Tuesday, 2014-11-11

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TemeVkimmoli: can't you add spacebar next to autocomplete?07:33
TemeVwould only require one row for those07:33
TemeVand spacebar should of course be a small button like in emoji keyboard07:33
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juicemewould that be cheep or expensive?08:19
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tbrthat would be one pledge short of breaking 200% of the goal08:30
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spiiroinkimmoli: I did some work on SW_KEYPAD_SLIDE based blanking policy -> should work similarly as it did with n900 -> included in the wip_configurable_evdev branch09:56
spiiroinwhen you have time it would be nice if you can give it a spin09:56
sledgesgood norming10:05
tbrgood moaning sledges10:10
kimmolispiiroin: ok, will check later today.10:10
kimmolispiiroin: is that branch built on mer-bos already?10:38
spiiroinkimmoli: nope, that was completely unrelated10:45
spiiroin...I usually do local builds with mb until it is time to tag stuff10:45
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krnlyngvakkov: i saw you talking about apkenv :), any progress on the sdl2 patch? can i help somehow?11:41
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sledgesPSA: bug triage in 45mins @ #mer-meeting17:14
tbrwha, a triage meeting? impossibru!17:22
beidl_hello people17:23
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beidlplaying around with my Jolla now :)17:23
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sledgesbeidl: that was fast!17:23
beidlsledges: indeed!17:23
sledgestbr: if i don't c*ck the Merbot up :D17:23
kimmolispiiroin: ping. something needs also to be upgraded ? http://pastebin.com/pb5thEwC17:31
sledgesimportant bits about triage:17:33
sledges1. At the triage meeting the bug is reviewed and the priority/severity will be set and any obviously missing/wrong fields will be corrected.17:33
sledges6. A developer 'takes' a bug by setting the assignee. The bug is then "in the users backlog". The status may be kept at NEW in which case weekly 'nag' reports will be sent to the assignee. If you don't like this, don't take bugs until you're ready to work on them.17:33
spiiroinkimmoli: you need upto date mce-headers package17:53
kimmolizypper says no updates17:54
sledgesPSA: bug triage @ mer-meeting in <very soon>17:59
lbtie now :)18:01
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spiiroinkimmoli: do you have update8 sw?18:08
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locusfhoi beidl18:16
locusfcomma join #mer-meeting18:16
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sledgeslocusf: kudos to your austria dialect!18:33
locusflol :)18:33
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junnuvibeidl: should bluetooth work ok on image?20:26
beidljunnuvi: it should. I'll reflash again. some people seem to have issues with it.20:26
beidljunnuvi: rebooted already?20:26
junnuviyes, but not working.. I already got it working but just reflashed.. Just a moment I might have fix..20:28
beidljunnuvi: the way we do it on maguro is a little unorthodox. there are 2 bluetooth "devices" from the POV of the kernel. when you enable BT via settings, it activates the platform-driver device. we react to its uevent and trigger a firmware download for the actual BT device driver20:31
junnuviyes I know..20:31
junnuvihmm, why 997-maguro-bluetooth.conf is .conf not .rules ?20:34
junnuvidon't know if that matters, but just looks strange :P20:35
beidldamn you are right :D20:36
beidlhm, doesn't really seem to matter that much.20:36
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junnuviOk, now it's working for me at least20:41
beidljunnuvi: just had to rename?20:42
junnuvirenamed AND added -d to this $DROID_BIN/brcm_patchram_plus -d $PATCHRAM_ARGS --bd_addr $BT_ADDR /dev/ttyO120:44
junnuvinot sure if rename did nothing, but without -d brcm_patchram_plus didn't seem to done nothing20:45
junnuvion grouper I also had issue that bluetooth didn't remain active on reboot20:46
beidloh I see20:50
junnuviremaining active on reboot does not seem to be issue with maguro20:51
junnuviI don't get.. now it's working without -d also. And -d shouldn't help as it's just debug switch I think :D20:55
beidlwell, I assumed -d would just un-race due to additional output :)21:00
junnuviLet see, I will reflash ones again to see21:01
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sledgespiggz: as promised:21:17
sledges21:05 <@Merbot> Minutes:        http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2014/mer-meeting.2014-11-11-18.00.html21:17
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sledges21:05 <@Merbot> Log:            http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2014/mer-meeting.2014-11-11-18.00.log.html21:17
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piggzsledges: ta21:18
sledges2nd link is much better;)21:18
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junnuvibeidl: ok, renamed .conf -> .rules and chmod +x bcm4330-bluetooth-activate.sh did the trick21:20
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juicemehmm now what am I missing? I'm getting "No provider of 'droid-hal-grouper-devel' found." when I am trying to install it to the build environment. (using command "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install zypper install droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel")21:22
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juicemeit has been a while since I did that last time... cannot remember21:23
beidljunnuvi: I wonder how chmodding the script changed anything, the service file starts bash itself with the path to the .sh as an argument. that was needed before the build process preserved file permissions.21:23
juicemesledges, any pointers?21:25
junnuvilet see I will chmode it back21:25
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junnuvistill works, It must be just renaming21:26
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juicemeargghh, now I get it, just forgot to add local repository :)21:33
juicemesilly me21:33
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sledgesgood to hear progress!21:59
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vgrade-deSorry to miss the triage. I was travelling.22:17
sledgesvgrade-de: it shows ;)22:19
sledgeshow've you been?22:19
sledgeslong time no c/c++ ;)22:19
vgrade-dePaying work taking my time :(22:20
vgrade-deWon't be able to join tomorrow eithe :(22:21
vgrade-deFeels bad22:23
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stephgwhat can you do22:25
* stephg vgrade-de has to pay the bills22:25
stephgand with that, bed. niiight22:26
vgrade-deHey stepu22:26
vgrade-deDam autocorrelation22:27
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stephgniiight really this time, ludicrously early start tomorrow (to pay said bills :/ )22:32
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sledgeswhy someone replies split second when i press Alt+Tab? :))22:41
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piggzsledges: do you have a bug for ofono only talking ril protocol v7 ?23:00
sledgespiggz: nope23:00
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