Sunday, 2014-11-23

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neiotikHi, I have a question regarding mobile data on the nexus 4. I flashed my phone using the usual method but can't seem to get mobile data to work. I'm wondering if it just comes down to my network which is AWS(UMTS Band 4). If there's a way to get it working or if I'm just SOL for now, let me know.03:18
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_dinsdaleHello, as usual I need to ask a question and then go to bed and check the logs in the morning. I am attempting 7.1.1 Building the droid-hal-device packages. I am getting Warnings and Errors about the CONFIG as per my pastebin here:
_dinsdaleI copied the grouper .spec file. My variant is here:
_dinsdaleI notice the line %bcond_without mer_verify_kernel_config in the spec file. Could it be this build condition is being negated somewhere further in the build process? No idea really. Any input would be great. Thanks!07:24
Stskeepsso you need to change the kernel config to enable those things07:24
_dinsdaleokay. Are these settings that are specific to the Nexus 4? Is there a more valid spec file I should be using for a OnePLus?07:27
Stskeepsthose settings are basically needed for sailfishos07:28
Stskeepsin general07:28
Stskeepsso you need to fix them per device07:28
_dinsdaleforgive my ignorance. Where will I change these values?07:29
Stskeepswhat device is this?07:29
_dinsdaleOnePlus One i.e. bacon07:29
Stskeepsok, chances are you'll find the kernel configuration inside some directory named bacon then07:30
Stskeepsprobably contains a lot of CONFIG_ like stuff07:30
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Stskeepsthis is the file you want to find07:31
_dinsdalebrilliant. You're a gentleman and a scholar!07:32
Stskeepsi'm just having my morning coffee. :P07:32
_dinsdaleANd just think what you can do after you're caffinated!07:34
* alterego is too07:35
Stskeepsgood morning alterego07:35
alteregoGood morning! :)07:35
_dinsdaleGreat. I'll dig into this in the morning. Thanks once again Stskeeps. Congrats on your tablet funding. Good Night07:41
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situI can't make use of this script, I think I will just do an mic build from my repo.07:48
situvgrade: around ?07:55
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dhbikeri might start fiddling around with my M808:31
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alteregoThat sort of sounds wrong dhbiker, well, unless you're close m8s ;)08:39
dhbikerOne M808:40
dhbikerbetter ?08:40
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situIs usb-moded stuff actually required ? I am seeing usb connection issues with it.09:07
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phdeswersitu: no. And if there is any connection issue it is a bug and I want to know about it.09:28
phdeswerMost issues are due to an old version and some hw having non standard usb interface names.09:29
phdeswerMost of them should be fixed in git, but for some reason the hadk still has a pretty outdated version09:29
situphdeswer: is that fine if I skip adding usb-moded in release image ?09:29
phdeswershould be ok. But I would like to know what the issue is.09:31
situphdeswer: ok, give me some time. I will provide you the image with usb-moded09:32
phdeswersitu: which hw btw? Nexus 5 is fine for example. N4 needs a newer version I know.09:32
phdeswerThere should be no problem on N5, so if you have connection issues it might be something else09:33
situphdeswer: after removing usb-moded related packages telnet connection is stable.09:34
phdeswersitu: telnet? Should not be running when the device is up.09:35
phdeswerAnd usb-moded should not be running in the rescue/pre-start stuff09:35
situphdeswer: I have removed these packages
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phdeswersitu: I think there rather is an issue with what you're doing/expecting than with usb-moded.09:37
situsledges: Are there any such issues known to you ?09:37
phdeswersitu: you boot into the special rescue mode, telnet and then boot on, it kind of is expected that the telnet connection gets interrupted09:38
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situphdeswer: I don't notice any such interrupts without usb-moded.09:39
phdeswersitu: well is the above situation what you see? Then it is expected.09:40
situphdeswer: Try out this image if you have nexus 5
phdeswersitu: don't have an N5 anymore atm as usb-moded works.09:40
situhmm ok.09:40
phdeswercould you please answer the question? Then we know if it is expected or not09:41
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phdeswerI would like to know what happens so if there is something unexpected we can fix it, instead of breaking usb functionality.09:43
situphdeswer: so when I boot with usb-moded, I see telnet interface for some time but then interface goes down and never comes up.09:44
phdeswersitu: well you boot to ui right? The telenet is not expected to be there anymore. Only ssh is09:44
situphdeswer: What if UI doesn't bring up ? I was having issues with bringing up UI yesterday.09:46
situThe interface goes down and I can't ssh/telnet to the device.09:46
phdeswerThere is the rescue mode for usb-moded when UI does not come up. (no ui, no devicelock and no network otherwise, and this is exactly what usb-moded should do)09:48
phdeswersledges: do we have that rescue mode package stuff in the open now?09:49
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phdeswersitu: Easiest way to do it is adding -r in the usb-moded service file.09:51
