Monday, 2014-10-27

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zhxthi, I got a message when I re-entered Mer Platform SDK after I installed the package: createrepo.05:18
zhxtbash: /etc/bash_completion.d/createrepo.bash: line 90: syntax error in conditional expression: unexpected token `('05:18
zhxtDoes anyone know the reason for this ?  Here is the full log. thanks!05:20
zhxtOK, Solved by: shopt -s extglob. ref url:
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SK_workdid anyone tried using CM11 to do a port ?08:42
Stskeepsn5 is such a port08:42
SK_workbecause I just got a tablet to play with08:43
SK_work(yes another one ...)08:43
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Guhlpiggz, ?09:46
piggzGuhl: lo09:46
piggzGuhl: what should your fixup-mountpoints look like?09:47
Guhldid/do you have time to test the ril with my (as i posted yesterday)09:47
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piggzGuhl: yes, im free all day .... trying to get prox to work09:48
Guhlprox is a weird situation09:48
piggzim not getting anything from event509:48
piggzive tried different calibration values09:49
Guhli compiled and modified the hybrisprimity stuff in a way that it always returns false09:49
Guhlthat works for my app that i use for testing (Messwerk)09:49
Guhlbut has no influence on the phone app suspending the screen during a call09:50
Guhlwhile i also don't know how to get a meningfull reading from it09:50
Guhlfor me it's event2 btw09:50
Guhlthe enable/disable does not seem to be the problem (as i supposed yesterday). For us the lightsensor and the prox-sensor are the same hardware and seem to be enabled/disabled together09:52
Guhl(there is only on CPIO for them together)09:52
Guhlat least thats what i see from the kernel board and driver sources09:53
Guhlthe problem with your is related to the APN setup btw. The call does not specify the Authentication type correctly09:55
Guhlprobably yet another ril version problem - but i was to tired yesterday to really go into debuging details09:55
Guhlpiggz, sorry i don't understand your question regarding the fixup-mountpoints10:07
piggzGuhl: 2 commits conflict
Guhlhmm they do not contradict each other and thats the way they work for me10:10
Guhlin the meantime i would have found another solution for the /block/ stuff and that is a udev rule to add the /block again10:10
Guhlfunny that sledges says they contratict as he was the one who told me to add the second10:12
sledgesone or another10:12
piggzGuhl: is it becuase there are 2 case conditions for vision10:13
Guhlwell ok then lets go over that again10:14
Guhl/dev/mmcblk0p25 on /system type ext4 (ro,relatime,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ordered)10:14
Guhlwhich should actually be /dev/block/mmcblk0p2510:15
Guhlwithout the change in fixup-mountpoints to remove /block system was not mounted after boot10:18
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Guhlsledges, are you basically telling me that the second is not needed ?10:26
Guhl       sed -i \10:26
Guhl            -e 's block/platform/msm_sdcc.2/by-num/p25 mmcblk0p25 ' \10:26
Guhlas my device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/recovery.fstab already has them as10:26
Guhl /systemext4/dev/block/mmcblk0p2510:26
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Guhlat least that would make sense to me then10:27
Guhlif thats what you are saying i'll change that and push again10:29
sledgesGuhl: where did you take block/platform/msm_sdcc.2/by-num/* from and when do they come into play? (remember, fixup mountpoints is referred twice: once from hybris-boot, once from dhd)10:29
sledgesthe former is for .zip update-script, the latter is for .mount units10:30
Guhlseriously that's the first thing i ever did for porting and i just copied the entries for the ace (as it's almost the same phone)10:31
Guhli had no idea why i did it and what it does10:32
Guhl(which still seems to be the case)10:32
piggzditto :)10:33
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sledgessimple check: boot to cm, check partition devnode names10:33
sledgesboot to cwm, do the same10:34
Guhlthere they are always /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 thats something i know for sure10:34
sledgeschuck this one away then:
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sledgesand avoid such things in future pls:
