Monday, 2014-11-10

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zGrrmoin :)09:09
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rusty88morn! o/10:04
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beidlhello hello! what's up, fine folks?13:46
sledgesgood weekend13:46
sledgesgood weekend?13:46
junnuviyour week ends on monday?13:51
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sledgesjunnuvi: got too much into local lingo. you should prepend "I have had a " and "Have you had a " respectivelly ;)13:57
beidlsledges: well, not so good weekend but well14:00
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junnuvisledges: ok. just tried to be funny with no success :)14:01
beidljunnuvi: git rm src/ ; git commit -m "funny"14:02
beidlgit push -f14:02
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* sledges goes to calibrate joke sensors14:11
sledgesjunnuvi: i once was surprised how many groups of the world start their week on different weekdays %)14:11
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* lbt moves hadk from breakfast to lunch: any thoughts/issues anyone ?14:35
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sledgesit had only improved the i930x builds14:39
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lbtwe may need a hadk_init_cmd macro then14:47
sledgesdon't we have a similar yet? (for dhd on obs)14:51
sledgesfollowing murphy's laws of backporting: skb_trim wouldn't yet be implemented together with its framework and supporting functions14:53
sledgeswrong window14:53
lbtyes  hadk_make_target14:54
sledges+1 for hadk_init_cmd then14:55
* lbt twitches.... a 2.5Gb upload and I spelt baytrail_generic-eng as baytrail_generic_eng14:56
* sledges tries to resist from mentioning the pet antibiotic again14:57
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Guhlspiiroin, you are the mce maintainer, right?16:06
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spiiroinGuhl: yes16:30
Guhli'll start working on how mce handles the hw-kbd on the vision16:31
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Guhlatm the open/close obviously treated as a lid_cover16:32
Guhlwhich is not very helpful :-) as the phone is now only usable if the keyboard is opened16:33
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spiiroinGuhl: there are some plans for this area; probably would be: hw dependant config, upping abstraction within mce core16:34
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmm. There must be a huge bug in the sdk right now.16:34
Guhlyes that makes sense16:34
Guhllike you do it with the leds?16:34
UmeaboyI get tons and tons of flowing unreadable output after I've done make -j4 hybris-hal16:34
spiiroinGuhl: yes and no; depending on age and other stuff mce uses configs, plugins, probing and misc hacks for hw related stuff16:35
UmeaboyAs soon as I run curl -O $TARBALL.......after a while I get a constant beep sound from the laptop speakers and I see unreadable output coming all the time.16:35
UmeaboyAnyone else experienced that?16:36
UmeaboyI did like I've always done before.16:36
GuhlUmeaboy, that has nothing to do with the make -j4 hybris-hal16:36
UmeaboyThe only reason is that I have enabled Testing medias in Mageia.16:36
Guhlbut the setup of the sb2 target16:36
Guhland i reported that yesterday to sledges here16:37
UmeaboyGuhl: Yes, I'm just mentioning where I was when this occured.16:37
spiiroinGuhl: leds is kind of mix of all of those; the keyboard slider (and similar) would probably be less heavy; just need to map events -> action (with sensible defaults)16:37
spiiroinGuhl: so that all you'16:37
spiiroin... need to do for vision would be: SW_LID = keyboard_slider16:38
Guhlspiiroin, what would be your strategy for this16:38
spiiroin(in config file coming from hw specific rpm)16:38
Guhli would prefer a config file at runtime16:38
Guhli think thats also what you just said16:39
Guhlis there already a config file like that?16:39
spiiroinGuhl: there are static config files (loaded on startup); and dynamic config (can be changed while mce runs)16:39
