Thursday, 2014-11-20

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JayBuschHey guys, what is the point of the sailfish-release file? Mic has given a warning about it, but i've ignored up until now.01:04
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JayBuschI am an idiot. Found how to fix it in the backlog of the channel.01:53
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seungryeHi : )05:28
seungryeIs it possible build kernel module in SailfishOS?05:29
seungryeCuz I running windows. so I dont have environment to learn kernel module programming. : )05:30
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energycsdxseungrye: i think it possible08:52
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phdeswerseungrye: well you will need the sdk, but building kernel modules will require you to learn kernel programming eventually...09:14
seungryephdeswer// Actually I just want to just 'hello world'  coding at this moment.09:15
seungryeAnyway, It requires linux-kernel-headers package. but That has no kernel headers. ..09:15
seungryeIt seems I have to get cyanomonogen kernel source, but I dont know where to go to get : (09:16
phdeswerseungrye: well there is a hello world style kernel module, but you will have to learn kernel programming if you want to make a module that does what you want09:16
seungryeOh, I know. of course : )09:17
phdeswerseungrye: For the Jolla kernel source is here:
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seungryephdeswer // thanks.09:19
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seungryeIf I stuck again, then I will ask some more stupid questions he he : )09:20
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SK_workphdeswer: is this source an official release of the kernel soruces for Jolla ?09:33
SK_workor actually a sort of "leak" ?09:33
phdeswerSK_work: it is a git tree of our source releases.09:34
StskeepsSK_work: import of ours09:34
SK_workphdeswer: why isn't it inside SailfishOS repo then ?09:34
Stskeepsbased on existing ones09:34
phdeswerI always forget where the tarball is though, you could get it from there also.09:34
Stskeepsit's not 'our' git tree.. tbr has his tre09:34
SK_worksorry, it is just an import09:34
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tbryeah, those sources are as official as they get09:35
tbrif you want to you can mail jolla and get them on a DVD :>09:35
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SK_worktbr: meh09:39
SK_workthanks for formeego09:39
tbrSK_work: you're welcome09:40
tbrit has been scratching community itches for a long time now :)09:40
jean-michelhello i am trying to use sailfish on a lenovo a1009:41
jean-michelsledges has send me a ps -ef f done on its nexus09:43
jean-michelbut i dont see any trace of wayland on its ps09:43
hedayatjean-michel: probably because wayland is nothing but a protocol! However, you should see lipstick.09:46
hedayatjean-michel: It's a 'wayland compositor'09:47
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jean-micheli see lipstick-jolla ok09:49
hedayatjean-michel: you're welcome09:49
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situsledges: did you try image provided by alin ?11:30
sledgessitu: sorry, downloaded but then got over busy, will background this now11:31
situsledges: link me to the image11:31
situdoesn't work.11:33
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sledgessitu: 2nd reboot got LED on11:52
sledgesstill stuck at logo11:52
situsledges: Yeah, but even the network doesn't stay up.11:52
situYou will see it will get disconnected.11:53
sledgessitu: remove usb-moded11:58
situsledges: do you get the UI ?11:58
sledgessitu: nope11:58
sledgesim afk for next hour11:58
phdeswersledges: do we have an up to date version included by now? This starts to be annoying that things fail because of old bugs/not implemented features in usb_moded.11:59
sledgesphdeswer: im tryin alin's image, not been monitoring that myself11:59
phdeswerHmm I think alin was really happy with usb-moded after he got the newer version.12:00
sledgesbut whether he included in his latest u9 experiments that's another q12:01
sledgesit was only a smoke test really12:01
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jean-michel hello sledges12:31
jean-micheli have sent you a message on xda-developer12:32
jean-michelthank you again for the ps12:32
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JayBuschMorning sure does come early, seems like. How is everyone?15:46
Stskeepsi'm good.. debugging mysterious libhybris crap15:47
JayBuschOh boy, sounds like fun. :P Good luck!15:48
