Friday, 2014-11-21

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JayBuschAnybody here? Or have I missed the party?01:57
UmeaboyJayBusch: Nope. I'm dead so I won't be of use.01:57
JayBuschUmeaboy: :p01:59
JayBuschToro is slowly driving me crazy. I fixed what I thought was wrong and now I can't telnet in. Wheeeeee.01:59
JayBuschUmeaboy: Toro to work?02:00
JayBuschJust make it happen.02:00
JayBuschYou guys all have magic powers02:00
JayBuschThat's clearly how your ports were all done02:00
UmeaboyJayBusch: No harm meant by saying this but "If it ain't broken, don't ''fix'' it". ;)02:02
JayBuschBut it wasn't working to begin with. :P02:02
UmeaboyBut is it working better NOW? :)02:02
JayBuschKind of? I get telnet'd in again02:03
JayBuschExcept now it's giving me an error that I've already fixed...?02:03
JayBuschI think it's time for me to stop looking at this for a while.02:03
UmeaboyThen I'd shout at your phone telling it to fix itself. :)02:03
JayBuschAlready tried that. :)02:03
UmeaboyAnd what did it reply+02:03
JayBuschA nice bootscreen of Google, forever02:04
JayBuschand a little lock02:04
UmeaboyThen the bootloader seems to be locked.02:04
JayBuschShouldn't be. I unlocked it and am currently in a telnet session on the device.02:05
JayBuschThe lock is unlocked, I should have said02:05
JayBuschCat /diagnosis.log02:07
JayBusch"No /proc/config.gz Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC"02:07
JayBuschBut I did D:02:07
JayBuschAt least, i'm fairly certain I did.02:08
JayBuschAh well.02:08
UmeaboyMaybe you did something to lock it again.02:10
UmeaboyPerhaps triggered something.02:10
UmeaboyNot with intent, but.......02:11
JayBuschMaybe? But shouldn't it not have booted the small amount of sailfish that I have already then?02:11
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JayBuschI wonder if I have the partitions mapped correctly... I think it's the same as Maguro, but I'm not 100% sure.02:12
UmeaboyJayBusch: Possible. Can you reflash to reproduce the issue and then make notes of everything you did for it to fail02:13
UmeaboyThat's what I'd do.02:13
JayBuschDid that, minus the notes. This is a fresh flashing from factory -> CM10.1 -> and then my build of Sailfish.02:13
JayBuschYeah, should just keep a notes log of what's wrong.02:14
UmeaboySo, erase everything and do theese steps again and make notes.02:14
UmeaboyI'll be back later.02:14
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ParkerRQuestion: how open is the Jolla tablet to alternate OS installs? (Since it is basically just a laptop)03:58
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JayBuschParkerR: Good question. But why would you want to run anything else? :p07:36
situParkerR: I expect it to be hackable, so it should be able to run any OS.07:37
Stskeepsi hope to make a post about hardware openness on the thing07:37
Stskeepsi doubt windows will boot, except maybe in a VM07:37
situStskeeps: Any reasons for choosing intel chips ?07:38
Stskeepssitu: good price point for the GPU capability07:38
Stskeepsit's not easy to find things at that pricepoint driving 2K displays07:38
JayBuschMakes sense. Intel has dropped prices dramatically while still performing well enough.07:39
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situStskeeps: Has it been tested on arm chips too ? Are you going to make instructions available to port it to other Android tablets ?07:43
Stskeepssitu: sailfishos as such is quite portable as you know..07:44
Stskeepsit's not a different codeline.07:44
Stskeepspeople would rebel if we started having branched sailfishos07:44
situI am just thinking about the compiler errors we get while porting from 32 bit to 64 bit and vice versa :P07:45
Stskeepsah.. not going to be an issue07:45
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situStskeeps: Are you using any properietary android drivers on this device too ?07:50
Stskeepssitu: currently that's what it looks like. we need to go for known working and supported. if mesa/kms works, that's another thing07:53
situWhich android version is it based on ? Jolla phone was 4.1 IIRC.07:54
JayBuschsitu: Probably the same then, especially if they're not about to start branching the code. But this is only a guess.08:01
situJayBusch: Ok, I hope details will come out soon which will make things clear.08:02
JayBuschsitu: I do too, but we must be patient. :)08:03
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energycsdxwho knows what is CONFIG_MSM_IPC_ROUTER_SECURITY ?08:50
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situStskeeps: lipstick is not able to find hwcomposer plugin on update9 on my device