sledgesrather reclone from upstream when it's ready, then rebase10:37
Guhlsure but as said that was the first thing i did here (well not even here - in #sailfishos)10:38
sledgeslike i said, we live we learn:)10:40
Guhlfor me (with aix, gentoo and android as a background) there was/is a lot to learn10:40
sledgeshybris is new to everyone10:41
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Guhlyeah but for also everything like rpm, zypper sb2, mb2, mic, obs, you name it it new :-)10:41
Guhland qt10:42
sledgesyou're not alone, that's for sure10:42
Guhlthe only thing that is homeground for me is kernel and gdb10:42
Guhlpiggz, btw. my nemo password sticks not10:43
Guhli think the next thing i'll do is to compile a logcat that looks for it's device files in /dev/alog10:46
lbtpretty sure we do that10:47
Guhlwho does?10:47
lbthadk standard build10:47
Guhlpiggz, this is the data call setup with your libhtc_ril.so10:49
GuhlD/RILC    ( 1390): [0280]> SETUP_DATA_CALL Guhl: dispatchDataCall pos=8, numParams=7, numParamsRilV3=6, s_callbacks.version=2)10:49
Guhlthis is mine:10:49
GuhlD/RILC    ( 2445): [0248]> SETUP_DATA_CALL Guhl: dispatchDataCall pos=8, numParams=7, numParamsRilV3=6, s_callbacks.version=4)10:49
Guhlyou see the callbacks.version ?10:49
Guhlit was hard enough to backport ofono ril stuff to ril version 4 i am not sure if i want to go the extra miles to backport to version 210:50
Guhlso please try my (or try to find a newer/the latest) for the ace10:51
Guhlbut i don't think that htc really did different ril-libs for the ace and the vision that would not make sense10:52
Guhlit's the same radio10:52
Guhlso please try with mine and if that works i would leave it here10:52
piggzGuhl: which cm version is yours from?10:55
Guhlwell that proprietary lib is the same form me in CM10 and 1110:56
Guhlsledges, is what is in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/ supposed to be copied somehow to /system or am i just supposed to call it from there?10:58
Guhlanyway thanks for telling me10:59
sledgescall from there10:59
Guhlk i'll change that fixup-mountpoints and do a new image to check11:01
vakkovWarning: repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer0.10-droideglsink needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-maguro-0.0.6-201410261541.noarch,11:01
vakkovi can add the maguro repo and get it from there .. but i want to build gst-jolla ... and autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 111:02 failed11:02
vakkoverror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.SozTsk (%build)11:02
vakkovis the Mer OBS sailfish target building againt the latest?11:02
piggzGuhl: your libhtc_ril is 100k larger11:04
piggz, and ive checked the cm11 roms, and its the same as my 10.111:05
Guhlwell it's obviously 2 versions newer11:05
Guhlit's probably the same is with CM711:05
Guhlas htc did not deliver anything newer than libs for 2.311:06
piggzGuhl: did they deliver newer for vision?11:08
sledgesvakkov: 18:14 < lbt> PSA sailfishos: is now available on Mer OBS as a target. I won't make it the sailfishos:latest as it's an opt-in release11:08
piggzthe ril and radio fw need to match afaik11:09
vakkovsledges: cool, thanks11:09
Guhlpiggz, i think the one that we are using comes from the latest T-Mobile G2 update11:09
Guhlpiggz, well in principle yes but that only applied to HTC sense roms11:10
Guhlfor CM we where always using the same11:10
Guhland we did some backporting in the open source libril.so11:10
Guhlas said, please give it a try if it does not work with your radio i/we have to do the extra work of backporting to V2 anyway11:11
piggzyeah, where is your ofono fork?11:12
vakkovsledges: i can only see  SailfishOS latest11:12
Guhlpiggz, but the problem that you are currently facing might have to be fixed in libril.so11:13
Guhlin the dispatchDataCall function11:14
Guhlbut if you want to look at the ofono side this is in gril/grilrequest.c in function g_ril_request_setup_data_call11:16
Guhlthats where it builds the parcel11:16
piggzGuhl: well, your libhtc_ril doesnt seem to work11:17
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Guhlnot at all or only for the data call?11:18
vakkovsledges: really, there is only one sailfish target for me11:19
piggzGuhl: it registers on th netork11:21
piggzdoesnt seem to call11:22
