Tuesday, 2014-11-18

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keithzgWhat, all you europeans already asleep? ;)00:16
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sledgeskeithzg: haha00:33
sledgeskeithzg: if your IMEI is not displayed in Settings->About product, then yes00:34
keithzgsledges: So if I want to only *sometimes* have my SIM in there, I should add *two* SailfishOS installs to my device? ;)00:35
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keithzgIs it possible that if I first configure it with a SIM in it'll remember?00:36
sledgeskeithzg: if you don't have SIM, and IMEI is still shown, you are safe00:36
keithzgsledges: Ah, I see I see00:36
sledgeswhich is what latest reports confirmed, but more tests are always welcome00:36
keithzgsledges: Fair enough, I'll see how it goes. Just wiped and OTA'd up from 4.2.2 to 5.0 on the primary ROM (was having issues otherwise installing a 5.0 ROM or upgrading the primary ROM) and about to reinstall multirom and see if it'll work fine when using the older radio still.00:40
keithzgStill using my Nokia N9 as my primary phone but it probably doesn't have too much life left in it!00:41
sledgesroger that:)00:42
sledgeskeep us posted on lollipop and sf dualboot friendliness00:43
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keithzgsledges: sadly, WLAN appears to not work. Otherwise it's fine, but that kindof kills it.02:00
keithzgAlso I do wish I could skip the tutorial, which I've done far too many times now, heh02:01
keithzgHmm, both up and down on the volume rocker just tells me "muted".02:04
keithzgNote that this is EA4 I've installed.02:05
keithzgNo luck with orientation either.02:09
keithzgInterestingly, Ubuntu Touch works fine. Hmm.02:32
keithzgI bet it can be *made* to work, then. They're even also using the 3.4.0 kernel, after all.02:38
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keithzgsledges: I'll be back online tomorrow, and if you or someone else is around I'd be very interested to try and find out what's failing with 5.0+multirom+sailfishos; in case it's of any use I've pasted my dmesg at http://paste.kde.org/p3ogpcrdb and my (unfiltered) journalctl at http://paste.kde.org/pmq7jxob4 in the meantime.02:55
keithzgIronically enough, I see my IMEI in the Settings, so *that* will probably work fine, I just forgot my SIM tool at home, heh.02:56
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_dinsdaleGood Evening, can someone give me the link to the latest HADK?05:12
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_dinsdaleAh, and hello Mr. vgrade! Have you moved any further along on with the OnePlus port? I'd still be interested in your notes if you ever get a chance.05:16
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sledges_dinsdale: it's in the topic09:10
sledgeskeithzg: we could only fake the firmware partition and ask sailfishos to mount that instead09:12
sledgesfrom cm10.1, and all happy -- untested approach but theoretically feasible09:12
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zGrrmoin :)09:24
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lbtso I think I have a fix for OBS applypermission thing10:17
lbtx86 symbols on arm10:17
lbtsledges: https://github.com/lbt/android_build/commits/hybris-ia-4.4.2_r1-ia210:18
sledgeslbt: cool, needs a test run on a good ole armv7hl10:20
lbtso the last 2 could be cherry picked10:24
sledgeslbt: commented on the last one10:30
sledgesotherwise lgtm10:30
sledgeswe'd just need to run them android_builds on e.g. mako (is what i meant by armv7hl) to see if nothing breaks10:31
lbtyep - I'll do that on buildbox10:31
lbtjust remote updates to make sure ff works10:31
sledgesthanks, I delve back to business (will linger around though)10:32
lbtI'll add my init-debug to the chain too10:33
sledgeslbt: the https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/63 one ?10:34
sledges(as in, from hybris-boot?)10:35
sledgesexpect preinit troubles, but if it boots, we'll finally close that PR10:36
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beidlwhat's up, guise?13:11
beidlwell not everything.13:14
beidlthe big thing is not up yet13:14
beidlneeds some viagra it seems13:14
sledgesare you referring to a form factor?13:14
Stskeepsviagra.. fantastic codename13:15
beidlof course13:15
sledgesa gizmo shaped like a pill13:15
tbrreminds me of the butt-plug christmas tree in paris...13:15