spiirointhis would be static kind16:40
Guhlwhat could i use as an example?16:40
spiiroinGuhl: for this purpose it does not exist yet; but everything under /etc/mce16:40
spiiroinxxx.ini -> static; xxx.conf -> what used to be in gconf16:41
spiirointhe files are parsed in alnum-order -> 40-foo.ini can override settings from 20-bar.ini etc16:42
spiiroinand the same applies for .conf16:42
Guhlok think i got the idea16:43
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Guhli'll try to make myself familiar with the code and will probably come back to you with some stupid questions16:45
spiiroinok; i'll try to find some dev time too for this16:46
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GuhlUmeaboy did you just want to report it or do you want to know how to solve it?16:47
UmeaboyThe latter.16:49
UmeaboyHow to solve it.16:49
UmeaboyYes. And then curl -0 $TARBALL16:51
Guhlcurl $TARBALL_URL | grep 'armv7hl.tar.bz2' | cut -d\" -f416:51
Guhl(we are not at $TARBALL yet)16:51
Guhl(you will see that the curl $TARBALL_URL now gives you 2 urls16:52
Guhleither do directly:16:54
Guhlcurl -O
Guhlor 1407 (depending on the target that you want to build for)16:54
Guhl1407 = 1.0.x.x 1410 = 1.1.x.x16:55
Guhlor of course you could do:16:55
Guhlcurl -O $TARBALL16:55
Guhland of course if you want the first curl command just to give you one tarball you could do16:57
GuhlTARBALL=$(curl $TARBALL_URL | grep 'update9-Sailfish_SDK_Target-armv7hl.tar.bz2' | cut -d\" -f4)16:57
Guhlor update8 if you want to build for 1.016:58
Guhlthats all i have to say :-)16:58
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UmeaboyWhat did I do wrong?17:03
UmeaboyI did everything you wrote.17:03
Guhlwell what i wrote had a lot of ifs i it17:04
Guhlyou where already done at:17:05
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Guhlcurl -O
UmeaboySorry. It was confusing to me.17:05
GuhlI tend to be confusing people by trying to explain background stuff17:06
Guhlso you can just continue with17:06
Guhlsudo mkdir -p $SFFE_SB2_TARGET17:06
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Umeaboysudo tar --numeric-owner -pxjf $(basename $TARBALL) -C $SFFE_SB2_TARGET gave me missing operand after I did sudo mkdir -p $SFFE_SB2_TARGET.17:08
Umeaboysudo mkdir -p $SFFE_SB2_TARGET worked fine.17:09
Umeaboysudo tar --numeric-owner -pxjf $(basename $TARBALL) -C $SFFE_SB2_TARGET was the cause of the error missing operand.17:09
Guhlecho $TARBALL17:09
Guhlwhat does that give you?17:09
UmeaboyA blankrow.17:12
Guhlhmm, after the:17:13
GuhlTARBALL=curl $TARBALL_URL | grep 'update9-Sailfish_SDK_Target-armv7hl.tar.bz2' | cut -d\" -f417:13
Guhlit should be17:13
Guhlbut you can also run the sudo tar command like:17:14
Umeaboybash: No such file or directory17:15
Guhlsudo tar --numeric-owner -pxjf Jolla-update9-Sailfish_SDK_Target-armv7hl.tar.bz2 -C $SFFE_SB2_TARGET17:15
Guhlsorry it's17:18
GuhlTARBALL=$(curl $TARBALL_URL | grep 'update9-Sailfish_SDK_Target-armv7hl.tar.bz2' | cut -d\" -f4)17:18
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Guhl(if - there is the if again - you really want to set the TARBALL variable instead of just specifying the tar-file directly as i did above)17:20
UmeaboyNow it works.17:20
Guhlgood - however sledges is going to fix that in the hadk in a generic way17:21
GuhlUmeaboy, so you re trying to build a 1.1 rom?17:22
sledgesGuhl: thanks, noted the hilight now. adding to todo17:22
UmeaboyGuhl: Yes, I have to since there's no official rom out yet for the i9305 that have working data.17:23
Guhlsledges, :-)17:23
UmeaboyDoes he have working data on his?17:25
UmeaboyThat's the most important thing.17:25
UmeaboyData and SMS.17:25
UmeaboyAnd Call.17:25
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Guhlsledges, btw. is there any progress on the necessary user for the mic image creation problem yet?17:28
Umeaboysledges. You mentioned his name.17:28
UmeaboyNow I have finished doing the c-file that the HADK tells you to make.17:31
UmeaboyAnd it works.17:31
UmeaboySo..... I don't feel like making my own repo.17:31
Guhlwhy not?17:32
