Monday, 2014-11-24

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vfrgbgfWhy do I use sailfishOS mic created not start?01:24
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vfrgbgfwhat's time?01:43
vfrgbgfNow 1:43AM, no one looks.01:44
vfrgbgfI want someone to solve my problem.01:46
vfrgbgflocusf,Are you there?01:48
vfrgbgflbt, sledges,Are you there?01:53
vfrgbgfSome successful porters, Are you there?01:59
vfrgbgfalterego,Are you there?02:01
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Umeaboysledges: You awake? :)04:05
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_dinsdaleHello, I am working through the hadk on section 7.1.1 Building the droid-hal-device packages...05:54
_dinsdaleI am running into the issue outlined in my pastebin at
_dinsdaleStskeeps pointed out that I need to modify the file cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig as specified in ../android/droid/device/oneplus/bacon/BoardConfig.mk05:56
_dinsdaleI have updated that file, but I continue to get the same CONFIG warnings as before. Is there possibly a second place where this information would be specified?05:57
_dinsdaleI have modified the file ../android/droid/kernel/oneplus/msm8974/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig05:57
_dinsdaleI am trying to build for a OnePlus One05:59
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Umeaboy_dinsdale: Seems like you have the same problem as I did a while ago.05:59
_dinsdaledo tell!06:00
UmeaboyI'd create the pattern files and make a pull request.06:02
UmeaboyI don't see any for OnePlus One there.06:03
UmeaboyMake a fork of
Umeaboyand change thoose files and then make a pull request.06:03
UmeaboyI don't remember how many lines you have to go back, but that would solve it.06:08
locusf_dinsdale: did you rebuild your kernel after the config changes?06:10
UmeaboyDid you also remember to do rm .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml06:12
Umeaboy after the breakfast bacon command?06:12
_dinsdaleno, I did not go back that far.06:12
_dinsdaleSo is breakfast building my kernel?06:13
_dinsdale(sorry all this is new to me)06:14
_dinsdaleah, yes dinsdale, if you READ the text that accompanies the commands in the HADK... lolz06:14
_dinsdaleokay, I will try that06:15
_dinsdaleUmeaboy: do I need to fork the tree directory? I just created a new .spec file hoping that would be enough06:16
Umeaboy_dinsdale: That would help for the future and nobody has ported to that device least not that I know anyway ;)06:17
_dinsdaleMr. vgrades apparently has done some work on it. Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks for the advice06:18
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UmeaboyYou're welcome. ;)06:19
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_dinsdaleWhat is the best forking strategy for this project? should I just fork / or should I for the whole damn thing?06:56
Umeaboy_dinsdale: Please do as I told you.06:58
UmeaboyOnly fork the template and change thoose files and make a pull request.06:58
_dinsdaleokay, thanks. :)07:00
UmeaboyI'm kinda stupid so I just did that for my model and then I waited until the pull request was merged into master and then I started over completely.07:00
Umeaboy......In the HADK.07:00
_dinsdaleoh, okay. Chapter?07:01
UmeaboyI have even made a slim version of it myself that I use everytime.07:01
_dinsdaleI've read the thing over and over again but it was back a few weeks now07:01
_dinsdalebecause it's all so knew I get turned upside down often. :)07:01
Umeaboy4.1.2 if I'm not misstaken.07:01
UmeaboyThat's when we all learn something good.07:02
UmeaboyTo never do that to often.07:02
_dinsdaleI've wound up getting this far almost despite my best efforts. THe handbook has been excellent.07:02
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_dinsdaleah, Chapter 1407:10
_dinsdaleokay, great. Thats it for me tonight. Tootles! :D07:11
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MSameerenergycsdx: no difference. both don't have camera working :p12:19
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energycsdxMSameer: and between n4 and sbj?12:33
MSameerenergycsdx: what are you looking for?12:35
MSameerI may help more if I know12:35
energycsdxMSameer: just investigating to what i have to do to have camera working12:36
MSameerwhich phone do you have?12:36
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energycsdxMSameer: Xperia L, MSM823013:11