piggzvibrations also seems to have stopped working11:22
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Guhlwell then go back to your lib11:25
Guhlwhat we/you will need is to build the (hardware/ril/libril)11:26
Guhlfrom your CM sources (from the CM-ROM you have installed)11:26
Guhland build it with all debuging enabled11:27
spiiroinGuhl: fyi: there was a bug that caused sensorfw to possibly report incorrect initial state for ps & als. I think it has been fixed, but not sure when/if it is already released -> if not, covering the sensor once might be needed to get things in sync with reality11:27
Guhlspiiroin, thanks but i think our issue is more then that - covering the sensor does not do anything at all11:28
Guhli've been running sensord with debug output enabled on the cli11:29
Guhland i get nothing there if i cover the ps or uncover it11:29
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Guhlthe other thing is that i also have nothing in kmsg11:30
Guhlaccording to the source of the kernel driver i should have things like [PS][CM3602]... in the kmsg11:31
piggzGuhl: in the dmesg output I get the [PS] probing messages etc11:32
Guhlaccording to the source of the kernel driver i should have things like [PS][CM3602]... in the kmsg11:33
piggzGuhl: mine is an ISL2902811:33
rbnhey, propably not even a bug but more of a feature-request (and maybe it should go directly go the sailfish channel..): i have a prepaid sim card, and for mobile data i have to change the user and passwort for the mobile internet each time i reboot (because the provider of my sim card uses another carrier, and maybe the wrong settings get pushed from them..).. or is there any way to save these settings permanently?11:33
Guhlthe only messages i have are11:37
Guhl[    4.675659] [PS][CM3602] capella_cm3602_probe: probe11:37
Guhl[    4.678558] [PS][CM3602] capella_cm3602_setup11:37
Guhlpiggz, what does your evdev_trace say about the device11:38
sledgesrbn: that is a bug (which device?) on jolla phone user/pass are remembered11:38
Guhland piggz stop the sensord service and run it from cli like:11:39
Guhl/usr/sbin/sensord -c=/etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf --log-level=debug --no-magnetometer-bg-calibration11:39
Guhlvery funny that they uses a different PS and probably LS on the ace and the vision11:40
rbnit's a nexus 411:41
Guhlpiggz, your board is board-spade right?11:42
sledgesrbn: pls file a bug
piggzGuhl: yes11:42
piggzGuhl: it seems to print output when the prox is [un]covered11:43
Guhlwho is the owner of your /var/lib/ofono directory?11:44
piggzGuhl: radio:radio11:44
Guhlpiggz, that question was for rbn11:45
Guhlfor you it has been fixed because you installed the ofono rpm again directly on the phone11:45
piggzGuhl: when i cover the prox, i get the first 3 lines, and uncover, the last 3
Guhlbut when we talked last time it also belonged to root:root -> and then ofono can not store it's settings11:46
Guhlpiggz, well thats by far better then for me11:46
Guhldo you want to install my hybris qt5 sensorfw stuff11:47
Guhlthat will print the values from the sensor on the debug output11:47
piggzGuhl: sure11:47
Guhlunfortunately for me it does not print anything because it never comes there :-(11:47
Guhluninstall the existing and install that11:52
Guhlrbn, did you read my question?11:54
piggzGuhl: the output diesnt seem any different11:57
Guhldid you kill and restart sensord?11:57
Guhlther should be a lot of "Guhl: ..." messages11:58
rbnuh, sorry ;)11:58
rbni'll take a look11:58
rbndrwxrwxr-x  2 root root  4.0K Jun 15 12:30 ofono12:01
piggzGuhl: nope, just getting socket handler messages12:02
rbnwhere can i find the rpm/who is the right owner of ofono?12:02
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Guhlrbn change the owner of that directory to radio:radio12:02
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Guhlthat should fix your problem12:02
rbnexcellent :)12:02
Guhllet's see12:03
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Guhlpiggz, that is very strange cause you should i.e. get on call of HybrisProximityAdaptor::sendInitialData()12:04
Guhlthe message12:04
GuhlGuhl: HybrisProximityAdaptor sendInitialData found proximity device12:04
Guhland then a12:05
Guhl"Guhl: HybrisProximityAdaptor sendInitialData inputDev.toLatin1()=" << inputDev.toLatin1() << "\n";12:05
Guhlrpm -qa shows my version istalled?12:05