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Stskeepsbuild it for qt5.2?09:23
situStskeeps: How would I know it's not built for 5.2 ?09:34
Stskeepsif it can't find it it means it can't load it09:35
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energycsdxsitu: hwcomposer plugin should be built against qt 5.211:18
situenergycsdx: I am using from this repo
energycsdxsledges: where i can look on kernel configs for mako and jolla?11:18
situDo you see any issues with it ?11:19
sledgesis not latest :D11:21
sledgesbecause lbt chose not to very wisely11:21
sledgessince u9 is opt-in11:21
sledgessorry situ11:21
situsledges: ok, how to fix this ?11:22
sledgeshowever if you've ever picked hwcomposer from your local build against u9, all should've been sane then11:22
sledgesadd new repo11:22
situsledges: which repo ?11:22
sledgesenergycsdx: one second11:22
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situsledges: I don't get it, where should I add it ?11:24
sledgesto home:siteshwar:branches:nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead11:24
sledgesnext to other 4 you got there (remove _latest, as it's the same u8)11:25
energycsdxsledges: what defconfig is used for jolla?11:26
energycsdxgot it11:27
situsledges: Can you check if I have setup prperly ?11:29
sledgeswhoa, you removed all others :D11:30
situsledges: Let's save some space and bandwidth on the servers :)11:31
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situsledges: how to fix this ?11:56
sledgesproject config11:57
situsledges: Yeah, now I recall it.11:58
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situsledges: Can you add latest sailfihs targets for these packages ?12:05
situGetting an error here
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situsledges: or am I missing anything ?12:27
sledgessitu: move it to ha repo, like here:
situsledges: still no luck
locusfI would like to see Sailfish HW adaptations in Sailfish repos, not in nemo:devel:hw as it has nothing to build on for nemo (so far) :)12:34
situwill try with latest mer target12:40
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sledgessitu: branch vakkov's qtscenegraph adaptation instead12:46
sledgesinstead of reallynoidea one ;)12:46
situfinally building12:49
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situwhere does mic store it's cache ?12:54
situ /var/tmp/mic/cache/12:56
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situsledges: Stuck here on boot
sledgesignore ril errors, investigate lipstick (is what wait session to start is waiting for)14:05
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locusfNokius: ping14:21
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stephg\o/ ohai!15:00
locusfhey vakkov15:00
vakkovHas anybody tried to port to s215:05
locusfvakkov: hurrian has15:05
locusfit worked afaik15:06
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situsledges: droid-hal-init is failing to load
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sledgessitu: hardmask it and launch manually15:40
situsledges: worked, UI is up.15:46
sledgesdon't say another bootrace :D15:46
situI see several services timing out.15:47
sledgesyou're the expert:)15:50
situsledges: has the timeout parameter recently added to system.mount service ?15:51
sledgesall *.mount units are autogenerated15:51
sledgescheck the code where it scrambles that time out from15:51
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beidlhello fine folks16:12
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sledgessitu ran away from all that excitement :)16:25
sledgesbeidl: heidl!16:26
situsledges: trying to take a screenshot :P16:26
beidlsledges: nooo, but I don't want to go to bed yet!16:27
vakkovhallooo beidl :D16:29
vakkovMSameer: changed the orc to the mer one16:29
beidlvakkov: o/ :D16:29
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situFor all N5 users :)16:45
Stskeepssitu: was 'didn't build against the right update' issue?16:45
situStskeeps: I was building against latest arm target but it was not the correct target for
situSo I had to build against Sailfish target.16:47
Stskeepshow is it behaving? faster ui?16:47
situScrolling seems faster.16:48
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sledgesRTed  \o/16:55
energycsdxis something like this for sailfish os?16:57
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sledgesenergycsdx: more chances to get an answer on #jollamobile and #sailfishos17:00
vakkovdo you experience a battery drain on nexus 517:06
vakkovwith update 917:06
