Sunday, 2014-11-09

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PortestHi, anyone online?08:38
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Guhlmorning !10:54
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Guhlanybody got an idea why my hwcomposer is not available in my build?10:56
locusfGuhl: you need to build it from latest master in order to achieve the qt 5.2 compatibility11:08
Guhlhi locusf thanks but i think i did that11:10
locusfGuhl: hmm ok11:10
locusfand hi :)11:10
Guhlbut to make sure i'll scrap the directory and rebuild it11:10
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Guhlhmm did not help to build and install hwcomposer again11:22
Guhli still get the11:22
Guhl[F] init_platform:917 - This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "hwcomposer".11:23
GuhlAvailable platform plugins are: minimal, wayland-egl, wayland.11:23
Stskeepsdid you install it with the right qt version11:23
Guhlhow would i do that?11:24
Guhlneed to get my little one - bbl11:26
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rusty88spiiroin: ping14:23
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* spiiroin missed rusty88 ...17:03
TriadaHi guys. Is there any information for n4? And that page for porting n4 is no longer updated.17:05
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Guhlhi piggz19:07
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GuhlHi Portest_19:48
rusty88Hiii guys19:52
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Portest_the Nexus 5 port is not bad20:01
Guhlthis drives me crazy. i still don't understand why my 1.1 build does not recognize the hwcomposer plugin20:02
Guhlany help would really be appreciated20:02
Portest_no camera, no gps, forgetting wireless and mobile settings, no automatic rotation and email sync20:03
Portest_that is all what i miss20:03
energycsdxGuhl: did you build it by yourself with proper qt?20:03
vakkovsledges, so which tools had to be used for battery ddrain monitoring20:06
GuhlPortest_, "forgetting wireless and mobile settings"20:06
Guhlcan you please check who's the owner of /var/lib/ofono20:06
Guhlif it's root:root then you know why. it should belong to radio:radio20:06
Guhlenergycsdx, i built it while building the middleware20:06
Guhlhow to i know it with proper qt?20:07
energycsdxthe same as on device20:07
Guhlbut that could be the proble20:07
energycsdxvakkov: do you have battery drain problem?20:08
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vakkovenergycsdx: yes, in update 9 only. update 8 was ok20:11
Guhlenergycsdx, as far as i understand this i am building against my htc-vision-armv7hl target20:11
Guhlcan you pleas help me understand how to build hwcomposer against qt 5.2?20:12
energycsdxin your htc-vision-armv7hl target qt 5.2 should be installed20:13
Guhlwell it's not20:13
GuhlName: qt5-qtcore-devel20:13
GuhlVersion: 5.1.0+git37-1.15.220:13
Guhlso i have to recreate my target right20:14
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energycsdxvakkov: program is sp-endurance20:19
energycsdxbut i didnt use it20:19
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energycsdxin my case kernel don`t go to deep sleep, always have some shitty wakelocks that prevent it20:20
Portest_Gugl: The folder belongs to user:group root:root but the folder is empty20:25
GuhlPortest_, then change to devel-su and chown radio:radio /var/lib/ofono20:25
Guhlafter the next reboot (or restart of ofono) it will not be empty anymore but contain sub-dirs20:26
Guhlthe have you IMEI in them20:26
Portest_Guhl: i will do that and reboot and come back20:26
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Guhlenergycsdx how do i set up a qt5.2 sb2 target?20:32
energycsdxGuhl: how did you setup htc-vision-armv7hl target?20:33
Guhlas described in "Setting up the Scratchbox2 Target in the hadk20:34
Guhlbut i think the sdk tarball it uses is still 5.120:35
energycsdxGuhl: you can update your target, search irclogs20:38
Guhlok will do20:38
rusty88is there a way to force reboot into recovery from sailfish ?20:40
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Portest_Guhl: the ownership fix does not work for wireless network but for mobile network20:49
Guhlk don't know where wifi stores it's settings20:50
rusty88Portest_: wireless is managed by connman, may try with connman20:50
* rusty88 trying to remember connman path...20:51
Portest_what exactly should i try? i think there is a bug regarding the mac adress when connecting right after boot20:52
rusty88Portest_: i think the path is /var/lib/connman/20:52
Portest_rusty88: let me check that20:53
energycsdxrusty88: to restart into recovery you can try echo recovery > /run/systemd/reboot-param and then systemctl reboot21:01
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rusty88energycsdx: well on the i9300 didn't work pitty thkx anyway21:06
Guhlsledges, ?21:11
Portest_rusty88: root:root but a lot of subfolders21:11
Guhli think that the commands at "Setting up Scratchbox2 Target" in the hadk21:12
Guhldon't work atm21:12
Portest_what is the current status? is someone working on the camera issue or the hw acceleration on the nexus 5?21:12
Guhlthe command:21:12
GuhlTARBALL=$(curl $TARBALL_URL | grep 'armv7hl.tar.bz2' | cut -d\" -f4)21:12
rusty88Portest_: well dunno :S since I haven't been able to connect to a wireless network.. btw i've checked and connman seems to be running as root so it shouldn't be a permission issue21:13
Guhlgives a $TARBALL that is21:13
Guhland that does not work for the curl -O $TARBALL21:14
rusty88spiiroin: whenever you're available i would like to talk to you about leds, they're working but there's still some issues i haven't been able to fully debug21:14
Portest_rusty88: i can connect but after a reboot i have to reput the wlan credentials21:15
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rusty88Portest_: try searching in tjc for a similiar issue :\21:19
energycsdxrusty88: looks like it possible just with "systemctl reboot recovery" but systemd in sailfish os is not recent enought21:19
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energycsdxsystemd should be atleast 20921:21
rusty88energycsdx: ok good to know for future reference21:22
rusty88well this is frustraiting ... guys over at xda are trying sailfish and the wifi is working without issue  (at least is good for them)21:34
* rusty88 wondering what could be wrong with my device to not being able to successfully connect to a network21:34
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rusty88how do i debug the reason why apps start crashing (seg faults) when more than 4 apps are open anyone ?21:47
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energycsdxrusty88: try to connect manualy using wpa_cli22:16
rusty88energycsdx: already tried, says CTRL-ASOC-REJECT status-code=122:17
energycsdxrusty88: anything before it?22:18
rusty88energycsdx: nope, just the scan message..22:18
energycsdxit should do WPA handshake before asoc22:20
energycsdxtry to sniff it using wireshark22:20
rusty88ok, but have to wait for my laptop to arrive, don't have access to a wireless NIC22:22
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Guhlenergycsdx, got the up and running - thanks for your input22:37
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rusty88good night everyone ;)23:39
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