rbnis there any compilation of such fixes? i think that would be useful :)12:06
Guhlrbn i just dicovered that yesterday12:06
Guhlor the day before yesterday12:06
Guhlsledges, you see i said this has to be a general problem, but nobody listened :-)12:07
piggzGuhl: when i cover the sensor, it says the session is 4 ... session 4 is the ALS12:08
rbnmaybe i should start documenting those fixes in case i have to reinstall12:08
Guhlafter you did the change the owner and did you settings you should have subdirectories in that directory12:09
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Guhltheir names are IMSI based12:09
rbnyes, such directory showed up12:09
rbngreat that i've got that fixed :)12:10
Guhlpiggz, when you start the sensord you don't get any "Guhl:..." messages?12:10
rbnthanks :)12:10
Guhldoes it work now?12:10
rbni haven't rebooted12:10
rbnbut it has created that dir12:10
Guhlwell then ...12:10
Guhlpiggz, i'll push my changes to github so you can see what you should get12:11
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Guhlpiggz, what is in your /etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf12:15
Guhlwell piggz you need to start something like Messwerk that actually reads the sensor12:18
piggzGuhl: what is that??12:18
sledgesGuhl: thanks a bunch12:19
sledgesnow why is it root:root on the first place12:19
GuhlMesswerk is an App that you can install from warehouse12:19
sledgeson jolla it's radio:radio12:20
Guhlsledges, because ofono is added to the image before droid-hal12:20
Guhlby mic and droid-hal defines the user radio12:20
sledgesthat's crazy12:21
Guhli solved this for me (because i build ofono locally) by adding Requires:   droid-hal to the ofono.spec12:21
sledgesSage_: ^12:22
sledges(ignore the .spec mod ofc ;)12:23
Guhli would not know how else to tell mic how to change the sequence12:24
piggzGuhl: this is better, ALS working ok, but prox aslways 'detected'
sledgesis what we'll have to work out12:24
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* Sage_ reads backlog12:26
sledgesSage_: just from 14:1912:26
Guhlpiggz, ok now at least you know that the startup works12:26
piggz(depending on TZ ;)12:26
piggzsledges: ^12:26
Sage_that is actually a valid point12:26
piggzGuhl: so, im a step closer than you, but still not working?12:27
Guhlyes, well i have the same thing in the sensord but at least you got messages in kmsg12:28
Sage_in our system ofono gets included to image very late not sure why it is that way but it sure would need to depend on package that adds radio12:28
sledgesSage_: maybe when droid-hal-version gets split?12:29
Guhlbtw. piggz what does your kmsg show while you test with Messwerk12:29
Sage_sledges: that has nothing to do with it12:29
sledgesSage_: -version depends on HA packages, means they'll be pulled in first (including dhd), and hopefully early in build12:29
sledgesbut that contradicts logic, so i've no idea how it's timed for jolla12:30
Sage_sledges: two things in my mind a) add some of those default users in mer core users b) do some generic droid-users meta package on which packages needing those would depend on (this has downsides though)12:30
Sage_sledges: that is wrong way to solve that12:31
Sage_sledges: we should have some dependency that package manager can see so that it would be packagemanagers decision to do it and not just random thing12:31
Guhlthe right way would be that every package checks and creates the users it needs12:32
sledgeshmmm.. how could we leave mer out of this if at all possible?12:32
sledgeswe don't want to change ofono .spec to be droid-hal dependent12:33
Guhli knew you would say that12:33
Guhlbut if we want to make ofono work on various droid phones we will either have to push my ril changes upstream12:34
Guhlor have our own anyway12:34
Guhlcause we will probably find a lot of other phones with ril versions < 712:34
piggzlive my lowly v 2!12:35
sledgesGuhl: unrelated. your changes would land "downstream" until they eventually get accepted upstream and the former repo cleaned and updated from upstream instead12:37
sledgesGuhl: what im saying is that we keep .spec files independent of underlying implementation (think non-hybris mer platforms)12:38
Guhlpiggz, well at least you got something that PS does - atm i do have no idea why this does not trigger something in the sensorfw12:38