situphdeswer: ok, let's see this case.10:00
situI have flashed an image which has all usb-moded related packages in it.10:00
situWhen I boot with it, device does not boot to UI.10:01
situWhen device was booting I was able to telnet to it but the interface on which telnet was running went down within few seconds.10:01
situHow do I debug this ?10:01
phdeswerThat's where the usb-moded rescue mode comes in. That's why I need to know if things have been fixed in the repo. As you would need to add jolla-rnd-device package (which used to not be available)10:03
phdeswerBut if it is not available atm, then the easiest way might be removing usb-moded. But know the behaviour you see is expected so there is no usb connection issue either.10:05
situphdeswer: Ok, I will keep it out of the picture for some time.10:05
phdeswerI hope sledges can clear up what is going on with the hadk repositories. I know for a while he had put more recent versions of usb-moded and its own usb-moded-systemd-rescue-mode package somewhere.10:06
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situping all N5 users: Sailfish image (without usb-moded)
situAny feedback is appreciated.10:27
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sledgessitu: we never tested telnet once ui been up and ssh reliable, with usb-moded or without17:49
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sledgesphdeswer: alin was curating usb-moded side things17:50
sledgesim not at pc, can't check last jolla-rnd-device attempts..17:51
phdeswersledges: well things worked super for alin on N5 just wondering if the problematic missing dependency is out now...17:51
sledgesall i once attempted is to sin  and upload that binary rpm to obs17:52
phdeswersledges: ok. Hope we soon get that update out. We're now 6 versions (almost 7) behind for usb-moded (and lots of fixes for the community are missing now)17:53
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locusfNokius: I was just wondering if you sent the email about the stands?18:18
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Nokiuslocusf: Yes I did post it on tmo18:22
locusfNokius: but not FOSDEM presentatives?18:23
locusfNokius: its aleight if you didn't, just wanted to know :)18:24
Nokiusonly for a stand18:24
locusfNokius: ok good :)18:25
Nokiushope to get an answer soon and will give a ping than :D18:25
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locusfok :D18:26
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energycsdxMSameer: what is difference between n4 and n5 in terms of camera18:53
carepackhi all18:54
carepackbuilding sailfish for mako atm.18:54
carepackproblems with the gstreamer plugin18:55
carepackit's not provided but needed18:55
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energycsdxcarepack: any errors?18:57
carepacksorry. afk18:58
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sledgescarepack: and are you building against update9 target?19:04
carepackRELEASE= I don't think so...19:26
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energycsdxcarepack: you can comment out gstreamer or build it by yourself19:27
carepackwhat's the current release? Yeah, I can uncomment it. but gstreamer colorconv is needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-mako-0.0.6-201411231831.noarch,19:28
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energycsdxcomment it there, rebuild dhd package and regenerate paterns19:30
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energycsdxcarepack: or build this package
energycsdxand this
carepackah. thx. I'll look into it19:32
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carepackah, I already commented out there. But message is coming up again19:38
carepackdoin the steps again and: Info: marking pattern jolla-configuration-mako 0.0.6-201411231831 to be installed19:50
carepackWarning: repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer0.10-colorconv needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-mako-0.0.6-201411231831.noarch,19:50
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energycsdxcarepack: build this package then20:10
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SnepstsHello, I have a question, is it possible to work on Sailfish through a Virtual Machine? I compile ROMs on there so I assume it will work with Sailfish?20:34
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sledgesSnepsts: jut download sailfish sdk from sailfishos.org20:39
sledgesit has vm emulator20:39
SnepstsNo I mean I'm rocking a Linux Mint 64-bit distro through vmware20:42
SnepstsDoes that work?20:42
SnepstsI assume it does since Cyanogen compiles on it20:42
SnepstsBut just making sure there's no limits on the SDK through CPU virtualization.20:43
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stephgSnepsts: compile, yes, run the emulator, well things become complicated20:48
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sledgesjust install sdk for windows )20:51
sledgesjob done20:51
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piggzlo *21:24
SnepstsYes I was just asking about compiling. For the emulator running it on Windows is the path I'll take. Thank you very much for the answers21:29
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sledgesSnepsts: maybe you will able to compile wholse OS given that the coming tablet is intel arch22:05
SnepstsWait are you saying I will not be able to compile the whole OS? Does it not work with Qualcomm arch?22:08
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