Thursday, 2014-10-30

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Umeaboysledges: Why is it so wrong to fix the issues in the SDK?00:05
UmeaboyI know that the code compiles, but that doesn't mean that everything is good when you test the end product, right?00:06
sledgesUmeaboy: what is not good in the end product?00:08
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sledgesi.e., if something is not good in the end product, identify the problem, fix it. if for some reason it traces all the way back to bugs in SDK - fix those bugs00:08
sledgesthere are billions of non critical bugs in SDK. if one starts to fix them, who will fix the end product? that's why we invented priorities00:10
Umeaboysledges: Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Camera, SMS, Voice, Data.00:10
sledgesUmeaboy: they have nothing to do with SDK00:10
sledgesthey have to do with hardware adaptation00:10
UmeaboyHow can I help to solve that then?00:11
sledgeswell, pick an area you'd like to fix first (prioritise;)00:11
UmeaboyData is the most important thing.00:13
sledgesthat means you want modem to work00:13
sledges(sms and voice will work first)00:13
UmeaboyWhere does Sailfish keep the modem?00:13
sledgesfor this we have a checklist how to bring modem up:
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Umeaboyslegdes: When is the thrid revision of the HADK coming?00:21
sledgesUmeaboy: is quite ready already, so just needs a small polish and then pushing out00:22
sledgesdo you volunteer to be a beta tester (before official release?;)00:22
Umeaboysledges: OK, I would like to have it now as I'm trying to fix my own at the same time.00:23
UmeaboyYes, if I may.00:23
sledgessure, you'll get it personall before time:)00:23
sledges(anyone else can ping me for the same)00:23
sledgeswhat are you fixing now? (i.e. what's broken in rev2?)00:24
UmeaboyThe part for the local repo.00:24
sledgeserm, remind me?00:25
Umeaboyssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE00:25
Umeaboysb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr00:25
Umeaboymkdir -p $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris00:26
Umeaboycd $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris00:26
Umeaboymb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl \00:26
Umeaboy-s hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec \00:26
Umeaboymkdir -p tmp00:26
UmeaboyHA_REPO="repo --name=adaptation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@"00:26
sledges02:26 < Umeaboy> mkdir -p $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris00:28
sledgeswhy is this here?00:28
sledgesthere's nothing like that between 7.1.3 and 7.1.400:28
UmeaboyI didn't know what to change it to.00:28
UmeaboyI just followed the guide.00:28
sledgesit's the beginning of building middleware packages00:28
UmeaboyBut do I really need to do this?00:29
UmeaboyCan't I just add a repo that exists already?00:29
sledgesit's written in the guide00:30
sledges2nd text paragrap00:30
sledgesstarting with00:30
sledges"If you only want to rebuild....."00:30
sledgestime to zleep00:30
sledgesnight good!00:30
Umeaboysledges: Then what do I continue with?00:32
joelmxjunnuvi: might be stupid question but, where is the _rgister_ link in the bugzilla page?00:56
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junnuvijoelmx: see :-)04:46
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sledgesjoelmx: juiceme_: http://bugs.merproject.org08:43
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sledgesjunnuvi: we had to ssu rr adaptation0 and store in order to be able to update warehouse08:46
sledges(on nexus7)08:46
sledgescould you confirm pls?08:46
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sledges^ (or anyone else using warehouse on any ported device)08:51
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junnuviyes I think so. Haven't tried warehouse yet with new image09:09
junnuviafter adding jolla account it will start to complain about auhtentication for those repos09:10
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sledgesbut then why add jolla account if store doesn't work anyway?09:13
sledges(i might have already forgotten reasong for this so refresh me pls:)09:16
junnuvigood quesition!09:17
junnuvi"because I can" :)09:17
sledgesok, because adding store account adds that repo09:18
sledgesyet adaptation0 would still be in a way i guess09:18
junnuvilet see what happens when I delete jolla account..09:19
sledgesit *might* get deleted ;)09:20
sledgesif programmers care about ON DELETE .. ;)09:20
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junnuviRetrieving repository 'adaptation0' metadata .........................................................................................................[error]09:24
junnuviRepository 'adaptation0' is invalid.09:24
junnuvi[|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)09:24
junnuviPlease check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.09:24
junnuviSkipping repository 'adaptation0' because of the above error.09:24
junnuvibut, it will not hang on auth step so there is hope..09:24
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sledgesjunnuvi: new image being u9? i wonder what's the breakage state on u809:29
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junnuviyes u9, in u8 warehouse works without removing repos09:30
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junnuviseems to work ok on u9 too when there is no jolla account defined09:41
sledgesjunnuvi: latest warehouse too? i guess warehouse u8 should still be unhappy when there's jolla account(?)09:41
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sledgeslatest warehouse has a polkit privilege problem - looks like only on non-jolla devices09:42
