Thursday, 2014-11-06

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tbrfor those who missed it, android is moving towards an evil vendor binary partition:
Stskeepscould be worse08:39
Stskeepsit's a good thing from libhybris pov08:39
Stskeepsas now android really has to take ABI seriously08:39
tbrI see this as a good thing08:40
locusfhmm interesting08:41
tbrthey will probably still update the binaries to match builds etc, but at least they will be in one separate place08:43
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locusfso this is better than /system/vendor?09:03
Stskeepswell, /system is usually on same partition as /vendor09:04
locusfoh yeah09:06
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tbrthey might just mount it to /system/vendor?09:26
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DerLoetkolbeni'm currently at the ponit where you have to fixup the mountpoints, and i also have recovery.fstab  file for my device, what should i do now with the fixup-mountpoints ?10:15
tbrgood moaning10:19
tbrwhich device are you working on?10:19
energycsdxDerLoetkolben you should add fixups for your device10:19
DerLoetkolbenhtc sensation xl10:19
DerLoetkolbenenergycsdx : That is obvious :)10:20
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energycsdxDerLoetkolben your device is qualcomm based, do as on mako10:22
DerLoetkolbenenergycsdx  thanks will try that10:22
energycsdxDerLoetkolben but partition numbers is different10:23
energycsdxit is device specific10:23
rusty88mornig o/10:23
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energycsdxdo ls -l /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/10:24
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DerLoetkolbenwhere is no directory msm_sdcc.1 just mmcblk<x>p<y> files does that mean, that i9305 way works ?10:31
Just486Hay, Tassadar, may I have a question? (it's not sailfish, its about multirom removal)10:35
Tassadaronly one question, and you've already wasted it by asking to ask a question <_<10:35
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Just486ah shit  :D So I wanted to know, which is the easiest way to return to stock kernel from the kexec-hardboot patched one. Do I need to reflash a stock (or any other) kernel from within twrp?10:38
Tassadarit doesn't really hurt anything though, so there's really no reason remove it unless you like wanna take stock OTA10:39
Tassadar*to remove.10:39
Just486kaykay. Anyways, would that be hard to add an option to multirom app to restore the stock original kernel? Or would that be pointless?10:40
Just486Thats exactly what I would like to do, enably ota updates until 5.0 arrives10:40
Tassadarit would have to get the stock boot.img somewhere10:40
Tassadarjust fastboot flash boot boot.img from the factory images10:40
TassadarI'll mostly likely create a ZIP file with the whole stock android you can flash even if somethings changed - works the same as OTA, except the ZIP file is much bigger because it contains the whole android10:42
Just486sounds nice10:44
Tassadarit also means you can add clean, stock android as secondary system to multirom, which is why I'm doing it10:44
Just486yes, I already had 4.4 with kexec hardboot, and stock Lollipop preview at the same time10:46
Just486i guess that's what you mean10:46
TassadarI put the ZIPs up here and the 5.0 ones will be there as soon as they're released, because I wanna try it too)10:47
Just486Actually, I installed multirom to run Sailfish, not tu run additional versions of android :) But i ended up with 5.0 preview being my "daily driver"10:48
alinJust486: does wireless wors on 5.0? or setting an account?10:52
alinJust486: seems to be pretty alpha10:52
Just486alin: yes everything worked fine10:52
Just486i didn't even had the misterious battery draining bug10:53
alinJust486: what device? that is silly i suspect is n510:53
Just486yes it was a nexus 510:53
alinfor me did not work.. wireless/other email than gmail10:54
Just486I dont know what could cause that. mine was fine with multi rom, as a secondary rom10:56
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energycsdxDerLoetkolben> what is content of recovery.fstab?11:35
energycsdxyes i9305 is good for you11:37
DerLoetkolbenok thanks11:37
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rusty88does anyone know what's the puporse of systemd-modules-load.service ??  i mean it fails to start when the phone starts and there're no logs13:21
rusty88in journalctl13:21
locusfits for loading kernel modules, the configuration is in /usr/share/modules.load.d or something13:23
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beidlhello boys and girls13:34
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rusty88locusf: yeah i gather but how do i know why does it fail at boot time?13:40
rusty88if i run systemctl start systemd-modules-load.service it works13:41
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junnuvimaybe some condition is not fullfilled when service is called on boot?14:10
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locusfyeah maybe some missing kernel modules14:23
energycsdxrusty88: same for me, it fails on boot but if i start it manually everything ok14:23
energycsdxi use it for wireless module14:23
rusty88energycsdx: yup me too after i run it manually, now it starts at boot14:24
rusty88what was weird was that after i started it manually the screen started to blank when idle... after the reboot it stoped now is always on again14:25
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rusty88sledges: i've made some pull request for the i9300 bits (CC: to everyone else who can review pull requests)14:36
beidlrusty88: anyone could review PRs and add comments (more people should), only a hand full of people can merge though.14:42
beidlrusty88: oh and it hurts to see my ofono hack being in use everywhere :D14:43
rusty88beidl: yeah you right anyone can review14:44
rusty88beidl: ahahah it should work, its a magic hack that makes it work... you should be proud :D14:44
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beidlrusty88: yeah, well, I might take a deeper look into ofono :)14:46
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rusty88beidl: that would be great :), i should also put my hands in ofono still not getting a signal in ofono14:50
beidlrusty88: have you tried to recompile and install ?14:52
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beidlrusty88: some interesting commits in there, specifically network status related14:52
rusty88beidl: yup i'm running a compiled version but is a bit out of date... i should look into rebuilding it then14:53
beidllooks promising14:54
rusty88beidl:  wow indeed, rebuilding it now :D14:54
beidlrusty88: please keep me posted, I can't build it myself as I have to resetup the build env again and I had a little accident with my thumb today so typing hurts and is slow :)14:58
rusty88beidl: ohh well still not working15:05
beidlrusty88: still the same sympthoms?15:05
rusty88beidl: yes, mobile data works, but not signal (cannot make phone calls or send sms)15:05
beidlrusty88: are you running without the ofono hack?15:06
rusty88beidl: nope, ofono hack is still running15:06
beidlrusty88: disable it15:06
rusty88beidl: well it works without the ofono hack :)15:11
beidlrusty88: NICE15:11
beidlI'll install openSuse on my laptop, resetup my build env and do some hacking on maguro, maybe it finally gets us rid of this nasty hack15:12
rusty88i need to disable the pin lock now but at least it asks for it15:12
beidlrusty88: so still some issues regarding PIN reading. how does the "remaining tries" counter behave? having an overflow?15:13
rusty88beidl: bad.. i had 16 tries, missed one and now i have 18 :D15:14
beidlrusty88: as I expected15:16
rusty88beidl: scratch that, is not working without the ofono hack after the pin lock it doesnt have access to the SIM card15:19
beidlrusty88: damn15:19
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rusty88beidl: a weird thing happened, i have imei and the setting for mobile network opens but fails to register with the network15:21
rusty88beidl: ofono's log15:23
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Guhlspiiroin, ?22:40
Guhlis anyone else here good with mce stuff?22:47
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Guhlwell i count that as a NO, maybe tomorrow - good night!23:13
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