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JayBuschWelp, seems my fun and games has been cut short. Toro won't connect to my laptop anymore for adb.17:05
sledgesJayBusch: what in the world have you done? :)17:08
JayBuschI didn't think I did anything. XD I manually put the rootfs in the data partition, and I tried booting the hybris boot img generated as a test. Never worked, but I tried.17:09
JayBuschThis is the third time trying it and now it won't connect for USB debugging.17:09
JayBuschTime to restart everything and see if that fixes it.17:10
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JayBuschYup, restarting computer fixed it. Silly Ubuntu, breaking adb like that.17:14
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JayBuschWell, now that I've gotten that back, back to research and figuring out where else I've gone wrong.17:16
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sledgeswhere did you extract the rootfs into?17:16
JayBuschIRC ate my message..? I extracted it to /data on toro17:17
sledgesit should go to /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/17:18
JayBuschNothing is horribly broken on Toro though.17:18
JayBuschOh, that would explain a lot, too.17:18
JayBuschI feel much more dumb.17:18
sledgesno worries, you just didn't know about an easy-to-find-file .../out/.../.../META-INF/.../.../updater-script17:19
JayBuschXD Well, I'm still having a problem with the mic complaining about a zip error that shouldn't physically be possible17:19
sledgeshave we seen a paste of that? ;)17:19
JayBuschNot fully, let me get a pastebin for it.17:19
sledgesget that bin17:20
JayBuschWhoops. Completely forgot I didn't have a saved output for it, so I'm running another build now.17:21
JayBuschIn the meantime, it was something like "zip error: Invalid Command Arguments (-t Invalid date format)"17:21
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JayBuschYeah. I wonder if restarting Ubuntu fixes a bunch of these errors, and I'll just look like a crazy person17:22
JayBuschAt this point, i'd be okay with that, i just want to have a port of Sailfish on Toro.17:23
JayBuschsledges: relevant errors:
JayBuschI read that the qemu syscalls can be ignored, so I'm not concerned with that.17:28
sledgesJayBusch: are you inside Mer SDK chroot?17:31
sledgesfind and ssu: command not found bothers me17:31
JayBuschSame, but I don't know why it's non-existant17:31
sledgestype ssu17:32
JayBuschbash: ssu: command not found17:32
sledgesit's ok17:32
sledgesmersdk doesn't have one17:32
sledgesbut mic runs the scriptlets in a qemu17:33
sledgeswhere it should be17:33
sledgescan i see your .ks?17:33
JayBuschYup, I'll get that to a pastebin.17:33
locusfdid you define your RELEASE and such17:35
JayBuschI thought I did, but I might not have. Was trying to find where I would have in HADK or with other steps.17:35
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sledgesjust how does your mic cmdline look like?17:37
sledges(thanks for the ks paste, looksing)17:37
locusfEXTRA_NAME as well17:37
sledgeshis extra name is "2014-11-20" i reckon17:38
sledgesand RELEASE looks too, sane17:38
sledgesbut yep, whole picture pls;)17:39
locusfhmm openrepos?17:39
locusfah for warehouse17:39
sledgesjust warehouse17:39
JayBuschPastebin-ing. I borrowed a script that sets RELEASE and EXTRA_NAME and modified it to make sure it was still good for toro17:39
sledgesJayBusch: df -h /var/log/17:40
sledgesJayBusch: df -h /var/cache/17:40
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sledgesoh noez17:40
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JayBuschsledges: oh noez? Is it that bad?17:41
sledgesim checking that now:)17:41
JayBusch:D Okay. Pastebin'ing the df commands.17:42
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sledgesJayBusch: touch a; zip -r a17:48
JayBuschadding: a (stored 0%)17:48
JayBuschls reveals does exist.17:48
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JayBuschAlso, holy crap, just checked Jolla tablet. Almost to $1mil. And I've missed out on another cheaper tier to buy in again. XD Ah well, I'll pick one up eventually.17:50
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sledgesJayBusch: argh :)17:54
sledges@Jolla Configuration toro17:55
sledgesand re-run mic17:55
JayBuschAck! I thought I changed that! Will do, thanks!17:55
sledgesvery common problem :)17:55
sledgesi'll put it in the next hadk rev17:55
sledgesJayBusch: thanks for supporting us ;)17:56
* phdeswer wonders if there is a special perk for the one who takes the campaign over 1M$17:56
