Friday, 2014-10-31

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spiiroingogeta: user does the long powerkey press -> mce requests shutdown i.e. nothing unusual05:36
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dr_gogeta86hi porters09:39
dr_gogeta86i don't care which kind you drink ....09:40
dr_gogeta86but porter09:40
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lbtPSA: Mer OBS is likely to be down during today. Sorry but I had problems which stopped me yesterday/last night10:16
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situsledges: What scripts were used to build images for Nexus 5 ?11:07
situalin: ^11:07
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alinsledges: hi11:12
alinsledges: the usual ones11:12
alinsitu: hi11:12
alinthey are in the sfa-mer dmt4 git11:12
situalin: Can you do images for latest sailfish release ?11:13
alinsitu: so it was published11:13
alinif course I can try to do11:14
alindo you know the RELEASE number?11:14
situsledges: Can you tell us the exact release number ?11:14
alinlocusf: ok let me get it running11:18
dr_gogeta86who can help me11:27
dr_gogeta86i got suddent reboot11:27
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alin[11:39] <alin> this needs to be changed11:43
alin[11:39] <alin> curl -O
alin[11:40] --> Okeanos ( has joined this channel.11:43
alin[11:40] <alin> otherwise I will end up with a target11:43
alinthere is an issue with that curl11:44
alinwhere the hell comes from11:44
dr_gogeta86but i can't made an image yesterday with update9 sdk11:45
alinwhy the hell pulls update811:45
alinit seems not to be able to pull update911:45
locusfalin: check this out:
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dr_gogeta86who can help me12:39
dr_gogeta86with reboots ?12:39
alinsledges: locusf lbt
alinthis is when I try to build with uupdate 9... and everything in target12:47
alinpractically a fresh checkout of git:// branch-11.012:50
lbtalin: ask me in a while - bit busy12:50
locusfalin: sorry, don't know about hybris 1112:53
alinlbt: in 1h oor so I shall get busy till 4pm british times12:55
alinbut after... we will see... maybe I fix it by then12:56
lbtlooks like a missing dependency fwiw - ie a repo which you need in your manifest12:57
lbtlibminui ?12:57
alinlbt: in recovery seems...13:04
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alinlbt: probably some missing crap13:04
alinlbt: is the obs down?13:04
alinI cannot login13:04
lbtit may be better to remove the need for the dep13:04
lbtyes it's down13:04
lbthence:   alin: ask me in a while - bit busy13:04
alinlbt: I get you13:04
lbtjust an upgrade - but that's my focus atm13:05
alinlbt: np ping me when you finish to go through this... in principle we shall have the mw and dhd on the obs already13:06
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sledgesalin: cm manifest broken14:10
sledgesget acquainted with feature freeze:14:11
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sledgeswill merge as soon as you're ready to re-sync14:11
alinsledges: ready14:11
sledgesdidnt wait for lgtms or n e tin, been tested many times already14:12
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alinsledges: ok... in principle now lbt shall be able to build all the magic in obs too14:15
alinsledges: so I have to do only the last image but he is fixing... the obs14:15
lbtseems ok now14:16
lbtand I've had lunch so ....14:16
sledgesdhd built on obs fails during mic, due to glibc/armv/i486 havoc14:16
sledgesfor hammerhead14:16
sledgesplfiorini experienced14:16
sledgescan find on his repo14:16
sledgesi'll lookup exact error...14:17
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lbtobs link is good too14:17
sledgeswell it looks like replicated from mako..14:18
lbtsucceeded ?14:18
alinlbt: the make hal-hybris almost... sledges knew the error some missing repo14:19
alinlbt: passed the error now14:19
alinsledges: I do not know what to say about that14:19
sledges21:55 < plfiorini> sledges, but building on OBS doesn't work right now14:20
sledges21:55 < plfiorini> it gets built on i486 this will produce RPMs that depends on a particular glibc version14:20
sledges21:56 < plfiorini> looks like the armv7hl glibc binary doesn'0t have all those version symbols14:20
