Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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junnuviDoes anyone else has browser segfault problems on ? On my grouper image it will start to load page but crashes when it suppose to show page content05:31
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sledgesjunnuvi: gdb or strace?09:12
junnuvijust a moment..09:16
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vakkovjust got a a20-olinuxino-lime11:05
vakkovvgrade: i know you were the allwinner guy :D11:05
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sledgesjunnuvi: can't read anything there, any chance of debug symbols in?11:23
sledgesvakkov: here's a pretty decent (non-hybris!) adaptation for eoma:
sledgesvakkov: and this belongs to vgrade:
vakkov(y). One problem - i dont have a tv here but i think i will get at least uart; there are some tvs in the uni where i can test :P11:28
sledgescan go also the hybris way, if there's an android port for your board11:29
sledgesas those HAs are pretty useless otherwise (for sailfish at least, since you are asking in this channel;)11:29
sledgesnemo or plasma active could run fine methinks11:30
sledgesand maybe sailfish-the-n9-way too11:30
vakkovi think i'll go for nemo :P there is an android port; there are also native linux adaptations11:30
sledgesgo nemo go! \o/11:33
sledgeswill you embed it into fridge or car? ;)11:33
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junnuvisledges: how? :)11:55
locusfvakkov: just holler if you need a hand on the newest packages for nemo11:57
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sledgesjunnuvi: `pkcon search name xul` does it give accompanying debuginfo packages too?12:03
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sledgesjunnuvi: pull them in12:56
sledgesand browser ones too12:57
sledgesin fact12:57
sledgesrun gdb /usr/bin/sailfish-browser12:57
sledgesstart execution with r12:58
sledgesyou'll see symbol build ids popping up12:58
sledgeswhen crashes, inspect stack12:58
sledgespaste here first, we%ll see what more we need12:58
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junnuviWow, do I really need to install all those debuginfo packages? :)13:06
sledgesjunnuvi: hope not;)13:17
junnuviMissing separate debuginfo for /usr/lib/libas..... and so on..13:18
sledgesi know13:18
sledgesbeen there13:18
junnuvithank god this is linux and we have commanline tools :)13:21
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sledgestype bt13:29
junnuvi#0  0x433bd68c in ?? ()13:29
junnuvi#1  0x433c9bcc in ?? ()13:29
junnuvi#2  0x433c9bcc in ?? ()13:29
junnuviBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)13:29
* sledges needs to see a proctologist13:31
junnuviwhaat :D13:32
energycsdxjunnuvi: you need to unwind stack manualy13:36
sledgesi don't think backtrace will improve even if you pull all the symbols13:36
sledgesenergycsdx to the rescue;)13:36
energycsdxjunnuvi: first do "info proc maps" to see in which module it crashes13:39
junnuvitoo many parameters maps13:40
energycsdxsorry info proc mappings13:41
junnuviok, that works13:42
junnuvigives quite lot of information :)13:43
energycsdxso it crashes some where in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/libc.so13:46
energycsdxyou may try to install droid-hal-device-devel rpm and load symbols from there but i`m not sure that it will work13:48
energycsdxjunnuvi: another solution is to disassemble near 0x433bd68c, deduct location of return address in stack, get return address from stack, repeat it until you get backtrace13:52
junnuvisounds interesting :)13:52
junnuvihmm, do you wan't try that? :)13:54
energycsdxjunnuvi: not now, but i done it sometimes ago on sailfish os13:55
energycsdxalso on my work it is usual way to do stack trace ;)13:56
junnuviwell for me this is something which is not so usual :)13:57
junnuviif you have time some point and like to play with it I can open ssh access to device13:57
energycsdxjunnuvi: ok14:01
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beidlhello guise14:09
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sledgeswell disguised14:21
beidlsledges: :D how are you doing?14:22
sledgessame old;)14:29
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DrTechensteinjust fyi, i got mp3 working on nexus 417:59
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DrTechensteinsimple after gaining root, input "pkcon install gst-av"18:00
DrTechensteinworks grest now18:00
DrTechensteinnow i have to figure out how to get mobile data to work18:01
