Wednesday, 2014-11-19

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JayBuschbeidl: Thanks for the confirmation.00:18
alinsledges: was this the surprise?00:18
sledgesalin: yes of course, in addition to chocolate and crank ;)00:19
JayBuschNow time for a dumb question: following the HADK, is there someway to auto-create a zip that can be installed with recovery? Or should I just follow manual installation?00:19
sledgesJayBusch: that's the whole aim of hadk00:20
alinsledges: ok... seems china relaxed the one child policy... otherwise I cannot understand where the hell foxconn finds all that kids00:20
sledgesa prime (and only) deliverable00:20
alinsledges: not to say anything about android tainting even the atom cpus00:22
JayBuschsledges: Which? The zip? Pardon me for my ignorance, but all I have is the rootfs tarball.00:22
sledgesJayBusch: yes the zip, mic creates it00:22
sledgesalin: wait for (final) countdown :P00:22
JayBuschsledges: I must look harder, then. XD00:23
sledgesJayBusch: if something goes wrong after rootfs tarball packing, means .zip generation went wrong00:23
JayBuschCheck it out, it did give me an error, wrapped in a large "SUCCESS" type print. zip wasn't created, but tarball and all other files were.00:24
JayBuschThanks, sledges!00:24
alinsledges: do not tell me these chinese kids do not sleep00:28
sledgesalin: i'm losing your on-the-border jokes; so before i give you a warning, i'm better off to sleep00:29
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jean-michelhello everybody00:40
jean-michelsomebody connected on sailfish os can send me the output of ps -ef f00:41
jean-micheli am trying to port sailfish os on lenovo A1000:42
sledges-win 3300:43
sledgesyea that uncovers me well (pun intended)00:43
sledgesjean-michel: welcome!00:44
jean-michelthanks sledges00:44
jean-micheli am not so customed with irc00:45
jean-micheland with english too :)00:45
jean-michelthere is a lot of names in the list00:47
sledgesjean-michel: here you go, mako (Nexus 4, update8):
sledgesnow trully off to sleep, speak in the morning!00:48
jean-michelnormally i live in france but i  am in philippines00:48
sledgesyay :)00:48
JayBuschnight, sledges.00:49
JayBuschjean-michel: Ouch, the internet connection must be awful for you.00:50
jean-michelyes very bad connection00:50
jean-michelhere it is 8 AM 5100:51
jean-micheli will come back taken time shift into account00:52
jean-michelthanks sledges for ps00:54
jean-micheli know finland00:54
jean-michelbye i will come back in more reasonnable time00:56
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JayBuschWell, this is depressing. I have a rootfs tarball, but I can't figure out how to correct zip failing to zip up everything.02:21
JayBuschStaring at the output, the error seems to be "zip error: Invalid command arguments (invalid date entered for -t option - use mmddyyyy or yyyy-mm-dd)"02:24
JayBuschBut I have no idea where that's set in the scripts mic runs.02:25
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zGrrmoin :)09:08
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energycsdxJayBusch: it is in kickstart file10:54
energycsdxbut there is no -t option for zip10:55
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oh1jtyso how many bought jolla tablet :D11:13
zGrri did11:14
oh1jtyme too :D11:15
oh1jtythey went pretty quickly, the first batch11:16
oh1jty$380k limit broken11:17
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oh1jty2000pcs more available on the page11:26
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Guhlso beidl is this a giraffe ?11:28
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vakkovlol, they had funded the tablet tll i woke up11:40
oh1jtyheh :)11:41
oh1jtynew batch available11:42
oh1jtyit only took 138minutes11:42
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edubaiHi everyone, anyway i can port sailfishos on my galaxy s5 ? I want to try it :)11:56
sledgesedubai: sure :) go ahead
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edubaisledges: thanks, I will read it :)11:59
sledgesedubai: you'll need to read up to chapter 2, and then you'll get "redirected" to chapter 14 - don't miss that ;)12:00
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JayBuschenergycsdx: According to mic there is. XD I'll go back to the ks and mess with it.12:50
JayBuschJolla tablet, huh. Isn't Nokia making one as well? Except Nokia's runs android, so I'm incredibly dubious.12:57
oh1jty$500k done :D13:02
JayBuschHoly crap. XD 3k supporters. If I had the money on hand, I would buy it right now. I'm so sad that I don't and that I fell asleep right as it was announced.13:03
zGrrThere is no Nokia13:04
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vrutkovsare there any news on chipset planned for this tablet? Is it safe to presume its Adreno, based on porter's efforts?13:07
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JayBuschNot Adreno, seeing as it's an intel chip. I assume PowerVR but that's only a guess.13:11
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JayBuschThat is a small battery going into it though, as shown on the IGG campaign.13:16
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zGrrI wonder if it's going to be possible to swap the battery.13:35