sledges16:16 < sledges> dhd built on obs fails during mic, due to glibc/armv/i486 havoc14:20
lbtoh that14:20
sledgesgot more info on those glibc quirks if needs14:20
alinsledges: that is the old issue some long time ago14:21
lbthis repo is setup wrong14:21
alinsledges: make lbt worked14:21
alinsledges: dhd fails14:21
alinI need to see why14:21
lbtah, no - I was looking at the :dhd14:22
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lbtso ... I'm seeing success all ovet the place - can you point me at an error ?14:22
alinsledges: kernel config14:23
sledgesin mic14:23
lbtand is this something specific to plfiorini or is it nemo too ?14:23
sledgeslunch at laptop14:23
sledgesis nemo on hammerhead?14:23
lbtmy head has been out of this for a few weeks so I need some more detail on what's actually wrong14:24
sledgeslocusf built nemo on p6 but not on obs?14:24
lbtafter lunch is fine14:24
locusfsledges: yeah on p614:24
alinlbt: the old setup? remember you build dhd and when you try to build requires the wrong glibs14:25
alinsomething is not crosscompiled14:26
lbtalin: vaguely - thought it was fixed... is it broken on nemo ?14:26
alinlbt: I do not know if was fixed but the dhd repo was not updated14:26
lbtie are we debugging plforini's setup or is nemo dhd building broken ?14:26
alinlbt: no we do not debug his setup...14:27
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lbtdoes anything built on obs create working images14:27
alinlbt: not at the moment for n514:27
lbtand other devices ?14:27
alinlbt: we neeed that unresolbavle fixed before14:27
sledgeslbt: was p6 dhd on obs?14:28
alingot to go now we speak in 1h or so14:28
lbtISTR this was something which jolla hasn't published14:29
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*** zZz0n is now known as zon14:29
Stskeeps.. i don't get it?14:30
Stskeepswhat jolla hasn't published you mean14:31
Stskeepser, what do you mean by14:31
lbtit builds against jolla repos - not against nemo repos - so they're not the same.14:32
lbtI vaguely remember this being something in mer-core which was fixed in devel or something14:32
lbtI could be talking rubbish14:32
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sledgesalin: have we ever done a hammerhead release with an obs-built dhd?14:33
lbtbut if no-one knows what's wrong then I'll just have to start digging14:33
sledgesi don't think so14:33
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lbtsledges: atm I'm trying to confirm that *any* OBS builds are 100% good14:33
lbtn4 ?14:33
lbtany that use this new split dhd approach14:33
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sledgesi have never tested n4 on that approach14:34
sledgesi just remember you using n4 as guinea pig for that split14:34
sledgesand last testing news in my mind - that it says "succeeded" on obs14:34
sledgesno recollection about actually mic`ing the image with that14:34
lbt*nod* ... sounds plausible14:35
lbtwe build some binaries which end up on-device14:35
lbtthat was it14:35
lbtI split that out - I'm sure14:35
sledgesthat is the old-school approach yes, simply uploaded RPMs onto obs14:35
sledgeswith build.script14:35
sledgesand is used all over the place atm14:36
lbtit was the silly user helper library14:36
sledgesi reckon we should try a mako .ks build with mic, pointing to split-dhd then?14:37
lbtI need a breather though14:38
lbtbeen a solid morning with OBS stuff so a walk and a break to clear my head14:39
sledgessure, i hope i could fire it up as background task14:41
sledgesyou done good work lbt !14:41
lbtyou can start webhooking stuff though#14:42
sledgesand is .patters magic working?14:42
lbtmight be - the obs events are triggering14:43
lbtI've not checed14:43
sledgesmeans no more local remnants14:43
lbtI've seen lots of process spam in #mer-boss14:43
lbtlog downloads are not fixed though14:44
sledgesthat's not the end of the world:)14:45
Stskeepssledges: looks like a autoreqprov not happening15:07
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Stskeepsthereis a glibc binary in the packaging somewhere too15:08
Stskeepsnotably wasn't there the fix file system thing?15:08
Stskeepsie something gcc'ed15:08
sledgesStskeeps: that one is fine15:16
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sledgesis where i see to omany GLIBCs15:16
Stskeepssame problem15:16
