Wednesday, 2014-11-05

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spiiroinfyi / review / testing appreciated:
spiiroinloosens dsme-usb_moded dependency. 1st step in making it possible to have dsme start up earlier (most relevant for n9)07:01
spiiroinimage build changes might be needed as dsme rpm no longer requires usb_moded07:01
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sledgesspiiroin: what image build changes to you have in mind?09:09
spiiroinsledges: some time ago usb_moded was not included in images by default -> boot up broke -> fixed by having dsme.rpm require usb_moded -> now that require is removed -> system should boot up, but act dead will not work as expected without having usb_moded installed09:23
spiiroini.e. usb_moded should be selected explicitly to image09:23
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beidlhello friends14:14
locusfbeidl: \o14:14
beidllocusf: o/14:20
beidlgot home earlier, finally purchased my own Jolla. today is a good day.14:21
tbrbeidl: you may now proceed to buy a ToH-keyboard14:22
beidlnow I can finally check for remaining deficiencies in the maguro port :)14:22
beidltbr: that's what I'll *probably* do next :D14:22
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beidlHOLY MOLY, €85000 already?14:23
locusfyeah its been quite a first day14:23
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* tbr is just buying his to make a group picture: 9300, N810, N900, N950, Jolla ;)14:24
beidlI'll wait for my next pay check. €350 a month doesn't cut a lot14:25
tbrbeidl: wait you paid full price?14:25
tbrbeidl: aborrrrrt! there are 100€ discount vouchers!14:25
beidlI got my hands on a discount code14:25
beidltbr: don't worry :)14:25
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beidlI already made a mistake, got myself a Meizu MX4. 8 cores big.little + 2GB RAM sounds nice, right?14:26
hurrianporting time14:26
beidlWRONG! locked bootloader and they just don't want to release the kernel source14:27
* tbr always thinks of little-big-adventure...14:27
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tbrwait what?14:27
Stskeepsbeidl: isn't that glorious platform for ubuntu touch openness?14:27
beidlStskeeps: EXACTLY!14:27
tbrsekrit kernelz!14:27
beidlopenness until you hit the manufacturer14:27
beidlor, in this case, manu-DISFUNCT-GODDAMNIT14:28
hurrianoh, a mediatek CPU.14:28
hurrianwhat a surprise14:28
tbrif they really don't want to drop sources, they're going to be in for a 'fun' ride, for unpleasant values of such14:28
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beidlif mediatek won't release the kernel source, fine, their "customers" are the manufacturers, so they are obliging the GPL there14:29
beidlbut Meizu and their way to respond is "awesome"14:30
beidl"yeah, sounds nice you want to do all these things voluntairily and for free, but.... no"14:30
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beidlor "I'll forward your request to the R&D department"14:31
Stskeeps /dev/null?14:32
Stskeepsi should be cautious, i still need to publish u9 sources14:32
beidlStskeeps: probably symlinked via tmpfiles.d :P14:32
beidlI mean I tried a lot of nice words. "sailfish is rapidly getting more popular in europe, enthusiasts love dual-boot phones here, don't you want teh revenuez and teh moneyz?"14:34
hurrianbeidl: it's Mediatek, which is incredibly notorious for not sharing kernel source14:36
hurrianHell froze over by the way when it was announced that they were the SoC maker for Android One devices and actually released source for those.14:36
Stskeepsthey want to go global, simple as that14:37
beidlhurrian: if they have deals with manufacturers that specifically say "don't release the kernel source" I could see that. but mediatek is not directly responsible for releasing the source. the manufacturers are14:37
hurrianbeidl: understandable if it was code with sekrit debug flags (and arguably legal as long as nobody else gets hold of the code), but if code under that license was used in release firmware that's a massive GPL violation right there14:39
beidlhurrian: definitely14:40
hurrianthough unfortunately, you would need to hound the device manufacturer and not mediatek14:40
beidlthe issue is that only copyright holders of the code can issue a legal violation, and I'm not sure how many people here have contributed to the upstream kernel14:41
hurrianlooks like some community members have gotten commits upstream somehow...14:42
beidlif anyone here has contributed to kernel version <= 3.10 I'd assume: go for it, sue those guys!14:42
beidlthat's only issue 1, issue 2 is the locked bootloader which is Little Kernel, which I believe is MIT licensed14:45
locusfhurrian: yes, nemomobile upstream, not kernel itself I guess14:45
hurrianD: I thought they went into kernel.org14:46
locusfgotta ask filippz about that14:47
beidlI'm also unsure as to what the law says about #ifdef'ed parts. just because your code is in the source tree doesn't mean it's in the binary. so best bet would be to bug someone who upstreamed vm, ext4 or similar generic changes14:48
beidllet 'em feel the wrath of the community14:49
Stskeepsgood luck in trying to sue a chinese corporation though..14:49
beidlStskeeps: exactly14:50
beidl"and this is what grinds my gears."14:56
tbrbeidl: if you have demonstrably exhausted friendly options, then getting in touch with is the right thing15:00
beidltbr: that's what I've planned to do next. I'll just wait some time. I'll be giving the MX4 to my mother as soon as the Jolla arrives anyways15:02
beidltrade her Note 2 with the MX415:02
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sledgesnote2 mmmm15:36
sledgesspiiroin: understood. still no jolla-rnd-device package being opensourced we can't allow usb-moded in WIP devices due to device lockout when no UI (cc phdeswer )15:36
beidlis there a need for KDE Connect type of functionality for sfos?15:41
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SK_workbeidl: are you working on this ?16:24
