Saturday, 2014-11-22

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junnuvi"Nokia ja Jolla voisivat lyödä hynttyyt yhteen, uudeksi nimeksi voisi tulla Nolla. "07:34
junnuviuups, wrong channel :P07:34
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_dinsdaleHi guys, I'm building for a OnePlus. I'm at step 7.1.1 Building the droid-hal-device packages08:03
_dinsdaleI'm not getting any rpm files in the $ANDROID_ROOT/RPMS directory. Here is my console dump08:04
_dinsdale[dinsdale@Barbeque ~]$ ~/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot08:04
_dinsdaleMounting system directories...08:04
_dinsdaleMounting / as /parentroot08:04
_dinsdaleMounting home directory: /home/dinsdale08:04
_dinsdaleEntering chroot as dinsdale08:04
_dinsdaleEnv setup for bacon08:04
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque ~]$ hadk08:04
_dinsdaleEnv setup for bacon08:04
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque ~]$ cd $ANDROID_ROOT08:04
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque droid]$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build08:04
_dinsdaleLoading repository data...08:04
_dinsdaleReading installed packages...08:04
_dinsdale'systemd' is already installed.08:04
_dinsdaleNo update candidate for 'systemd-208-1.4.2.armv7hl'. The highest available version is already installed.08:04
_dinsdale'ubu-trusty' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.08:04
_dinsdaleNo provider of 'ubu-trusty' found.08:04
_dinsdaleerror: Failed build dependencies:08:04
_dinsdaleqt5-qttools-kmap2qmap >= 5.1.0+git5 is needed by droid-hal-%{device}-0.0.6-201411210801.armv7hl08:04
_dinsdalerepomd-pattern-builder is needed by droid-hal-%{device}-0.0.6-201411210801.armv7hl08:05
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque droid]$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build08:05
_dinsdaleerror: Failed build dependencies:08:05
_dinsdaleqt5-qttools-kmap2qmap >= 5.1.0+git5 is needed by droid-hal-bacon-0.0.6-201411210802.armv7hl08:05
Stskeepsplease use a pastebin, _dinsdale08:05
_dinsdalerepomd-pattern-builder is needed by droid-hal-bacon-0.0.6-201411210802.armv7hl08:05
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque droid]$ ls RPMS08:05
_dinsdaleMerSDK [dinsdale@Barbeque droid]$08:05
_dinsdaleRight, sorry I'll look into that right now08:05
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_dinsdaleBTW massive congrats on the funding success. You'll have to excuse my lack of pledge. I spent my play money on a oneplus to port. :)08:17
jean-michel_dinsdale, you have it already08:19
jean-michel_dinsdale, your oneplus08:20
_dinsdaleyes. I've put stock Cyanogenmod on it. Running sans GAPPS08:20
_dinsdaleThe Sailfishos Launcher looks great on it08:21
jean-micheli just make a bad thing an usefull backup08:23
jean-michelwrong touch08:23
jean-micheli am trying to port sailfishos on lenovo a1008:24
_dinsdaleDoes mer support MediaTek?08:26
jean-micheli am not expert i can t tell you08:27
_dinsdaleah. well good luck, it's a nice looking tablet.08:29
jean-micheli am trying  a special method i pass by a USB08:32
_dinsdaleawesome. I'm still trying to get mine built08:37
jean-michelin fact i have extract sailfish from the zip from HTC port08:39
_dinsdaleDon't you need to build hybris for the device drivers before that will work?08:40
jean-michelin fact i can only use the binaries from the usb  i have no init08:41
jean-micheli trying to run a lot of things manually08:42
jean-michelbut without success08:43
jean-micheli bybass the init08:43
jean-michelyes but if i succeed will be easy for the next08:44
jean-micheli have used linux on a lot of android devices and with android running08:45
jean-micheli just use a xserver application to excute Xwindows programs08:46
jean-micheli have also a revolution by geeksphone08:47
_dinsdaleThat's a very cool device08:50
_dinsdalehow do you find the intel processor?08:50
jean-michelbut i dont like FFOS so much08:51
jean-micheland the CM11 is bugged08:51
_dinsdaleYa, it's still pretty rough I thihnk08:51
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jean-michelwhere are you located ?08:52
energycsdx_dinsdale: you should build spec file, not inc08:54
_dinsdalejean-michel, Victoria BC08:55
energycsdx_dinsdal: also you should install packages required for build08:55
energycsdxsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap repomd-pattern-builder08:57
jean-michel_dinsdale, you are far from me i am in philippines08:58
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_dinsdaleenergycsdx: the sb2 suggestion seems to have worked. I now get warnings and errors, but still no files in RPMS. Let me investigate. Thank you09:03
_dinsdalejm, yes, very far indeed!09:04
jean-michelsomebody knows to create socket by shell09:05
energycsdxjean-michel: what are you trying to do?09:06
jean-michelshunt the init process09:07
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jean-michelok i must leave bye and thanks09:12
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_dinsdaleokay, it's two in the morning. This might be easier to do tomorrow. Thanks energycsdx Goodnight09:26
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Stskeepssoo, who's awake12:13
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locusfStskeeps: whats up?12:14
Stskeepsnot much, just idly wondering :P12:14
* tbr idly ponders if there should be a generic baytrail HA12:15
* tbr would help testing it on minnowmax12:15
Stskeepsthere is12:15
Stskeepson android-ia12:15
locusfoh yeah for nuc?12:15
Stskeepsno, in general12:16
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tbrah, good12:20
tbrStskeeps: that's 64bit, right?12:21
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Stskeepstbr: 64bit kernel, 32bit userland13:12
tbrStskeeps: ah, ok, makes sense13:13
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Stskeepsyeah.. saves memory13:19
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* lbt should probably rename the nuc HA to baytrail-generic13:56
lbtit's not obvious what name to use13:57
lbtas it happens DEVICE is baytrail_generic (ish)13:57
lbtanyhow ... food now :)13:57
situsledges: So what's the correct fix for the droid-hal-init bug we were discussing yesterday ?14:05
situShould we revert plfiorini_'s patches ?14:05
sledgessitu: we need to figure out why tmpfiles.d is executed later14:06
sledgesthan dhi14:06
plfiorini_sledges, what's happening with dhi and tmpfiles.d?14:06
sledgesplfiorini_: they are executed in wrong order14:06
sledgeswith update914:07
sledgesso far tested on nexus514:08
plfiorini_pff systemd :)14:08
sledgesi don't know how recent dhd vakkov for maguro14:08
vakkovwut wut? :D14:12
situvakkov: I think you should send a PR for this
sledgeslemme guess, v8? ;P14:17
vakkovi don't even remember deleting this :D i guess it's update 9 related?14:17
sledgeswait what?14:18
sledgeshow else would this build for jolla phone then? ;)14:18
vakkovah, the obs had to have only one spec file :D14:22
sledgesonly if package name doesn't match any of them ;)14:22
sledgesso webhook it as qtscenegraph-adaptation-droid and you're all good14:23
situsledges: or just rename the .spec file which we need.14:34
sledgessitu: such PRs would never get accepted ;)14:34
sledgesthe whole point is polymorphism14:34
sledgespulseaudio worked like that since ages14:35
situwhich systems use other .spec file ?14:35
sledges+other bunch of packages14:35
sledgesjolla phone14:35
sledgessbj is what it stands for14:35
locusfsailboat jolla :)14:37
situsledges: which services creates tmpfiles.d files ?14:57
situsystemd-tmpfiles-setup.service ?14:58
sledgessitu: no idea, hopefully:)14:59
sledgesand i wonder how those tmpfiles.d realise that it's on the /run (pun intended)14:59
sledgesand it needs to wait for tmpfs to mount there14:59
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situsledges: Adding  systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service a dependency for droid-hal-init fixes the issue
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sledgessitu: then we're all happy! \o/15:17
sledgespr please ;)15:17
sledgesprobably then systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service is depending on local-fs to be all-ready ;) good good :)15:17
situLet me test on a clean install and then will PR It.15:18
* sledges thumbsup15:18
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situI don't see any other issues so we are good for a release I think.15:20
situsledges: We need to update these repos to use Sailfish target
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sledgessitu: on it15:22
situsledges: The droid-hal RPM's that I used are here