MSameervakkov: and you can get gstreamer 1.0 from sailfish too now17:07
MSameervakkov: sailfishos github i mean17:07
vakkovook :)17:08
MSameerit does not have all the plugins but it's there17:08
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situvakkov: I have just got it working, need to test it for couple of days.17:16
energycsdxvakkov: i located my battery drain issue17:16
vakkovenergycsdx: tell me moore :D i used top/htop, apps like SysMon and Battery monitor but nothing17:17
energycsdxvakkov: in my case device didn`t went to sleep17:17
vakkovand hunger meter crashes here * have to check why17:17
vakkovhmm i think mine goes to sleep17:18
energycsdxare you sure?17:18
vakkovhow did you check?17:18
energycsdxlooked into dmeg17:18
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energycsdxhad message "Freezing of user space aborted"17:20
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sledgesenergycsdx: i think that's memory killer iirc17:31
sledgesdouble check with Stskeeps17:32
energycsdxsledges: no some userspace proccess was refusing to freeze because of some qualcomm related thing17:33
sledgeswell is how i recall those messagez17:33
sledgeshope you're right17:33
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energycsdxsledges: i disabled CONFIG_MSM_IPC_ROUTER_SECURITY and now it`s better17:35
energycsdxbut i don`t know for sure what it can cause17:35
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sledgesenergycsdx: nothing in KConfig?18:03
vakkovhah, the bluetooth is not even working in update 9 :D and it is not suspending? am i getting it right?18:05
sledgesvakkov: first leave PM aspects out18:11
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energycsdxdoes that log repeats?18:32
situsledges: what can cause system.mount to time out ?18:32
sledgessitu: not mounted within that time? other mounts in progtress?18:33
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situit has 15 seconds timeout set which seems good enough for it to succeed.18:34
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situsledges: btw proximity sensors seems to work.18:40
sledgessitu: removed noproxim hack?18:45
sledgessitu: try to isolate the case of system.mount. again, hard mask - run manually (via systemctl)18:45
sledgesthus eliminating boot time chaos18:46
situsledges: I am starting from clean install and check what services are timing out.18:46
sledgeswell, beware that many might be false alarms18:47
sledges(i can run u8 for you in parallel if you want cross checks)18:47
situsledges: I started with clean install again and only droid-hal-init.service is timing out. disabling it and manually starting it brings up the UI.18:54
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sledgesweird it's timing out18:57
sledgesbecause it's not supposed to return ever anyhow18:57
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situsledges: This is what I get when I do 'set -x' inside droid-hal-init script
situIt's timing out on: exec /sbin/droid-hal-init19:13
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sledgessitu: is what im saying, droid-hal-init should never return - and that's fine19:19
sledgesoummm hang on a sec19:19
sledgessitu: do you have this in: ?19:20
situsledges: yES19:22
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situsledges: who calls droid-init-done ?19:25
* sledges hides19:26
sledgessitu: cat /run/droid-hal/notify-socket-name19:28
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sledgesok so that's fine then19:29
sledgesif you set +x19:29
sledgescould you also strace d-h-init? ;))19:29
sledgeswe're interested during early boot ofc19:30
sledgessitu: and now strace from manual launch pls?19:35
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sledgessitu: same problem? /system not mounted at that time?19:46
situsledges: Let me take output of systemctl at the time droid-hal-init starts19:46
sledgesjust add Exec.blablabla..Pre=/bin/sleep 10 to dhi19:47
sledgesExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 1019:47
siturebooted, will try that on next boot.19:47
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situCan there be a situation when system.mount is succesful but device is not actually mounted ?19:49
situsledges: adding sleep fixed the issue19:51
sledgeswas about to say19:52
sledgesthat it looks like it did fix.....19:52
situwhat is the root cause according to you ?19:52
sledgessitu: add RequiresMountsFor=/system/lib/hw/19:53
sledgesto droid-hal-init.service19:53
sledgessitu: new update, new alterations to boot sequence19:53