beidlfor enhancing the.. you know... gestures you can do on that thing13:16
sledgesdoes freenode have #w? :D13:16
SK_workdefinitely belongs to #w13:18
sledgeswhat does #w stand for btw, i could never find its origins (wasn't an avid irc user back in a day)13:19
sledgesand googling results are vague13:19
beidlI wonder too. that's why I keep my reaction to a minimum :)13:19
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beidlnot to confuse with... errection13:20
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sledgesi know the designation of such channel, but it's naming etymology baffles13:20
sledgesair-action? you mean chewing gum13:20
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* tbr knows other channels that start with #w* on other networks...13:21
beidlsledges: hard gum?13:21
tbrnot that I would have been to them...13:21
sledgesbeidl: breath mint13:21
tbrsledges: ends in house13:21
sledgestold you13:21
sledgesWindowsMobILe -house13:21
sledgestbr: ok, but is this the etymology of #w, still makes me wonder13:22
tbrsledges: no idea, just realized the similarity of topic and name...13:22
beidlR as in Robert Loggia13:25
beidlsrsly, if Jolla does not release a giraffe running SailfishOS tomorrow I'll be sad13:26
Stskeepsdanes kill giraffes.13:29
beidlI had to read up on that. bad danes, very bad.13:32
Stskeeps.. and show it to kindergarden children13:32
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SK_workI like windows mobile house :)13:35
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Guhlspiiroin, do you have time for a short design question14:17
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* stephg wonders if giraffe is tasty14:38
Guhlstephg, it is but i am vegetarian for more than 20 years now so my knowledge is a bit dated14:58
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sledgesdated as in fruit?15:16
beidlsledges: having word play mania lately? :D15:21
sledgesnot lately, early15:22
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Guhldated as in ├╝berholt, veraltet :-P15:30
Guhlas spiiroin still seems to be busy has anybody else time (and is keen to) discuss some software-design question with me15:33
Guhlit's got something to do with mce, keyboar open/close switch and a daemon that is cloned from kimmolis tohkbd daemon15:34
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Guhlspiiroin, did you hear you name?15:35
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sledgessadly not :}15:37
sledgesyou missed the tail:)15:39
Guhli thought he might me doing it as i did mostly on the G2ROOT channel when at work - parse the log from time to time and if I was needed - appear15:39
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Core2idiotI'm having an issue trying to run the build script for nexus5, http://pastebin.com/5KXfMMg115:42
sledgesCore2idiot: alin built it last time with (including his own repos): 12:57 < alin_> ./fullbuild.sh -mer-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/mer-oct3 -android-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-oct3 -branch hybris-11.0 -device hammerhead -vendor lge -dest /home/alin/lavello/nexus5 -sfrelease -extraname ame -jobs 4 -dhdrepo "http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/alin:/lavello/latest_armv7hl/" -mwrepo x -extrarepo "http://repo.merproject15:44
sledgesmaybe it will give you a clue15:44
sledges-extrarepo  "http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/alin:/extra/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/"15:45
sledgesgot cut-off15:45
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JayBuschGot a question about building hybris following the HADK, if anyone has a few minutes.15:49
sledgeshello there15:51
sledgeson IRC we have all the time in the world, to read your question, answer, and for you to find the answer in the logs ;)15:51
JayBuschFair point. :) I'm following the HADK and trying to build hybris, but after I clone the git repo and try to build it with "mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl  -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec build"15:53
JayBuschI get a build error that there is no such file or directory "libhybris-0.0.0.tar.gz2"15:54
locusfhmm wasn't this fixed? :)15:55
sledgesit was15:55
sledgeszypper dup should update your sdk JayBusch15:55
sledgeswith fixed sdk-utils15:55
