Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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vakkovis there somebody who knows the OBS here00:45
vakkovi need to specify the spec file that has to be used. otherwise it does not merge the sources from github00:45
vakkovwhatever.. i just deleted one of the specs :D00:53
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vakkovgalaxy nexus is also updated01:18
vakkovbeidl: it didnt freeze when i set an ambiance01:22
vakkovhas your fix been merged?01:22
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vakkovpiggz: lol, our phones have the same mac address with that update01:26
vakkovbut why is my sailfish version .38 and yours is .3901:26
vakkovoh yeah there ws an update for utilika01:27
vakkovuitukka *01:27
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vakkovsledges: Stskeeps: Not sure if yu already know about that. this trick no longer works with 1.1 http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1411492&postcount=14 that sucks for uni students like me... every wifi here has peap01:56
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tbrvakkov: there was a hotfix. if you are building a community adaptation you will need to rebuild connman from source as it's not in the U9 on OBS05:54
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vakkovtbr: i just rebuit the image with release set to and peap networks work again :) thanks09:19
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lbtPSA:  Mer git servers updated - let me know of any issues11:18
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piggzsledges: pull 37 updated12:09
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dr_gogeta86hi piggz14:17
dr_gogeta86hi buddies14:17
piggzlo dr_gogeta8614:21
dr_gogeta86i need to back on track on my port14:22
dr_gogeta86i need to send real jolla in FI14:22
dr_gogeta86I've cracked the digitizer14:22
dr_gogeta86i dunno why14:22
dr_gogeta86same SoC i use 3.4 kernel14:22
piggzive got a galaxy note 1 here with a smashed screen...the digitizer and lcd are ok, just the top lens .. the replacement glass cost only £5...but then i watch a video, and it looks like a right pita :)14:23
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vakkovpiggz: the glass change should be done in a shop with a hot air gun, some expensive chemicals to remove the old glue, some new expensive glue :D :D and a UV lamp to "tighten" the glue15:35
vakkovunless you have all these :D then you can do it yourself15:36
vakkovi've done it :D15:36
dr_gogeta86For the record15:36
piggzvakkov: meh, the video used a hairdryer and cleaning solution :)15:36
dr_gogeta86if you got a parter who love nail art you already got this at come15:36
vakkovand how does he glue the new glass back15:37
dr_gogeta86uv light, chemicals15:37
dr_gogeta86hot air gun you can use hair dryer or ... heat gun ....15:37
dr_gogeta86you must find a jolla digitizer first :-D15:37
sledgesdr_gogeta86: 100EUR voucher ~-> snapdeal prices (wink wink)15:41
dr_gogeta86sledges, i can support jolla ... will be the 4th15:41
dr_gogeta86sledges, ramp up with qt 5.215:42
sledges:D a real supporter. just reminding what you said the other day anyways ;)15:42
dr_gogeta86the fact is15:42
dr_gogeta86pls more apis and less android app in store15:43
dr_gogeta86and stella operation is a fail15:43
dr_gogeta86on one+ is buggy more then first version of sailfishos15:43
locusfdid vgrade get it working on one+15:49
sledgesdr_gogeta86: #jollamobile ;)15:50
dr_gogeta86i know15:50
dr_gogeta86better sfa15:50
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plfiorinii wonder how can droid-hal-init.service be Type=notify when grep doesn't find sd_notify17:12
Stskeepsthere's a fun thing in init.rc17:15
* plfiorini go read17:15
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beidlhello hello fine folks!19:33
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beidlhow is everyone doing today?19:35
beidlthis channel seems quite dead every time I've got the chance to join19:36
Stskeepsjust late in evening :P19:37
beidlStskeeps: yeah, I'd like to join earlier. stupid army. :P19:38
Stskeepsi'm staring myself blind at memory map analysis19:39
beidlscrambling eggs is definitely preferable to that19:39
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sledgesbeidl: wazaap!?20:15
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beidlsledges: hey! :D20:17
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beidlsledges: could be better, work is tiring/uninteresting and taking more time than I believed it would20:18
sledgesbeidl: #define work20:18
beidlsledges: cooking for unthankful officials :)20:19
sledgesdidn't get promoted?:)20:19
beidlsledges: you mean higher rank?20:20
Guhlyour doing military service?20:22
sledgesto a higher rank ;) like kitchen captain20:22
