Tuesday, 2014-11-25

sledgessitu: happy with that: http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/development/rom-sailfish-os-alpha-t2841266/page24#post57023886 ? :)00:17
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situsledges: did proximiity sensor use to work earlier with N5 ?06:02
situI think it's an improvement.06:03
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_dinsdaleHello, I am building for a Oneplus One (bacon) and I am running the make command for Android: make -j4 hybris-hal07:51
_dinsdaleHere is the output I am getting: http://pastebin.com/jA46B02w07:52
_dinsdaleThanks guys!07:52
Stskeepslooks like some bits in the minimal checkout that's missing07:53
_dinsdaleokay, so this is where the local_manifest files come in?07:55
Stskeepsi think so07:56
_dinsdaleokay, I'll do some digging. Thanks!07:56
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sledgesStskeeps: _dinsdale (hope he reads logs): we had cm moved ahead with changes which broke our build, so i did a new "frozen" manifest, will point him there08:47
sledgesand something hints me _dinsdale has been compiling cm10.1 instead or using non-updated cm11.0 manifest from github.com/mer-hybris/android.git09:08
sledgessitu: yes, thanks for reminding09:11
sledgesif proxim sensor works, means other are not far from working too! (i.e. sensors.qcom/sensorfw is not crashing!)09:11
situsledges: That's good news.09:12
sledgesi haven't checked09:12
situI wonder what made it work however :P09:12
sledgesand the funniest bit is that sensorfw from ha repo hasn't been updated09:12
sledgesleaving practically no suspects in update9 alone09:12
sledgesdid screen wake up after you took the phone away from your ear?;)09:14
sledgesand also, did it go blank as you made a call, or only as you covered the sensor?09:14
sledges^ we had such false alarms on mako09:14
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situsledges: screen does not go blank when I bring it near my ears at the time of call.09:40
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situsledges: remove this file https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/blob/hybris-10.1/device-lge-hammerhead-configs/etc/mce/20no-proxim.conf ?09:41
sledgessitu: how did you see proxim working?09:42
situwhen I cover screen with phone cover, screen goes blank.09:43
spiiroinsitu: what hw?09:43
situspiiroin: hammerhead09:43
spiiroinsitu: then it could be the magnetic sensor, not proximity09:43
situlet me try enabling proximity sensor09:44
spiiroinsitu: you can override the no-proxim.conf via "mcetool --set-ps-mode=enabled"09:44
situno such command09:46
sledgeszypper in mce-tools09:47
situI removed .conf and rebooted.09:47
situdoesn't blank.09:49
situbut still good to see magnetic sensor working.09:50
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situSome message related to sensors in journalctl logs http://pastie.org/974210309:58
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sledgessitu: btw, check if sensorfw/sensord is among runnig processes, afterwards try this: https://github.com/mer-packages/sensorfw/pull/41/files10:00
situsledges: http://pastie.org/974210810:01
sledgessitu: let's apply a change, reboot, and see if sensord still segfaults (quite likely it still will...)10:01
situsledges: which change ? https://github.com/mer-packages/sensorfw/pull/41/files ?10:02
situsledges: sensord still not running.10:04
sledgessitu: ok :(10:04
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situstrace output http://pastie.org/974211810:05
sledgesyes, we looked into those back in a day10:06
sledgesand hit the wall :{10:06
sledgesis there a way to disable magnetometeradaptor for a change?10:07
sledgesi wonder if lpotter could help us10:08
situsledges: I commented few values from /etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf and sensord stopped crashing.10:10
situoops sorry10:11
sledgessitu: worth finding a minimum-commented working combo10:12
situnow when I run sensord and make a call. Screen goes blank and never wakes up. That's why we had disabed proximity sensor earlier.10:16
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spiirointhe only place when display is turned off due to ps is in-call, but enabled-non-functioning-ps should cause failures elsewhere too10:22
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spiiroinalarms/incoming calls -> display is kept off untill not-covered is seen10:23
spiiroinlatest mce versions also block touch input after display wakeup until proximity is uncovered10:23
spiiroinso proximity needs to work reliably before it can be used10:23
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Sagesitu: sledges: commented on https://github.com/mer-packages/sensorfw/pull/4111:10
* Sage ponders about his own comments11:12
* Sage mixed things a bit11:13
sledgesbusy times, take a breath ;)11:13
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Sagein theory Requires=dbus.socket should be enough and then sensorfw should just handle it. However if sensorfw can not handle that then dbus.service might be required. Haven't seen issues myself so far11:21
Sagethat commit mentions dbus 1.8.x and we are in 1.6.x in mer still thus there might be quite a bit of stuff that breaks11:22
sledgesplfiorini: ^11:24
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Sageif that breaks I would expect quite a bit other things break as well. Though because that after= line is wrong that can cause also issues. As currently based on that .service file sensorfw can start before even dbus.socket is up11:25
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sledgessitu: xda folk says that image has no sound13:17
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situsledges: sound works fine for me13:21
sledgesok, interesting13:21
sledgesit's time i flashed it too ;")13:21
situWelcome to N5 update9 club.13:22
situfile browser does not work for me however13:23
situit shows white screen13:23
sledgessitu: is how DIT works ;) https://twitter.com/sleepruim/status/53721420779280793613:25