sledgeslet's see15:55
JayBuschAha! Thanks sledges, I'll run that15:55
JayBuschAh you beautiful people. Thank you guys! Build now proceeds as proper.15:57
Guhlspiiroin_, ?16:05
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spiiroin_Guhl: pong16:17
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* lbt ponders how to keep sdk installs up-to-date16:18
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Guhlhi spiiroin_ do you have time for a short discussion?16:26
spiiroin_Guhl: very short now, bit more in two hours or so16:26
Guhlthats ggod for me 3-4 hours would be even better16:27
spiiroin_that should be fine for me to16:28
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sledgesPSA: bug triage in less than one hour at #mer-meeting17:05
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sledgesPSA: bug triage imminent 8)17:57
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kimmoliGuhl: my daemon got cloned? now there are two ? :)18:21
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JayBuschWell fudge. Tried to install rpms for qtscenegraph-adaptation and it's giving an error: "Unknown module in Qt: v8".19:05
sledgesJayBusch: long shot, but try: https://github.com/qtproject/qtquickcontrols/commit/50d3556d5ebe33016bee809b5ae831bb47dee3f119:06
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Guhlsledges, i assume the bug triage is over already?19:09
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JayBuschTried that before and it got past it to a failure about QImage. "'Format_RGBA8888_Premultiplied' is not a member of 'QImage'" and similar errors crop up.19:10
sledgesGuhl: yep, i need at least one volunteer to consult with, but everyone's mostly busy with slush today19:10
sledgesGuhl: so postponed to next week19:10
Guhlsledges, i do my best to be there next week19:10
sledgesJayBusch: something cardinally wrong19:10
sledgesGuhl: thanks!19:10
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sledgesJayBusch: best bet: use qtscenegraph-adaptation which is already built on Mer OBS19:11
sledges(if there isn't one for update9, make one, I can show you around)19:11
JayBuschsledges: Thanks! I'll go try to pull that.19:11
sledgesJayBusch: eerm, no pulling involved if you ask me ;)19:11
Guhlkimmoli, well i striped down the clone a lot so theres only 1.25 now19:12
JayBuschsledges: :p I'll try that out and report back.19:13
sledgesJayBusch: coolio :)19:14
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JayBuschsledges: plopped the normal package from maguro in, and mic got passed it, thanks!19:28
JayBuschsledges: Question about maguro vs toro, do you know of anything that would be different between them beyond the phone radio? Or any reason I shouldn't rebuild qtscenegraph-adaptation?19:29
sledgesJayBusch: good enough, hopes up ;)19:29
sledgesqtscenegraph should be good enough19:29
sledgesfor all19:29
sledgesmaybe beidl_ could shed more light tho?19:30
JayBuschsledges: Thanks!19:31
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Guhlspiiroin_, i am here if you got time19:36
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spiiroin_Guhl: me too ;-)20:03
Guhlwell let me explain what i want to discuss20:04
Guhli cloned the tohkbd daemon and striped it down, cause the only thing i want to use from it is to change the virtual kbd layout (to nothing) when the hwkbd is out20:05
Guhlmy design question is:20:05
Guhlshould mce signal somehow (dbus?) that the keyboard is out/in20:06
Guhlor should the daemon read the evdev itself20:06
Guhli personally like signaling more20:06
Guhlbut it would like to know how you would approach this20:07
spiiroin_Guhl: the preliminary plan is something like: mce and/or evdev -> statefs -> some qt/qml properties -> ui -> vkb20:07
Guhlyes that make sense20:08
spiiroin_so that when a) slider keyboard is opened, or b) bt keyboard is plugged in -> virtual keyboard would switch to less space consuming layout20:09
Guhli know that a daemon solution would be just a workaround for now20:09
spiiroin_so autocomplete etc would still be usable20:09
Guhlyes autocomplete and paste should still be there20:10
Guhlis there a timeline for that implementation?20:10
Guhli think for now i'll implement something like mce -> statefs or dbus signal-> hwkbd (my daemon)20:12
spiiroin_not really planned yet, but something like: unlikely this year, possibly jan/feb20:12
