Saturday, 2014-11-08

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silver_hooksledges: Thanks ☺09:15
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beidlhello dear friends09:31
Stskeepshello hello09:32
beidlhow's it going on this wonderful saturday?09:33
Stskeepsin copenhagen09:36
beidlnice, what are you doing there?09:41
Stskeepsdoing a talk later on today at opensourcedays.org09:42
beidltalking about mer/sailfish?09:43
beidli hope it'll be recorded09:43
Stskeepsabout sailfish/jolla yeah09:46
Stskeepsand i think so09:46
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locusfnow a maguro is coming my way too :)13:57
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beidllocusf: nice, how come? :)13:59
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locusfbeidl: for nemo hadk testing, lots of green on the libhybris page :)13:59
locusf+ quite cheap from ebay14:00
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beidllocusf: if you find any remaining issues, let me know. I have to get my fingers on it again. :P14:00
locusfbeidl: ok will do :)14:01
beidllocusf: thanks :D14:01
locusfbeidl: the guaranteed one will be the new ofono in the new repo, I heard that the dbus rules are really messy on it and not working on n914:02
beidllocusf: you mean the dbus policy did change for ofono?14:03
locusfbeidl: I'm not sure its that, mainly because nemo user isn't configured to use the new ofono14:04
beidllocusf: so anything running as nemo is being blocked access to ofonos interface?14:05
locusfbeidl: yup14:05
beidllocusf: sounds reasonable from a security standpoint.14:06
Stskeepsthat isn't how it runs on sailfishos though14:06
Stskeeps. afaik14:06
Stskeepsso may want to dig deeper14:07
locusfStskeeps: good to know14:09
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Guhlhy piggz15:21
piggzlo Guhl15:21
Guhlany news on your side?15:22
piggzGuhl: no .. havnt looked at it in over a week...its been busy! (bashed my knee ... about sorted now)15:22
Guhldo you know a good tutorial on how to use obs?15:22
Guhlbuilding with mb2 is not working good for me15:23
piggzi dont....isnt it a case of uploading the source and .spec/.yaml files and praying?15:24
piggzwhats wrong with mb2?15:24
Guhlfirst i don't know or can't make it build source packages15:25
Guhlsecond it's sometimes hard to fulfill dependencies locally15:26
Guhli.e i checked out nemomobile-packages/mce15:26
Guhland would like to build it15:26
Guhland end with15:26
Guhlerror: Failed build dependencies:15:27
Guhlpkgconfig(dsme) >= 0.58 is needed by mce-1.37.1-1.armv7hl15:27
Guhlpkgconfig(mce) >= 1.14.0 is needed by mce-1.37.1-1.armv7hl15:27
Guhlpkgconfig(check) is needed by mce-1.37.1-1.armv7hl15:27
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Guhli am trying to debug the led stuff that spiiroin created for the vision/ace15:28
Stskeepswhat repos do you have15:28
Stskeepsin the target15:28
piggzGuhl: so, you need a newer target than what you currently have?15:28
Stskeepsalso, what target..15:28
Guhl-t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl15:28
Guhlis that what you mean by target?15:29
Stskeepsmay be cos it's stuck to an older release that doesn't have those15:29
piggzGuhl: you could add nemo-latest as a target and build against that instaoed of the sailfish version15:29
piggzGuhl: the build targets are in ~/mer/targets15:30
piggza target is a root filesystem (i think)15:31
Guhlsometimes when i listen to you i feel like i still know nothing about this build system :-)15:31
Guhlpiggz, i only have htc-vision-armv7hl in mer/targets15:32
piggzGuhl: create a new one :) i dont know what is best to create, but I also have a mer-latest-arm7hl15:33
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piggz(i love how i can come across as know what im talking about!)15:33
piggzGuhl: maybe Stskeeps can suggest a target with the newer packages you need?15:34
Guhlwell as far is i understand that (correct me if i am wrong)15:35
piggzGuhl: this is the mer-latest-armv7hl.ks create targets/mer-latest-armv7hl/mer-latest-armv7hl.ks15:35
Guhlthe pkgconfig dependencies are normally fulfilled by installing devel packages15:35
piggzthen, using mb2, specify the target with -t mer-latest-armv7hl15:36
piggzGuhl: yes, but maybe the repo in the target doesnt have that version15:36
Guhl(please keep in mind that i lived in the gentoo environment for the last 10 years and there is no such things as devel packaged as one build everything from source anyway)15:37
piggzesp if youre building packages from nemomobile git ... they will likely have newer packages than the ones from the sailfish repos15:37
Guhlwhere are the sailfish repos ?15:37
Guhlthere is no mce in