beidlGuhl: yup, bruck neudorf20:22
beidlsledges: we have created our own military-like nick name: "cordon bleu company" :D20:23
beidlit certainly has taken away my "drive" to hack on things.20:24
Guhlwhile i have you here20:24
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beidlbut I'd like to get back in the ring *rockytheme*20:24
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Guhli created a new vision.kmap file20:25
Guhlwhat would be the best way to tell the build system to create a qmap from it?20:26
beidlGuhl: is kmap2qmap installed in the mer chroot? you could probably hook into that in the %build stanza of an rpm file20:28
Guhli know how to do it manually20:28
beidlGuhl: or, more easily, just create a new rpm package and let the device pattern depend on it20:28
beidlthats how we make sure maguro gets it special patched systemd package20:29
Guhlnot that i would know how to do that but i will look at your maguro stuff20:29
beidlGuhl: it's not that crazily special. but why not just include the qmap in the device specific package itself?20:30
Guhlwell of course i just thought that it might be elegant to have the build automatically create the qmap from the vision.kmap and the droid.kmap20:31
Guhlas it does for the us.kmap20:31
beidlGuhl: look at droid-hal-device.inc, search for Source14. that's what the rpm spec references the droid.kmap as.20:34
beidlGuhl: now you could patch it up like I did with enabling kernel image updates20:34
Guhlhmm but that droid-hal-device.inc is not device specific, or is it?20:35
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beidlGuhl: no, but with a specific %define for your spec and a little patch in the .inc you could override/add a device specific kmap20:35
beidlsledges: and how are you doing?20:36
sledgesbeidl: super busy:)20:36
Guhland what is the # called in a kmap?20:37
beidlsledges: I guess so, pretty hyped about update9, awesome that vakkov got things running pretty quickly :)20:37
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Guhlspiiroin, ?21:54
Guhlsledges, was there any more talk on the 'user xxx does not exist topic when building the image with mic?21:58
sledgesGuhl: no, remained at proposal to create users in mer-core, implications of which haven't been thought-out yet22:00
Sage_plfiorini: planning of systemd upgrade? ;)22:00
Sage_plfiorini: noted https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/70 and commented as well22:00
plfioriniSage_, heh commented back22:01
Sage_plfiorini: and don't say "I'm stupid" that is quite common to do it that way but as we have "new stuff" we should use that :)22:01
plfioriniSage_, while we are here i think it should probably be /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d22:02
plfioriniif it is considered part of the distro not a local confoiguration22:02
* sledges agrees22:02
Guhlsledges, ok - i just did a new image and have a lot of "user 105 does not exist" and one for user 1000 (for contactsd) don't know if they are a problem22:03
Sage_plfiorini: well that is old habit of mine ;) And is true and currently what is there in our sailfish stuff should also be moved.22:03
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sledgesGuhl: they are, if something starts breaking. mic creation is full of errors, 99.9% are benign (think it wants a real machine, yet gets shoveled a qemu)22:03
Guhlso - keymap for the vision is done22:07
Guhlnow i would need to talk to spiiroin how to integrate the keyboard and its switching out and in with mce22:08
Guhlslide, switch, whatever22:09
sledgesquite certain TOHKBD guys have that nailed22:09
Guhlwho's that?22:10
Guhlaha good to know22:10
sledgeshi:) ^ great kickstarter effort btw!22:10
kimmolithat all goes to dirk22:10
sledgeswho's not here;)22:11
kimmoliand andrew22:11
sledgesyou are their press representative :D22:11
Sage_beidl: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/8d49476782a3ab729aee11291f5f928e67e2f7a5 just a comment that this is in general bad as it hardcodes the nemo username.22:12
Sage_sledges: do we have some guidelines what to do and what not to do btw? We should start probably collecting those like small checklist22:12
Guhlkimmoli, so what is that "quite certain TOHKBD guys have that nailed" about22:13
Sage_like "Do not harcode /home/nemo" to anything or "Use tmpfiles.d instead of mkdir for volatile files" etc.22:13
sledgesSage_: good starting point http://piratepad.org/hadk-faq22:13
beidlSage_: as long as the gstreamer packages of sailfish ship the Jolla-specific gstomx.conf file we can't do much about it other than that hack22:13
Sage_beidl: hmmp22:14
kimmoliGuhl: what? where?22:15
Sage_beidl: thanks for pointing that out, will get it it fixed.22:15
sledgeskimmoli: Guhl is the first to have ported sf to a hwkbd phone (HTC Desire Z). How do you trap keyboard slide-out event, would be useful if you do that via mce, and not so useful if you do it via i2c and other transports?22:15