sledgessr time;)15:23
sledgessitu: erm15:24
sledgesit'd expect it to be the latest and greatest15:24
sledgeswith 17:10 < situ> sledges: Adding  systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service a dependency for droid-hal-init fixes the issue15:25
situsledges: didn't get you.15:25
sledgesthere's old dhd:
sledgescould you please upload today's one?15:26
situI didn't rebuild any dhd's today, I have been using the ones from 14th Nov. only.15:26
sledgesyes, but you modified them15:26
sledgesthere after15:26
sledgesin rootfs15:26
sledgesdroid-hal-init.service namely15:26
sledgeswith fix15:26
sitush-3.2# rpm -q droid-hal-hammerhead15:27
situohh right15:27
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sledgesim afk 30mins15:42
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sledgessitu: merged, you may create rel image if you havent yet16:10
sledgesold dhd o obs is not taken into ccount for that as you ofc know16:10
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marxistvegansledges, in the nexus4 does the voicemail notification work?16:17
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters16:17
situsledges: ?16:17
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situUploading to OBS is very slow.16:31
situlbt: ^16:32
sledgessitu if theres no scenegrah-adaotation-droid in  n5 w repo, it needs to be webhooked16:42
sledgeskm not athome, will o inan hour if your permissions dontwork, can ask lbt meantime16:43
* lbt is here a little bit16:43
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lbtthe obs looks pretty idle16:47
*** spiiroin__ has quit IRC16:48
situlbt: may be a problem with my internet connection, even upload to dropbox is slow.16:49
lbtsitu: mine is godawful slow too16:49
lbtmore so than usual16:49
marxistvegansledges, who took over on the nexus4 maintenance?16:49
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters16:50
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sledgesmarxistvegan: carepack but probably still busy16:58
dwangoACsledges: What is the latest Nexus 4 build?  Is it the one from September?17:00
dwangoAC(I haven't seen any new E-Mail announcements)17:00
sledgesdwangoAC:  update817:02
dwangoACsledges: Where do I grab that from?17:02
dwangoACsledges: Ah, thanks!  I'll start there.17:06
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sledgesnever tested17:18
sledgesconfigured my voicemail to send me text, can't remember why now :)17:19
*** plfiorini__ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:19
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situsledges: I uploaded hal rpm's here
*** plfiorini_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
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sledgessitu: gave up? ;)17:51
situsledges: it's very slow, I am on very limited bandwidth.17:51
*** plfiorini__ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
situsledges: can you do the image too ?17:52
situotherwise I will do it tomorrow from office.17:52
sledgessitu:  i never  released17:53
situsame here :)17:53
situsledges: can you upload rpm's to ?17:55
*** plfiorini_ has quit IRC17:55
sledgeswill  sort oit scenegraph too17:58
situsledges: Is it necessary to use to release ?17:59
situIt looks like it will do a scratch build.17:59
sledgesdo you have login formeeo/devaamo18:00
situsledges: Nope.18:00
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters18:01
situsledges: Looks like we are pretty inexperienced in release management :P18:01
*** iuno has quit IRC18:10
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tbrsledges / situ - someone in need of an account?18:16
*** plfiorini__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:20
situtbr: Yes, please.18:21
*** plfiorini_ has quit IRC18:22
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tbrsitu: details messaged18:27
*** plfiorini__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:32
* situ is now powered with a devaamo account18:32
*** Nokius has quit IRC18:33
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
Stskeepssitu: nice catch on
*** plfiorini_ has quit IRC18:35
situStskeeps: Thanks.18:36
situIt turns out that's the only thing we need to fix for
*** plfiorini_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
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*** plfiorini__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:47