sledgesso i guess Sage_'s 1) is looking most viable-ish..12:38
Guhlsledges, you are absolutely right12:38
sledgess/1)/a)/ :P12:39
Guhli leave this to the big guys as i did not even know 3 weeks ago what mic is12:41
Guhl(and it's still a little bit voodoo for me)12:41
Guhlbut piggz maybe spiiroin can enlighten us a bit12:42
piggzGuhl: is your als working?12:45
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC12:45
Guhlpiggz, what the PS? no - i get the same messages as you from the sendInitialData12:46
Guhlbesides that my device is event212:46
piggzGuhl: no, the ambient light12:46
Guhlthe light sensor - yes that works12:46
Guhlfor me compass, rotation, acceleraition magnetometer, light work12:47
Guhlprox and gps don't12:48
piggzGuhl: i think i had gps working12:48
Guhlgps works in the cli with the test_gps tool12:49
piggzyes, thats what i had12:49
Guhlbut the connection from there to <wherever> is missing12:49
piggzi think i'll take a break a do some game programming :)12:49
spiiroinGuhl: "/dev/input/event5" == ps? can you do: "evdev_trace -i 5"12:50
piggzspiiroin: event 5 for me, 2 for guhl12:50
Guhlthats for piggz mine is /dev/input/event212:50
spiiroinok. both would be nice to see ;-)12:51
spiiroin(mce prefers to get sensor input from evdev, even if control goes via sensorfw)12:51
Guhl----====( /dev/input/event2 )====----12:51
GuhlName: "proximity"12:51
GuhlID: bus 0x0, vendor, 0x0, product 0x0, version 0x012:51
GuhlType 0x00 (EV_SYN)12:51
GuhlType 0x03 (EV_ABS)12:51
Guhl ABS_DISTANCE=0 [0,1]12:52
Guhland mce is what controlls to suspend the screen during a call?12:52
spiiroinGuhl: yes.12:53
Guhl(cause is changed the HybrisProximityAdaptor code so that it reports always false and that did nothing in that respect)12:53
Guhlthat explains this then12:53
spiiroindevice that is ABS_DISTANCE only -> assumed ps -> mce uses evdev for input12:54
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spiiroinreason being: a) wakelocks can be used when processing changes while suspended b) the initial state problem via sensorfw12:55
*** piggz has quit IRC12:55
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Guhlhmm i am still lost why that does not work at all12:57
spiiroinGuhl: for more visibility you can do: systemctl stop mce.service; mce -T -l mce-sensorfw.c:*12:58
Sage_sledges: not sure maybe.12:58
Guhlspiiroin, hmm that actually seems to work13:01
Guhlwhy does the screen suspend then during a call13:03
Guhlwell now it does not ?!?!13:05
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters13:05
Guhlnow that works absolutely perfect13:06
Guhlspiiroin, what kind of magic are you working here?13:06
spiiroinGuhl: I wish I knew... but13:07
spiiroinin which order the processes are started: mce vs sensord that is13:07
spiiroin... and is there some android side sensord too13:08
Guhlaha another order problem :-)13:08
spiiroinGuhl: there should not be, but ... you know13:08
Guhlno i did start sensord first on the cli13:08
Guhland then mce on the cli13:08
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*** pulser has joined #sailfishos-porters13:09
spiiroinmce checks/waits for sensord to show up on d-bus. in theory it should not matter if it starts earlier/later or is restarted later on13:09
spiiroinI guess there would be something similar to sf sensord vs android sensord, but I do not know for sure13:11
spiiroini.e. after bootup it might be that some part of andoird sensord -> nemo sensord -> mce chain is not working?13:11
Guhlso we might need something similar to the ofono_hack that also waits for something to show up on dbus to force the modem to start13:13
spiiroinmore like nemo sensord should wait for fully functional android sensord13:13
spiiroinbut... if you can repeat the non-working state, you could see if mce has reported any errors to journal13:14
Guhlmaybe - i need to go for lunch now - i'll try afterwords13:14
Guhlbut thanks for now that was a big step into some (maybe right) direction)13:15
*** blackjack4it_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:15
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters13:16
Guhlspiiroin, one thing is for sure: if i start sensord after mce the prox sensor is not working13:39
Guhlwhile the other ones like light and orientation work13:40
*** zhxt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:41
spiiroinGuhl: any error reporting from mce? it might abandon sensor session if there are error replies from sensord.13:42