piggzGuhl: the sailfish target is the one you mentioned ... htc-vision-armv7...15:39
piggztake a look at its .ks file15:39
locusfthere is no suh .ks file :)15:40
piggzoh yeah ... seee, locusf knows more than me15:41
Guhlwell i have my ks file that i created but what would that tell me?15:41
piggzGuhl: it tells you the location of the repos that are used, and, as such, the verisons of the packages15:42
piggzi would check the versions available to you, and see if the match your build deps from earlier15:43
locusfGuhl: you need to manually install those packages in to the sailfish target15:44
Guhlyou mean this?15:44
Guhlrepo --name=jolla-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
Guhllocus: like15:44
Guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl15:45
Guhland then zypper in ...15:45
locusfyeah but add -R -msdk-install15:45
Guhlto the zypper in ?15:46
locusfno, to the sb215:46
Guhlsometimes i really wonder what i am doing here :-)15:47
Guhland then i.e. to fulfill the pkgconfig(mce) i would do: zypper in mce-devel15:48
GuhlPackage 'mce-devel' not found15:49
Guhlmce-headers ?15:51
Guhlok that will not help me at all as this installs mce-headers-1.13.0-1.3.15.armv7hl.rpm15:52
locusfI ddidn't remember that mce didn't have devel package :)15:52
Guhland the dependency was for >= 1.14.015:52
Guhlyou say it15:53
locusfmaybe you need an Uitukka target15:53
Guhlpiggz, did you already build for
Guhlif yes could you do me a favour?15:56
piggzGuhl: yes15:56
Guhlcan you start the sdk and then do:15:57
Guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install15:57
Guhlzypper if mce-headers15:57
Guhlwhat version does that give you?15:57
* Guhl disappears to build a target15:59
Guhlno seriously can you tell me on how to switch to ?16:00
piggzfor building the image, it as a case of RELEASE= before building it16:01
Guhlbut i have to express my discontentment that it is so complicated if not even impossible to find the sources of a packages for a certain version of sailfish os on github16:03
Guhlmaybe i am just spoiled from the android world where i would have a tag or branch for every package for every release16:05
Guhlok piggz i'll try that16:05
Guhlpiggz, does qtscenegraph-adaptation remind you on something?16:14
piggzGuhl: i guess its because your building from upstream againts a downstream package (or something like that)16:14
Guhldid you rebuild the middleware?16:15
piggzyes, i think i did16:20
piggzive got all the commands in a text file just to  paste in now!16:20
Guhlcould you please paste that somewhere?16:23
Guhli'll put it on my trac if you don't mind16:23
Guhl(or we could start using alins scripts :-P)16:24
Guhlpiggz, is the usb-moded needed ?16:35
piggzGuhl: maybe not ... i was buidling the latest to see if it helped me16:36
spiiroinGuhl: ping16:45
Guhlhi spiiroin16:45
spiiroinGuhl: arey you having trouble with mce compilation?16:46
Guhlyes i want to build it from sources so that i can debug the led stuff you did16:47
spiiroinok, I think mce-headers.rpm is what you16:47
spiiroinare missing16:47
spiirointhe debian package was mce-dev, git repo goes by that name16:47
Guhlcurrently i am trying to build a target16:48
Guhlcause when i try to build the mce that i forked from github wants a >= 1.14.0 mce devel package16:49
spiirointhat is what has16:50
spiiroinsince august...16:51
spiiroinI wonder if mce-dev builds are stuck too16:52
piggzi hate when i look at code i have written, and think, 'what is that for'16:58
Guhlpiggz on 10/24 you said16:59
Guhlpiggzrepo problem: nothing provides qtscenegraph-adaptation needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-ace-0.0.6-201410222030.noarch,16:59
Guhlhow did you solve that?16:59
piggzGuhl: removed it from:17:01
locusfyou cheated! lol :)17:03
spiiroinGuhl: mce for sailfish comes directly from
Guhlspiiroin, ok thanks17:03
Guhlthats what i checked out17:03
piggzlocusf: cheating is ok in situtions like this17:05
locusfpiggz: heheh, just kidding :)17:06
Guhlpiggz, where there any other problems you can remember?17:49
piggzGuhl: no, it was quite straigtforar iirc17:50
Guhlwell for me - no screen - no network ???17:50
piggzmy init as all messed up, which was when i fixed it properly...maybe that17:50
Guhlwell i thought i already did that on the last build17:52
Guhlwell back to init-debu17:52
Guhlinit_platform:917 - This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "hwcomposer".18:29
Guhlwhatever i messed up here - something for tomorrow - out for a party tonight - c ya18:29
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piggzGuhl: oh yes, i remember now, I had to build the hwcomposer qt plugin from source iirc18:53
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