JayBuschsledges: No problem! You guys are awesome.17:56
sledgesphdeswer: hope it's not "money back" :D17:57
locusfhmm in which repo was the name for the pattern coming from?17:57
sledgeslocusf: local17:57
locusfthe code I mean17:57
phdeswersledges: I rather had a "I am the 1M one" t-shirt17:57
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phdesweridea in mind17:57 or something17:58
sledgeslocusf: in helpers17:58
locusfgrr I don't even know what I wanna know now ..17:58
sledgesfirst answer why do you wanna know :)17:58
locusfI was thinking on creating nemo common patterns .yaml files18:00
sledgesyou could follow the good old kickstarter approach18:01
sledgeswith inheritance18:01
sledgesplfiorini has taken it to the next level18:01
sledgesvery clean, with makefiles18:01
locusfhmm nice but what about
Guhlyou will probably not be able to read it but i tried to help you raising the funds a bit by telling an austrian journalist about your campain :-)18:02
sledgesthat's just a lean and mean way18:02
locusfit currently makes patterns from every file for Sailfish only, does it matter if Nemo patterns get generated as well?18:02
sledges^ is something I'd encourage all vendors to do18:03
locusfwow that looks really neat18:04
sledgeslocusf: is not really vendor friendly but for sfos :/ thanks for spotting that!18:04
locusfsledges: maui is Mer derivative?18:04
sledgeslocusf: yes18:04
sledgesGuhl: awesome!18:06
sledgesGuhl: tell that to #jollamobile folk ;)18:06
piggzlo Guhlany new porting news?18:06
Guhlsledges, ok18:07
Guhlpiggz, well i am tinkering with mce mainly and with making the virtual keyboard disappear18:07
Guhlwhich kind of works18:08
locusfwow it does sdk configs as well18:08
piggzGuhl: did you file any bugs?18:08
locusfabsolutely insane config on that18:08
Guhlno not yet18:08
Guhlpiggz, did you do anything ?18:09
piggzGuhl: no ... working on other projects18:09
piggztrying to juggle them all ;)18:10
* sledges frowns and goes back to another project18:10
JayBuschAn official zip has been generated. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your help, guys!18:10
sledgesJayBusch: \o/18:10
piggzsledges: as there a meeting tue?18:10
sledgespiggz: next, yes18:10
sledgeslast, no18:10
sledgesi was alone (insert meme here)18:10
Guhli want to finish that mce stuff (atm i have the problem that mce makes the screen lock under certain conditions that i do not understand)18:11
Guhland after that i'll probably try to poke jusa_ a bit to help me with sound in18:11
Guhli think that sound in might be helpful on a phone but i am not totally sure18:13
piggzGuhl: for me, im not to bothered about it working as a phone ... just as a dev platform :)18:14
piggzphone stuff is a bonus18:14
Guhlwell i want to use the vision as my daily phone again18:14
Guhlbut on the other hand i did 3 phone calls this week on my jolla so maybe i don't even need the phone functionality :-)18:15
JayBuschWell, the zip installed, but I think I might be stuck on the boot logo.18:18
sledgesJayBusch: for good measure you could do factory reset18:20
JayBuschsledges: yeah, I'm thinking that's what I'm going to do. At least I can telnet into it and it is running things.18:20
sledgesJayBusch: hm18:20
sledgesthen let's debug instead18:21
JayBuschsledges: I don't know much of what I'm starting at, but I can try.18:22
sledgesfirst, try to ssh18:23
sledgesbtw, which telnet port worked for you?18:23
sledgesso standard port then18:24
sledgesas you've telnetted, do cat /diagnostics.txt18:24
JayBuschNo such file, but /diagnosis.log has:18:25
JayBuschNo /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC18:25
sledgesthere ya go18:25
JayBuschSo, time to rebuild hal, then.18:25
JayBuschThanks, sledges!18:25
sledgesjust adjust defconfig18:25
locusfno need for entire hal18:26
sledgesand make hybris-boot18:26
JayBuschThat's what I meant. My writing skills are below average today. :)18:26
sledgesas opposed to your thinking ones ;)18:26
JayBuschAh, if you haven't figured out that I haven't got any of those, you're in for a surprise. :p18:28
spiiroinGuhl: the usual reasons for locking screen are: power key, display off over 30 secs, display off + proximity covered, display off + device locked18:28
spiiroinof those power key can be configured not to apply tklock18:28
Guhlwell by locked i mean that i locks down in a way that i can't make it responsive anymore18:29
Guhlbut i'll start debugging/testing this in about an hour, need to finish a report first18:30
JayBuschOff for a bit, gonna try to fix up my hybris-boot, but I also need food. Later, folks.18:30