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC13:42
spiiroin... and I have been able to test it only on jolla hw so far13:43
Guhlspiiroin, the only output i have starting first mce and then sensord is:13:43
Guhlmce: T+0.396 N: mce-sensorfw.c: mce_sensorfw_ps_read_cb(): initial PS value = 013:44
Guhlmce: T+0.396 W: mce-sensorfw.c: ps_notify(): sensord=1 vs evdev=013:44
Guhlthen there is nothing ps related in the output anymore13:44
vakkovsledges: ok, how do i use this target here -
vakkovpick one via advance interface13:47
vakkovbut i cant set it :913:47
Guhlspiiroin, if i do it the right way round it is like this
*** Piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters13:48
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters13:49
GuhlHah Piggz you missed the show :-)13:49
PiggzGuhl: my broadband is offline13:49
PiggzWhat's happened???13:49
PiggzI'm on Irc on my phone!!!13:50
Guhlwell i did a little chatting testing with spiiroin13:50
vakkovsledges: agh, nevermind, it finally found he sailfishos project13:50
Guhl1. mce does not read the prox-sensor via the sensord but directly the evdev13:50
PiggzWhere is evdev-test btw??13:51
Guhl2. He showed me how to start mce from the cli logging the output from mce-sensorfw.c:*13:51
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:51
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC13:51
Guhl3. we found out that if i start the 2 in the order 1. sensord 2. mce -> prox-sensor works in mce13:52
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:52
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC13:52
Guhlyou can see the output from a working session here
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:52
Guhlif i start them the other way round prox-sensor does not work in mce as we had it13:53
Guhli am documenting my findings/things here
spiiroinGuhl: btw, do you have full output from non-working session?13:53
Guhlspiiroin, sec13:54
*** Nokius has quit IRC13:54
*** dev_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
*** dev_ is now known as dragon13:54
*** dragon is now known as YolDovah13:54
Guhlspiiroin, btw it also works it i start the 2 services in the right order using systemctl13:54
PiggzMaybe add a systemd dependancy?13:55
PiggzWhat is the order?13:55
spiiroinPiggz: it should really work either way; if it does not -> is a bug13:55
PiggzSure, I just wanna test it13:56
Guhlthats the non working order (and i burned my finger to show you that the LS works using a lighter)13:57
spiiroinGuhl: actually both have things like "skipping ps enable/disable; sensord not available"13:58
spiiroinmight be accidental that it works13:58
Guhlwell i did reproduce that now already at least 5 times13:58
spiiroinforget it, it is during startup13:58
Guhli will do the following13:59
Guhl1. change the mce service to log the output as on cli in journal13:59
Guhl2. add a dependency to mce on sensord13:59
Guhlspiiroin, would: mce -n -s -l mce-sensorfw.c:*14:01
Guhlwork in the service file?14:01
PiggzAnd messwerk?14:01
GuhlMesswerk does nothing14:02
spiiroinGuhl: -s is the default, -n / --systemd is already there - and you probably do not want to log everything14:03
PiggzGuhl, spiiron, works in calls for me too14:03
*** Blazk_ has quit IRC14:03
PiggzSo why would messwerk not work?14:03
spiiroin"ExecStart=/usr/sbin/mce --systemd -lmce-sensorfw.c:sfw_notify_*" might be enough14:05
spiiroinany errors are reported anyway14:05
spiiroinbut might start at max verbose and then trim down14:06
*** eleroux has quit IRC14:06
vakkovgcc-4.6 ???  that's from the 1.1 target - cpio: gcc-linaro-4.6-2013.05/gcc/config/arm/bpabi.c: Cannot stat: No such file or directory14:08
Guhlhmm i have now ExecStart=/usr/sbin/mce --systemd -lmce-sensorfw.c:sfw_notify_*14:09
Guhlbut that gives me nothing in journalctl -fa14:09
spiiroinGuhl: if there is too much logging to journal -> journald suppresses everything from the process14:09
spiiroinjournald config might need tuning if you want verbose output to be allowed14:10
Guhlk will look at it14:10
spiiroinGuhl: need to go now, I'll try to pop in later14:11
Guhlok thanks spiiroin14:11
GuhlI need to go also for now - back in 2 or 3 hours14:13
vakkovwhy does the 1.1 target give the same output as the old one14:14