locusfw00t intel CPU wtf13:36
locusfwell I ordered anyways13:36
SK_workzGrr: no13:37
SK_workas in all tablets13:37
SK_workthe battery = > 50% of the product so ...13:38
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vakkovugh, i'm dubious. the n1 with it's design and a hybris port of sailfish or the jolla tablet :D... damnit i also have a nexus 715:03
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sledgeshas sf been ported to nokiaX? ;)15:06
SK_workvakkov: do you really want to buy close to 3 times the same tablet ? :)15:06
SK_worksledges: not yet ?15:06
SK_worksledges: I have heard of something like that ...15:06
vakkovsledges: nobody has tried ..15:06
vakkovi was going to buy one but other stuff came to my mind... and i forgot :D15:07
sledgesvakkov: SK_work: there were attempts, but i lost the link15:07
sledgeshurdles along the lines of locked bootloader, but can't remember exactly15:07
SK_worksledges: the bootloader is closed ?15:08
vakkovi am pretty sure i saw some ports of a clean android on it15:10
sledgesintense googling required;)15:10
zGrr... just evil15:10
vakkovthat would mean that the bootloader is not closed15:10
sledgesvakkov: this what impairs my clean memory15:10
vakkovthey even change the recoveries ;D15:12
sledgesah now i start remembering there was someone putting cm10 or 11 on nX15:13
sledgeswhich made sf look possible, but never picked up discussions/efforts on here15:13
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vakkov600k crowdfundig :O15:25
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situsledges: I am getting this error when I try to run the image I created for
situIs there a newer version of hwcomposer plugin ? I am using this one
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sledgessitu: alin got UI to bootup intermittently17:03
situsledges: did he change anything ?17:03
sledgesi'm searching backlogs atm17:04
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situsledges: which repo has strace ? I am not able to install it.17:13
sledges22:15 < alin> sledges: so maybe was just the usual boot loop again17:13
sledgessitu: ^17:13
sledgessitu: mer-tools17:13
sledgessitu: alin means that after reboot it started17:16
situsledges: not going to work for me very likely17:16
sledgessitu: he left his image uploaded btw17:17
situsledges: I have that I think.17:17
situbut he used update8 target and I am using update917:17
sledgesthat's the difference17:17
sledgeswhich is crazy17:18
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sledgessitu: possibly alin used a homegrown hwc (so a latest master):
sledgessitu: or a, which is still newer than yours:
sledgesyet the diff doesn't look critical from first glance17:25
situsledges: I have this qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin-
sledgesi noticed ;)17:25
sledgeswait what17:25
sledgesyour pasted obs showed 0c6171217:25
situwhich repo is '@System' ?17:26
sledgespulled-in locally?17:26
sledgesduring mic17:26
sledgesthe latest master has also not been tested17:26
sledgesgo with
sledges(unless alin's saved image would prove me wrong)17:27
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situsledges: Is this of any help ?17:39
situline 718 shows loading libhwcomposer.so17:40
sledgesyes, but it's somehow unhappy17:41
sledgesi wonder if scenegraph is at play here too somewhere17:42
sledgeswith qt52 world17:42
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situI suspect that too17:46
situsledges: My repo
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situEven surfaceflinger is not working.17:50
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sledgessitu: shall i download alin's image, flash it, and have it as comparison point for you?17:51
situsledges: I was not getting graphics with alin's image too but you can try it.17:52
sledgeshow come he did?.......17:52
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situsledges: You can try the image he uploaded, it is very likely not going to work.18:03
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beidlit might not be a giraffe, but I love it18:59
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Guhlspiiroin, the test of your keyboard_slide change looks very good to me20:40
Guhlplease see
Guhlfor the output of mce (tklock.c) and dbus-monitor20:41
Guhlon close and open of the hw-keyboard20:42
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Guhli will now hook my daemon to the keypad_slide_state_ind signal to change the layout of the vkbd20:43
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piggzStskeeps: nice looking tablet21:42
beidlpiggz: that sounds dirty21:44
piggzbeidl: :D21:45
beidlpiggz: I'm sure I tried that pick up line once, didn't work :P21:47
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sledgeshe has a wife you know21:48
beidlsledges: I don't need a wife to show someone my tablets21:49
sledgesIf Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching tablets and listening to repetitive electronic music.21:50
piggzsledges: i still listed to repetitive electronic music ;)21:51
sledgespiggz, glad you're over with the rest:))21:52
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