl99while there is still some room for improvement on the ril stuff it works for me so i'll leave it for the moment19:28
piggzGuhl99: nope ... are your rpms updated or the same as i downloaded?19:28
Guhl99i'll work on proximity now to make phone calls usable19:28
Guhl99the ofono-1.14+guhl01 is up to date19:29
Guhl99i just changed something on the ofono.spec (not pushed to git yet) to solve the owner problem of /var/lib/ofono19:31
Guhl99but if you install the rpm directly on the phone you wont have that problem19:31
Guhl99it's only a problem to build the image with correct owner in mic19:32
*** Nokius has quit IRC19:33
Guhl99looking forward to see if it works on the ace too19:44
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piggzmy 1.1 image is uploading to devaamo20:11
piggzGuhl99: ofono from sf 1.1 is 1.1520:13
Guhl99well then somebody pumped the version but thats not on github yet20:14
Guhl99force uninstall it and reinstall my 1.1420:15
piggzGuhl99: zypper resolved it ok20:17
Guhl99piggz, can you please stop the ofono service and run it from cli20:21
Guhl99export OFONO_ARGS=--noplugin=he910,dun_gw_bluez5,hfp_bluez5,hfp_ag_bluez5,cdma_provision,bluez5,isimodem,n900,u8500,qmimodem,gobi,cdmamodem,isiusb,nwmodem,ztemodem,iceramodem,huaweimodem,calypsomodem,swmodem,mbmmodem,hsomodem,ifxmodem,stemodem,dunmodem,hfpmodem,speedupmodem,phonesim20:21
Guhl99/usr/sbin/ofonod -n -d $OFONO_ARGS20:22
Guhl99well, it would have been to nice if it just would have worked20:27
piggzGuhl99: :)20:27
Guhl99can you please upload your /system/lib/ somewhere for me20:28
Guhl99i am very sure that our modems are the same, so it is probably the differences in the htc ril library that we are using20:29
Guhl99i'll debug with your lib installed20:29
Guhl99regarding the proximity sensor the sensor is initialized correctly but it's value is read as 020:31
Guhl99[D] HybrisProximityAdaptor::sendInitialData:71 - Guhl: HybrisProximityAdaptor sendInitialData found proximity device20:32
Guhl99[D] HybrisProximityAdaptor::sendInitialData:86 - Guhl: HybrisProximityAdaptor sendInitialData inputDev.toLatin1()= "/dev/input/event2"20:32
Guhl99[D] HybrisProximityAdaptor::sendInitialData:90 - Guhl: HybrisProximityAdaptor sendInitialData absinfo.value= 020:32
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters20:35
UmeaboyHi! I just found a promising brand to port Sailfish to. ;)20:35
UmeaboyAnybody that knows about Wiko?20:35
energycsdxUmeaboy: unknow SoC and GPU20:40
Umeaboyenergycsdx: MediaTek MT6592M20:46
UmeaboyFor the SoC.20:46
UmeaboyARM Mali-450 MP4, 500 Mhz, Cores: 4 for the GPU.20:47
UmeaboySo what else do you need to know?20:47
*** rusty88 has quit IRC20:49
UmeaboyYou went quiet. :)20:50
energycsdxsee nothing special in this brand20:51
Guhl99piggz, do we know for sure that the proximity sensor worked in cm10.1?20:54
Umeaboyenergycsdx: Screen resolution and camera seems to be awesome.21:00
Umeaboy1920x1080 pixles in screen resolution and 16 Megapixels in the camera lens. ;)21:01
UmeaboyDouble SIM-card capability.21:01
UmeaboyDo "we" have support for Double SIM-cards?21:02
UmeaboyAnd in we of course I mean the Sailfish OS.21:02
piggzGuhl99: i dont know for sure, but im using the cm11 kernel, and cm11 seems well supported on the ace21:06
energycsdxUmeaboy: it is just one of thousands chineses phones21:07
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Guhl99piggz, i am also using the CM-11 kernel but i could not remember that we changed anything regarding the sensors in kernel from CM10 to 1121:08
Umeaboyenergycsdx: Actually it's French.21:08
Guhl99well the thing is i see a value of 0 in the HybrisProximityAdaptor and i see nothing in the kmsg regarding the prox sensor21:09
Guhl99(while i see everything there regarding things like light sensor and rotation21:09
energycsdxUmeaboy: French is only marketing21:10
piggzGuhl99: see /sys/class/optical_sensors/proximity/21:15
Guhl99i don't have that21:17
Guhl99piggz, at least according to my board-vision the vision should have a capella cm360221:27
Guhl99and it's driver says that it's reporting in the style of [PS][CM3602] x21:28
Guhl99but i do have no such messages in the kmsg21:29
Guhl99well thats not true i do have messages like21:29
Guhl99[ 1150.831390] [PS][CM3602] capella_cm3602_disable21:30
Guhl99[ 1150.832122] [PS][CM3602] capella_cm3602_disable: already disabled21:30
Guhl99and when enabling the sensors i do have21:31
Guhl99[ 1767.628204] [LS][CM3602] lightsensor_ioctl: get enabled status: 021:32
Guhl99[ 1767.781494] [COMP] Compass enable21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.785186] [COMP] Compass disable21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.799133] [COMP][AKM8975] AKECS_GetCloseStatus:21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.811431] [GSNR] Gsensor enable21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.824615] [GSNR] Gsensor disable21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.852416] [LS][CM3602] lightsensor_ioctl: set value = 121:32
Guhl99[ 1767.852630] [LS][CM3602] lightsensor_enable21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.879516] [LS][CM3602] ALS value: 0x1, level: 0 #21:32
Guhl99[ 1767.929992] [COMP] Compass enable21:32
Guhl99[ 1768.148193] [COMP][AKM8975] AKECS_GetOpenStatus:21:32
Guhl99[ 1768.165863] [COMP][AKM8975] AKECS_GetCloseStatus:21:32
Guhl99[ 1768.168365] [GSNR] Gsensor enable21:32
Guhl99but no enable messages for the PS21:32
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Sailor6717hi. i have an issue with playing mp3's21:43
Sailor6717i installed codec and it said that “gst fluendo...etc” not found in package names. no provider found etc21:45
Sailor6717after that, i did get sound playing through jolla store youtube client app (though buggy). but i have downloaded mp3 in media app and it wont play21:46
UmeaboySailor6717: For which brand and modelname=21:50
*** Sailor6717 has quit IRC21:52
*** DrTechenstein has joined #sailfishos-porters21:53
DrTechensteinthis is drtechenstein. soery i got disconnected21:55
DrTechensteinany advice?21:56
stephgDrTechenstein: you said N4 elsewhere right?21:56
DrTechensteini have a nexus 4, yes21:58
DrTechensteingot the instructions from here22:00
*** DrTechenstein has quit IRC22:06
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*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:23
Guhl99piggz, still here?22:23
Guhl99piggz, can you please try on your phone?22:29
Guhl99download it and copy it to /system/lib/ (after mounting system rw)22:30
Guhl99then kill the rild process to make it reload and use this ril library22:31
Guhl99i will try to make yours work but for some reason it is receiving the wrong auth-type22:31
*** cxl000__ has quit IRC22:59
Guhl99well enough fruitless stuff for tonight -- good night23:08
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