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MSameerI have no idea about that13:16
MSameerbasically either you try the existing stuff and see if it works for you13:17
MSameerand if not, write the missing code (depends on what's missing)13:17
MSameeror wait for gst 1.0 (a few months) and you should hopefully get camera working with minimal effort13:17
MSameerjust tell me which approach you fancy and I will help you more as much as I can13:18
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energycsdx_MSameer: what can be missing? i thought camera API is same on different devices13:26
MSameerno it's not :)13:26
MSameerthe high level API is but not the low level ones13:27
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energycsdx_MSameer: how to check which lowlevel API i have?13:31
MSameerdo you have the gstreamer plugins installed?13:32
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energycsdx_MSameer: camera app starts, but preview is black13:34
MSameerGST_DEBUG='droidcam:5' gst-launch-0.10 -e droidcamsrc13:35
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MSameerthis should warn us if the camera hal is not supported and give the version number13:38
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energycsdx_MSameer: i don`t see any version number13:55
energycsdx_it complains: "streaming task paused, reason not-linked(1)"13:55
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carepackhi guys14:10
carepackmy problem from yesterday is still present. How to setup the repo for gstreamer-coloconv?14:12
carepackthe mic create command fails -> gstreamer is missing14:13
carepackenergycsdx: you gave me some hint yesterday. Treid to comment gstreamer out did not help14:13
energycsdxcarepack: after you commented out, you should apply this change to your repo14:17
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carepackthis means: step 7.1.2  Create a local RPM repository - again14:19
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energycsdxcarepack: 8.314:25
carepackah. thx. But did this already and the dependency is still there. but it's another day. So I'm trying again14:26
energycsdxcarepack: i suggest to remove .repo dir14:27
MSameerenergycsdx: full output please14:28
MSameersledges: can you help with this camera business ? :) ^14:28
carepackalso when I comment out everything related to gstream (gstreamen in the name, pulseaudio) he expect them. because it's a dependency of jolla-hw-adaptation-mak. marking pattern, jolla-configuratin-mako14:37
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MSameerenergycsdx: try gst-launch-0.10 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink15:01
MSameerenergycsdx: if that works then your camera should work15:02
MSameerwhat would be missing is some configuration for jolla-camera which sledges can help you with ;-)15:02
energycsdxMSameer: it segfaulted15:03
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MSameerenergycsdx: have you built those elements against your android hal?15:15
energycsdxyes i built it by myself15:16
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energycsdxshould i run gst-launch-0.10 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink from fingerterm or ssh is ok?15:17
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MSameerenergycsdx: i always use ssh15:33
MSameerenergycsdx: maybe it's time to check gdb15:33
MSameerenergycsdx: maybe it's time to check with gdb15:33
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sledgesMSameer: energycsdx: yep, let's see that backtrace16:52
* energycsdx installing debuginfo16:52
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energycsdxsledges: it crashed somewhere in /system/lib/liblog.so17:04
MSameerget from libhybris17:07
MSameersource it in gdb17:07
MSameerthen load-sym-files /17:07
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energycsdxMSameer: it is crashed in strlen called from liblog17:13
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MSameersledges: ^17:14
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energycsdxi`ll paste logcat17:14
sledgeswhy would it do that, do you have alog/log symlinks ok? never seen..17:21
MSameermight be a null string passed?17:21
MSameernull pointer17:21
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sledgesenergycsdx:and where is segfault? im afk atm, this looks like needs deeper digging17:58
energycsdxsledges: will look later, i don`t have symbols for android libs atm17:59