UmeaboyGuhl: Why create one if many already exists?17:35
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sledgesGuhl: no progress, busy times still17:37
UmeaboyHi sledges!17:38
UmeaboyHow's it going?17:42
sledgeslike i said ^ busy ;)17:42
Umeaboysledges: Still trying to make this thing work. I'm not giving up.17:43
UmeaboyI don't care how long it will take me.17:44
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sledgesUmeaboy: "this thing"? what doesn't work precisely?17:47
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Umeaboysledges: If still in the same step as last time you helped me.17:49
UmeaboyTo make the local repo.17:50
UmeaboyIf it's really really needed.17:50
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sledgesUmeaboy: what command you enter, and how does it fail?17:52
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piggzlo Guhl, whats new (was out at seeing a comedian last night)17:58
Umeaboysledges: I'm at 7.1.2 now.18:07
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sledgesUmeaboy: what doesn't work?18:28
sledgesor unclear18:28
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Umeaboysledges: Uuuuuhm. I'm continuing......... hold on.18:37
UmeaboyI'm at 7.2 now.18:38
UmeaboyShould I edit ?18:39
UmeaboyTo add the two lines mentioned.18:40
Umeaboy# This is a comment18:40
sledgesUmeaboy: they are already there (this is not a newly ported device):
UmeaboyRight. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything crutial as we're supposed to read the HADK. ;)18:44
piggzsledges: is there a hadk v3 in the works?18:45
UmeaboyUnless we can make 2 seperate versions of it. ;)18:45
sledgespiggz: yes18:45
piggzsledges: any fundamental changes or just tweaks?18:45
sledgespiggz: droid-hal-version split from dhd is coming18:46
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piggzsledges: you know the tuesday 6pm meeting ... is that still on?18:48
UmeaboyNow I'm at 8.2.18:48
sledgespiggz: yep!18:48
piggzsledges: no good for me (tuesdays) i tend to got mountin biking :) ... but id very much like to read how it goes18:49
sledgespiggz: will be minutes available18:50
piggzsweet ... i think I originally said I was ok for that time, but forgot what i actually do on a tuesday!18:51
UmeaboySecond and third row was also OK to do.18:52
locusfsledges: what bugs will be touched?18:52
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UmeaboyWhat do I replace --baseurl=$MOBS_URI/sailfishos:/devel:/hw:/$DEVICE/sailfish_latest_@ARCH@/" with?18:52
UmeaboyThe devel is to be replaced, but with WHAT??18:52
Umeaboy /stable? :)18:53
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sledgeslocusf: all from hw adaptation that need_triage18:54
sledgesUmeaboy: you aren't reading the text18:54
Umeaboy ?18:55
sledgesthe paragraph text18:55
sledgeswhich explains whether you should copy paste or not18:55
sledgesstarting with "If you only want to rebuild some of..."18:55
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bluesleesledges: you are one of the nexus 5 porters?19:00
Umeaboysledges: So --baseurl=$MOBS_URI/$DEVICE/sailfish_latest_@ARCH@/" would be right?19:00
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bluesleewhat are the chances to get running 1. camera 2. fix for wlan config/reboot 3. gps 4. dynamic rotation 5. hw acceleration 6. alien dalvik from jolla->nexus 519:03
sledgesUmeaboy: you perform those commands only if there is a remote repo at hand. otherwise you skip it and continue with your local repo solely19:04
bluesleei am not sure if i will use the nexus with sailfishos as my primary phone19:04
sledgesUmeaboy: that's what the text above that code block said. probably wording is not clear or is should include it into an "optional" box19:05
sledgesblueslee: hi, i like your nickname :)19:05
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UmeaboyWhat did I do wrong here?19:07
sledgesUmeaboy: you executed the codeblock which i asked to skip instead19:07
bluesleesledges: thank you, it's been awhile since i used irc or posted on tmo19:07
sledgesblueslee: welcome back then :)19:07
