Saturday, 2014-11-01

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situalin: link to image ?05:21
ParkerR HexChat: 2.11.0 ** OS: Linux 3.16.4-1-ARCH x86_64 ** Distro: ArchLinux ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P7450  @ 2.13GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 800MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.9GiB, 75.0% free ** Disk: Total: 1001.1GiB, 19.5% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation G92M [GeForce GTX 260M] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe Gigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 5d 5h 13m 20s **05:24
ParkerRgrr wrong button...05:24
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sledgesmorguening (after yesterday)10:01
sledgessitu: 22:08 < alin> sledges: plenty of them I need to go now... the image is here for those who want to test
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alin_sledges: morning10:21
alin_sledges: I can try to generate an image with u810:21
alin_sledges: on the u9 what is the unstable bit?10:22
alin_sledges: also obs builds against u8?10:22
sledgesalin_: out-of-memory situations can occur on u9 with lots of apps10:27
sledgesobs sailfish_latest points to u810:27
alin_sledges: which ones did not see any at the moment10:27
alin_keep an eye on the memory10:27
sledges(and it will remain so, because update9 is not for everyone)10:28
sledgesyet u9 target is also available on obs10:28
sledgesi think I should add it to hammerhead..10:28
sledgesbut that will need your sr accepter first10:29
sledgesbut before we do this, we need to test your dhd on u8 ;)10:29
sledgesyet hammerhead has 2GB ram so for u9 you'll have to open LOTS of apps;P10:32
sledgesto run into oom10:32
alin_sledges: ok I see is a little bit confuding then latest in obs10:36
alin_sledges: my dhd I have there are build against u910:36
alin_I will generate a set now with u810:36
alin_sledges: do you remember what was the issue with the screen not going dark?10:38
alin_sledges: by the way I think you shall reject that sr10:45
sledges12:29 < sledges> but before we do this, we need to test your dhd on u8 ;)10:47
sledgesdont build against u810:48
sledgesleave u810:48
sledgesu9 dhd10:48
sledgess/leave u8/leave u9 dhd/10:48
alin_sledges: ok I am lost now10:49
sledges01:36 < sledges> alin: i guess we need to build u8 image with that dhd, and then accept SR10:50
sledgesi want to see if u9 dhd is backwards compatible10:50
alin_sledges: I see now10:51
alin_that shall be simpler.. but will take longer at my bloody speed10:51
alin_sledges: we will need to add the openscence inthe mw repo10:53
alin_sledges: when I build it wanted some opengraph openscene i will need to double check10:54
alin_I needed to build it manually10:54
alin_sledges: yap10:54
alin_i was close enough10:54
sledgesthat one is only for u910:54
alin_sledges: yap10:55
sledgesso, we'll see as we jog along10:55
* Stskeeps yawns10:55
* sledges covers Stskeeps 10:56
stephghey guys10:56
alin_this script start to become a small monster10:57
alin_./ -mer-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/mer-oct3 -android-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-oct3 -branch hybris-11.0 -device hammerhead -vendor lge -dest /home/alin/lavello/nexus5 -sfrelease -extraname ame -jobs 4 -dhdrepo "" -mwrepo x -extrarepo ""10:57
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alin_sledges: what was the u8 release number the latest11:02
alin_sledges: yap thought was a 21 after11:05
sledgesthere was11:05
alin_sledges: the update8 is not configured for that one11:05
* sledges goes for more decaf11:06
sledgesalin_: never mind11:06
alin_lbt: now I remember what was the problem... permisions.c or so was not crosscompiled11:22
alin_sledges: ok... it will not build against that dhd as it requires qtscencegraph in pattern11:28
alin_is there a way to remove one package from pattern?11:28
alin_nevermind all is clear now11:33
lbtalin_: yep - that was it11:39
lbt[01/11/2014 10:57] <alin_> this script start to become a small monster ::   hahaha ... told you so!11:39
alin_lbt: he he... yap but till the obs is fixed we will need to play with this11:40
alin_lbt: plus is good to save energy in finland by not building on obs11:40
lbtobs is in germany ...11:40
lbtI'll get it sorted soon though11:41
alin_lbt: even better we save energy there... at least now they shut down the nuclear plants11:41
lbtnow I'm going to go buy a beef joint and look forward to rare roast beef and yorkshire pudding for dinner!11:42
alin_lbt: thought roast beef is not so rare in uk11:48
alin_reboot time11:48
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sledgesx) mmmm fosdem11:55
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alinso a zyper dup on the phone
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sledgesalin: what phone?12:05
sledgeswhat version?12:05
sledgesno dups pls anyhow ;D12:05
alinsledges: n512:06
alinsledges: on u912:06
sledgesanyhoo,, we dont support dups;p12:09
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alinis ther enormal to have both libusb and libusb1 installed?12:37
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vakkovreports for update 9 on maguro:
vakkovsome problems with chinese (are they present on the Jolla)13:16
vakkovand a mystical battery drain on my device13:16
sledgesthere are tools to measure what drains the batt13:22
sledgesvakkov: you said you forgot droid-samsung-maguro-configs in that release :) that's why i haven't RT`d yet13:32
sledgessafe though anyway?13:32
alinvakkov: does the screen go black or the lamp is on in the background?13:32
sledgesgood point, on hammerhead the lamp is in the background, as far as i remember spiiroin saying that13:33
sledgeswith u913:33
alinsledges: yap13:42
alinsledges: but not always13:42
alinsledges: it is really funny13:43
alinsledges: do you know if the usb in u9 is the same we have in our repo?13:43
alinsledges: I did not see philip online13:43
alinthe version says so13:44
alinthe master in git claims version 0.713:46
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vakkovsledges: turned out i haven't forgot the configs! i have just forgotten to build the bluetooth binary but even when i built it and added it the bluetooth is not wowrking from the UI and needs to be started from terminal14:00
vakkovno, no strange behaviour14:01
vakkovat least i havent noticed such14:01
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vakkovhavent forgotten * lol14:03
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sledgesvakkov: ok RT`ing ;)14:19
sledgesalin: don't look into master branches14:20
sledgesclick on Releases tab on github14:20
sledgesalin:  I don't think we have new usb-moded for u9 yet14:20
sledges0.80.3 iirc14:20
vakkovsledges: don't :D14:20
vakkovpeople are probably thinking that this release is as good as the previous ... they don't even take in mind the fact that this is opt-in14:21
sledgesthen delete your tweet :D14:23
sledgesand create new one with warnings14:23
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