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sledgessitu: filebrowser is not an app made by jolla?13:26
sledgesmight be it's glitching on jolla phone too due to qt5213:26
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situsledges: jolla-fileman package should be made jolla13:26
sledgesah ok13:27
* sledges clicks13:27
situand at least the camera app has stopped crashing and I can see camera UI (even if camera doesn't work).13:29
situsledges: you get sound right ?13:32
situsledges: btw jolla-fileman error http://pastie.org/974247813:40
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vakkovcamera app in update 9 is a blank white screen14:02
sledgessitu: sound is fine14:02
sledgesi'll reply on xda14:03
situvakkov: not for me, I see the camera UI.14:03
sledgessitu: i see white screen14:04
situsledges: install qt5 location related packages14:05
sledgessame for vakkov then ;)14:05
situI had installed those packages later for tweetian so I guess they are required for camera too.14:05
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sledgessitu: also the backlight stays on, so expect a battery drain14:07
sledgesvakkov: could be same problem for maguro, check the backlight in sleep mode in a pitch-dark room14:08
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vakkovbtw, i think i also had a white screen in the camera app in update 8 until i installed qt5-location14:12
vakkovbut i had completely forgotten about that :D14:12
vakkovsledges; will try14:12
sledgessitu: lucky guess: is filemanager also missing a package? ;)14:12
situsledges: Yeah, I can see that but which package is that.14:13
sledgessitu: journal output during lauch14:13
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vakkovsledges: the screen is completely dark in a pitch-dark bathroom :D14:14
sledgeshummm :)14:15
situsledges: it only does not sleep properly with magnetic sensor14:15
situno actually it doesn't sleep properly otherwise too.14:16
sledgesit's intermittent14:16
sledgesI got it to black-sleep 1 out of ~5 times14:16
sledgesspiiroin knows more ;)14:16
Stskeepssledges: can you cherry-pick https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/commit/2bc292f8217e662676d839fc212f177de4248e13 to mer-hybris/libhybris ?14:20
sledgesStskeeps: https://github.com/mer-hybris/libhybris/pull/714:29
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SK_workPSA: Sailfish OS collaboration meeting in 10 min on #mer-meeting14:49
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sledgessorry for latency18:17
sledgesPSA: is anyone up for a triage?18:17
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vakkovback to update 8 for now19:12
vakkovcan the latest qpa-hwcomposer19:13
vakkovwork on update 819:13
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vakkovsledges: https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log/home:vakkov:branches:nemo:devel:hw:samsung:maguro/qtscenegraph-adaptation/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/armv8el19:14
sledgesvakkov: scenegraph is needed only for qt52, so not required in update819:17
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situsledges: sorry I was not around, I should set an alarm for triages.19:44
sledgessitu: maybe next time :D19:45
sledgesi'm tidying up bugs/tasks anyhow19:45
sledges(not triaging, just the process itself, see my question in #mer)19:45
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sledgessitu: more update on backlight: it stays the same backlight during sleep as it was just before that. so leave phone on homescreen (not lockscreen), wait display to timeout, you'll see backlight dimming ~seconds before actual sleep, then when screen goes black, the backlight stays same dimmer than when when using power off button20:01
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Stskeepsvgrade: you can probably use that as a jolla tablet compatible target20:52
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* tbr ponders what Stskeeps refers to as he can't see anything in backlog21:02
Stskeepsvgrade: https://twitter.com/vgrade/status/53733668059299430421:03
Stskeepser, tbr:21:03
tbrah, a NUC21:04
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vakkovi want to get internet from the pc to the phone ... ping by ip from the phone works but by name it says unknown host22:25
vakkovthe dns server in resolv.conf is the same as the one from my pc (
vakkovand that is probably the problem22:25
vakkovhow do you get it to work with the dns of ubuntu22:27
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energycsdxvakkov: don`t think that is valid23:20
energycsdxin addition you should enable ip forwarding and NAT on your PC23:21
vakkovfixed fixed it23:21
vakkovthanks to sledges23:21
vakkovno it wasnt working with 8.8.23:21
vakkovnm-tool | grep DNS23:21
vakkovon the host to see the dns of the pc23:22
vakkovand add it as nameserver to the /etc/resolv.conf of the phone23:22
vakkovif somebody finds this log milions of years in future ;D23:22
UmeaboyIs the third revision of the HADK coming soon?23:23
sledgessometime yes23:24
sledges`man` maketh man ;)23:30
sledgesUmeaboy: tablet has changed some test plans and i think to release only bugfix update, just show me how bad you want it :)23:32
sledgesas that one is ready23:32
Umeaboysledges: Would I be here if I didn't?23:33
sledgesUmeaboy: i can even show you the diff of that bugfix release vs rev2, so you can tell how -really- more useful it is than the current one (if it's what you expected)23:33
sledgesshall we do that now?23:36
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* sledges pulls the trigger: https://pastee.org/hzv8c23:56
sledgesUmeaboy: ^ this is the preview, final version will be more polished23:57
sledgesbut you are welcome to give feedback if you think these changes are not enough to get you from zero to .zip and what problems you encounter, and we'll work it out together23:57

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