bluesleesledges: i have a nexus 5, i can test builds or help here and there19:08
UmeaboySo moving on to what part?19:08
sledgesblueslee: excellent19:08
sledgesUmeaboy: you need to revert changes you did (and hence corrupted) your .ks file19:08
sledgesby starting from 8.2 again19:09
*** eleroux has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
bluesleesledges: what can we expect for the upcoming release/port? who drives those?19:10
sledgesblueslee: 1. quite likely camera on nexus5 will work after gstreamer 1.0 (cc MSameer ) 2. this needs wlan driver externalised as module and loaded after persist partition is loaded (mental note to myself to create a bug) - so fixable 3. gps will work for all devices once Stskeeps opens up geoclue-libhybris (soon TM) 4. sensors need a deeper look (maybe morphis has news?) 5. hw accel on video will come with gst1.0 as mentioned 6. alien d19:10
sledges...alvik is licenced out only for jolla phones by myriad group19:11
bluesleesledges: many thanks for the update19:12
sledgesthere's community effort on open source dalvik machine19:12
UmeaboyNow it works!!!! :)19:12
sledgesdon't know the status of it atm19:12
sledgesUmeaboy: good stuff!19:12
locusfafaik it was on idea level only19:12
bluesleesledges: in that case i will try my luck with 6.:-)19:13
sledgeslocusf: let's hope not ;)19:13
UmeaboyThou I ended up with this: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-i9305-0.0.6-201411101804.noarch,19:13
UmeaboyError <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!19:13
locusfsledges: yeah :)19:13
Umeaboysudo zypper in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin ?19:13
sledgesblueslee: you might have to ping vakkov then19:14
UmeaboyNot found.19:14
sledgesUmeaboy: you'll now have to do 13.819:14
bluesleevakkov: ping19:15
UmeaboyAnd then to 13.8.2 ?19:16
sledgesblueslee: also the remaining interested lot:
sledgesUmeaboy: 13.8.1 13.8.2 ... 13.8.n ;)19:16
sledgesUmeaboy: this is why you need that local repo19:18
Umeaboysledges: ^^19:20
locusfUmeaboy: cd ..19:20
sledgesthat ^19:21
locusfchange spec path too19:21
MSameersledges: I am not going to work on any camera or media related issues for any hw before gstreamer 1.0 becomes ready19:21
MSameersorry if it sounds bad but we need to face the reality19:21
sledgesMSameer: so i guessed my thoughts correctly then :)19:22
UmeaboyThere's no spec-file in /rpm.19:22
sledgesbeidl: vakkov:^19:22
MSameerbut at least I hope to support all the hw out there easily with the plan for gstreamer 1.019:22
sledgescan porters' community help port to gst1.0 ?19:23
*** Portest_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:23
beidlMSameer: hello! :D I guess you are taking the ubuntu touch approach there?19:24
MSameerbeidl: I am currently investigating that TBH19:24
MSameerbut nothing concrete yet19:24
MSameerit always help to take a step back and rethink19:25
*** blueslee has quit IRC19:25
beidlMSameer: afaik one of the difficulties for reusing their stuff that, from what I've seen by checking their code, is that they are generating mir-specific textures19:26
sledgesblueslee: first we need to see how latest sailfish update runs on nexus5, afterwards will addres the hot issue you nicely summarised where possible (i think wlan settings is the lowest hanging fruit). n5 porters are situ vgrade and alin19:26
Umeaboysledges: Why did the HADK tell us to make a duplicate of libhybris directory?19:28
sledgesUmeaboy: it's not duplicate, it's the git submodule19:29
UmeaboyThen why is there no spec-file in /rpm then?19:30
sledgesUmeaboy: see
Umeaboyerror: File /home/kristoffer/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory when I finally made the command mb2 -s rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build19:34
sledgesyou need to use older mb219:35
sledgeslbt: is there a fix can't remember now as i recall there -was- something in mer testing19:35
sledgeslocusf: ^ ?19:35
Umeaboysledges: Que?19:36
UmeaboyCan you guide me, please?19:36
sledgesUmeaboy: you just tripped on an mb2 bug19:36
sledgesbear with me19:37