junnuviyes, but on u8 you were not able to add account09:42
sledgesno apps can be installed09:42
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sledgesjunnuvi: ah weird09:42
sledgeshow come joelmx had store repo in tehn?09:42
junnuvino imei on device..09:42
junnuvidon't remember if store account is there even jolla account registration fails09:44
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sledgesok i see10:13
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sourendoubletap2unlock on maguro
piggzi think the ace can do that...will have to find the option10:26
Stskeepssouren: good work10:27
sourenits just module from android10:27
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morphissouren: does it drain the battery much?10:58
sourendunno, didnt test so much.11:04
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dr_gogeta86hi guys11:37
dr_gogeta86hi Tassadar11:37
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dr_gogeta86is possible to port multirom in any way ?11:39
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seungryeIs it normal that sailfishos has no swap partition? (I use GNex)12:03
sledgesif there was a swap space in flash memory, we'd probably use that12:04
seungryeHmm, No I followed instruction, And there is no swap partition. Where can I report this issue?12:05
sourenzramswap is better12:07
sourenbut in kernel we use on Gnex its disabled12:07
seungryeI install zramcfg from openrepos : )12:08
seungryeBut, GNex has too small ram, so Very laggy : (12:08
Stskeepshow little ram does it have?12:08
souren1Gb. but 256 belongs to GPU, i think12:09
seungryeMaybe around 700MB.12:09
Stskeepsso roughly like on jolla device12:09
sourentotal: 68912:09
seungryeAh ha!12:09
seungryesimillar as jolla, hmm... but much lags T.T;12:10
Stskeepsis this update9?12:11
seungryeNo, not upgrade yet,12:11
seungryeand I dont know how to upgrade.12:11
seungryeIs is possible upgrade without lost my personal datas?12:13
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soureni do not think maguro is ready to update12:14
sledgesit's laggy due to lack of GPU optimisations, many things were already improved, and still active work ongoing12:14
sledgesmore on this by beidl and vakkov12:14
seungryeOh, got it :)12:16
seungryemany thanks :)12:17
vakkovomg 1 gb of ram is pretty enough for sailfish  -_-  tha UI lag i something that we still can't explain and i think it is even worse in the update12:18
vakkovthe*   is **12:19
vakkovwe were hoping that with the update is was going t be gone but nah ... Stskeeps:
Stskeepswell, is that u9?12:20
vakkovthe lag in the ui is with both 1.0.8 and update 912:21
vakkovas far as i remember the pvrtune test i did showed some hard usage of the 3D core or something like that (should be somewhere in the logs)12:22
Stskeepsi'm willing to bet composition being an issue12:22
Stskeepswhat hwcomposer version do you guys have anyway12:22
seungryeI launched 6apps and there is no memory (free mem is only 22mb, Even I dont use web browser), sometimes free mem goes 0. and ssh terminal freeze a moment : (12:22
Stskeepswe're working on out of memory killers, etc12:23
seungryeI think there is a swap partition, the situation is lot better. (Just thought ;;)12:23
Stskeepswell you can always add it12:23
Stskeepsit's easy12:23
seungryeHow??? @.@?12:24
Stskeepsbut i don't think maguro has a swap partition?12:24
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seungryeNo swap partition, So I want to split existing partition12:24
Stskeepsah.. or just use a file perhaps12:24
seungryeHow to use a file as swap?12:25
sledgesseungrye: vakkov: souren: Stskeeps:
seungryeThanks I will read it. : )12:26
sledgesjust that one-liner;)12:26
vakkovStskeeps: Module API Version: 112:27
vakkovsledges: yep, he told me about that yesterday; i didn't know it, otherwise i would have tried it already12:28
Stskeepsvakkov: eglfs or hwcomposer plugin on maguro12:28
Stskeepsso check journl12:30
Stskeepsit says12:30
vakkovsorry? to check journalctl for what12:31
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Stskeepsfor what lipstick says in initial bootup12:31
Stskeepstells the right version12:31
vakkovcouldn't i get that from every app that is run with -platform hwcomposer12:34
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vakkovStskeeps: can a newer hwcomposer api help us with that lag12:39
vakkovbtw it disappears if we overclock the gpu at some very high frequencies12:39
sourenits not disappears even if GPU overclocked to 512 and CPU to 1.5.12:44
sourenon my device12:44
sourenless lag12:44
sourenbut exist anyway12:44
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energycsdxhi guys. is there any slides about SFOS that i can use?13:19
Stskeepswhere do you hope to present?13:20
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energycsdxStskeeps: it is local meeting at my company13:27
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piggzsledges: retweeting thngs from nearly a month ago?13:36
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sledgespiggz: and seeing them re-retweeted ;P13:38
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situvgrade: Can you do builds for Nexus 5 ?18:22
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gogetaanyone here know why mce ask for reboot/shutdown22:11
gogeta20141031_000455 Received: shutdown request from pid 834: /usr/sbin/mce22:12
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w00tmce has a way to dump logging which I imagine would tell you22:28
w00tI think it's -T or something, I forget22:28
gogetahi w00t22:34
gogetasimply reboot22:34
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