ParkerRsledges, Hola :)18:48
*** plfiorini_ has quit IRC18:50
sledgessitu: i wonder what can possibly go wrong when for example uploaded dhd rpms (those locally built against update9 target), yet will be compiled against update8 ;)18:57
sledgesjust pondering of backwards compatibility, if we ever want to reproduce update8 image18:58
sledgesso to avoid such stuffs will be healthiest to build dhd on obs18:58
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:59
situsledges: Yeah, but dhd is built from android tree, so you will do full build on OBS ?18:59
sledgessitu: that's aldready done19:00
sledgesfor mako19:00
sledgesand for future devices19:00
sledgesmassive kudos to lbt for pulling this off19:00
sledgessitu: please SR19:00
sledgesif those are good RPMs19:00
sledgesi can't SR as im not maintainer of your home prj19:00
*** spiiroin__ has quit IRC19:00
situsledges: done.19:01
sledgesbingo! in it went19:01
sledgesqtscenegraph is there already19:01
sledgesnicely from upstream19:02
situYeah, with the name hack.19:02
sledgesyes, a nice-to-have hack;)19:03
sledgesok, all built19:12
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IRC2312MSameer: Regarding the  camera / gstreamer 1.0 status: are there any workarounds to get the camera working on an Nexus 5? Why the status marked differently on the Nexus 4?19:36
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
MSameerIRC2312: what status?19:40
MSameerguys. this should be a community effort :)19:40
MSameerIRC2312: basically, nothing prevents getting nexus5 camera to work with gstreamer 0.10. It's jus that someone needs to write the code needed.19:41
MSameerIRC2312: I however will not do it before I move to gstreamer 1.019:41
MSameerIRC2312: the code was originally written for jolla phone. n4 happened to be similar and thus the code worked. n5 is more recent so the code does not work19:42
*** Tassadar has quit IRC19:42
MSameerIRC2312: but I am working on a solution on top of android cameraservice which should improve the situation19:42
MSameerbut that solution is for gst 1.019:43
MSameernow what is your question ? :)19:43
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IRC2312MSameer: What do you mean by "the code", camer driver code, libhybris stuff?19:44
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IRC2312MSameer: On top of android cameraservice sounds good. By the way: Is webrtc available for the standard sailfishos browser?19:47
MSameerIRC2312: gstreamer source code19:47
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MSameerIRC2312: I really don't know much about the browser :/19:47
MSameerIRC2312: there is a library I am implementing on top of android cameraservice which gstreamer source for camera should be built on top of19:48
MSameerATM it does not build for nexus5 and I should fix it soon enough19:49
MSameerso there is progress19:49
IRC2312MSameer: Many thanks for that. Camera functionality is the only showstopper for me, otherwise i can use the Nexus 5 with sailfishos on a daily basis19:50
MSameerIRC2312: I am on it. I am just asking for more time :)19:52
IRC2312MSameer: I will read this HADKT document first in order to avoid such questions19:53
IRC2312MSameer: Take your time, your work is important, if you need a beta tester in the future i am in19:56
Guhlspiiroin_, just for info - i flashed a "new" build that has the mce-1.33.5-1.30.1 installed19:57
GuhlI can not reproduce the "hangs" on that19:58
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Guhland just for info i pushed the hwkbd daemon to github -
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MSameerIRC2312: I will need testing for sure on all ports as I can't test them alone :)20:04
situIRC2312: webrtc is not yet supported on browser AFAIK20:05
situor only some features are supported. Here is related issue
IRC2312situ: okay, does not seem to have any priority at Jolla yet, i wonder if there is any Qt/Qml browser approach which can be adapted to sailfishos20:11
situIRC2312: What do you mean by Qt/QML browser approach ?20:12
situQtWebEngine hasn't been ported to Sailfish yet.20:13
IRC2312situ: i see20:14
Guhlspiiroin_, now i installed my build of mce-1.37.1-1 and can reproduce the problem (including the kgsl kernel messages)20:17
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