UmeaboyAny workaround?19:38
sledgesUmeaboy: here:19:40
sledgesrpm -U
lbtsledges: afaik all mb2 stuff is pushed to stable19:41
*** filippz has quit IRC19:41
lbtUmeaboy: in your mer sdk you may want to do a : sudo zypper dup19:42
lbtsee if it wants to update anything19:42
* sledges off for cpl of hrs19:43
lbtme too19:43
UmeaboyThere were some updates.19:44
UmeaboyI saw this during the installation of the updates: warning: %post(testrunner-lite-hwinfo-meego-1.8.2-1.10.1.i486) scriptlet failed, exit status 119:44
UmeaboyIt ended fine thou.19:45
lbtshould be OK19:45
Umeaboymv RPMS/*.rpm $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE/$PKG didn't work.19:46
Umeaboymv: cannot stat `RPMS/*.rpm': No such file or directory19:46
UmeaboyI am in $HOME19:46
Umeaboylbt: You have a solution to that?19:48
lbtyou almost certainly should not be in $HOME19:49
UmeaboyThe HADK says MER_SDK $19:49
UmeaboyI took that to be nothing else than $HOME.19:49
UmeaboyMy fault then.19:50
lbtthe section above :  cd $ANDROID_ROOT19:50
vakkovblueslee: sledges: here! :D what's up19:50
MSameerbeidlthey can do what they want. I am not really using their compat layer19:50
MSameerbeidl:  they can do what they want. I am not really using their compat layer19:51
lbtUmeaboy: it's hard to know how much to assume ... the cwd is not absolute19:51
MSameerbeidl: I am just using the service and gluing that to gstreamer but I am still investigating it and that might change19:51
lbtand saying cd $ANDROID_ROOT when you did that 3 lines ago is a bit annoying19:52
MSameerbeidl: but in reality, the only way I know of to render the android buffers is via the OES external extension so i am sure they use that at the end19:52
Umeaboylbt: Another error:
lbtUmeaboy: I'm going out - looks like your repo is missing some of the packages - you need to build them in order and ensure you update the repo and refresh19:57
Guhlhi piggz20:01
Portest_MSameer: is there a roadmap for gstreamer 1.0 support?20:03
Portest_Who wrote this irc app, i should be blueslee not portest:-)20:04
*** Portest_ has quit IRC20:05
*** blueslee has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC20:08
bluesleevakkov: what is your approach to get android apps running on android devices?:-)20:11
MSameerblueslee: what kind of roadmap are you looking for?20:12
bluesleeMSameer: when can we expect gstreamer 1.0?20:13
MSameerblueslee: when it's ready ;)20:14
MSameerblueslee: seriously speaking: not before 3-4 months20:15
MSameeryou can speed it up by helping ofc20:15
MSameerblueslee: I am working full time on that. I can't speed it up really more than that20:17
bluesleeMSameer: wow, did not know that20:17
MSameergstreamer 1.0, plugins-bas, -good and -bad should be already in u1020:18
MSameerit doesn't do anything yet apart from playing vorbis audio20:18
MSameerbut it's there and my plan is to improve it incrementally20:19
vakkovblueslee: the plan is to finally get apkenv running on sailfish and have android's surfaceflinger working in apkenv and dalvik to display the apps in apkenv.... apkenv is a "layer" to run native android games (written with the ndk)on linux-based systems20:19
MSameeruntil it reaches full functionality20:19
bluesleeMSameer: okay, besides my Jolla i have a Nexus 5, i.e. it is for the next 3-4 months a developer phone and i can do tests20:22
MSameerblueslee: at least there will be a git repos for the development so you can follow. I just need to create that at some point ;)20:22
MSameerbut there is nothing really to test ATM20:23
bluesleevakkov: interesting approach, any chance to put binaries etc from Jolla device to other devices and get things running?20:24
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC20:25
vakkovblueslee: no, because alien-dalvik is hardware dependent (mostly cpu soc dependent) - at least that's what krnlyng told me. In theory it should be possible to run the binaries on devices that have the same cpu chipset as the jolla20:27
energycsdxhi, who can help with wakelocks and mem sleep?20:27
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Guhl99spiiroin, are you still here?22:09
