Monday, 2014-11-17

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Sagebeidl: flashed maguro with sailfish and at least it boots up :)05:09
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Sagebeidl: I have one patch to replace the ril online looping that could fix it properly though have to check later this week. Will do a pull request hopefully soon06:14
locusfgood to have more maguro users :)06:15
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sledgesand how! :)08:59
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sfgkoMersdk $:mv:cannot stat `RPMS/*.rpm': No such file or directory, why?13:14
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sfgkoI found no files in the RPMS13:15
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SK_worksfgko: what are you trying to do13:28
SK_workI know you are finding no file in RPMS13:28
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sledgessfgko: I'm here yes:)14:03
sfgkoI say the above problem can solve it?14:09
sledgessfgko: run mb2 command successfully first, to have some .rpm files in RPMS/14:11
sfgko I look14:12
sfgkoMerSDK bash-3.2$:RPM build errors:Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.GBKtu2 (%build)14:14
sfgkoDo not know if success14:14
lbtsounds like it failed14:14
sledgessfgko: go to , paste your output there, press "Submit" then tell us the link your paste went into14:15
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sfgko How to solve it14:16
sledgessfgko: we need to know/see all errors14:16
sledgesthat's why i told you how to paste more than 4 lines avoinding flooding IRC14:16
SK_worksledges: = infinite patience :)14:17
sledgesSK_work: we had a chat in PM the other week ;)14:17
SK_worksledges: hum ?14:17
sledgeswith sfgko . It was clear some IRC primer is needed :) but they're eager to port, so will learn;)14:18
sfgkook,I went to paste error14:19
sledgessfgko: what is the link of that paste (something like )14:22
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SK_worksledges: ha :) so cool :)14:29
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* lbt takes a look at the bad arch thing in .inc14:48
* lbt hates git submodules .. but they may be useful in dhd14:58
lbthow about d-h-mako having dhd as a submodule ?14:59
lbtkeep all the ha specific stuff in dh-mako and avoid incessant merges15:00
lbtalso important for vendors who want to work on HA internally15:00
sledgessame as with dh-version split - increased complexity git and hadk -wise15:01
lbtyep = just reviewing that atm15:01
lbtalso thinking about apply-permissions.c15:01
lbt(which I may just move to a droid-side build anyhow)15:01
lbtI'm not even sure we need the whole 'put dhd into ./rpm/' anymore - that was a hack way back15:04
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sfgkoAre you there?@sledges15:57
sledgessfgko: i am there15:58
sledgesthanks for paste, good !15:58
sledgesit is fine for that mb215:58
sledgesis no longer needed to be run (we'll update the documentation soon?15:58
sledgesproceed to next mb2 command15:58
sfgko@sledges Still the same error16:06
sledgessfgko: but different cause ;)16:07
sledgesERROR: CONFIG_VT is invalid16:07
sledgesadd this to your kernel config16:07
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sfgko I did not add VT16:08
sfgkoHow do you know?16:08
sledgesgo ahead then :)16:08
sledgesit's written in the paste16:08
sfgkothank you sledges16:08
sledgeswelcome, nice you're porting HTC Incredible S !16:09
sfgko I tried to add VT, and then change the kernel16:09
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sledgessfgko: add it to defconfig16:09
sledgesand recompile16:10
sledges(re-run make hybris-hal)16:11
sledges(or just make hybris-boot is fine too)16:12
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sfgkoI encountered some errors16:38
sfgkoThis is the reason I did not change the VT, it is off by default16:39
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sledgessfgko: you need VT for sailfish16:55
sledgesi know it's off by default16:55
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Captain_Crowis sailfish os a gnu distro or just gnu based?19:38
hedayatCaptain_Crow: what do you mean by "GNU based"? It is a GNU/Linux distro, but it includes closed software, e.g. its UI19:40
Captain_Crowi thought closed stuff wasnt compatible with the gnu license?19:42
sledgesit has various licenses within, e.g. BSD licenced library permits closed bits on top of that19:43
hedayatCaptain_Crow: They are. But GNU license restricts the software under GNU license, and its 'derivative works'. It doesn't restrict what can you run beside GNU software.19:43
hedayatThe closed software doesn't use code under GNU GPL, and is not linked against libraries under GNU GPL (but can be dynamically linked against GNU LGPL libraries), but it can run in a GNU/Linux environment.19:45
Captain_Crowoh, ok19:45
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Captain_Crowcan sailfish os run without the proprietary parts or are the required to run?20:21
hedayatCaptain_Crow: No, what 'defines' SailfishOS are the closed parts. AFAIK, SailfishOS - closed_parts = Mer + Nemo middleware20:27
hedayatCaptain_Crow: If you want an open OS close to SailfishOS, you should look at Nemo.20:27
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keithzgSo is using the Store while sometimes having a SIM installed and sometimes not still a potential source of problems?22:08
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