spiiroinGuhl: run evdev_trace when it happens -> if you still get relevant input events -> it is not input blocking at mce18:34
spiiroinGuhl: and if display does not come up properly, then it might be that something in fb suspend/resume is off18:35
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spiiroinGuhl: you can disable late suspend with "mcetool -s early". if that makes things work better -> suspend/resume problems more likely18:36
Guhlspiiroin, one funny thing is that if i do the "mcetool --set-ps-mode=disabled"18:36
Guhli can not interact with the display/touchpad at all at the next boot18:37
Guhlspiiroin, btw. did you see my posting for you yesterday?18:39
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Guhldon't know if you can see something in that, thats the log from tklock19:25
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Guhlclose keypad, power to sleep, open keypad -> device is unresponsive, screen on but black19:26
spiiroinGuhl: display powerup does not finish, at least during that logging19:54
Guhlwell also not in real life19:55
spiiroinGuhl: we need traces from display plugin to figure out why19:55
spiiroini.e. add "-l modules/display.c:*" to mce command line19:56
Guhlok i'll reproduce. display plugin = modules/display.c19:56
Guhldo you want to keep the "-l tklock.c:*" or only "-l modules/display.c:*"19:57
spiiroinit will be noisy, so lets go with display.c only initially19:57
Guhldamn now i can not reproduce that, hmm20:01
spiiroinGuhl: did you just stop the log at that point or did mce hang? (the pastebin I mean)20:02
Guhli did stop the log, it still had some heatbeat outputs afterwards20:03
spiiroinyes. looks like mainloop was running ok20:03
spiiroinrestarting mce can make some problems go away. but you can send USR1 signal to running mce process to make it more verbose20:04
spiiroin(and back to normal with USR2)20:04
spiiroindid you get any unusual led activity?20:05
Guhlnot that i would have noticed20:05
spiirointhe state machine is basically waiting for fb resume and ack from lipstick for updatesEnabled=true20:05
Guhlbut i'll reboot and test again20:05
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spiiroinif one of those does not happen in time -> leds from /etc/mce/20debug-led.ini are activated20:07
spiirointhe logging from activation should show up in logs even if the led itself does not work20:08
spiiroincd modules ; dot -Tpng -o display.png ; viewer-of-choise display.png20:12
spiiroinGuhl: no reply from lipstick to updatesEnabled=true20:14
Guhlhad the sms-app open and keyboard open20:14
Guhlpressed power20:15
Guhlclosed and opened the keyboar20:15
spiiroinmost probably lipstick has either hung or blocked at something20:16
spiirointhe optional lipstick killer in mce is active too20:18
Guhlwhat does that mean?20:19
spiiroin"release" mce leaves lipstick along; "devel" flavor kills lipstick if it seems to be stuck20:19
spiiroinnow the killing failed too20:20
spiiroinyou might check if lipstick process is in some odd uninterruptible state20:20
spiiroincould happen for ex if some syscall / sysfs io / something hangs within kernel side20:21
spiiroindoes this happen only with the keyboard slider? or also when juggling display on/off with  power key or mcetool?20:22
Guhlnever happened with power key20:23
Guhlwhen this happened i can not restart mce anymore20:24
spiiroindoes it complain about something?20:24
Guhli think it hangs trying to read the evdev devices20:24
spiiroinaa.. which is where lipstick might be too20:25
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Guhlin this state i can not even kill lipstick or the now hung mce with -920:26
spiiroinyes, that is the uninterruptible part20:27
spiiroin1st guess something bad happens at kernel side20:27
Guhlmaybe i should strace lipstick when reproducing that?20:28
spiiroinmight be related to slider events20:28
spiiroinstracing never hurts20:28
spiiroinor you could try catting from /dev/input/event* and see if some of them hang20:29
spiiroinstarting from the slide event node perhaps20:29
Guhlspiiroin, what if i run a evdev_trace -t in parallel ?20:31
Guhlin evdev_trace -t i still have events from SW_LID KEY_POWER the volume keys after the hang20:34
Guhlwell i don't think playing with the evdev devices helps20:39
Guhlthe next thing i'll try is running lipstick from the cli to get debug output from it20:40
spiiroinhow about if you start the evdev_trace after the hang. does that still work too?20:42
Guhlyes but it only shows activity on event3 and 420:43
Guhlwhere 3 is all keyboard (including volume keys)20:43