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sledgesenergycsdx: ok19:32
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sledgesenergycsdx: this is how it went with nexus5:
sledgesso if you didn't get "unsupported camera API version" right away, there's still hope to have camera short-term19:48
sledgesbut that was gst1.0 test mind19:48
sledges(which you could as well try running)19:48
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vakkovMsameer: so BufferQueue( bool allowSynchronousMode = true, int bufferCount = MIN_UNDEQUEUED_BUFFERS);  has become BufferQueue(bool allowSynchronousMode = true, const sp<IGraphicBufferAlloc>& allocator = NULL);19:58
vakkovin cm10.1; sledges, we used cm10.1 for maguro, right :D19:59
MSameervakkov: you have ANDROID_MAJOR, _MINOR and _MICRO defined19:59
MSameeradapt to the new API and use preprocessor directive to control what gets compiled in19:59
MSameerI don't know all the android APIs for sure so it's impossible for me to do all the work20:00
MSameerthe current BufferQueue constructor is something custom I have created and I can change it20:01
MSameerwhich android version is cm10.1 based on?20:01
vakkovseems to be 4.220:02
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energycsdxsledges: after i have stack trace shorter then without it20:40
sledgesenergycsdx: that may be not important aspect20:42
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energycsdxanyway after i install glibc-debugsource it visible that it tryes print "%s initMorphoPostureDetect failed!!!"20:44
sledgesyes, which is20:45
sledgesE/QCameraHWI(  271): int qcamera::MORPHO_FEATURE::initMorphoPostureDetect()20:45
sledgesor in your case20:46
sledgesE/QCameraHWI_Preview( 7864): android::status_t android::QCameraStream_preview::initMorphoSceneDetect() : Request nBufSize=9706464, width=1600, height=120020:46
sledgesE/QCameraHWI_Preview( 7864): android::status_t android::QCameraStream_preview::initMorphoPostureDetect() : morpho_PostureDetect_start error 80000040 !!!20:47
sledges^ ?20:47
energycsdxeven don`t know what is MorphoPosture20:49
sledgesisn't source code at hand)20:49
energycsdxis it open?20:50
energycsdxi can check CAF tree for my device20:50
sledgesalso it might fail just because droidcamsrc is asking some wrong buffer size20:52
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sledgesenergycsdx: how about pastebin GST_DEBUG='droidbufferpool:5' gst-launch-0.10 -e droidcamsrc21:02
sledgesenergycsdx: no segfault this time?21:05
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sledgesthanks, forgot the ! sink21:08
energycsdxsledges: looks like it somehow messed with proprietary things like face detection and image adjustments21:11
sledgeswe need to simplify the pipeline first21:12
MSameermaybe we need to set a certain parameter21:12
sledgesgst-launch-0.10 -e droidcamsrc ! filesink name="out.raw"21:12
sledgeshaven'ŧ tested yet21:12
MSameerif it crashed once then this sounds like a race condition somewhere21:13
energycsdxERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstFileSink:out.raw: No file name specified for writing.21:14
MSameersledges: it's filename :)21:14
sledgesMSameer: yeap ;)21:14
sledges(on the phone now)21:14
energycsdxWARNING: erroneous pipeline: no property "filename" in element "filesink0"21:15
MSameerenergycsdx: try gst-launch-0.10 -e --gst-disable-segtrap droidcamsrc ! droideglsink under gdb21:15
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MSameersledges: could it be a libhybris unwrapped function?21:24
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MSameerenergycsdx: could you try the same with the script ?21:24
sledgesi checked also on jolla phone, and it segfaults before  droidbufferpool gstcamerabufferpool.c:273:gst_camera_buffer_pool_set_buffer_count:0x1653088 set buffer count from 0 to 7 (judging from these two:
MSameersledges: jolla does not segfault21:24
sledgesprecisely, so i used jolla as validator21:24
sledgesthat exactly the same pipeline works fine there21:24
MSameer <- is that jolla?21:25
sledgesbut it's incomplete pipeline21:25
sledgeswithout sink21:25
sledgesthis one ^21:25
MSameerwell, I got a crash on jolla today but it was droidcamsrc ! colorconv ! ...21:25
sledgesjolla does not crash21:26
sledgesi just thought a pipeline with sink would have different debug trace, so used jolla to validate21:26
sledgesmeans that for some reason gst_camera_buffer_pool_set_buffer_count or before would make things segfault21:27
