Wednesday, 2014-11-12

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xkr47hi, does this channel have anything to do with the jolla phone?07:26
Stskeepswell, we port sailfishos to other devices as a start07:26
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xkr47okay.. I was reading the jolla phone's sailfish eula and it said "a version of our Software that can be more freely hacked" and refers to for details..07:27
Stskeepsso what exactly are you looking for07:27
xkr47"a version of our [] Software that can be more freely hacked"07:27
xkr47I thought there was something I could just download and install on my phone that has less restrictions than the default jolla phone Software07:28
xkr47I don't know what it's supposed to be, I just read the eula..07:28
Stskeepswell, generally it's quite open, you can install developer mode and then you have full root access07:32
xkr47so I'm not looking for something to run on phones other than jolla07:33
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Stskeepsgenerally we apply the rule that if you break it you get to keep both pieces07:37
Stskeepsavoid touching anything but boot and sailfishos partition, make lots of device backups (like whole partitions) and you should be fine07:38
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Stskeepsalso, remember to keep charged device when you play around07:50
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CarlosMazieriany news regarding nexus5?10:53
sledgesCarlosMazieri: looks like community's nexus5 team is busy with their lives at the moment..10:55
sledgessitu? :)10:56
situsledges: hey10:59
situI want to work on N5 but not able to find time for it.11:00
sledgesyep, same here, and hey :)11:29
morphisMSameer: ping11:39
MSameermorphis: pong11:42
morphisMSameer: I saw you did some changes for updating sailfish to gstreamer 1.x11:43
morphisany news on the libhybris integration side?11:43
MSameermorphis: well, it's just part of the image now but does not do much yet11:44
MSameermorphis: the hybris part is under investigation11:44
MSameerI don't have much to say yet because there is nothing much to say really other than: I am working on it full time these days11:45
MSameerI am checking the ubuntu approach now to see how feasible it is11:46
morphisMSameer: you mean by connecting with the Androd media server?11:46
MSameermorphis: camera goes through cameraservice but media will most likely go through stagefright directly11:47
MSameerbut I have not checked it yet really (media part)11:47
morphisok, so no more direct interfacing with the OMX libraries if this works fine, righ?11:48
MSameershould make our lives easier I guess/hope11:48
morphissounds so11:49
MSameerthen wish me luck :D11:49
morphisI just heard the Ubuntu guys complaing that the capabilities of stagefright are limited when it comes to media editing etc.11:49
MSameermorphis: do you have details please?11:50
morphisjust read that on a bug report somewhere11:51
MSameerI'd really appreciate if you could dig that up for me11:51
MSameerediting is important too11:51
MSameerat least it would help to take a proper informed decision11:51
morphisMSameer: easiest would be if you ping rsalveti over in #libhybris11:51
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MSameermorphis: I will try then when I have more time11:57
MSameerthank you11:57
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CarlosMazieriI am going to install sailfish OS on my n5, I intend to use it only, that is why am asking for any new, should I wait more?12:17
lbtCarlosMazieri: have you seen the "what works" table ?12:20
lbtif you're happy with that then you don't need to wait12:21
CarlosMazieriit says camera does not work, I hope that will be an update soon fixing that.12:23
lbtso do I - but no promises; it could be weeks, months or never12:24
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* lbt ponders how to do general overrides of android make configs12:25
MSameerCarlosMazieri: in a few months but not now12:35
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CarlosMazieriMSameer: Thanks, I will install and use for apps development as I do not have a Jolla12:55
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MSameerCarlosMazieri: I think we also have multirom support? sledges13:00
sledgesCarlosMazieri: MSameer: correct13:15
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zGrrmoin :)14:01
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sledgesmere reminder: we continue our bug triage today at 4pm UTC with remaining bugs (at #mer-meeting)14:17
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sledgesbug triage in 3minutes at #mer-meeting15:57
sledgesPSA: ^15:57
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MSameervakkov_: drop that
MSameervakkov_: and take orc from  mer16:07
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piggzsledges: hey, i replied to you on bugzilla18:14
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sledgespiggz: fancy more minutes? ;)18:34
sledges19:07 <@Merbot> Log:  
sledgespiggz: ok, will reply via bug and paste link here when done for others18:36
piggzsledges: re bug 741 ... i reckon its quite unlikely to cause issues with other devices, the only change is to only call write on files that are writable, and to write to one more file18:41
MerbotNemo bug 741 in Hybris-ing "Hybris init-script does not bring up usb0 on the HTC Desire HD (ace)" [Major,New]
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piggzsledges: finished reading the log, good progress :)18:45
MerbotNemo bug 750 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] find more elegant solution to the current bluetooth hack" [Normal,New]18:54
sledgeslast comment18:54
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MerbotNemo bug 742 in Hybris-ing "fixup-mountpoints does not contain details for the HTC Desire HD (ace)" [Normal,Needinfo]19:06
sledgesthis i meant ^ :P19:06
sledgespiggz: ^19:06
piggzsledges: ah19:06
sledgescheck the newly created bug nemo 777 and tell me if you're happy with it19:07
MerbotNemo bug 777 in Hybris-ing "hybris-boot mountpoint perl script loops infinitely if wrong conditions met" [Major,Needinfo]
piggzsledges: done19:08
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sledges\o/ and ;)19:09
sledgescould you provide more info to 77 ?19:09
piggzsledges: , i'll post my files shortly (ofter picking up kids)19:10
* piggz afk19:10
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sledgespiggz: wrong bug ;)19:30
piggzsledges: fsck! rong tab19:31
sledgesbeen there :D19:32
sledgespiggz: are all those attachments relative to device/htc/ace/ ?19:32
piggzsledges: yes19:32
piggzsledges: all on correct bug now19:33
piggzakf again19:33
sledgesgood stuff, ta!19:34
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marxistvegansledges: any luck on a nexus4 maintainer?20:13
sledgesmarxistvegan: one guy replied on thread as you've seen20:15
sledgesand i also got anoyher guy PMing me20:15
marxistvegansledges: nice!20:15
marxistvegani tried posting but the rules are odd, told me i had to post in a Q&A first and then wouldn't accept my post20:16
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piggzsledges: anyone else porting to old devices or just me and guhl?21:03
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Guhlspiiroin, ?21:52
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piggzGuhl: perhaps you could log some bugs on for ofono-ril, sensors and maybe pulseaudio ... you know the most details22:13
Guhlpiggz, hey - yes thats a good idea22:19
piggzGuhl: then they will get discussed in sledges meetings :)22:20
Guhlpoor sledges22:20
Guhlpiggz, did you do any work on your ril/ofono?22:23
piggznope not you have it forked on github?22:26
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Guhlbut piggz the most important thing for you to debug this or get this working is22:28
Guhlthat you build the androis libril yourself and enable all debug output in it22:29
Guhl(and maybe add some additional debug outputs yourself22:29
Guhlthis debug output will got to androids /dev/alog/radio22:31
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Guhlthat can be monitored using22:33
Guhl /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio22:33
Guhli think that you have a missmatch in the parcel that the setup_data_call (or so) of your ril expects22:34
Guhlbut in the end it comes down to running ofonod in the debugger and decoding the parcels that are passed on between ofono and ril22:36
Guhlif you want we can also arrange a joint debugging session - Monday would work best for me as i never work on Mondays22:37
Guhltoday i am on my way to sleep22:39
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sledgespiggz: what's your availability during the week?23:19
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