spiiroinhow about "evdev_trace -it"?20:43
Guhland 4 is lightsensor-level20:44
spiiroinsome extra ioctls() calls made, similar to mce startup20:44
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spiiroinbut if that works too, then tracing lipstick might be the best thing to do20:48
spiiroinor mce, if it gets stuck on startup after the hang20:48
Guhlok - i first try to see if i get something on the cli output of lipstick20:49
Guhlno there is nothing20:51
Guhlthat is in journal20:51
GuhlNov 20 21:49:37 Jolla mce[1394]: tklock.c: tklock_datapipe_keyboard_slide_input_cb(): autorelock primed: on kbd sli20:51
Guhlde close20:51
Guhlbut thats probably not a problem20:51
Guhli'll try stracing mce on restart20:52
Guhlbut the good news is that my hwkbd daemon that switches the vkb layout on open/close works :-)20:55
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Guhlspiiroin, thats the strace when i try to start mce again21:01
Guhlin journal i have this21:02
GuhlNov 20 21:58:00 Jolla DSME[1613]: IPHB: mce state -> running21:02
GuhlNov 20 21:58:00 Jolla statefs[1476]: ""  is registered21:02
GuhlNov 20 21:58:25 Jolla statefs[1476]: D-Bus request error  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" :  "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."21:02
GuhlNov 20 21:58:50 Jolla statefs[1476]: D-Bus request error  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" :  "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."21:02
GuhlNov 20 21:59:15 Jolla statefs[1476]: D-Bus request error  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" :  "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."21:02
spiiroinok, it is frame buffer. not evdev.21:03
*** vadim27 has quit IRC21:04
Guhlyes that makes sense21:05
spiirointhe purpose of that updatesEnabled=true/false is: no drawing after we are about to start powering down the display until the display is fully powered up again21:07
spiiroinand now it might be that something works differently / fails on the way21:08
spiiroinmcetool --set-suspend-policy=disabled21:10
Guhlok i'll restart and try21:10
spiirointhen the device will never suspend21:10
spiiroinif the problem goes away -> it is likely to be related to either suspend or resume21:11
Guhlspiiroin, i did not trace anything while doing that but that did not help21:20
spiiroinstill hangs?21:20
Guhlthe funny thing is that i need to have an app open but it only happens with certain apps21:23
Guhli.e sms-app -> hang21:23
Guhlbrowser -> OK21:23
spiiroinI'm starting to wonder if the problem is ui side does something odd21:23
Guhlbtw is that option now persistant ?21:23
spiiroinGuhl: yes21:24
Guhlwhere are these options stored? in dconf?21:25
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:26
spiirointhey were originally in gconf; which caused problems; mce has now "builtin-gconf" -> delta to defaults stored at /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values21:26
Guhlgood to know21:28
*** beidl has quit IRC21:28
Guhlspiiroin, the funny thing is now that i have that option set21:32
Guhlthe same thing already happens when i try to do the dripple-power thing to disable to ps-sensor21:33
Guhlso that i can enter the pin21:33
spiiroinis there anything in dmesg?21:35
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
Guhli'll try again as i now removed the option and rebooted21:37
spiiroingetting strace from lipstick might be good21:37
Guhlok i'll get that with the keyboard open/close think21:38
spiiroinI'm starting to hope there is some clear gfx side issue, because I'm running out of ideas soon ;-/21:39
GuhlOK that looks insteresting21:40
energycsdxhi guys21:41
energycsdxwho knows why user space tasks can stop kernel to sleep?21:41
Guhlspiiroin, this is from /proc/kmsg
Guhl<3>[  305.691192] kgsl kgsl-3d0: |kgsl_ioctl_cmdstream_readtimestamp_ctxtid| invalid context_id 421:42
Guhl<3>[  305.691436] kgsl kgsl-3d0: |kgsl_ioctl_device_waittimestamp_ctxtid| invalid context_id 421:42
Guhlare thousands and started to happen as soon as i closed the keyboard21:42
Guhlthe last to lines when i reopened it and it still hangs there21:43
spiiroinenergycsdx: not sure I follow... do you mean not suspending / waking up from suspend?21:44
sledgesMSameer: you've seen kgsl problems around iirc21:45
Guhlthis is the end of the strace from lipstick21:45
spiiroinGuhl: started already when the display was still on?21:45
Guhlalso still hangs21:45
Guhlno, my sequence always is21:45
energycsdxspiiroin: suspend for some reasons takes very long21:45
energycsdxand i have battery management things in background21:46
