Friday, 2014-11-07

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zGrrmoin :)09:19
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junnuviuups, I mistakely purchased maguro19:55
Stskeepsso it goes19:56
junnuviyes it does. HW is way too cheap nowdays20:15
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silver_hook Installing SailfishOS on an Android phone (Nexus 4 or 5) overrides it or makes it dual-boot?21:14
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marxistvegansledges: saw your post on xda hope someone steps forward22:09
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sledgesmarxistvegan: thanks!22:56
sledgessilver_hook: multirom is supported on both22:56
sledgesjunnuvi: maguro simply wants your contribution ;) (not talkin' money;)22:58
gogetasledges, new jolla in genova today22:59
gogetanow i'm teach the owner how use it like a pro22:59
marxistvegansledges: i would love to build up support here in the states for it22:59
sledgesgogeta: evvai!!22:59
sledgesforza azzuri!23:00
gogetawhere is my aloe23:00
* sledges want one too..:p23:00
* sledges mutilated both of his whites via smelting accidents23:01
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sledgesmarxistvegan: are number of xda folk in US ?23:02
marxistvegansledges: not sure23:02
marxistvegansledges: when I get back to boston next week I will see what I can carve out23:03
marxistveganand see if there are interested folks in boston23:03
marxistvegansledges: you are in boston?23:03
marxistveganoh nevermind23:03
* marxistvegan heads out be back later or tomorrow23:03
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sledgesi bees everywhere23:04
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