beidlSage_: awesome, thank you22:15
Guhlcurrently the keyboard is not that usefull as22:16
sledgesSage_: correct link: http://piratepad.net/hadk-faq22:16
Guhl1. the virtual keyboard has to disappear when the hw-kbd is out22:17
kimmoliwe use gpio/int pin to detect that, and we need still to have VKB active when typing (altough it will be very minimal VKB)22:17
plfioriniSage_, is it sufficient to drop usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/droid-hal.conf on device-configs-all, no need to do any install in the spec file right?22:17
Guhl2. the phone should stay in landscape rotation22:17
kimmolibut if there is (will be) way to allow typing without VKB active, let me know22:18
sledgesplfiorini: yes22:18
Sage_plfiorini: yes it should be sufficient22:18
Sage_sledges: that is not exactly what I was looking for, more like wiki page in this case.22:18
Guhli see22:18
sledgesSage_: no placeholder for guidelines im afraid22:19
kimmoliand if it is possible to lock landscape over dbus (haven't digged that out yet)22:19
kimmolibut we'll need also reverse-landscape22:19
plfiorinisledges, Sage_ ok new PR -> https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/7122:19
Guhlreverse landscape?22:20
kimmolias the tohkbd can be used on either side22:20
Guhli think i need to find out what the tohkbd is :-)22:21
sledgesplfiorini: commented22:21
sledgesplfiorini: you beat me to it ;P22:21
Sage_piggz: or who did https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/8ce6452bcb92dd1c5cac6402537162775b795bee is there more info why it is needed? Just want to understand if there is something that could be easily fixed.22:22
sledgesbeidl: ^22:23
Guhlshould probably be fixed in ofono22:24
Guhlthe modem needs to be forces online on our devices22:24
Sage_plfiorini: lgtm ;)22:25
beidlsledges Sage_ trying to find the bugreport I filed some time ago22:25
Guhlbeidl, btw. does the proximity sensor work out of the box on the maguro?22:26
Sage_any other that kind of things that must be hacked because something is wrong atm.?22:26
beidlGuhl: yup22:27
Guhli can only get it working if i do the following sequence22:27
Guhlstop mce22:27
beidlSage_: not that i remember22:27
Guhlstop sensord22:27
Guhlstart sensord22:27
Guhlpoke the proximity sensor with something like the Messwerk App22:27
Guhlstart mce22:27
beidlSage_: well I remember having issues getting MTP working, thats because theres no userspace helper that makes use of androids MTP kernel support/android_usb22:28
GuhlSage_, define "needs to be hacked?"22:29
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Sage_Guhl: like https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/8ce6452bcb92dd1c5cac6402537162775b795bee or https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/8d49476782a3ab729aee11291f5f928e67e2f7a5 :)22:29
beidlSage_: compiling the maguro kernel with functionfs, which is required, results in a not booting device22:29
beidlSage_: and I'm pretty sure every ported device has this issue22:30
Sage_functionfs required?22:30
GuhlSage_, i had to do quite some changes to ofono (rilmodem and ril) to make it work on the htc vision22:30
sledgesSage_: not forgetting the https://github.com/beidl/systemd/commit/522dd6bd0a32c36d955ce0dc5d487c0794e68e9722:31
Guhlas the normal version only implements ril version 722:31
Sage_beidl: where do we say it is required afaik it is not22:31
sledges(this patched systemd is spinning only on maguro)22:31
Sage_sledges: well that is omap ;)22:32
sledges;P this hack solves ~12% CPU usage by udev22:32
beidlSage_: it was some time ago when I looked into that. userspace on Jolla seems to use functionfs instead of the android_usb gadget driver22:33
beidlSage_: s/seems/pretty sure/22:33
beidlSage_: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72722:35
Merbot`Nemo bug 727 in Hybris-ing "[maguro] ofono unable to read/write from SIM" [Major,New]22:35
Sage_beidl: ok, but strictly it is not required however current mtp implentation does not work without I think22:35
beidlSage_: exactly22:35
beidlSage_: I played around with the ubuntu touch mtp daemon, but it makes heavy use of C++11, needs a newer gcc22:35
* Sage_ makes note to internal backlog to investigate the mtp (no promises on this though)22:37
beidlSage_: great :) as a backup plan, I could start from scratch and roll my own.22:38
beidl on the other hand, we all know how that always turns out :P22:38
Sage_beidl: at least we need to document that as I haven't noted it myself22:38
Sage_beidl: maguro aka GT-I9250 right?22:43
beidlSage_: Sage_exactly22:43
Sage_aka Galaxy Nexus22:43
Sage_how likely it is that I just happen to have that phone on my table :)22:44