sledgesyet the former satisfiec mic in all ways15:17
sledgesthe latter doesn't15:17
Stskeepsanyway, it's the autoreqprov and gcc built issue15:18
Stskeepsone is built against arm glibc one isn't15:18
sledgesand the link you pasted should be ok as i said15:18
sledgesis the obs-built dhd we had headaches15:18
Stskeepsyes, anyway, that's the issue15:19
sledgessimply because nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead/droid-hal-hammerhead is built on a local machine15:19
sledgesand then osc uploaded15:19
Stskeepsyes, also, it's built against arm15:19
Stskeepsif you build a binary against x86 and put it on arm it will likely complain about glibc errors in rpm deps15:19
sledgesand that baffles me15:20
sledgessfos_armv7hl armv8eldisabled: 1 i586succeeded: 115:20
* Stskeeps isn't sure why that's so baffling15:21
sledgesit's built against i58415:21
sledgesand "will likely complain about glibc errors in rpm deps" is exactly what plfiorini is getting15:21
Stskeeps will build against i586 and export to arm scheduler15:21
Stskeepscheck build log with osc and you'll see a 'gcc' in the packaging there15:22
Stskeepswhich will yield a x86 binary15:23
* Stskeeps watches his son play with duplo lego15:24
sledgesis it edible?15:26
sledgesso that makefile will need to show some cross-compiling abilities first? ;)15:26
sledgesi reckon a knock on lbt's door will be in order:)15:26
Stskeepsor be clever and just do those two binaries in a subpackage that's built on arm side15:27
Stskeepsas all headers should be there?15:28
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, there are some watchdog in order to reboot device  in case systemd doesn't finsh the boot ?15:37
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alinsledges: lbt back15:58
alini finished the talk...15:59
alinsledges: so the failure in dhd comes from kernel config params15:59
alinsledges: how do we fix them?15:59
sledgesalin: only CONFIG_FHANDLE is mandatory16:05
sledgesadd it to defconfig16:05
alinsledges: there is another one related to systemd16:06
alinsledges: now let me find the bloody defconfig16:07
sledgesit's already added16:07
sledgesneeds figuring out why it didn't get pulled in16:07
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sledgeswhat is in the manifest16:09
alinsledges: which one? the local one?16:09
sledges  <project name="mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead" path="kernel/lge/hammerhead" revision="hybris-11.0" />16:10
sledgesit should be on lateset branch16:10
sledgescd kernel/lge/hammerhead16:10
sledgesgit log16:10
dr_gogeta86sledges, is possible to stop boot16:11
dr_gogeta86like interactive mode16:11
sledgesalin: what i said, pls do command16:11
alinsledges: one sec I did before16:11
sledgesdr_gogeta86: cp /init /target/init-debug16:12
sledgesin recovery16:12
alinsledges: last commit
dr_gogeta86did it16:12
alinsledges: and indeed the manifest looks right   <project name="mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead" path="kernel/lge/hammerhead" revision="hybris-11.0" />16:13
dr_gogeta86if i luanch continue16:13
dr_gogeta86reach lipstick16:13
dr_gogeta86and reboot16:13
sledgesalin: not that one16:13
sledgescd kernel/lge/hammerhead16:13
sledgesgit log16:13
sledgesdr_gogeta86: start disabling systemd processes16:14
sledgesone by one16:14
dr_gogeta86how if dbus is down ?16:14
sledgesdr_gogeta86: mask16:14
alinsledges: yes I pasted above16:15
sledgesdr_gogeta86: cd /etc/systemd/system; ln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init.service16:15
alinis your commit from 1st september I think is last time we fixed things16:15
alini remember we had a discussion about in which file to do the changes16:16
sledgesalin: grep FHANDLE arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig16:16
alinsledges: CONFIG_FHANDLE=y16:17
sledgesalin: so all good16:17
sledgessomething's wrong with process16:17
alinsledges: I think we decided to process a different file16:17
alinsledges: I remember we used to add in different file phds.... he used to put in a different one16:18
alinI am a little bit confused16:18
alinsledges: especially cause the link you gave me it built16:18
alinsledges: arch/arm/configs/hammerhead_defconfig16:20
alinwas not this the one we had to add them... bloody memory16:21
sledgesit is16:22
sledgesas opposed to
