Wednesday, 2014-11-26

sledgesas these are the main bugfixes coming in00:03
UmeaboyLooks good.00:12
UmeaboySwitching to the Linux env now.00:14
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AustinuityUwaaaah I need to learn how to help because I need the s3 4g port now :O02:54
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morphissledges: ping06:54
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sledgesmorphis: pong08:41
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morphissledges: I am wondering if you see/saw problems with mobile data connectivity on the N409:19
sledgesmorphis: yes there were some in a 2G-only (weak) area, that at some point i needed to restart device as mobile data seemed to have clogged to a stop09:23
sledgesand i was moving across country, many times losing gsm signal altogether09:23
sledgesso can't really reproduce such tests at home:)09:23
sledgesotherwise, no other issues, once an APN is setup fine09:24
morphissledges: ok, I currently can't even enable the context at ofono09:24
sledgesim n00b in those things;)09:24
morphisah ok09:24
morphisthe context is what will do the connection do the APN for you09:24
sledgesalso, from xda community there weren't reports about such iffy mobile data, so maybe isolated cases09:24
morphisyou have one for internet, one for mms09:24
sledgesstephg: could you confirm data is OK-ish for you?09:25
sledgeson mako09:25
morphismainly I see09:25
morphisE/RILQ    ( 1256): (0/18): [main] qcril_data_request_setup_data_call: unable to get dsi hndl09:25
morphisE/RILQ    ( 1256): (0/18): [main] qcril_data_request_setup_data_call: qcril_data_request_setup_data_call: EXIT with FAILURE09:25
carepackwhich version of Sailfish on N4?09:25
sledgesmorphis: unsure i've ever had MMS setup09:25
morphiscarepack: not in sailfish09:26
carepackok. then I'm out ;)09:27
sledgescarepack: have you had mobile data glitches on N4 in any version of SF?09:27
carepackthe problem was without any technical loggin or something. only the thing i noticed.09:28
sledgesmorphis: for now can't suggest anything else but install sf and compare09:28
morphissledges: I did, sailfish doesn't suffer from that problem09:28
morphishowever using the same ofono code base09:29
carepackif the device was in deep sleep and had a wifi before and you went outside the phone was trying to reconnect. Until this was done the phone was very laggy and sometimes I had to reboot.09:29
carepackreconnect to 3G or 2G09:29
sledgesmorphis: might be how ril is being treated, so compare logcats (also across the cm)09:29
sledgescarepack: yes, the sluggishness after wakeup is a known issue, thanks for pointing out how to reproduce it09:30
morphisthat was my idea first too, checked all the permissions setup correctly for the device nodes etc. and also compared the logoutput but nothing obvious09:30
sledgesmorphis: RIL is opensource, could check its files for where this is coming from (i can see it will be tough as qril stands for qualcomm ril?..)09:31
morphissledges: ril is but the plugin for qcom modem isn't09:32
sledgesstill some digging could do, you can go as mad as stracing the rild service ;)09:32
sledgesas all services (android and systemd) you can launch by hand09:33
sledgeshaving them first disabled09:33
morphissledges: yeah ...09:35
stephgmobile data sledges? yeah09:38
stephg(well was all over the summer, that sim is now out of credit)09:38
sledges"when i met you in the summer" ♪09:40
stephgthough that sim still disappears09:40
stephgmust get another one see if it does it with that09:41
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morphissledges: I've found the problem10:08
sledgesgood, how?10:08
morphisit's a bit tricky10:08
sledgeshit me10:08
morphisthe main reason is that we run the android bits in a lxc container10:08
morphisso they get their own PID, NS, ... namespace10:08
morphisbut with not telling lxc explictily to share the network namespace with the host it will just create a loopback interface and nothing else10:09
morphisso the rmnet interface were not available for the ril10:09
morphisand that is why it failed to create a mobile data connection10:10
sledgesmorphis: ok and, interesting10:10
sledgesshouldn't ril explicitly say "failed to open /dev/rmnet?"10:11
morphisideally yes :)10:11
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energycsdxfinally i got u9 runing10:23
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sledgesgood stuff10:35
energycsdxsledges: have few problems10:44
energycsdxvoicecall-ui don`t start, no malit keyboard10:45
sledgesenergycsdx: journal?10:53
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energycsdxsledges: looks like it takes time to start lipstick, i temporary set TimeoutSec=0 to prevent systemd to kill lipstick but after this systemd just refusing start some services like maliit, set TimeoutSec=300 and now looks ok, need to check why lipstick start slowly11:29
sledgesenergycsdx: qt5211:31
energycsdxsledges: it complains on sensors, maybe some timeout on waiting for sensors11:46
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sledgesenergycsdx: are they up and running?11:50
energycsdxsledges: i see it in process list but it don`t reply via dbus to mce11:53
sledgestime to dig then:)11:54
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sledgeshm google looks down19:22
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