SK_workI'm planning on doing work on that aspect16:24
SK_workbut I'm really busy playing CivBE :D16:24
SK_workbeidl: for a basic webserver that serves data on a jolla to a webapp16:25
SK_workthe daemon part is being written too16:25
beidlSK_work: I'd be curious to work on it as, to put it that way, I WANT IT :)16:35
SK_workbeidl: help me rehab from CivBE16:36
SK_workif I made the daemon right, it should be able to bridge quite easily with KDE connect too16:37
SK_workdamn I really need to work on it :)16:37
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phdeswersledges: I know. I already pinged the responsable last week. I think I will have to be more persuasive ;)18:30
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piggzlo *20:35
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Guhlhi piggz20:41
beidlhello piggz and Guhl20:44
Guhlhi beidl hows live ?20:44
beidlGuhl: full of eierspeiß :)20:45
beidland how are you doing?20:45
Guhlstill serving the nation?20:45
stephgpiggz: forthright question if you don't mind, you're in the .uk?20:45
beidlGuhl: ready to defend the nation with my cooking spoon20:46
Guhlbeidl, i am fine a bit tired today as i traveled early in the morning20:47
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Guhlthere he goes ...20:48
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beidlGuhl: traveled where?20:48
beidluh nice20:49
Guhlso piggz are you here or not?20:50
Guhlbeidl, are you just doing your service your mandatory service or are you a professional20:52
Guhlforget some parts of that sentence20:52
stephgbrought to you by the department of redundancy department20:52
piggzstephg: yep... .cumbria20:53
Guhllol - i think we got plenty of redundant redundancy departments here20:53
piggzim sorting out daughters b'day present fo tomorrow .... just realised sim is wrong size :/20:53
stephgpiggz cool (cumbria, not the sim prob)20:54
Guhlcut it20:54
piggzi am20:54
Guhlpiggz, are you still motivated to do some debugging today, otherwise i probably will got to sleep20:55
Guhlor have a look at the led stuff20:55
piggzGuhl: not gonna have time today id say20:59
piggzstephg: any reason you ask? :)21:00
Guhlthats cool for me - so i'll have a short look at the led stuff and then go to sleep21:00
Guhli started debugging the sound in btw. and have a good idea where it crashes but not why (but thats to complicated for today)21:01
stephgpiggz: part simple curiosity, part wondering if it was worth canvasing people for an xmas get together21:01
stephgthere was a hack-day in the summer in London and although alot of the .uk lot are in the bottom half of the country a meet need not be there...21:03
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piggzstephg: yourself?21:09
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:15
stephgpiggz: I'm in north london fwiw21:17
sledgesfellas, whilst your here, me and lbt are intending to do porters bug triage on tuesdays 6pm UTC, could most of you be around?21:17
gogetasledges, for which devices ?21:18
piggzsledges: tuesdays shoud generally be ok21:18
sledges(south west england here, and the triage colleague - Reading ;)21:18
sledgesgogeta: all bugs21:18
Guhlsledges, yes that should work for me21:18
stephgsledges: will most certainly try21:19
sledgesgogeta: triage means prioritising bugs and taking action21:19
stephgpiggz: also fwiw another of the porters is a little outside northampton21:19
sledgesdon't forget alterego and vgrade ;)21:21
stephgis alterego in oxford?21:22
stephgI was refering to vgrade re: northampton (iirc)21:22
sledgesand all of the london sailfishos meetup chaps;)21:23
sledgesfrom summer21:23
piggzyoure all goddamn southerners :D21:25
stephghey I'm technically a greek midlander!21:26
sledgesvgrade is from north orig ;P21:26
sledgesnot even england;)21:26
r0kk3rz'southerners' you lot dont know what south is :P21:26
* sledges not even a brit :D21:26
stephgsledges: could also argue convincingly as to what 'north' is ;P21:27
r0kk3rzyeah its pretty funny listening to the people call themselves northerners around here21:27
r0kk3rz(NE UK)21:28
piggzcumbria is about north as you get in england .... tho, ive done some mtb races in inverness .... and that is _really_ north21:28
Guhlwell r0kk3rz even we austrians to not think of us as southeners21:29
Guhlfor us the south starts somewhere in italy21:29
stephgGuhl: you're missing a syllable for r0kk3rz there in 'austrians'21:29
r0kk3rzyeah true21:29
r0kk3rzim from tasmania, thats about as south as south gets21:30
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piggzwhats new in porting-land .... have any new devices been added recently? any changes to the porting procedures we should know about?21:32
Guhlpiggz, just for information the led stuff does "something" - atm the only thing it does for me is21:34
Guhlgreen light on when screen is off - green light off when screen is on21:34
Guhlprobably needs some work on patterns to make it do something meaningful21:35
Guhland also just for info - for me the following in reproducible (regarding the proximity sensor)21:36
Guhlsystemctl stop sensord && systemctl start sensord21:37
Guhltrigger the prox sensor with something like Messwerk21:37
Guhlsystemctl stop mce && systemctl start mce21:38
Guhl-> from then on the prox sensor works also in call ....21:38
Guhlnot sure how to really fix that but let's see21:40
piggzGuhl: yes, that worked for me, the prox was working fine with a call21:45
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Guhlpiggz, i played a bit with the patterns for mce and they have some effect as i.e. the light is now amber while charging but i can't make it i.e. blink green in the case of a missed call/sms but maybe i just don't understand the patterns right22:22
Guhli'll play some more tomorrow (while i do have a boring 3 hours conference)22:22
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beidlGuhl: sry, I had to restart the display manager and forgot to restart quassel. "just" mandatory service22:30
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