dr_gogeta86even early16:23
sledgesdr_gogeta86: google about systemd interactive mode if there is one, im interested too:)16:23
alinsledges: ok something is fishy I run it by hand16:24
alinare the only missing16:25
sledgesalin: why is it building on hammerhead_defconfig then?16:25
alinso shall be fine16:25
sledgesalin: they are not mandatory16:25
alinsledges: let me see16:25
sledgessomewhere in board configs .mk....16:26
alinsledges: blimey is me16:26
alinsledges: you are right gold medal16:27
sledgeswhew `,:)16:27
alinthought I deleted that16:27
alinsledges: ok thought I cloned again in a clean place but no16:29
alinsledges: I am cloning now again clean to see16:30
alinsledges: anyhow I had to update the script too as now we have update 8 and 9 in json and was choking16:31
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vakkov Why is the search in the OBS broken again?  lbt16:37
sledgesvakkov: it needs manual indexing run for changed things16:38
vakkovi am searching in the search box as usual?? from the web ui16:39
vakkovand after i logged in it suddenly works16:40
lbtno that was me16:40
lbtthe new OBS upgrade fixed one thing but not the auto-start of the indexer16:41
vakkovMsameer: are you available? Want to play a little with gst on the maguro?16:41
vakkovoh okay :)16:41
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:41
vakkovMsameer: it needs some plugins to play a video16:42
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters16:43
sledgesvakkov: wasn't beidl advancing there?16:43
vakkovshould i install gst-plugins-good/bad/base from your obs repo16:43
vakkovsledges: yes, he was16:43
vakkovoh, those gst-plugins are for gstreamer 116:44
vakkovsledges: do you have video playback on the nexus 5 and 416:45
*** cl__ has quit IRC16:47
sledgesvakkov: n4 freezes after ~20seconds, same with camera feed, unfixable (too big mess there)16:53
sledgesgst1.0 is the way16:53
sledgesunless maguro has different approach and things will work there16:53
*** filippz has quit IRC16:53
vakkovdoes it use some patched gstreamer (i mean specifically patched for the SoC) or it uses the things from github/sailfishos16:54
vakkovand btw is sailfish migrationg to 1.0 ??
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:57
*** beidl has quit IRC16:59
sledgesi am not knowing17:05
marxistveganwhoops meant to search for that not post it17:15
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC17:21
vakkovwhat provides orc-0.417:26
*** VDVsx_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:28
vakkovnvm :D17:28
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:43
vakkovi want17:45
vakkovto trigger a rebuild to those unresolved packages17:45
vakkovbecause now their dependencies are satisfied17:45
vakkovi'll be back in 5 minutes to hear the answer :P17:46
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:51
alinsledges: still no rfkill in the update18:03
alinsledges: the mb2 is again broken18:07
*** Guhl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:07
alinlbt: thought you pushed the fixed mb218:11
sledgesalin: not pushed, take from testing18:12
sledgesalin: I see rfkill in mer:core of sailfish18:13
alinsledges: I took it from my repo for testing18:14
alinsledges: let us hope I will get an image before the my gf shows18:14
sledgestrick or treat?18:15
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
alinsledges: both,,18:25
alinsledges: almost there... did you change anything for ks?18:26
alinsledges: seems not to be there anymore18:26
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
sledgesno changes to .ks afaik18:45
alinsledges: there is no ks generates18:50
alinsledges: so I have no idea what i miss18:50
alinnow I tried to install and run ssuks... Download (curl) error for '':18:51
sledgesmeego is dead, long live meego18:51
sledgesdhd-patterns.rpm should have it all18:52
alinsledges: I know anyhow18:52
sledgesssu-kickstarter-configs.rpm rather18:52
sledges(been a long day)18:52
alinwhat generates the .ks I remember automatically appeared18:52
alinsledges: ok let us see18:53
alinsledges: now I try to fix the sb2 target18:53
alinso I rebuild all again shall be ifinish fast18:53
sledgesis where it lands18:54
sledgesduring mb218:54
sledgesyou can observe mb2 output for its generation in detail to find culprits18:56
