Sunday, 2014-11-16

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keithzgOhhh man, now I feel silly for waiting so long to get around to fixing my broken Nexus 4. SailfishOS works fantastic on it; the virtual keyboard is WAY better than on my actual Jolla (for me, at least).00:45
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dwangoACkeithzg: Does bluetooth work now?01:01
dwangoAC(On the Nexus 4)01:01
keithzgdwabgiAC: Sadly, no.01:04
dwangoACkeithzg: OK01:05
dwangoACkeithzg: I'm required by law to use a hands-free device and I haven't found a compatible wired one to work with01:06
keithzgdwangoAC: Hmm, fair enough. For my own part I rarely use bluetooth at all. According to the status spreadsheet bluetooth works on the Nexus 5, though much else doesn't.01:08
keithzgTo be clear here, I'm just using EA4, flashed via multirom. It's possible things are a bit better had I rolled my own, I'm just finally dipping my toe in---and my actual Jolla is on so I get to be on the bleeding edge there anyways ;)01:24
keithzgKindof hilariously, Android 5.0 hangs during initial setup (on "starting apps" once it's gone through them all), and Ubuntu Phone has been a bit hit-and-miss for starting up, but SailfishOS has been completely smooth and stable.01:26
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