Monday, 2014-11-03

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locusfNokius: have you already sent the stand reservations to FOSDEM 2015?16:03
Nokiusno Not yet but busy the last days but will work on it and my plan is to publish it on piratpad so other can contribute to it Hope I can find tomorrow a bit time So may it will get a bit attention on Wednesday during the meeting (cant take part have a job-interview at the same time)16:07
Nokiuslocusf: ^16:07
locusfNokius: ok, good to hear that16:08
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locusfNokius: I added myself to be available at the stands, but I might cancel if the venue isn't accessible enough16:11
Nokiuslocusf: okay  have to go sorry16:13
locusfNokius: no problem :)16:13
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Nokiuslocusf:  Can we count a Nemo Port Device in?18:29
locusfNokius: yes I got the p3110 to bring in18:29
locusfand n918:29
Nokiuslocusf: :) will add it to the wiki :) Thanks18:29
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UmeaboyAnyone here that owns the Hammerhead?21:07
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situUmeaboy: Yes21:15
Umeaboysitu: How stable is the modem binary?21:18
situUmeaboy: I have not seen any issues related to modem. Are you facing any problems ?21:18
Umeaboysitu: The thing is....... a friend of mine got the Hammerhead on his birthday this weekend and I'm thinking about installing Sailfish OS to it to let him try it.21:20
situUmeaboy: I have not seen any issues with it.21:22
UmeaboyWHAT issues have you seen so far then?21:23
UmeaboyOverall I mean.21:23
UmeaboyCPU going warm?21:23
situUmeaboy: Nope.21:24
UmeaboyWhy did Google add Secure Boot to the Hammerhead if it still can be unlocked?21:25
UmeaboyA standard behaviour?21:25
situUmeaboy: I don't know much about it.21:26
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UmeaboyIs there any multiboot solution out for Hammerhead? Like if you want to boot either CM or SAilfish OS21:35
gogetaUmeaboy, is your the sgs3 port ?21:36
Umeaboygogeta: I'm trying to summarize the HADK to get rid of unneeded pages from the HADK atm so I haven't managed to do something more than building the images.21:44
UmeaboyI'm trying to make the local repo.21:45
Umeaboygogeta: You want to help out with that? :)21:45
gogetaI wanna know the status21:46
gogetasome italian boyz/bitches need a lesson on what community is ...21:46
gogetai never seen so much shit against sailfish an nemo21:46
UmeaboyTell them to try the Stella Launcher on Android. ;)21:47
UmeaboyThen they'll get the hang of it.21:48
UmeaboyThey'll learn how to use the gestures.21:48
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gogetaitalian look at the specs21:57
gogetanot at the lagginess21:58
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sledgesUmeaboy: multirom is there for hammerhead by default in the sailfishos image22:09
Umeaboysledges: Uhu. ;)22:12
UmeaboyI found out that there are some Samsung Galaxy S5 models in USA that cannot be rooted and unlocked for some reason.22:13
Umeaboy......which sucks.22:13
UmeaboyIn general it's a really nice phone if you don't count the finger print scanner.22:13
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Umeaboysledges: Any link coming soon? :)22:31
UmeaboyI have a hard time waiting. ;)22:31
UmeaboyPatience and me aren't best friends.22:31
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Umeaboysledges: To what page could I move on to if I don't want to make a local repo?22:45
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sledgesUmeaboy: create repo in OBS, there is no page for that (hadk is primarily intended to build all without obs)23:16
Umeaboysledges: How did you correct the awk-issue on the outside of the Mer SDK?23:19
UmeaboyThe issue about the missing properties file when you build with make -j4 hybris-hal.23:19
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sledgesUmeaboy: i never saw awk issue, or even if it was there amongst many other messages, it never errored out, and never blocked me from executing all commands successfully23:19
* sledges shutting down23:20
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