*** furikku has quit IRC18:59
alinsledges: I know shall land there it is just not there19:02
alinsledges: now all my repos are wiped from the machine19:02
vakkovcan i add a Requires: <package-name> to a package without changing the spec file19:03
vakkovlike , some obs config19:04
vakkovwith Required: in the project config?19:04
vakkovit's a fix for two packages actually19:04
*** filippz has quit IRC19:08
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
alinsledges: found the culprit... as ussually me19:20
sledgesall your repos are wipe to us19:23
sledgesvakkov: mmmmm no(?)19:23
sledgesvakkov: but you can pull that package inside the project, if you want just to smoke test19:25
sledges(not a long term solution)19:25
vakkovthe problem is that the package was renamed to orc119:27
vakkovbut i will now rename it back to orc19:28
alinsledges: progress Warning: repo problem: nothing provides qtscenegraph-adaptation needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201410311918.noarch,19:28
alinthis is new19:34
alinadding it19:34
alinsledges: droid or sbj is needed?19:35
alinsledges: almost victory last step19:36
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*** Guhl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
sledgesvakkov: package name can be anthing, as long as it Provides: orc19:45
*** Konsta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:46
Konstahalp :P19:47
*** alin has quit IRC19:47
Konstahow can I debug a non-booting build?19:47
piggzKonsta: boot into recovery and look in init.log vai adb19:48
Konstacan't use adb19:48
KonstaI can telnet in though19:48
piggzah well, thats a better starting point19:49
piggzit you telnet in and tell the init to continue, you should see what is failiing by looking in the journal etc19:50
Konstathen what?19:52
sledgesKonsta: + DBG_REASON=Refusing to boot. See /diagnosis.log (in initrd only)19:56
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:56
Konstasledges: yeah, that's those three kernel options19:57
KonstaI have included those but no difference19:57
*** piggz has quit IRC19:57
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:58
sledgeswhat's in /diagnosis.log precisely?19:58
sledges+ echo CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL=y not found in /proc/config.gz19:58
sledges+ echo CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y not found in /proc/config.gz19:58
sledges+ echo CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y not found in /proc/config.gz19:58
Konstayes, those19:58
sledgestriplecheck they are in your .config19:58
alinsledges: so which one... droid or sbj for opengraph?19:59
Konstait's not in included in build time kernel check :P19:59
sledges21:42 < sledges> droid20:02
sledgesalin: ^20:02
alinsledges: ok good but did not boot...20:02
alinsledges: got the white led on so something happened lipstick did not come out20:03
alinsledges: I reflash now with an old m20:03
alinsledges: as I used a nighty20:03
sledgesalin: well, there be dragons20:03
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC20:05
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
sledgesStskeeps and/or sage: could you pls sync and especially on the 3 flags CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS as they contradict20:06
sledgesKonsta: many thanks for finding that20:06
sledges(init-script deems them as mandatory)20:07
sledgesSage_: ^20:07
*** Guhl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:07
alinsledges: plenty of them I need to go now... the image is here for those who want to test
sledgesnoice thanks :)20:08
Stskeepssledges: define contradict20:08
sledgeshappy halloween20:08
sledgesStskeeps: 22:07 < sledges> (init-script deems them as mandatory)20:08
sledgeskernel checker - as optional20:08
alinsledges: I have also updated the script so one can redo an image20:09
Stskeepsfile a bug?20:09
Stskeepsjb# ideally20:09
sledgesStskeeps: ok20:09
*** filippz has quit IRC20:09
alinsledges: thamks... I spent a lot of my summers in transylvania... so I will enjoy the halloween20:09
sledgesalin: c00l!20:09
*** piggz has quit IRC20:09
*** Guhl has quit IRC20:09
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
* Stskeeps has been to transylvania20:10
* sledges knows lots of Hungarians from there20:10