spiiroin_for the full chain20:13
spiiroin_the mce part (and possibly statefs too) would be earlier20:13
Guhlk, i'll do some intermediate implementation then for now20:14
spiiroin_as a workaround: it should be easy to make mce emit event on slider. and I believe kimmoli has made some dconf hacks to make vbk smaller20:14
spiiroin_(for the tohkbd daemon)20:15
Guhlyes, i think i have everything ready for that20:15
Guhli just was about to implement a dbus signal in mce20:15
spiiroin_I could do something like that right now.20:16
spiiroin_the details would probably change, but better than nothing etc, or ?20:16
Guhlthats nice of you, if you got time20:16
Guhlotherwhise i'll fork your fork and do it20:17
*** filippz has quit IRC20:17
Guhlbut it would be interesting to see where you will implement the signal :-)20:17
Guhlspiiroin_, i also have another question20:17
Guhldid you read the message i left for you some days ago about the current status of the keyboard slide?20:18
spiiroin_I read something about display (or backlight) staying powered up20:18
spiiroin_but no graphics shown20:19
Guhlyes it happens in the case: open app like sms app20:19
Guhlpower key to sleep20:19
Guhlopen keyboard -> phone hangs20:20
spiiroin_the keybd open should not be that different, i.e. it would be nice to know if you can20:21
Guhlin the sense that you can see the led-back light is on but the screen is dark and i found no way to make it react again20:21
spiiroin_get the same problem appear either with power button, or making display state requests via mcetool20:21
Guhli just wanted to know if you have an idea out of the box before i go debugging20:22
Guhlbut i'll try to do what you said20:23
spiiroin_"mcetool --unblank-screen --set-tklock-mode=unlocked" = slide open20:23
spiiroin_"mcetool --set-tklock-mode=locked --blank-screen" = slide close20:23
Guhland my last question for tonight would be: is there a config way to disable the proximity sensor20:24
spiiroin_mcetool --set-ps-mode=disabled20:24
Guhldoes this also work as a cli parameter to mce itself?20:25
spiiroin_no, it does dbus ipc with mce and changes settings20:26
spiiroin_the values persist over mce restarts (and device reboots)20:26
spiiroin_but, you can have the default values come from hw-dependant adaptation package20:27
spiiroin_then mce will use those values already on 1st boot20:27
GuhlOK i'll try that as currently the ps-sensor is not helpfull20:28
kimmolifor me the autocomplete doesnt work atm.20:29
kimmolicopy/paste yes (ctrl-c,v too)20:29
GuhlOK spiiroin_ are you doing the dbus signal? if yes in which branch?20:31
spiiroin_Guhl: need to do it 1st ;-) I'll ping you when done20:32
Guhlyeah cool20:33
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keithzgsledges: Alrighty, mounting cm 10.1.3's firmware sounds quite doable, is that just a matter of grabbing the right .so's in cm's system/lib, or?20:54
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:54
sledgeskeithzg: just modifying system.mount to mounta loopback device (I hope firmware partition is moutned readonly)20:54
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
sledgesand loopback device simply being a firmware img20:55
keithzgsledges: system.mount, no love for /etc/fstab these days eh? ;) Hmm, I had been poking around in the cm 10.1.3 zip for anything that looked like the firmware image file and I hadn't seen anything. I do have it already using the 4.2.2 radio img.20:57
sledgeskeithzg: radio.img is what i mean20:57
sledgescm does not ship those20:57
sledgesthat's why we're talking about stock factory rom20:58
sledgesand fstab - well, it's systemd world now :P20:58
sledgeskeithzg: my bad20:58
keithzgRight, right, PoetteringOS is coming along nicely :P20:58
sledgesnot system.moutn20:58
sledgesbut firmware.mount20:58
sledgesboycottsystemd.org :P20:59
keithzgIn all seriousness I do worry that they're taking a "replace ALL the things!" approach when oftentimes it isn't justified. But that isn't to say that overall systemd doesn't seem pretty nice.21:00
keithzg(and it's Poettering himself who has been vocal about wanting to create "GnomeOS", which sounds awkwardly close to what the rabid haters accuse him of.)21:00
sledgesas it's complex by its structure, i guess then it suits complex systems in the same fashion ;) i.e. you can do complex stuffs21:01