MSameersledges: why do you think that gst_camera_buffer_pool_set_buffer_count crashes?21:27
energycsdxmorpho is company name21:27
sledgesMSameer: or it crashes just before it, if we can trust segfault and GST_DEBUG being in sync21:28
sledgesenergycsdx: i see....21:28
MSameersledges: I only trust gdb21:28
sledgesenergycsdx: would be good to obtain logcat from cyenogen mode there21:28
sledgesMSameer: fair point21:28
sledgesenergycsdx: when loading android camera21:28
MSameer[23:24] <MSameer> energycsdx: could you try the same with the script ?21:29
MSameer[23:15] <MSameer> energycsdx: try gst-launch-0.10 -e --gst-disable-segtrap droidcamsrc ! droideglsink under gdb21:29
MSameerbut use the python script21:29
MSameerand don't exit gdb while we are debugging please ;)21:29
energycsdxthat was with python script21:30
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MSameerenergycsdx: so: frame 021:30
MSameerinfo registers21:30
MSameerr0 should tell us something21:31
sledgesMSameer: so this points to Morphos image face detection implants in the stack, possibly missing a libhybris wrap..21:31
MSameerif it's 0x0 then strlen() is getting a NULL pointer21:31
MSameersledges: but we rap vsprintf dont we?21:32
MSameerenergycsdx: that looks fine...21:32
MSameerp ((char *)0x1f371a00)[0]21:32
energycsdxthis address is not mapped21:34
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
MSameerbut that's what r0 carries21:35
MSameerenergycsdx: any logcat output?21:35
energycsdxMSameer: last line is  morpho_PostureDetect_start error 80000040 !!!21:37
MSameera few ones before that please?21:37
MSameerlooks like we will have to strace it :/21:39
energycsdxlooks like it need to decompile that morpho thing21:43
MSameeri need like 200 lines before that :D21:43
MSameerwith strace -f21:44
MSameerwait a second21:45
MSameeryou said that camera app starts21:45
MSameerbut it gives you a blank preview21:45
MSameerso the crash does not happen with camera app21:45
MSameermaybe it does that because it does not even reach that stage21:47
sledgesor it happens in it's gst pipeline equiv thread which doesn't take the app out?21:47
MSameersledges: nop. a crash in a thread has the same effect21:48
MSameerwe don't mask any signals AFAICT21:48
sledgesenergycsdx: strace -f pls :)21:48
sledgessorry for being a pain:)21:49
MSameerenergycsdx: :D21:49
MSameeri wonder if sony needs some extra parameters21:51
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MSameerwait4(-1, NULL, 0, NULL)                = -1 ECHILD (No child processes)21:52
MSameernot related21:52
MSameersledges: I think it's obvious. It tries to access an unmapped area for whatever reason21:53
MSameer--- SIGCHLD {si_signo=SIGCHLD, si_code=CLD_EXITED, si_pid=2620, si_status=0, si_utime=0, si_stime=3} ---21:53
MSameer--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0xd48e9600} ---21:53
MSameerenergycsdx: can you try running the same pipeline as root?21:54
energycsdxdo you know pastebin with limit more then 512k?21:55
MSameerenergycsdx: dropbox ? ;)21:55
MSameersledges: ^21:59
MSameersledges: it's really obvious. a crash while logging?22:00
MSameermaybe there is a function which we don't wrap?22:01
MSameer2836  writev(5, [{"\6", 1}, {"QCameraHWI_Preview\0", 19}, {"android::status_t android::QCame"..., 124}], 3 <unfinished ...>22:01
MSameer2836  <... writev resumed> )            = 14422:01
MSameer2836  --- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0x36780b00} ---22:01
MSameerI don't know what could that function be22:01
sledgesno clues here: ?22:04
MSameervsnprintf ?22:05
sledgesit's glibc22:06
MSameersledges: I don't get you22:07
sledgesit's not a bionic function, so no need to consider a wrapper one22:07
sledgesas the comment says, it might be dynamic heap corruption22:07
sledgeswonder if valgrind could spot in our env22:08
sledges*hybris env22:08
MSameerI guess it should22:08
MSameerenergycsdx: could you try under valgrind?22:08
MSameersledges: how do you know it's glibc?22:08
MSameersledges: I feel my next question will get as an answer :P22:11
sledgesi still wonder if it's segfault while logging, where & why does this pop up: E/QCameraHWI_Preview( 2263): android::status_t android::QCameraStream_preview::initMorphoPostureDetect() : morpho_PostureDetect_start error 80000040 !!!22:12
MSameersledges: but vsnprintf is not in hybris hooks22:12
MSameer#2  0x40333674 in _IO_vsnprintf (string=0xbefff004 "", maxlen=<optimized out>, format=0x40a76747 "%s initMorphoPostureDetect failed!!!", args=...)22:13