spiiroinGuhl99: yes22:09
spiiroinGuhl99: I did quick hack for evdev mapping22:10
Guhl99i did compile and install mce 1.37 on my 1.1 build that had 1.33 installed22:10
Guhl99touchscreen does not work anymore afterwards - any ideas about that22:11
Guhl99(mce of course sees the touch events)22:11
Guhl99and - cool22:11
spiiroinand display is on?22:11
Guhl99yes i can turn it on and off22:12
spiiroinis the proximity sensor working?22:12
spiiroininputs are now blocked until ps=uncovered is seen22:12
Guhl99well did not test that yet22:12
spiiroini.e. you might want to disable ps usage22:12
Guhl99the last status (on the 1.0 build) was22:13
Guhl99i had to stop mce, stop sensorfw22:13
Guhl99start sensorfw - trigger the ps sensor with something like Messwerk - start mce22:13
Guhl99to make the ps sensor work22:13
Guhl99yes i think i'll try to disable the ps usage22:14
spiiroinor you can try "triple power key press" too22:14
Guhl99did you already push your evdev mapping somewhere22:14
spiiroinit forces mce ps state = uncovered -> until changes from sensor are seen22:15
spiiroinevdev mapping is here:
spiiroinsmoketested by using volume key as power button22:15
spiiroin... now we're only missing the code to deal with the kb sliding22:16
Guhl99now that i restarted mce it workes - strange but might be related to the ps-sensor22:16
Guhl99i've seen that you already got something in event-input.c for kbd-sliding22:17
spiirointhere is something, but that is remnants of old logic22:18
Guhl99as i already said once i think the logic should be:22:18
Guhl99open: turn on display, switch to landscape mode22:19
Guhl99close: don't change screen state, switch back to normal rotation22:19
spiirointhe orientation needs to be handled at ui level22:20
Guhl99ahh yes and on open turn on kbd-backlight - on close turn off22:21
spiirointhat might even work accidentally22:21
Guhl99you mean that would be a lipstick change?22:21
spiiroinprobably, but I do not really know where it happens22:22
spiiroinand close would be more like: blank, if unblanked due to slider + no activity between open&close22:23
Guhl99well it seems that lipstick itself does not even have a landscape mode22:23
spiiroinonly apps atm I believe22:24
spiiroinbut probably those open/close actions would need to be configurable anyways22:24
Guhl99spiiroin, yes that would be the most elegant solution22:24
Guhl99i mean the thing you said before about the close22:24
Guhl99but in reality i think that not changing the screen state would be as sufficient22:25
Guhl99(at least i would not care)22:25
spiiroinwell, without real lpm it is yet another way to check time of day ..22:26
Guhl99i'll also install your led stuff again22:27
spiiroinGuhl99: btw, can you check which way the event values go - in case I need to invert that or something22:27
Guhl99SW_LID, value: 1 = close22:27
Guhl99SW_LID, value: 0 = open22:28
Guhl99i played around with your led stuff a bit but could not make it blink22:28
Guhl99thats why i started debugging and wanted to be able to build mce + the plugin myself22:29
Guhl99so i updated the build to 1.122:29
spiiroinapart from blinking did it work?22:30
Guhl99setting amber and green worked (i did change the pattern for loading to amber and the one for full-loaded to green)22:30
Guhl99i did not know then (and still don't know) what triggers the pattern changes22:31
Guhl99but i tried green blinking on the pattern for full-loaded by setting the values for the on/off times to 500 but that did not work22:32
*** gogeta has quit IRC22:33
spiiroinGuhl99: battery full is a bit exceptional, might be better to use other patterns22:33
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:34
Guhl99like: PatternBatteryFull=40;4;0;500;500;00ff0022:34
Guhl99well at least it turned green :-)22:34
spiiroinyou can trigger them manually by: mcetool -y <pattern-name>22:34
Guhl99ahh cool to know22:34
spiiroinand the same but capital -Y to disable22:35
Guhl99is something like PatternCommunicationSMS supposed to be triggered by an unread SMS?22:35
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters22:36