Konstahmm, now it just stays in splash screen20:14
Konstacan't even telnet20:14
Konstatelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host20:14
Konstawhat do I have to rebuild after changing the kernel?20:15
KonstaI just booted the new hybris-boot.img20:15
alinsledges: merde... it started20:15
alinsledges: so maybe was just the usual boot loop again20:15
sledgesKonsta: means it skips straight to 2nd level telnet20:17
Stskeepsmoo konsta; 1) check if usb interface shows up on host 2) make sure dhcp is on for the interface20:17
sledgesboot hybris-recovery.img instead20:17
Stskeepsbut yeah, hybris-recovery20:17
alinsledges: bloody tutotial... you shall have a donate 1 euro screen to skip the tutorial20:18
sledgesKonsta: i see you already did ~ # cp /init /target/init-debug20:18
sledgesalin: click in sequence - top-left -> top-right -> bottom-right -> bottom-left20:18
sledgeson its first screen20:18
sledgesKonsta: so checking what Stskeeps is also good, as echo continue in hybris-recovery will drop you into the same mess20:18
alinsledges: bloody hell I have no idea which is right andn left... better the 1 euro one20:19
sledgesat any rate you'll need hybris-recovery to access target and do some more half-blind debugging by echoing what's happening into own log files20:19
sledgesalin: me neither, after started driving in UK after 8 years of driving in EU....20:19
sledgesKonsta: most common problem - rndis0 becoming usb0 after switch_root20:21
alinsledges: yap works20:21
sledgesKonsta: oh, telnet after switch_root is on port 232320:22
Konstaok, I can telnet with new hybris-recovery.img20:23
Konstastill stuck though20:23
sledgesyes, you are in same stage as with borken diagnostic.log20:23
sledgesecho continue20:23
sledgesand telnet port 232320:23
Konstayes, done that20:24
sledgesdid 2323 work o no?20:25
Konstayes, first with 2320:26
sledgesah you're int!20:26
sledgescat /proc/cmdline | grep selinux=020:27
Konstathen cp /init /target/init-debug20:27
Konstathen echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin20:27
Konstathen telnet 232320:27
Konstathen cat init.log I pastebin'ed20:27
Konstayeah, cm11 based20:28
Konstaselinux is disabled on command line as well as audit20:28
sledgesrm /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service20:29
Konstawhat does that do?20:29
sledgesit locks out your devices if senses that UI is not up20:29
sledgeswill come handy once you have working product ;)20:30
sledges(and it will also bring dhcp server and other goodies along)20:30
*** alin has quit IRC20:34
Konstarm: cannot remove `/lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service': No such file or directory20:37
Konstaa lot of other stuff in that dir though20:37
sledgesleave other stuff for now :)20:37
Konstaand my wifi breaks every time the usb interface kicks in :(20:37
sledgesnetwork manager;)20:37
sledgesadd no-auto-default=YOUR:USB:MAC to [main] section in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf20:39
Konstahow people got those logcats e.g. in ?20:40
sledgesor your WLAN is on same subnet20:40
Konstathat's something I'd be more familiar with...20:40
Konstathanks, I'll try adding that20:40
sledges^^ is what they used20:40
Konstaok, I was looking for it and it wasn't in bin or sbin :P20:41
sledgesKonsta: you need to ensure /system is mounted and droid-hal-init started before you get to gpu20:41
Konstayeah, I'm quite sure system is not mounted20:41
Konstait's not when I run mounts20:41
sledgesbecause systemd hasn't kicked in yet20:41
sledgesit kicks in when you echo continue20:42
sledges2nd time 'round20:42
sledgesbut then you lose connectivity20:42
Konstasooo diffucult to debug :P20:42
sledgesmask dhi first20:43
sledges cd /etc/systemd/system; ln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init.service20:43
sledgesto tame the beast out of the way20:43
sledgeswhich device btw? ;P20:43
sledgesevery new device will ask for sweat first ;P20:43
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
KonstaZTE Open C20:43
Konstathere's btw also no support for kernel dt.img used in every modem qcom device20:44
sledgesdevice tree?20:45
Konstahad to hack that in20:45
sledgesk00l you hacked it20:45
sledgeswill have to teach us;)20:45
Konstaalso trimmed the cm11 manifest from ~450 project down to ~7520:45
sledgeswe needs this badly20:45