Guhlstart app, open keyboard, press power to suspend, close keyboard, open keyboard21:46
energycsdxthat lock wakelock every 20 seconds21:46
Guhlbut i will try again in the sequence:21:46
energycsdxfreezing userspace takes also around 20 seconds21:47
spiiroinGuhl: that ioctl(5, FBIOBLANK should not be there21:47
Guhlstart app, press power to suspend, open keyboard21:47
energycsdxand kernel checks after freezing userspace is there any wakelocks locked21:47
energycsdxand i`m always have some shity wakelocks locked21:48
spiiroinenergycsdx: do you use actual wakelocks or nemo-keepalive?21:48
energycsdxit is kernel wakelocks21:48
energycsdxusualy pm8921-bms21:48
spiiroinenergycsdx: charging via usb by any chance?21:49
energycsdxproblem not in wakelocks21:49
energycsdxkernel goes into sleep21:49
energycsdxbut didn`t reach it21:50
energycsdxfirst it tryes to freeze userspace21:50
spiiroinGuhl: basically mce should be doing the display unblanking, now something else seems to be doing it too21:50
energycsdxand it takes long21:50
MSameersledges: me? what ?21:50
energycsdxenought to have some wakelock to be locked21:51
spiiroinenergycsdx: so you have situation where: no more wakelocs, but suspend takes long?21:51
* sledges tries to copy Guhl's kgsl error from backlog using fingerterm21:51
* sledges ..fails :)21:51
MSameersledges: I don't recall seeing that21:51
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:51
MSameerwhat's it related to?21:52
Guhlsledges, sorry for pasting to irc21:52
MSameersledges: what we saw was the fence leak (nexus4)21:52
energycsdxbut during that trial to suspend it checks wakelock in a middle of freeze21:52
sledgesyes, Guhl whe are you getting it i  nuthell?21:52
Guhlspiiroin, that kgsl errors happen as soon as i press power to suspend21:53
energycsdxso locking wakelock in when kernel go to sleep can abort it21:53
Guhlregardless if keyboard is open or closed21:53
energycsdxthat is what i have21:53
sledgesGuhl: so was there since ages? i just aask MSameer to help if he can21:54
spiiroinGuhl: lines 324 - 327 in the lipstick strace: should not be there either21:54
Guhlsledges, i don't know if these messages where there since ages i did not look at kmsg for quite some time21:55
spiiroinI wonder if it comes from some android blob, or is it really in lipstick21:55
sledgesGuhl: so probably they are harmless, at least not critcal?21:56
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:56
Guhlok spiiroin that is not keyboard-switch related22:02
Guhli can reproduce the same thing with the power button22:02
Guhland the hang and these kernel messages only happen if i have the (i.e.) sms app open22:02
spiirointiming probably is just a bit different, making something more likely to go wrong22:03
Guhlbut this for sure never happened when i was still on update822:03
spiirointhe order and timing of things has changed a bit22:05
Guhlnot sure about the original update9 mce version (whatever that was)22:05
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters22:07
spiiroinif those FBIOBLANK ioctls happen while lipstick is handling updates enabled ipc, they should be harmless22:07
spiiroinbut then again, maybe they are not22:08
spiiroinin any case they should not be needed, and even if they are needed it should happen at mce22:10
Guhlhmm now it even happened when i tried to tripple click power on the pin screen22:10
spiiroinGuhl: can you try also something like: mcetool -U -n -B1 -U -n -B1 -U -n -B1 -U -n -B1 -U -n -B1 -U -n -B122:12
Guhlok just for info in the meantime i tried it with22:13
Guhlnotes open -> messages in kmsg -> hang22:13
Guhlbrowser open -> no messages - no hang22:13
Guhlwell the result is the same using your command22:16
Guhlthat is not a problem when the browser is open22:16
Guhlbut hangs when the sms app is open22:16
spiiroinGuhl: I need to get some sleep soon, but do you have pointer to kernel sources for your device?22:21
spiiroinI'd like to take a peek at how fb ioctls & suspend work22:22
spiiroin.. but it can't really be suspend because we had suspend blocked altogether at one point and it still did hang22:24
Guhl branch hybris_4.422:24
Guhli need to get some sleep too - thank you22:25
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters22:29
*** gogeta has quit IRC22:30
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*** eleroux has quit IRC22:40
Guhlthanks for the interesting session - night !22:47
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:55
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters23:02
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