spiiroinyes, something like via: commhistoryd -> ngfd -> mce22:36
Guhl99well that did not work then22:36
spiiroinit kind of depends on initial display state22:38
spiirointhe notification leds are autodisabled under some circumstances22:38
Guhl99but my principle understanding that blink should be triggered by on/off values != 022:38
spiiroinyes; non-zero on&off values -> should blink22:39
spiiroinwith the usual caveat that: sw-breathing must not be in use22:40
Guhl99i've seen somewhere else in the (generic) code that the values must not be to small otherwise they are set to 022:40
spiiroinled intensities?22:40
Guhl99but i can't remember where and if that is even used when the vision code is used22:40
spiiroindo you have als use enabled?22:41
spiiroinif ambient light values are incorrect -> might drive the brightness down22:41
spiiroinbut that should not apply to blinking22:41
Guhl99in mce_hybris_indicator_set_pattern22:42
Guhl99  if( ms_on < 50 || ms_off < 50 ) {22:42
Guhl99    ms_on = ms_off = 0;22:42
Guhl99  }22:42
Guhl99thats why i used 50022:42
spiiroinoh that one, yes; got confused, timing values - not brightness22:43
Guhl99btw the tripple power button trick works22:49
Guhl99spiiroin, i set PatternCommunication=30;5;0;500;500;00ff00 in the /etc/mce/20hybris-led.ini22:51
Guhl99and triggered it with mcetool -y PatternCommunication22:51
Guhl99it makes the green light turn on but no blinking22:51
spiiroindid you restart mce after editing the ini-file?22:51
spiiroinIIRC you got it blinking via mual sysfs writes, right?22:52
Guhl99quite sure - let me have a look22:52
Guhl99yes echo 1|2|3 > /sys/class/leds/green/blink makes the led blink22:54
Guhl99i can't see a difference between 1, 2 or 3 but my eyes are tired22:55
spiiroinmight need printfs/stracing to check that the blink files are actually written to22:55
Guhl99funny no the value of /sys/class/leds/green/blink is 0 but the led still blinks22:56
Guhl99spiiroin, it's enough for tonight - midnight here - thanks for all your help and info22:59
spiiroinGuhl99: I made quick slide=display on/off toggle too, I'll push it now so you can test when you have time23:00
Guhl99in your wip_configurable_evdev branch ?23:01
Guhl99k i'll test the tomorrow during the day23:02
spiiroinkimmoli: much of ^ would apply for tohkbd too23:02
kimmolispiiroin: just reading backlog, noticed topic...23:03
kimmoliSW_LID; need to make 1->0 toggle, i.e. 0->0 didnt do anything (or way around)23:05
Guhl99kimmoli, btw i am lookiing forward to the 3d-files of the tohkbd so that i can give my printer something to do :-)23:06
kimmoliDIY kit?23:06
Guhl99i read somewhere that the tohkbd project plans to release the 3 files for printing23:07
kimmoliyou need to ask them from dirkvl. afaik they will be released earliest after KS complete23:08
Guhl99i hope that i will be done with porting SF to the Vision by April 15 then i won't need the tohkbd anymore :-)23:10
*** arcean has quit IRC23:11
Guhl99but atm the keyboard on the vision is the only thing that i really have completely working23:12
Guhl99spiiroin, also something that would have to be triggered by the hw-keyboard open is to make the virtual keyboard disappear23:13
spiiroinGuhl99: there has been some discussions about that already23:14
kimmolion tohkbd, i change vkb layout to empty one via dconf23:14
Guhl99kimmoli, interesting - i'll look at your code23:15
kimmoli/sailfish/text_input/activelayout or so23:15
kimmoliand store what it was, and restore when needed23:15
kimmolikinda-works, needs some more checkings to be foolproof23:16
Guhl99to which component does the vkb belong?23:17
kimmolireminder; dconf reads/writes needs to be done as user, doing them as root will lock /run/user/100000/dconf for root.23:18
Guhl99good to know23:20
sledgesGuhl99: haha :)
*** piggz has quit IRC23:23
kimmoliyou can take spacebarrow off too. if you are sure you can switch back by other means23:25
kimmolithen you have the autocomplete/clipboard still visible23:25
*** Guhl99 has quit IRC23:43
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