*** filippz has quit IRC14:16
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:17
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vakkovwhats special about gst-jolla17:35
vakkovit compiles against some "modified" targets... it doesnt compile with sailfish_latest and the 1.1 target17:36
Stskeepsbuilds against a HA doesn't it17:38
vakkovouch, dumb me ;D17:39
*** Guhl has quit IRC17:40
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
vakkovStskeeps: can you please give me access to this -
vakkovbeidl: you there?17:44
Stskeepsask beidl rather17:44
vakkovomg .. the systemd there is a fork of my repo, cmon i participated in the development of this hardware adaptation; i deserve it17:45
Stskeepsjust playing it safe :)17:46
vakkovbeidl: please come and give me access to the god damn maguro project... i'll update with the latest systemd patches and build against the 1.1 target17:49
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
*** PhompAng has quit IRC18:20
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PiggzGuhl, what's new?18:24
*** YolDovah has quit IRC18:29
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vakkovyeah, i saw that20:21
vakkovbut gst jolla is not building because of hybris stuff20:22
vakkovenergycsdx: check the link20:22
energycsdxvakkov: try to make it explicitly depended on libhybris-libEGL-devel20:24
vakkovi didnt know that the obs has this tricks\20:25
vakkovenergycsdx: how do you do that20:27
*** olafh has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
energycsdxvakkov: AFAIK OBS creates separate vm/container for each build, and install all packages that are in BuildRequires in spec file, there is pkgconfig(egl) requirement in your spec file, in obs repos there is two packages which provide it, one mesa and one libhybris, it fails because it can`t choose out of two, you can add BuildRequires in spec file and to20:31
energycsdxexplicitly depend on libhybris20:31
vakkovyeah, i know why it fails :D the spec file would have been enough but thanks for the detailed answer!!!20:32
vakkovit's interesting how theyhavent changed anything here -
*** eleroux has quit IRC20:39
vakkovenergycsdx: coool!!! thanks!20:56
vakkovURLGrabber error:
vakkovwhy, oh why ;D20:56
vakkovit's something with the kickstart i guess20:57
vakkovthat url ..20:57
vakkovyep, @RELEASE20:57
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:33
*** sdjayna has quit IRC21:33
piggzlo guhl, *21:33
Guhlhi piggz21:35
piggzI'm still without real internet :(21:36
Guhli did the fix in the fix-mountpoints and sent you a pull request21:36
Guhlwhat wrong with your internet?21:37
Guhldid you forget to pay the bill?21:37
piggzphone line dead...I don't have a feathering plan on my mobile, so I'm using pdanet to get around it to my tablet...but I can't get my computer to set up a BT dun connectio!21:38
*** dreamer has quit IRC21:41
*** dreamer has joined #sailfishos-porters21:41
Guhli c - i did not do any serious things on the sensor stuff anymore today21:42
Guhlstarted playing around with kmap stuff, but that seems to be another field where i got a lot to learn21:44
*** rbn has quit IRC21:45
*** piggz has quit IRC21:49
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*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:57
Guhlanybody good with keymaps in here?21:58
Guhlon the querty-keyboard of the vision the key for i.e 0 is ALT+p where p is keycode 2522:00
Guhlso would the following line in a droid.kmap file be correct?22:01
Guhlalt  keycode 25 = zero22:02
Guhlwell i'll just try22:03
Guhland for today it's enough again22:05
Guhlgood night22:05
*** DrTechenstein has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
DrTechensteinit says in the port device status page that data is working for nexus 4 but its not working for me. wifi, calls amd texting works but data, mp3 music and video doesnt work22:13
sledgesDrTechenstein: set your APN parameters in Settings->Mobile Network->(long press on APN name)->Edit network22:15
*** TemeV has quit IRC22:16
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:16
DrTechensteinthat option is there but able to be selected or long pressed. It is greyed out22:17
DrTechensteinbut *not able...22:17
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:23
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
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