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sledgesfor a simple IoT sensor surely buildroot is the way21:01
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keithzgsledges: Hmm, I had already tried with MultiROM setting the radio img *and* not setting it. I guess I should make sure it's set again now and check to see if it is indeed mounting it or not.21:03
sledgeskeithzg: multirom has no clue what happens inside sfos21:04
sledgesso via multirom it won't work21:04
keithzgOr rather, that it's in place for SailfishOS to see, since I guess MultiROM is theoretically taking care of that beneath sfos.21:04
keithzgHuh, fair enough, I guess I just assumed it'd work since there's an explicit option for it, and it knows it's a sfos rom.21:04
sledgesa foreseeable hack could be for sfos firmware.mount to source that .img file from /data/mrom//(where it is)/...21:04
sledgesnope, explicit option is for any mrom, just left-over, but we could put it to submission ourselves ;)21:05
keithzgahhh I see I see21:05
sledgesfor first proof-of-concept, just put that .img somewhere in rootfs, and see if it work at all21:05
keithzgSounds like a plan.21:05
*** Jonni has joined #sailfishos-porters21:06
beidl_JayBusch: no, qt scenegraph related sources shouldn't be recompiled21:08
beidl_only kernel and hal layer should be affected21:08
beidl_on the other hand, I don't know how adaptations with LTE work, or what is needed there (damn you, Meizu!!)21:10
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*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:17
keithzgsledges: So is editing firmware.mount as simple as just replacing the current "What=/dev/mmcblk0p1" line with a "What=/path/to/firmware.img" (specifically What=/opt/radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.48.img for me, then)? It does mount fine as vfat on my desktop here so that wouldn't need changing I think.21:21
sledgesif fails, add loop to Options21:22
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
*** beidl_ has quit IRC21:27
keithzgI have sound, wireless, orientation, and it no longer pauses for a bit (not accepting touch inputs for about a second or two) when turning the screen back on!21:28
sledgeskeithzg: wlan works?21:28
sledgesOH YEAS!21:28
sledgesthe theory has been proved right! thanks!21:28
keithzgno problem, thank you in return!21:28
sledgesno the tidying up will take most time ;)21:29
keithzgheh it always does21:31
sledgesiirc we do mount /data somewhere too21:32
sledgesso you could track where mrom places .img files21:32
sledgesand check for its  existance21:32
sledgesnow i wonder does systemd support conditionals :D21:33
sledges(possibly does the laundry too!)21:33
keithzghmm, I don't see any obvious candidates for /data, although I do see "/dev/mmcblk0p23 on /data type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)"21:34
keithzgbut "/dev/mmcblk0p23 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,data=ordered)" is also there, so...21:34
sledgesso that's it ;)21:34
sledgesthose are mount --binds21:35
sledgesand switch_roots21:35
sledgesso all good21:35
keithzgah fair enough21:35
sledgesyou got your /data on the palm of your hand21:35
sledges(pun intended)21:35
spiiroin_Guhl: still there? code is here https://github.com/spiiroin/mce/tree/wip_keypad_slider_signaling21:40
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:40
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:40
Guhlspiiroin_, thanks will look at it immediately21:41
spiiroin_adds on top of the previous evdev stuff, but I made a separate branch because I21:41
spiiroin_probably need to put them in separately21:41
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC21:41
Guhlsure you commitd?21:42
spiiroin_now that you mention it ...21:42
spiiroin_try now21:43
Guhlyes that looks very good21:46
Guhland by far more complete than what i would have done21:46
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
spiiroin_Guhl: would be nice if you can check that it works too21:50
spiiroin_but I need to go get some sleep now21:50
Guhlof course i'll build it tonight but probably testing will be done tomorrow21:51
Guhlthanks again, and good night21:51
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keithzgYeesh, I always forget to do "ssu ar mer-tools" on a fresh install and then I act all confused that I can't get libsailfishapp and such :P22:44
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