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beidlSage_: before you try it: I don't have an extensive testing infrastructure. When it booted it I released it :))22:45
Sage_beidl: no worries I've been there as well22:45
beidlSage_: might be that booting fails the first time around, I remember there being a deadlock in ofono22:46
beidlor at least it appeared to be22:46
* Sage_ remembers with warm feelings the one night wonders from over 1 year back with w00t, Stskeeps and friends22:46
w00tSage_: they were good times22:47
* Sage_ ponders if that sounded a bit twisted ;)22:47
* beidl plays "Time Of My Life"22:47
beidlseems appropriate22:48
Sage_beidl: will need to check if I have time at some point to flash sailfish on my maguro22:48
* Sage_ thinks it is time to go to sleep before the mood drifts too much ;)22:48
beidlSage_: cool can't wait to get those bug reports coming22:48
Guhlcoming back to my topic i think i'll talk to spiiroin - the keyboard switch should be handled by mce in my opinion22:50
beidlmight have to go now as well. I mean, who would scramble those eggs if I get up too late to head to the barracks22:50
sledgesGuhl: is kbd switch essentially a keystroke?22:51
Guhlno it's an evdev event22:52
beidlbye guise, I will try to join tomorrow22:52
Guhl/dev/input/event3: 9241.727 - 0x05/EV_SW - 0x000/SW_LID - 022:52
Guhl/dev/input/event3: 9241.727 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 022:52
Guhlthat was open22:52
Guhl/dev/input/event3: 9278.871 - 0x05/EV_SW - 0x000/SW_LID - 122:52
Guhl/dev/input/event3: 9278.871 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 022:52
Guhland that is close22:52
Guhland i think that spiiroin said that there is already some lid handling in mce22:53
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Guhlbut for a different scenario, where the lid covers the display22:54
Guhlmce is the next on my list to fork and build22:54
sledgesby beidl22:54
beidlsledges: o/22:55
sledgesGuhl: yep you should be on a good way22:55
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Guhlatm i have too many open issues - fix the ril for even older versions = piggz and his ace22:56
Guhlfix the proximity sensor22:56
Sage_Guhl: https://github.com/nemomobile/mce/blob/master/tklock.h#L135 if you want to dig yourself :)22:56
Sage_https://github.com/nemomobile/mce/blob/master/inifiles/mce.ini <- also search slide22:57
GuhlSage_, thanks thats what i am here for digging as deep as possible22:57
Sage_though those are probably from n900 times so might need a bit workd :)22:57
Sage_Guhl: also https://github.com/nemomobile/mce/blob/master/modules/keypad.c is probably interest22:58
Guhlinitially i actually wanted to implement my permission spoofing stuff for sailfish os22:58
Guhlbut porting is much more fun :-)22:58
Sage_oh what fun it is to note at 1am that mail that one wrote some hours ago but didn't sent yet died with mail app :(22:59
Guhland i need my keyboard back! i already gave my n4 to my 5 year old daughter cause i could not use it without a keyboard23:02
Guhland i would like to throw my jolla against a wall at least twice a day for the same reason23:02
GuhlSage_, thanks for all that hints that will give me a good starting point !23:03
Sage_Guhl: welcome, hopefully that helps. spiiroin can help much more though :)23:05
GuhlSage_, i'd like to ask you a strategic question. Is it of any interest to make ofono support older RIL versions or don't you really care as modern phones are more important anyway?23:05
Guhlin the current implementation the RIL implementation is not really accurate anyway (even for ril version 7)23:07
Guhlthere are quite some assumptions and some of them are wrong23:08
Guhland it does not support older ril versions at all23:08
Guhli fixed it enough that everything works for my visions (tested it on 3 of them with different radio firmwares)23:09
Guhlatm i do not intend to push my changes up- or side or whatever stream i nobody else cares23:10
vakkov@iamdevloper 4m4 minutes ago23:10
vakkovFacebook is down. If we all keep refreshing, we can kill it for good.23:10
vakkovgo go :D23:10
vakkovbeidl: this is the updated systemd https://github.com/vakkov/systemd23:12
Sage_Guhl: well, if you have valid patches I don't see why those would not be merged as long as they do not break the current implementation. Of course newer hardware takes priority in many cases but it really depends on the patch quality and the fix itself.23:14
GuhlSage_, thanks for the feedback, i'll try to fix it for piggz phone too and then review the code again23:16
Guhlright now my top priorities are sound (in and routing), keyboard integration in mce - then i can use the vision as my daily driver23:18
*** arcean has quit IRC23:19
Guhland now the even higher priority is to get some sleep :-) - night23:21
*** olafh has quit IRC23:43
*** Guhl has quit IRC23:46

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