Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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marxistvegansledges: is there a git repo or something to follow the sailfish development on the nexus 4?14:03
sledgesmarxistvegan: hi; nothing specifically for nexus414:06
marxistvegansledges: if I may ask how is update9 progressing for the nexus4?14:06
sledgesmarxistvegan: i would like to give nexus4 maintainer role to the community, with all my support ofc for releasing a u9 image for it14:06
sledgescould you help me in that for spreading the news around xda till a volunteer(s) come here takes over the know-how?14:07
marxistvegansledges: i can try though I am not active on xda14:09
marxistvegansledges: i was a long time ago and then other things came up14:09
sledgeswell, i can always write there myself, should find time along with other hadk chores ;)14:10
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sledgesPSA: sailfishos community meeting @ #mer-meeting . agenda: https://together.jolla.com/question/54157/sailfishos-open-source-collaboration-meeting-planning/14:58
marxistvegansledges: i would love to jump on but to many things on my plate15:17
sledgesmarxistvegan: jump the busy plate then :D15:17
sledges(i.e. you're not the only one)?15:18
marxistvegansledges: the busy plate is to busy putting food on the plate15:18
marxistvegansledges: and then the other projects are social movement work so takes a priority at times15:19
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sledgescryptic role naming again, trend is very popular nowadays:)15:23
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Guhlpiggz__, ?21:13
piggz__Guhl: ?? :)21:13
piggz__Guhl: im having an emergency / is corrupt kinda problem :/21:13
Guhlany news? been of grid for some days?21:13
piggz__no news, done some other work on Kexi (database app ive been neglecting)21:14
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Guhlwell the good thing is that i did not miss anything then :-)21:15
lbtpiggz__: what happened to init-debug removal ?21:15
piggz__lbt: sledges wants other porters to test first21:15
lbtI have a commit for it in my repo but thought you did too21:15
Guhli did remove it for the vision21:16
piggz__i did ... but i cancelled mine and sledges is waiting for yours to be tested21:16
lbthmm how would we feel about weekly? irc meetings ?21:16
Guhlpiggz__, how do you want to approach the gsm-data problem on the ace?21:17
lbtwhere are we on various things... kick lbt as needed... that kind of thing ?21:17
lbtI sometimes feel we get blocked and need to agree as a community how to move on21:17
lbtand raise the profile of issues (eg OBS builds not working in img/mic 'cos I forgot about it)21:18
lbtsledges: ^^^ thoughts when you're around21:18
Guhli do not know if i qualify for having a opinion in this community but regular meetings do not work well for me21:20
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lbtGuhl: all contributors qualify21:21
lbtI was thinking more of an opportunity to do a group-wide review21:21
Guhlin general i think it is a good idea - i personally just spent to much time on planes and or in phone conferences21:23
Guhlpiggz__, maybe we can talk about your data-connection stuff tomorrow, when you sorted your emergency21:25
piggz__Guhl: yes, good idea :)21:25
piggz__im trying to backup photos to my nas!21:25
Guhleither we do a joint debugging session and i show you the hows and wheres21:26
Guhlor you give me remote ssh access to your phone and i'll debug/fix it remote21:26
Guhli should be available at around 9pm UTC+1 tomorrow21:27
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Guhli asked around - but all the guys that i knew who had an ace either sold or scraped it - so i can't get my hands on one21:29
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Guhltill tomorrow - night21:38
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piggz__lbt: im happy to attend meetings ti discuss ways forward etc21:39
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sledgeslbt & *: how about resurrecting an effort to start triages? ;)22:28
lbtthat did cross my mind too22:29
sledges(and encourage blockers to be bug driven)22:29
sledgesthis way they don't go under the carpet and anyone can chip in anytime, who was a free minute22:31
lbtI'd be happy if they were based around a bug triage22:31
sledgeswe should set the time then. i can do it mon-thu 6pm UTC22:36
* lbt votes for tue then22:36
lbtcould manage other days at a pinch22:37
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sledgesi could also do tue-wed up until late22:41
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