MSameerinitMorphoPostureDetect failed!!! <- this is what crashes?22:13
sledgesit tries to inform us about failure22:14
sledgesand fails while trying22:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:14
MSameersledges: but vsnprintf is not in hybris hooks22:15
sledgesso you reckon it just calls a bionic one and then blows up, this what happens?22:16
MSameeryou are the bionic expert :D22:16
sledgesim glad im not :D22:16
sledgeslol 0348         fprintf(stderr, "ARRRRGH\n");22:21
MSameerandroid :p22:23
sledgesjust browzing that android_tagMap thing22:23
sledgessomething doesn't compute: where would android_openEventTagMap call (vsn)printf with "%s initMorphoPostureDetect failed!!!" string?22:23
sledgesanother thread?22:24
MSameerlooks like a thread gets created to iitialize that thingy and it fails22:25
MSameerso the original thread outputs that error?22:25
MSameerI can't tell for sure22:25
MSameerwe need Richard to read the assembly and tell us :D22:25
sledgesand erm22:26
*** eleroux has quit IRC22:26
sledgeshang on22:26
sledgesis all hooked22:28
sledgesis just dynamic now22:28
*** Erikcreed has quit IRC22:38
MSameersledges: i will trust you22:43
MSameerenergycsdx: any progress?22:43
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:43
sledgesMSameer: if that's not in, all other deleted functions wouldn't be either;)22:44
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:51
energycsdxMSameer: decompiling22:59
MSameerenergycsdx: no need. just run valgrind please23:00
*** piggz has quit IRC23:02
MSameer==3541== Invalid read of size 123:09
MSameer==3541==    at 0x483992C: strlen (mc_replace_strmem.c:404)23:09
MSameer==3541==    by 0x4B2CBC7: vfprintf (vfprintf.c:1987)23:09
MSameer==3541==    by 0x4B4F673: vsnprintf (vsnprintf.c:120)23:09
MSameer==3541==    by 0x547F3DD: __android_log_print (in /system/lib/
MSameer==3541==  Address 0xb8d15100 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd23:09
sledgesexactly what i was looking at :)23:09
*** vakkov has quit IRC23:09
sledgesit should be using liblog from ours23:09
MSameerthat's what I said :/23:09
sledgeswell said MSameer ;)23:09
MSameercrash while print23:09
sledgesenergycsdx: ls -l /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib/liblog*23:09
MSameersledges: I really have no idea how to fix that23:10
sledgeswrong indirection, possibly staticly linked23:10
energycsdxsledges: whole /system is built with hybris patch23:11
sledgeshmm is not how we play ;)23:11
energycsdxi don`t mount device /system partition23:11
sledgesso if /system/lib/ goes to /dev/log and 100% not /dev/alog, means someting else goes wrong23:12
MSameerit looks like an invalid pointer being passed around?23:16
sledgesfrom Morphos world?23:16
sledgesenergycsdx: the other way round - /dev/alog should be the point of choice (
sledgesi always mix the two:P now i'll know why23:16
MSameeralog is ours23:18
energycsdxthat morpho lib calls syscall function, which is strange23:19
sledgesclosed bastards can do anything the like..23:19
energycsdxthere is ~20 functions that lib imports23:20
energycsdxmostly pthreads23:20
sledgescould you gut it out altogether?23:20
sledgesprovide a dummy if inevitable?23:20
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:21
sledgesgut, cut, unroot23:22
sledgesi mean23:24
MSameerabort :p23:24
sledgestry to disable Morphos lib altogether23:25
sledgesreplace it with foobar(){return 0;} one for every function23:25
MSameersledges: wasn't it that we cannot hook into bionic <-> bionic calls with hybris?23:25
MSameerenergycsdx: maybe just move it away for now23:25
sledgesyea, like the .so file :))23:26
energycsdxsledges: what if i build hardware/qcom/camera from CAF tree?23:27
sledgesMSameer: yep i think there's nothing we can intervene between bionic-bionic23:27
sledgesenergycsdx: also an option23:27
energycsdxsledges: how it is on sbj?23:28
sledgeswell, Morphos is the first time i hear abouit23:28
*** mispp has quit IRC23:31
energycsdxsledges: i mean, is camera bits compiled from source or odm just provides blobs?23:31
sledgesdon't know that23:31
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:32
MSameerenergycsdx: might be beneficial to get cm logcat too23:35
MSameersledges: but why can't we do anything for bionic-bionic?23:35
sledgesMSameer: totally unaware about that;)23:36
MSameerfair enough23:36
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters23:37

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