sledgesand we're back to square 119:54
sledges(remove sleep ofc19:54
situSee this
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situ /system is empty20:00
situI will add RequiresMountsFor=/system/lib/hw/20:01
sledgesah ok ;)20:01
sledgesgetting there20:01
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
situsledges: /system is mounted but sitll droid-hal-init crashes20:06
situI can see output in ls /system now20:06
situNov 29 23:00:31 Jolla sh[634]: /usr/bin/droid/ line 9: /run/droid-hal/notify-socket-name: No such file or directory20:08
situThis happens on the first attempt when droid-hal-init starts.20:08
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sledgesrevert that patch for a bit?20:15
sledgesof fluff20:26
sledgeswhen is this done:20:27
sledgescursed be thy name systemd20:27
sledgessitu: why is this not full output? Nov 21 19:11:20 Jolla sh[1248]: + echo @/org/freedesktop/systemd1/notify20:30
sledgesin your earlier experiment of
*** zhxt_work has quit IRC20:31
situsledges: I think /run mounted properly in that case or it was a 2nd or later attemtp to start droid-hal-init20:33
sledgesbut set -x should output full statement of "echo @/org/freedesktop/systemd1/notify > /run/droid-hal/notify-socket-name"20:33
sledgesreverty times to proof the concept20:34
situsledges: We can do RequiresMountsFor=/run20:37
sledgessitu: it's not mount20:40
sledgesjust a directory within20:40
situ /run is mounted on tmpfs20:40
sledgesand is empty20:40
sledgesa folder within that we need is created whenever tmpfiles.d(a systemd thing) is executed20:41
sledgesand apparently, it's done later than we need20:41
sledgesso could you first just revert this patch20:41
sledgesto 100% be sure we're on the right path20:41
sledgesjust revert this one line here:
situsledges: It worked, I tried 2 boots and UI brought up on both boots.20:45
sledgeswhen is that tmpfiles done then...?20:46
situLet me reverrt my changes for droid-hal-init service file20:46
sledgesno need20:46
sledgesthat one just outputs something which another revert ignores anyway20:47
situsledges: I have removed RequiresMountsFor=/system/lib/hw20:47
Nokius1locusf: pong20:47
sledgessitu: ok20:48
sledgesNokius1: hi! long time no C :)20:49
*** OldDroid has joined #sailfishos-porters20:50
OldDroidhey hey20:50
OldDroidas i saw already in the latest teaser for the jolla tablet20:50
OldDroidyou went opensource?20:50
OldDroidso where is it :D20:50
OldDroidtried to find it already :)20:50
*** zhxt_work has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
Nokius1sledges: I know :( Trying atm harder to get a job now 5 month at home :-/ like to get in again and had same Family things going on in the last weeks20:52
sledgesNokius1: oops best of success!20:52
Nokius1sledges: yeah Thanks20:53
sledgesOldDroid: hi! i read on #sailfishos you want to port to nexus5?20:53
Nokius1sledges:  one of the reason why I stared porting use freetime best20:54
situsledges: there's still a race condition somewhere.20:54
sledgesOldDroid: it has already been done, and last official update8 image is available here:
sledgesOldDroid: if you want to build everything from scratch yourself, to understand how porting works indepth, follow this guide:
Nokius1sledges:  is there any news about the GPU development? Saw you use CM 11 for some Builds20:55
sledgesOldDroid: we are porting Nexus5 to latest (opt-in though) sailfish update9 (which wasn't yet available to whole public) but it has glitches, and we are working on them right this very moment with situ :)20:55
Nokius1sledges: btw good luck with the Tablet :P20:55
dwangoACsledges: Any hope of Bluetooth on Nexus 4?20:55
sledgesNokius1: looks liek we're out of luck without Stskeeps freeing up for GPU work20:56
sledgesdwangoAC: if you know a linux+android bluetooth expert with willingness to help - there is ;)20:56
dwangoACsledges: Ouch :)20:56
dwangoACsledges: Yeah, that's the *only* feature tha the state more or less requires me to have20:56
dwangoAC(At least, if I want to drive)20:56
dwangoACsledges: I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4 but I haven't looked to see if anyone has tried that20:57
sledgesdwangoAC: bluetooth works on nexus5 ;) so it's not soo different to backport over, even lesser experts could do ;) (hint hint)20:57
Nokius1sledges: mh20:57
dwangoACsledges: Hmm...  Tempting, tempting.  I'm actively working on the Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 TAS block though -20:58
dwangoACsledges: My goal is to raise $25,000 USD in 40 minutes for the Prevent Cancer Foundation20:58
situsledges: but most of the time it comes up so I am happy for today.20:59