Konstait builds hybris-hal so I hope I havent derped anything there :P20:46
sledgeshours to sync nexus520:46
sledgesif it builds, it ships :D (pun intended)20:46
Konstathen I have another that removes all the mips, x86, darwin toolchains etc that I personally don't need20:48
Konstaand hammerhead device/kernel too20:49
sledgesso, once you've masked dhi, time to echo continue, have ssh nemo@ ready in another window and frantically try to connect to see if it answers at some point at least20:49
Konstait's not good practice to keep device specific stuff there :P20:49
sledgeswe still need to decide on device specific stuff...20:49
*** eleroux has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
sledgesto save on local manifest generation for each adopter of an already existing device20:50
sledgesKonsta: we switched to feature-freeze for cm, as it broke our build (because we patched frameworks/bionic/etc yet forgot to rebase with constantly moving cm11):
sledgeswith a bit of filtering i'll be able to carve out to a trimmed manifest thanks to your paste20:59
Konstacan't ssh in, can't connect to host or something21:02
Konstaclosed that window already... tired :P21:02
KonstaI think I'm giving up for today21:03
Konstayeah, it would be better to use e.g. some cm11 M-build manifest21:03
Konstathose are static21:03
vakkovsledges: strange, only when i renamed it, the other packages started building.
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters21:18
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC21:21
Konstabtw, would there be a problem if device has /data formatted as f2fs like Moto G has?21:22
sledgesKonsta: so 2) ways: 1) debug systemd boot step by step, echo info into files after "echo continue", inspect stderr/stdout files that init-debug offers, generic blind debugging 2) get to a stable boot by masking systemd services (connman next) 3) mount /system by hand and launch by hand, get down and dirty with minimer to just work on gpu glitches and forget the rest of the boot for the moment21:23
sledgess/2)ways /3) ways/ ;P21:24
sledgesif everything got mounted fine on f2fs, shouldn't be a problem, but you never know why it gets stuck at logo21:24
vakkovbuuuuug repooort: update 9 causes battery drain here, dunno hat and how21:25
sledgesvakkov: if you add Provides: orc, shouldn't need a rename21:26
vakkovthe phone was charged in 13:00 and now it is at 70 % after being idle for the whole day (it tays on my desk and i was not even home)21:26
Konstasledges: thanks, I'll try look into that later, already restored cm11 for now21:26
vakkovsledges: i guess so, but i didn't want to clone modify the plugins' repos21:26
vakkovwith update 8 it was again staying idle for whole day and barely consuming 10 % a day21:27
vakkoveven less21:27
*** piggz has quit IRC21:33
sledgesKonsta: sure, restoring cm is just to fastboot flash boot boot.img ;)21:35
sledgesa boot selector of sorts:))21:35
sledges(someone made two .zips which select what to boot, and kept them in /sdcard, no PC/cables needed to switch then:)21:35
sledgesvakkov: no need to clone whole repo21:36
sledgesjust that package21:36
sledgesas long as you build against that repo then21:36
sledges(or add it as additional)21:36
vakkovexactly... they are two and i21:36
vakkovand i'll ahve to keep them updated with the mainstream21:36
Konstasledges: one might think it was that simple ;)21:38
Konstathis device has only ~1GB /data partition so there's no room for both21:38
Konstacache is 225mb so sailfish tarball wouldn't fit there during installation either21:39
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
Konstaalways have to manually install it from sdcard21:40
sledgesKonsta: but sailfish to run cm has to be in too;)21:50
sledgesyet remaining free space is a trouble:)21:51
Konstasure, I just need to format /data when switching21:51
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC21:54
sledgesdelete .stowaways not enough?21:56
sledges(or practically equivalent anyhow..)21:56
*** Guhl has quit IRC21:59
KonstaI can just restore a nandroid backup, it's not a problem22:00
Konstathen I wouldn't have my android data which means basically factory reset22:00
Konsta600mb of android data and 750mb of sailfish wont with 1gb partition at the same :P22:02