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joelmxHi all, silly question perhaps, intalling apps on nexus 7, any links to instructions on how to fix it? I haven't been able to find references to it. WiFi works perfectly so internet connection is not a problem.18:07
joelmxI was thinking perhaps old-dated repos, but can't find documentation for the jolla store.18:07
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DrTechensteinhave you checked on xda forums?18:34
DrTechensteinive found the best input thete18:34
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vakkovbeidl: crap, i think i have forgotten the device-samsung-maguro-configs thingie in this image :D20:07
beidlvakkov: lol how come? :D20:07
vakkovnot sure20:07
vakkovisnt this included in the droid hal device20:07
Guhlif i want to debug the pulseaudio-modules-droid module on the phone with gdb what is the best way to install the source on the phone?20:10
vakkovbeidl: oh, i think i just dont have the brcm_patchram_plus20:13
beidlvakkov:  yeah you forgot to build it after make'ing hybris-hal20:13
beidlonly after that you should make an rpm package20:14
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sledgeslpotter: could you remind to DrTechenstein and to me in what case data mobile setting is greyed out and not able to set APN? (calls/sms work fine, on mako)20:23
sledgesGuhl: pulseaudio-modules-droid-debugsource20:24
Guhlwell i built pulseaudio-modules-droid myself20:24
Guhlhow would i build a debugsource package?20:25
sledgeson obs - easy20:26
sledgeson mb2 - not so much :)20:26
sledgesmb2 --help? :)20:26
energycsdxwhat is difference between statefs-provider-upower and statefs-provider-udev ?20:26
Guhli hate being such a noob20:27
lpottersledges: I think there are/were a couple bugs about that20:28
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Guhlhmm sledges i don't get it how to do that with mb220:30
sledgeslpotter: probably his operator causes that?20:30
lpotterwhen APN is empty that switch is disabled... and only enabled switches allow context menu access.. from memory20:30
sledgesenergycsdx: -upower talks to upower daemon for battery bla bla20:30
Guhli assume the -d keeps the debug symbols20:30
sledgesGuhl: neither do i20:30
energycsdxsledges: which one should be used?20:31
sledgesenergycsdx: depends for what, there are many statefs providers for different things20:31
Guhlsledges, on the one hand i am relieved but on the other hand ...20:31
sledgesGuhl: lol, well mb2 is opensource (hint hint wink wink)20:32
energycsdxthat two are mutual exclude20:32
sledgesenergycsdx: oh ok, maybe deztructor could answer20:32
lpottersledges: the ofono-test package contains a script that you can set the APN from commandline20:32
sledgeslpotter: sounds god20:32
Guhlsledges, :-P20:33
sledgeschicken&egg situation otherwise20:34
sledgesspeaking of which, dinner!20:35
sledgeslaters o/20:35
deztructorenergycsdx: currently upower one is actual, udev is not finished yet20:37
energycsdxdeztructor: yes udev reports 0%20:37
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deztructorenergycsdx: there is a plan to replace upower provider with udev: less daemons, shorter data path, maybe more energy-saving-friendly20:40
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sledgesalin, how's the n5 u9 lookin'?:)22:20
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Umeaboysledges: Hi!23:04
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sledgeswatchin despicable me223:06
UmeaboyWhy are you despicable 2? :)23:08
UmeaboyYou just told me you're watching that. Why areyou watching yourself? :)23:09
* sledges mumbles something in minion23:09
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UmeaboyI got home a while ago.23:09
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sledgesno place like home:)23:25
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joelmxjunnuvi: hi, I got help from sledges to troubleshoot warehouse/apps installation. He recommended to report bugs with you. I'll post the info in the bugzilla page but lemme knwo if you want to troubleshoot sth.23:31
sledges(or anyone who's using warehouse on ported devices, experiencing repos+permissions problems lately)23:40
UmeaboyA friend of mine just ordered that.23:42
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sledgesjoelmx: yep, problems with warehouse overall (seemingly only on ported devices):
sledgesUmeaboy: c00l ;)23:58
sledgesI'll ping Basil on #sailfishos23:59

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