sledgesdwangoAC: dragonkeeper tried with S4, check logs for his last words :D20:59
dwangoACsledges: Right now, we're figuring out how to exploit Pokemon Red to then exploit a Super Gameboy it's inside of to then exploit a Super Nintendo that the SGB is inside of and run arbitrary code20:59
sledges!seen dragonkeeper20:59
Merbotsledges: dragonkeeper was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 7 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours, 50 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <Dragonkeeper> hmm not 100%20:59
sledgeslol! :D20:59
*** eleroux has quit IRC20:59
situsledges: Going to sleep now. Good night !20:59
sledgesdwangoAC: geez!20:59
sledgessitu: thanks for progress! we'll fish out those races hopefully by 23rd :D21:00
dwangoACsledges: And I'll be presenting that in front of 100,000 live online viewers (and several hundred people in the room)21:00
sledgesdwangoAC: busy times;)21:00
situI hope so too.21:00
dwangoACsledges: for a very short overview, 30 seconds of reading21:00
dwangoACsledges: So yeah, it's one of the strangest fundraisers in the world, and I'm the weirdo that doesn't do it with human skill and gets a bot to do my bidding for me instead :)21:00
dwangoACsledges: Thanks for the hint, I just PM'ed dragonkeeper (he's on IRC, at least, just not here)21:02
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
energycsdxwhy i can`t add gmail account?21:02
sledgesdwangoAC: cool! so you'll just be sending pre-programmed keystrokes into the gameplay? (what you mean by 'exploit')21:02
sledgesdwangoAC: if you decide to take on nexus4 bt, have my word for poking our internal bluetooth guy for issues, he's good!21:03
*** keithzg has quit IRC21:03
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
sledgesenergycsdx: what makes you ask? ;)21:04
dwangoACsledges: OK, thanks for the assistance - I may walk down that path after Dec. 9th (my internal deadline)21:04
energycsdxsetting -> services -> add acount21:04
sledgesdwangoAC: oki!21:04
dwangoACsledges: In our case, we've found a way to corrupt the save game on Pokemon Red by resetting the game in the middle of saving, so if we want to do that on a real console we'll have to build a solenoid to move the reset button at exactly the right time21:05
sledgeswhy corrupting the save on the first place?21:05
dwangoACsledges: After we do that, it gives us 255 pokemon (writes FF over the memory value it uses to store that) and then we can use that ability to move other parts of memory around to assemble a small bootloader (by switching around Pokemon and then tossing quantities of inventory to reduce memory values directly)21:05
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dwangoACsledges: Then we can start inputting values through the controller port and execute arbitrary code21:06
dwangoACsledges: From there, we can send SGB commands to break out of the GB jail and get into SNES RAM space21:06
dwangoACsledges: And from there, we write our (secret) payload into memory and execute it21:06
OldDroidsledges: great to see some documentation for building jolla (in-depth), i'm firm wit handroid stuff so far, shouldn't be the deal ... :)21:06
dwangoACsledges: I know you are extremely busy, but if you can, please take a look at this:
dwangoACsledges: I'm the presenter, the one on the far left on the couch21:06
dwangoACsledges: that's what we did for AGDQ 2014, and it was awesome21:07
sledgesdwangoAC: I've seen that or something similar, good stuff! (as soon as i'll remember why;))21:08
dwangoACsledges: Heh21:08
dwangoACsledges: One last question - is there a path forward for purchasing the Android app compatibility ability on on-Jolla devices and/or a Jolla phone that is usable in the US?21:09
sledgesdwangoAC: not that i know of, so better to monitor effors of community's andy layer21:10
sledgestablet will be usable with android apps is US, and i just got a crazy idea to plug a usb modem indo the OTH port :DDD21:11
dwangoACsledges: OK, thanks - I confess to being a bit too busy to keep up with the forums21:11
dwangoACsledges: That's not all that crazy, I like it in fact :)21:11
sledgesdwangoAC: you'll find out as soon as those guys have something to show :)21:11
dwangoACWell, thanks for your time, it's always good to catch up21:11
sledgesyes, just look connman deeply in their eyes 8))21:11
dwangoACsledges: Heh21:12
sledgesgood indeed!21:12
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Sfiet_KonstantindwangoAC: that's totally awesome Oo21:40
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