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:04
sledgeshell yeah:)22:12
sledgessdcard offloads?22:12
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC22:13
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:13
Konstaactually now to think of it, I have a physical internal sdcard partition that I'm not using for anything in cm1122:15
KonstaI could repurpose that as data for sailfish :D22:15
Konstathere's few variants of my device with different partition layouts and they handle internal sdcard differently22:16
Konstathat's why I can't support internal sdcard at all in cm1122:17
* sledges remembers the dreaded marketing trick by sony to carve out "move to sd card" feature22:21
Konstaactually it's google who can't decide what to do with sdcards in android :P22:23
Konstanowadays it's mostly emulated internal sdcard (/data/media), not much point moving apps within the data partition22:24
Konstanow google is bringing back external sdcards with their cheap android one devices in developing markets22:25
Konstaand moto g/e too, though it's not google anymore22:25
sledgesSony Xperia Mini had too little internal memory, and could be thrown out after 2 monts of usage due to memory full and no way to put apps on sd card22:30
sledgesand sony officially declared of shutting this feature for all of its product line starting a modern android version22:30
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:33
*** Sequenced has quit IRC22:34
*** Konsta has quit IRC22:42
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:44
alinso anyine tested the image?22:46
alinsitu: vgrade?22:47
alinsledges: found a strange thing... if i reboot the thing does not start...22:47
alinbut the leds come one and all but the screen is on22:47
alinwhen I connect it to computer tries to set the network but fails... if I do not let it fail but I cancel the network connection in nm22:48
alinthe ui starts22:48
alinand the other one the screen does not go black22:57
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:01
alinsledges: lbt I have sred a new dhd sr 68923:11
sledgesalin: so ui goes up sometimes?23:30
sledgesalin: have you updated your local sailfish target with qt52 libs? will this dhd still boot u8?
alinsledges: yes... goes if I do as I told you...23:34
alinsledges: connect it to usb when tries to connect to network I cancel23:34
alinand then goes up23:34
alinsledges: yes I have updated the target with u9 not u823:35
alinsledges: I am tempted to blame the usb-moded for the netwrk failure23:35
sledgesrm usb-moded23:35
sledgesthen it falls back to static ip23:36
sledgesok it's that time of day23:36
alinsledges: night23:36
sledgesalin: i guess we need to build u8 image with that dhd, and then accept SR23:36
alinsledges: what do you mean u8?23:37
*** eleroux has quit IRC23:37
alinsledges: we have u923:37
sledgesyes, u9 is not stable23:37
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:37
sledgesuntil it stabilises, someone may want to rebuild with u823:37
alinsledges: I see...23:38
sledgesif possible ofc23:38
alinsledges: I will try over the weekend23:38
sledgesfor us to support23:38
sledgesalin: one more asking23:38
sledges(exactly the reason why we still need to play by u8)23:38
alinfor a reason the screen does not go dark23:39
sledgescould you teset with this commit in effect:
alini remember having this in the past23:39
sledgesand also this:
sledgeswith u823:39
sledgesas they are long open and would make many people happy once tested and merged23:40
sledgesjust to see if anything breaks or not23:40
sledgesno other checks to be done23:40
alinsledges: ok I will need to see how I can combine the too23:40
sledgescan just take the plunge and test with both in effect23:41
sledgesone is in hybris-boot23:41
sledgesthe other is just removing init-debug from dhd23:41
sledgesand re-using one from hybris-boot(it will get re-used automagically)23:41
alinok... but I see they are for ace23:41
sledgesthat ace modified places which affects all devices23:41
sledgesthe network function export in hybris-boot23:42
* sledges switches off23:43
sledgesthanks again23:43
alinsledges: ok blimey I do not see how one can download a diff23:43
*** olafh has quit IRC23:43
*** iTune has quit IRC23:50
*** arcean has quit IRC23:55

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